Friday, December 28, 2007

Capital Punishment. PENS WIN.

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One of these days, this stranglehold the Penguins have over the Capitals will end.

Until then, suck It.

Before the game, SportsBeat on FSN takes us back 7 years to December 27, 2000.

For the scavenger hunt, it eventually asked you where else on this blog we have used this picture.


Gary Roberts gets his 14th Dan Potash pre-game interview of the season.

The 99% of Pens fans out there who don't know this blog exists
have no idea why Roberts gets so much play.


[Thanks to Pensgirl]



The game started tepidly, both teams just jobbing around.

It didn't take long for Laraque and Brashear to drop the gloves.
Solid fight.


A little bit after that, Ruutu went to the box for holding the stick, a penalty that we hope gets called the next time we play the Senators.

Late on the powerplay, Semin had a chance to explode in Conklin's face, but he tried to get it to Ovechkin who was too busy trying to figure out what to do when he doesn't have the puck.

The first period was flying, and then so was Jeff Taffe.
He carried the puck down the left wing on a 3-on-2.
He goes short side, top shelf.


Steigerwald piledrives your enthusiasm after the goal by saying Taffe scoring a goal means the Pens are getting "third-dary scoring."

Conklin got the puck later and shimmied it over to Gonch.
Gonch fails 10th-grade trigonometry, and the bounce off the back boards gives Brashear an easy goal in front of the net.

Picture: Some Caps fans celebrate the big goal.

We have a pet peeve:
Whenever someone says a stat like "Fleury is 4-1-2 lifetime against the Buffalo Sabres, so we should expect a solid performance from him tonight."

Errey said something like that when he said the Capitals and Pens' old Patrick Division rivalry is alive and well.
Whatever. Stupid.

MAF's hypothetical two wins against Buffalo two years ago means we can assume he'll have a good game against this year's Sabres?

Colby Armstrong scores a Rangers "throw it at the net, F it" goal.


Goalie Brent Johnson didn't feel like playing. So he quits.
And the visitor's dressing room door open, and out comes the best goalie in Penguins history.

Oli The Joke

We weren't there, but it sounded like a "Olie" chant broke out.
Good tmes.

And, holy balls, we ranted above about those lifetime stats crap, and then Steiggy talks about Kolzig's career numbers against the Pens and how it may be relevant in this game against the 2007 Penguins.

Ovechkin heads to the penalty box late in the period when he hears that a naked man is in there.

But it is just Pensblog Charlie.

He grudgingly heads to the locker room as his penalty carries over into the second period.



Ovechkin returns to his happy place, and the Pens continue their power play.

They got some crap going, with Staal getting a solid chance. No dice.

The Caps ended up getting the next goal.
They came in, held up, got it to a trailer.
Pothier puts it home and acts like it's his first career goal.

Solid shot, though.

Ruutu pops some viagra and blasts Semin into the boards in the Caps zone.
Somehow that wasn't an elbowing penalty.

The second period wasn't much.

Towards the end of the period, Taffe almost got another goal which would have got him a spot on Sid's line.

After a flurry of Pens activity, Gonchar makes another mistake.
Ovechkin sharks in from the blue line to get an easy goal.

The last Ovechkin sighting for the night.

The classy Pens fans don't boo Ovechkin when his goal is announced.
Actually, Pens fans weren't booing any time AO had the puck.
Capitals fans are classless, booing Crosby.

As the period ended, Malkin goes Malk 6 into the boards after getting tripped.


Caps get a powerplay.

The Caps are everywhere, just like the third wheel that won't go away.

Conk block on Nylander on the doorstep.

Big save.

Armstrong gets out of the box, and Sid gets a solid chance splitting the D, but he goes five hole.

Out of nowhere, there was less than 10 minutes to go in the game.

Ovechkin's sister starts warming up her vocal chords.

The Capitals pressure the Pens late, keeping the puck in the Pens zone for about 8 minutes with the help of 11 turnovers.
Frustrating times.

Jim Morrisson makes a huge mistake late, slamming Malkin into the boards and heading to the box for roughing.

You ask for these chances.

The Pens power play had the perfect balance of sitting back and taking a solid shot when they got their chance.
The big unit went off, to gain some energy for that last-minute burst.

