Friday, December 21, 2007

Go Eat Some Wicked Chowdah. PENS WIN.

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5 - 4


It was said in commentorblog.
But needs to be said again.

If the Pens would've lost this game, there may have been a fan meeting on the Smithfield Bridge.

The dynamic of watching your team blow a four-goal lead is interesting. It is like watching your significant other engage in erotic behavior with the mailman, gardener, pizza guy, and the guy in JBR commerical all at the same time.

But that's life.

A win is a win.
At least someone from Pittsburgh finally beat a New England team.


National Anthem

Timothy C.



The first shot of the game on Conklin gave you a heart attack.
Didn't look like he knew what was going on.

That was forgotten quickly.
Boom, that fast. The Bruins somehow left Malkin in the slot. He Bucky Dent's it home.

[We had to go to this lame joke, because no one takes pictures when Malkin scores a goal. Photographers need to start waking up. ]

Even before the Pens first goal, the Boston fans weren't in the game.
When Bing comes to town, people are usually pumped.
Boston fans aren't impressed though, they were probably talking about how awesome they all are.

Letang came up big-time by saving a sure goal by swatting the puck of mid-air while Conklin was in no-man's land.

The Pens were letting the Conk see everything early on while the Bruins crashed into him every 45 seconds.

Well, holy balls.
The top line connected again as Colby Armstrong flies down the wing while Bing crashed the net.


2-goal lead, man.

What came next was Gary Roberts running Lemieuxblog in the Boston zone.
He sets up Christensen twice with insane passes that Christensen couldn't put home.
Roberts is clearly a better passer than Larry Bird.

The top line got it working yet again.
Aaron Ward takes a late run at Malkin and knocks him down.
He gets up in time to job in the slot, where Crosby finds him.
Malkin holds in "B" on NHL 95.

Still no picture.

After that goal, a new Ben Eager came to the forefront.
Zdeno Chara and Laraque throw down.
After staring at each other till next week, they embrace, and Chara performs some kind of Chinese armdrag takedown.

Laraque couldn't believe it.
And the refs stun the world by handing out 2 minutes to each man for delay of game.

Chara: He spends an extra 30 seconds in the box, looking for his game.

When he gets out, he and Laraque decide to fight again.
And it was another awkward display, only rivaled by the awkward Petrelli-Parkman mind-reading contest in the season finale of Heroes.

Chara ended up dragging Laraque down to the ice again.
What the hell was going on.

After that it was penaltyblog.
Malkin went to the box.
The Pens come out with a 2-on-1 shorthanded chance.
It was Staal's all the way. But it was Staal. Save.

You wouldn't hear boos resonating in the Mellon Arena if the Pens had a period like this at home.
You'll hear some from insatiable businessmen who then go to the bathroom during the intermission to talk about golf and hot babes.
But not from the majority.



The Pens killed off the remainder of that Malkin penalty to start up the second period.

Man, what a dead arena.
On the delayed penalty when Crosby was being held, you could hear some Bruins fan saying the call sucked.
Is that a big deal? No.
But everyone up there is too worried about the Patriots.

The power play was non-existent for the entire time.
Right before the power play was gonna tick off, Bing throws down with Andrew Ference.

This may be what Crosby needs.
Get rid of the goody-two-shoes crap and start going nuts.
Like Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock.

"This is gonna be Sid's first fart." -- Bob Errey.
Kinda weak, 'cause Sid didn't throw his helmet (and visor) off.

And even while in the box, he draws an extra two minutes.
What a hockey player.

And then this second power play was just as limp.
They get a 5-on-3 for a while, then it goes 5-on-4.

Thomas pretty much keeps the Bruins in the game.

Roberts tried getting into the zone, but got owned by the Giant Gonzalez.

Later, Malkin went to the box on a jobber trip.
We finally get to see Chara get set up with at least four one-timers from the point.
Ty Conklin wakes up to make a few saves.

Some Bruin does something, Pens back on the powerplay.

And then Christensen directs a Whitney shot-pass into the net.


And the Pens still had a powerplay. No dice on that.

But uh-oh. Hall gets his stick up.
Then Gonch jobs someone.
5-on-3 for a little bit.

The Bruins scored on their 5-on-4 chance, putting the shittiest goal horn in the NHL at center-stage.

It actually sounded like the 500 fans in attendance all farted at once.

Penaltyblog in the second wasn't over.
The Pens hit up another power play when Armstrong goes down.

