Sunday, December 23, 2007

GameDay (36) -- Bruins @ Pens


Bring it


Fixer said...

Greetings All!

I'm stuck down here in Hotlanta. The Thrashers are so bad they picked the Wrecking Ball off of waivers. However, I get to watch the Pens/Bruins on the NHL Network! This is my Christmas present. I remember seeing Kjell Sammuelsson skate at practice one day and his head was over the glass when he skated by. No way Charra is better than Kjell. Go Pens and Merry Christmas to Pensnation!

stokes said...

Holy balls! 3 points for gary roberts! i threw up in my mouth a little bit when roberts scored his second goal. (it could have been my killer hangover though.)

i thought the pens looked pretty solid. the B's are a pretty decent team and the pens put on pretty good performances against them.

unfortunately the pens cant put together 60 mins every night yet. and the PP looked pretty bad again. but the PK was on tonight.

that third line is playing a very simple and hard working brand of hockey which is working for them and getting results. crusher is actually playing better and thats a good sign.


FritoWill said...

worst post ever!!!

haha Merry Xmas guys

Jonny V said...

Gary Roberts. Nothing else needs to be said.

The Hebrew Hammer said...
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Lauren said...

So I went to the arena today to do some Christmas shopping (and had to sneak in, since I didn't have tickets to the game), and what did I buy to give to those loved ones closest to me?

Gary Roberts shirts.
Two shirts.
Two goals.

Anonymous said...

Gary Roberts wants a trade?

J.S. said...

Roberts noticed the lack of effort in Friday's gameblog, so he scored 3 pts today.

Stoosh said...

This is a good weekend.

Spent Sat. night at the Cinemark out in Monaca taking in National Treasure II. Quality flick and well worth the money spent besides a couple of unbelievable moments. Original cast is back. Nic Cage is stellar. Diane Kruger is back as Abi Chase...awesome. Good action scenes...solid adventure movie.

BTW, the previews ran clips for a summer 2008 movie starring Will Smith called "Hancock". Think Superman living the lifestyle of a drunken bum. Can't tell if this is going to be a comedy or what, but the teaser was awesome.

Went to the game tonight and let it ring from the bell towers...Gary Roberts is back. Amazing to see what this guy is doing now that he's healthy. Solid effort all around.

Sid almost capped the night by producing the NHL's first highlight-reel empty net goal. Leave it to Crosby to find a way to turn an empty-netter into a highlight reel goal.

BGL = gotta love the celebration after the goal. The force of him leaping into the boards might have caused a minor quake that broke up a "too many men" party in San Francisco.

Got the Goal Scorers & Gourmets charity cookbook as well. This could be a potential goldmine of quirky info. Give me a couple of days to flip through this, but I'll give you this much...they ask each player/coach/front office staffer to submit a recipe and ask some food-related questions (Favorite midnight snack? What's one thing that's always in the fridge?)

They ask Gary Roberts what his favorite midnight snack was and he answered "Protein Shakes".

Why was I somewhat disappointed that I didn't see something like, "Raw energy from the core of the earth, a human arm or leg or a freshly killed and skinned New York Ranger" in there instead?

Tiffany (aka Steph) said...

Heyyyyyyy!! :-D

I was @ the game on Friday & it was my girlfriend's 1st game!!! So even though they lost, it was still amazing to be there when Roberts got 900 points. He got a standing O & everyone was chanting, "GARY!! GARY!! GARY!!" & pumping their fists. (Not sure if you could tell from the TV.) Then he scores 2 goals & gets an assist today.....simply stunning.


P.S. I haven't forgotten about you guys. (-;

P.S.S. Cute avatar, Tiger.

Anonymous said...

You guys ever gonna update Flashblog? I rely on it.


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