But wait. The Pens win a faceoff and it squirts out to Sydor.
Sydor gets the puck. He shoots like if he doesn't score, his wife leaves him.
Magic bullet into the net.


Malkin and Bing almost bring the house down in the last 20 seconds.
But we were going to overtime.

Picture: Caps coach Bruce Whatever trying to escape to the locker room so he can poop.



Kolzig was in net.
The game was in Mellon Arena.
It was overtime.
You didn't need to know anymore.

Crosby brings the puck from behind the net.
No one knows what Kolzig is doing.

Gonch, demoralized all night, rises from the ashes.


  • Ty Conklin: 3-0 as a starter. The world could end.
  • Bing: 2A
  • Sydor: 1G, 1A
  • Gonch: 1G


  • Will Scuds get his own photoshop expo?
  • Take what you can get.
  • Pens cement second place.
  • Thanks to Eric P for his photoshops of Taffe and screenshot of A.O.
  • Thanks to Pensgirl for pictures.
  • Thanks to DM for the "Crapital" picture.
  • You can smell the Winter Classic.


Doc Steel said...

Ah yes, quite the "Oli" chant occured on multiple occasions tonight, lead by the rowdy folks in D25.

What a section.

pensblog jeff said...

Conk Block: Pensblog word of the month for December.

Milk, nose, you know the rest. It hurt.

Anonymous said...

The second their goalie got hurt they put kolzig on the jumbotron and the "kol-zig, kol-zig" chants started up. Magical.

The guy next to me got up and screamed at the top of his lungs "Eat his face off Gary!"

Orpik does not like to sit in the press box. He played the best i've ever seen him

stokes said...

Exploding Semin jokes are great. too bad HE doesn't play for the senators...

Did Steigy really say "third-dary"?

The reason pens fans don't boo AO is because we don't give a shit about him. And Craps fans are classless losers.

mike m said...

I was also enjoying my evening in D25.

A few notes tonight:

1) we had way too many turnovers

2) we also seemed to have a lot of scoring chances. I'm gonna look that stat up when I get off the bus.

3) Orpik did play extremely well. He blocked shots and played physical without taking himself out of position.

4) the fight was kinda weak. Really scripted, felt like the wwf.

5) after watching a few older games from the box set, its really apparent that, a) all our goalies are terrible puck handlers, or b) barasso was really really really good. Probably both.

6) I saw a greg lloyd jersey tonight. Avoid lloyd.

Staal Tactics said...

"Ruutu pops some viagra and blasts Semin into the boards in the Caps zone."

This is why I read this blog

The Hebrew Hammer said...

The Kolzig chants were loud and clear when he came into the game and after Sydor scored his game-tying goal. The igloo must be like hte seventh circle of hell for Olaf.

In other news, the jobber who fired Mike Lange is moving on to Houston. Maybe Lange can get his TV gig back, Steiggy is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Smizik comes up with another jem praising Steve Tello. Wasn't this the guy that fired Mike Lange and took FSN away from Harrisburg, one of their biggest markets?

Matt said...

Ruutu pops some viagra and blasts Semin into the boards in the Caps zone.

That is the new best line ever. And that picture of Crosby/Gonch at the end....God Bless Yahoo Pictures.

Pensgirl said...

mike m: on the goalies, it's both.

Not only was Ovechkin treated with class by the Pens faithful, but so were Johnson and Semin after getting hurt - both drew rounds of applause as they got up from the ice. Compare that to Caps fans who cheered in Oct. when Sid took a nasty spill behind the net that could have resulted in injury.

Now, if only the rest of the crowd would actually follow the lead of those of us who start cheers, we'd be getting somewhere.

Letang deserves a shout-out for his defensive play. At least three times right in front of me he laid solid checks using smart body positioning to gain puck possession. He may not throw huge hits, but he throws smart, solid ones that prevent scoring chances.

Anonymous said...

Ovie's undisclosed injury? Cut an artery--but it's not serious.

