Saturday, December 1, 2007

GameDay ( 25 ) -- Pens @ Maple Leafs


What an arena this was.
[ Tripod Maple Leafs Garden Page ]


9 - 11 - 6

This Season:

Pens win 6-4
Pens lose 5-2


The Leafs are a joke.
Everyone in Toronto wishes they had SARS again.

Basically every game that goes by is like the old time retirement matches in the WWF.
If the Leafs lose, Head Coach Paul Maurice and GM John Ferguson are going to have to face the music again.

All the goons will be out, it should be a very intense game.

Picture courtesy of [ *KaReN*'s Webpage ]
Pictures of Roberts in Toronto. Sick.

And an AWESOME story of Talbot pretending he was Sid at a practice in Toronto [ The Star ]
Commentor Meecrofilm dominated that.

Talbot did the impersonation to perfection. He donned Crosby's jersey, tossed on his helmet, and even took Crosby's stick out of the stick rack, before entering the ice surface at the Air Canada Centre.

The second he touched the ice, a huge ovation rose from the fans, while hundreds of cellphone and digital cameras flashed.

"Fleury is the prankster, the jokester, but it was kinda fun ... after I took the jersey off, they (fans) were wondering, who is that guy," Talbot said smiling.

It was hard, afterwards, to tell who got the bigger thrill, the fans, or Talbot.

"It felt awesome to be the best player in the world for two minutes," Talbot said.


stokes said...

I think the Pens are playing well enough now that we can exact revenge for that disgusting showing in October. I say Pens explode for 6 goals.

6-2 Pens handing the Leafs their asses.

Steve In Denver said...

Great weekend. Pens win, my hockey team wins, Pens play again tonight. Plus it's studio C cd weekend in Boulder. And upwards of 3-5 feet of snow should be falling at Wolf Creek ski area. If you board the lowly confines of Hidden Valley or Seven Springs, you would piss yourself if you had a day at Wolf Creek.

Poor Rex, spilling crap on himself. I used to have a soff spot for him, now it's more like a lumpy tumor.

Today there's a vintage Flyers vs Bruins game on the NHL network. Unreal watching an entire game from 5/74, Bobby Orr, Esposito, Bucyk, Bill Barber, and Bobby Clarke flying all over, and Bernie Parent and Gilles Gilbert in net at either end. No helmets. Barely any pads on. F'n sweet network.

Game tonight should be unreal.


meecrofilm said... if talbot wasn't already the man. great stuff.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

A post on this Leafs forum by a Leafs fan:

I wish we had Roberts

'Nuff said.

Pensgirl said...

Hey staff, heads up:

On the Hockey Night in Canada pregame, they just said Pittsburgh's considering allowing bloggers in the press box. Keep your ears to the ground....

Anonymous said...

well after 2 periods, looks like the pens are back to playing like crap once again.

hoping this last period is better. go pens!

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Is anyone skating?

Its like the Leafs are going 3x as fast as any Penguin. Nobodys taking any passes well, and I don't want to even talk about how awful that Power Play was with McCabe in the box. I was kinda embarrassed during it.

lis said...

i miss gonchar!!!!

Robert Edward Healy, III said...


Anonymous said...

at least Pitt is winning....

Eric said...

PP looks lost without Gonch

I know it was back-to-back games, but does anyone else question the decision to go with Sabu tonight (not that he played all that bad), after Fleury only gave up 1 goal in his last 2 starts??

Good to see EC get back on the board, hopefully this sparks something for him

Long week ahead, Go Pens

PittHockey said...

the music is great, haha.

this is just a missed step on climbing the hill.

I think Therrien had to give fleury tonight off because I see him starting the next 3 games.


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