Oh no. Shortie right off a faceoff. 4-2.
That was nothing but bad news.

That was it for the second.
The third period had all the makings of suicideblog.


brought to you by:
Chernobyl Power

The Bruins knew the fat lady was lurking when the third period started.

They came out peppering the Conk with shots.
It was readily apparent that the Pens were content to let the Bruins shoot their balls off.

Ruutu heads to box with 13-something left in the game.
The Penguins maintain.

A little while later, Gonch heads to the box.
The Pens survive the PP, but the Bruins put it home shortly thereafter.

tallyho. 4-3.

As Father Time and the fat lady start doing it, Christensen shows he work at the Pittsburgh Marriot, as he opens the door for the Bruins by taking a penalty.

Doesn't matter how it went in.
A nice one-timer from the slot, and it was somehow tied.


This is the type of things that make people drink.

After the goal, everyone was willing to accept OT.
Let it be said: Ty Conklin showed some guts.
And we all better just support him now. Because we are going to need him.

Malkin and Crosby almost got something together.
Thomas said F you.



OT was a frenzy, but we were headed for a shootout the whole way.
The Bruins didn't even touch the puck it seemed like.


We went to the shootout, but the Bruins forgot to bring their guns.

Christensen goal. Thomas forgot to check his scouting report.
Conk save.

LeGame up next for the Pens.

Marco Joke is up for the B's.
Should have kept Joe Thornton.



  • Bing: 1 G, 2 A, Gordie Howeblog
  • Malkin: 2 G
  • Colby: 3 A
  • Conk: 37 saves

  • Who comes out and gives up a 4-goal lead, not to mention a 2-goal lead in the 3rd period?
  • Chara is a coward. And we will not say that to his face.
  • Bruins again on Sunday.
  • EC played a really good game.
  • Conklin was there when he had to be.
  • Boston sucks.


wilsmith said...

When it was going to the shootout, not for one second did I think we might not get both points.
I guess that's a good thing.

apk said...

Eric Christensen is like Death & Taxes when it comes to shootouts.

Nathan said...

Hey, a win's a win, and since the Leafs choked late in Tampa, the Pens jumped ahead of that logjam of teams with 35 points and into 7th place alone in the East. We're now ahead of the Flyers in the standings.

As much as I enjoyed seeing Bing throw down (and I really enjoyed seeing Bing throw down), I really hope he doesn't make a habit of it. He's not Jarome Iginla, he's still one of the smaller players in the league, and unless you're Chris Simon, you don't fight with your legs and feet. But seeing Sidney Crosby cutting a bitch was still off-the-charts awesome (or even wicked pissah).

Mike M said...

anyone going to the game tonight? i work downtown and want to find somewhere to pregame a bit before the faceoff. let me know!

Nathan said...

One other thing, all too often you see a guy who's struggling offensively let those problems spread to other areas of his game, but Jordan Staal's still hanging tough with his defensive play. It speaks volumes about Therrien's faith in him and the fact that he's still playing well defensively that he's one of the Pens' top four penalty killers when he's still only 19. If the day comes that Staal plays himself off the PK, then it'd be time to worry about him, but as long as Therrien keeps sending him out there while the Pens are shorthanded, I'm not going to be horribly upset that he can't put anything in the net.

PO said...

anyone else think ference got off a little easy for instigating that fight with sid? looking at replays of before they threw down, ference hit him with a steady dose of jabs with his gloves on while holding sid when sid was trying to skate away... did the pens think it was enough that sid made him bleed they didnt need to send someone after him later? i really hope someone destroys him in some way on sunday

Lisa said...

Most heart-attack inducing game yet.

And I vote good fight. Gone are the days when guys would take off their own helmets and visors--it's now up to the opposing fighter to rip the guy's helmet off. Bing did his job, but Ference was too busy swallowing a right fist to rip Bing's off.

And let the kid fight. Superstar of his team, face of the NHL, I know. But he's still a hockey player, and hockey players throw down sometimes.

Chelsea said...

even my mom was jumping up and down at sid's gordie howe HT. great stuff.

Spencemo said...

Every so often, I'm glad that I'm slinging Starbucks during a game. If I had been home to see them blow a 4 goal lead, my screaming would have probably given my dogs shell shock.

At least I got home in time to see the shootout...

