Saturday, December 15, 2007

GameDay (32) -- Pens @ Islanders



The Isles and Pens are making out in the basement right now.
Not good times at all.

Huge snowstorm blowing through the New York/New Jersey area.
Whatever that means.

We remember Al Arbour from the last time in New York.

Reports are that Mike Bossy is starting center for tonight's game.


Jonny V said...

Conner James called up to replace Gonch. And Christensen's out with a strained neck.

Anonymous said...

F comcast.

info says HD - guess what not on designated HD channel.

now video is breaking up. FSN stinks & they are cheapskates. last i checked this is 2007 & the telecast seems to be originated circa 1987.

any1 else having problems ?

demondg1 said...

It's seems that the fine folks at Vs are guest producing the game tonight.

polishkid said...

FSN is PeaceOutBlog

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, folks...

1. Best pass Sid's going to get all year!

2. Roberts...gets meaner and meaner every single game. I think Steigy was can tell the difference in his game now that he's healthier. Dude is a machine.

3. Scuds - gamer. He's still got his moments, but what an overall solid player he's become in the zone.

4. Letang - reminds me of a pitbull along the boards. He is a hell of a lot more physical than he's ever given credit.

5. Isles' new unis - Joke. Those things look like something the NHL would've unveiled as a third jersey in like 1993.

Brett said...

That's it, I'm buying a Kennedy jersey.

Anonymous said...

wow...even though we got the 'W'....our power play needs some serious help.

chris l. said...

What the hell was Chris Simon thinking? Cheap. Suspensionblog.

True to form, FSN New York is crying about the Witt penalty - saying Sid should have got tagged for 2:00 as well. The phrase "preferential treatment" is being bandied about by Howie "Fug" Rose. Sore losers. Get me back to Deb Kaufman. At least she's easy on the eyes.

Roberts brings it. A-gain.

Good to get the win.

Go Pens.

Pensgirl said...

FYI, the Islanders' own broadcasters were disgusted with Chris Simon, going on about how he could have severed Ruutu's tendon and that the last thing the Isles needed was his deliberate attempts to injure guys. You know it's bad when the homers support throwing you out of a game.

Definitely satisfying to get a division win. I almost forgot what those felt like.

Lady Jaye said...

Woo, the recent injuries had me nervous but we pulled this one out. Please tell me you have some good Chris Simon photoshops... he's such a punk.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Chris Simon is a piece of trash, the NHL should ban him for life. Photoshops better be upcoming.

Wasted Steed said...

Lost in the Simon controversy was Letang's ice time. Led all skaters from both teams; had the highest ice time (albeit by a second) at even strength for the Penguins.

I'm fully aware Gonch and he benefited from the extra time on the PP, but it bodes well for the Pens to see Therrien's trust in him.

Wasted Steed said...

Meant to say "I'm fully aware Gonch *wasn't playing*".

JimmyMo said...

did anyone else notice that Mark Eaton was wearing the A tonight???

John said...

i have been extremely impressed with letang. he has been laying some serious hits out too, definitely not expecting that

stokes said...

The word on the street, or at least what i'm making up, is that Christensen's strained neck is caused by him turtling anytime physicality appears. i think Crushers' talent is serious but he's as tough as an 8 year old.

Good win by the Pens. Kennedy might not be a hall of famer, but he's replaced Rex very well.

Let's go Pens!

Wasted Steed said...

D'oh, I forgot all about Scuds' injury which definitely had a bearing on Letang's ice time. Still, looks like Therrien has more faith in him than in Sydor, Orpik and Whitney.


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