Anonymous said...

gaborik's 5 goals lead off sportscenter and crosby's fight makes the intro. you gotta start somewhere i guess

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. Because of scheduling issues, I had to miss most of this one because Christmas shopping had to be done and it had to be done Thursday night. I hated to miss part of the game, but for the sake of my own sanity, there's no way in hell I'm going near a mall this weekend.

2. It's bad enough being stuck in a long line at Target behind some chooch with serious laundry detergent or deodorant issues. It's worse knowing that you're missing a Penguins game. And you want to start doing shots after getting a text message from a buddy that reads "Bing - 1 goal, 2 assists, 1 fight".

3. It's generally inexcusable to blow a 4-0 lead in the fourth quarter. HOW...EV...AHHH (thanks, Stephen A.), they held the fort and still took two points, and that will count for something down the road. Over the last few years, we've come to see that in this new NHL, teams cannot afford to sit back with a lead, even if that lead is in the four or five-goal "safe" range. Remember the Washington game last year? The Ottawa game earlier this year? The Atlanta game a few years ago? The Pens were reminded last night of that same lesson and fortunately, they held on at the end and took two points.

4. Consider, too, the state of this lineup right now. We're missing two of our best secondary scorers and PK guys (Talbot and Malone) on a team that's getting little secondary scoring. Our best defenseman and one of our better wingers of late both began the season in Wilkes-Barre. We've got wingers playing on the top two lines who will all eventually be role players when the lineup is balanced out between now and next season. And we had the JV goaltender in net.

It sucks to give away the point, but in the end we still took two. Guy Junker is on the radio right now acting like we were this close away to giving away the Cup. If there was a fan meeting on the Smithfield Street bridge, Guy Junker might have been leading the brigade by the way he was just talking.

5. If you put a giraffe on ice skates, you'd get Zdeno Chara.

6. The B's are so far off the radar right now in Bahhhston. Between the Sawks, the Pats and the Celts (whose bandwagon has got to be approaching the size of an Airbus right about now), they might be handing out free tickets to Bruins games.

7. Love the "Conksave".

Pensgirl said...

Lisa, I'm with ya on the helmet thing but I'd rather not see Sid fight on even a semi-regular basis. It's not worth him potentially hurting his hands. His passes to Malkin in the open slot are far too important.

Mario would get fed up and throw down from time to time, and that was alright. Sid can do it as long as he doesn't do it much.

wingergirl said...

'Ryan Christensen and rookie Chris Letang scored for Pittsburgh in the shootout'

This was what was written in the press release immediately following the game last night...and it's still on the pens' website.

And we're supposed to trust 'real' journalists over bloggers? Doubt it.

Awesome game, I'm pissed I missed the fight. Work will kill me someday. Go pens!

Anonymous said...

I never would of thought of Chara to be much of a fighter, let alone have the ability to get the best of one of the best fighters in the game. He just sort of grabbed Laraque and bitch slammed him.

Maybe Sid should of taken him on. Sid is 1-0 and deserves a shot at the title.

Spencemo said...

I'd like to avoid the mall this weekend, but the Starbucks where I work is located IN the mall...

...and I work Saturday, Sunday, & Monday...


Anonymous said...

hahahaha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the first name errors in that article...I was trying to have my friend guess what was wrong with it.

go pens.

PO said...

obviously annonymous was watching a different fight... the fight i saw had chara fearing for his life and just grabbing on to georges and falling down... grabbing and falling down does not equal "bitch slamming"... grabbing and falling down is almost as gutless as elbowing someone when theyre not looking and then getting the shit beat out of you by someone twice your age (coughBENEAGERcough)... to see an example of bitch slamming go to and search "james harrison browns fan"

Hooks Orpik said...

Hey Michel Therrien, can we stop making Brooks Orpik a healthy scratch in favor of guys like Darryl Sydor and Scuds?


Yeah that's what you said about Colby Armstrong last month and now look at him.

wilsmith said...

What nathan said about Staal makes me bring this up: What's going on with the PK and why is it only at like 50%.

wilsmith said...

And two other things:

How's Eaton, anyone know?

and of course, NYR gives up 6 last night.

meecrofilm said...

"Malkin holds in "B" on NHL 95."

Solid. NHL 95 reference made my day. Not to mention the fact that I have in fact scored around 100 goals in NHL 95 that way, so it's dead-on accurate as well.

Here's hoping Eaton isn't hurt too badly. Our PK is bad enough already without Talbot and now Malone.

SABUUUU. Time for another solid performance baby.

Anonymous said...

Re: Crosby's visor. I'd have a problem with it if they were circling center ice before the fists started flying. Crosby didn't drop his gloves until after a blow landed on him, and I think his first punch was still with a gloved hand.

Stoosh said...

WINGERGIRL - I love the blogs because then I don't have to sift through the bullcrap put down by some salty beat writer with an overinflated ego and no working knowledge of the sport they're covering. Don't get me wrong...there are some very good beat writers out there like Dejan Kovacevik (covers the Pirates and used to cover the Pens), but part of the reason DK is so good is because he goes the extra mile to try to make more of a connection with the readers.

ANON @ 10:44 AM - Chara is a good fighter when he can hold his opponent out at arm's length and beat the crap out of them with the other. He's got a wingspan that stretches for Boston to f'ing Winnipeg, so more often than not, his opponent can't reach him. It's like putting your hand on top of the head of your little brother while he's trying to get at you.

Stoosh said...

You know, as much as I love "Conksave", I really think we should start referring to a Conklin save as a "Conkblock".

Phil Kessel tried to score last night, but he was repeatedly Conkblocked.

Stoosh said...

SPENCEMO - My condolences, dear. If I had to deal with people like Peter King all the time, I'd start throwing hot coffee at people.

(For anyone who doesn't know, Peter King is a football writer from He hails from Montclair, NJ and he never lets your forget it because he mentions it fifty times in each of his "Monday Morning QB" columns. And he writes uppity coffee commentary bits into every one of his MMQB columns like he's some sort of five-star restaurant or wine critic.

When not sewing his lips to the ass of Brett Favre, Tony Romo, Bill Belichick, Tom Brady or any of the other New England Patriots for that matter, he's busy knocking you on your ass with over-the-top football analysis that goes something like this (from this past week's MMQB column...)

"The 56-yard punt by Dave Zastudil through the snow and wind in Cleveland, a punt that nestled into the snow, dead, at the Buffalo 2, was the best individual play of Week 15."

Yes, NFL...feel proud...a national writer just said a punt was the best individual play of the week.)

Spencemo said...


All the free coffee I can handle generally makes up for the bad customers...

...except for the effin' teenagers, then alcohol is required.

While that wasn't the top play of week 15, it was a damn good punt...

Adrienne said...

3. It's generally inexcusable to blow a 4-0 lead in the fourth quarter. HOW...EV...AHHH (thanks, Stephen A.),

Stoosh, I think you've officially lost it... I'm hurt

And Vinny for the win last night with 40 seconds to go. :D

And "Adam Eaton" in the papers. I hate this city's writers sometimes.

I think I might have to add Christensen to the Eaton sexings, making for one hell of a threesome :D

Stoosh said...

ADRIENNE - Re: my fourth quarter typo...ACK!! Yikes.

I think I lost it long, long ago, but that's inexcusable. I'm not sure what I was thinking...maybe too much coffee from King's or something.

I'd like to maybe excuse it away by saying I watched parts of the Steelers game last night, but at this point, I really couldn't care less about the Steelers.

Now that I think about, though, I'm even more mortified that I made a Screamin' A. Smith reference.

Nathan said...

Andy Ference didn't drop his helmet and visor either (look at the picture of the start of the fight if you don't believe me). Sid dropped it for him. Ference is lucky he only got an extra roughing minor and not the instigator/game misconduct for starting a fight with his visor on.

jim said...

there is some high-quality blogging going on today: "conkblock" and the infamous "b goal" on nhl '95. i love it.

i'll be there sunday. better be loud in the igloo. bring back student rush!

Adrienne said...

I'd like to maybe excuse it away by saying I watched parts of the Steelers game last night, but at this point, I really couldn't care less about the Steelers.

That definitely doesn't excuse it in the least. Using the Steelers as an excuse to me of all people....not smart.

Still hurt. Now I just have to kick you in the shins to boot

John said...

You guys are flat out wrong about crosby being lame for not taking off his visor. many people have already said it. Its the job of the fighter to get the others visor off. The fight started off as a scrum, so there was no time. Bing ripped of ference's visor and bam shots to the face. Give him more credit.

Stoosh said...

ADRIENNE - Lesson more using the Steelers as an excuse. Just please leave it as a kick in the shins and don't try to do to me what Chris Simon did to Ruutu. :)


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