Maal said...

that OT was like, the greatest thing in my life as a former caps fan turned pens fan.... i will never forget gonch bobbling the puck as he closed in on heddy in 01, and straka stole the puck from him and scored in OT to knock the caps out. oh and look! now gonch has um. some sort of fucked up twisted revenge in a ay that only gonch could! :-D

i love you guys like a fat kid loves cake. and apparently the caps bloggers are starting to talk shit about y'all and about steiggy and errey. douchebags.

ps, who do i have to blow to get my blog linked? just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Mike M. -

Tommy B didn't make errors often. He wasn't the greatest, but he was consistent and he probably banged my mom... Another story, another time :)

bluzdude said...

1. Last night I was wondering what Pensblog was going to do with "Semin". Thank you for not disappointing.

2. Is it me, or does the Caps coach look like Karl Rove?

3. Conk Block = Inspired.

Anonymous said...

you guys are wrong, there were a number of times pens fans were booing ovechkin when he had the puck and when he scored his goal

christina said...

my 2 cents...
fun times in C27 last night - you guys in D25 were inspired. nice work starting up all the chants.

there were some crazy careless giveaways last night, and not just by gonch. gotta work on that guys.

the mellon was definitely rockin' last night, great atmosphere for a game. it was reaching the point of deafening as the game ended and OT began...i loved it.

there was a bit of AO booing that i heard...but it was nothing close to jagr booing.

legame is even more of a beast than i thought...kid's strong like sid is. he was knocking people off balance all night.

bing's and gonch's celebration following the OT goal was awesome.

Anonymous said...

What would ty conklin do?

Theres only one answer.


Anonymous said...

ovechecking looks like the neanderthals from the geico commercials!!!


Anonymous said...

Capitals bloggers are just mad they don't have G-Rob and BGL to dream about clogging up the middle.


go go pens said...

I was in C23 and texted "Wwgrd?" to the jumbotron. Good times at the Igloo last night, everyone.

Anonymous said...

I was at the flyers vs. leafs game and texted WWGRD to the jumbotron as well!!!


Anonymous said...

P.S. - Flyers fans were booing crosby when the VS. commercial for the all star game came on. They got all excited because the commercial did a 44 second piece on danny briere and then the next two minutes talked about players like crosby, le cavlier, and luongo and the anti crosby boo birds broke louder than anyone cheering that night against the leafs.

Flyers Hockey = GAY.

Jonny V said...

Was that Fleury that they showed in a snippet during the game doing skating drills on the ice? I was watching the game from the shower and couldn't tell. I just realized how weird that sounds now that I typed it.

And it was nice to see that right after Ovechkin through his check (and elbow) into Letang, he got injured. It was a bitch move in the open ice, and it was really out of line that he lead with his elbow right at Letang's head.

Anonymous said...

Jesus...CHRIST. Enough already! If Sid had gotten hurt back in October I guarantee you people wouldn't have been cheering - they would have given him the same applause when he got up as Semin and Johnson did in the Igloo. That doesn't make you guys any classier - all fans applaud when an injured party gets up, no matter what the team or the sport.

Crosby wasn't hurt and it was a fucking hilarious spill so why not cheer? You guys would do the same if Ovechkin fell, don't even pretend you wouldn't.

And by the way, the same % of fans who boo Crosby in Verizon Center boo Ovechkin in Mellon Arena. It's a minority in either place - personally I prefer to reserve my booing for Jagr, as any good Caps fan would. Can we just agree that every fanbase has an element of douchebag in them that doesn't appreciate pure talent and move on?

Caps fans are no more classless than Pens fans...let it go. You won the game, you've swept like 348570987 straight - can't that be enough?

Anonymous said...

i was sitting in aa in a2. ruutu exploded semin right in front of my face...twice.

stokes said...

maybe its because i just watched Spiderman 3, but sid reminds me of venom in the OT celebration pic. or maybe its because i'm on crack....

legame is strong like bull.

i thought the arena was impressive last night more so than anything recently.

Anonymous said...

die caps. die.

FritoWill said...

Ruutu pops some viagra and blasts Semin into the boards in the Caps zone.
Somehow that wasn't an elbowing penalty.

Why i love PensBlog

geezer said...

The arena was as loud as I can recall after sydors and gonchars goals. My ears were ringing in the car on the way home like I was at a Geen Day concert.
Discovered this site a month ago. The satire is first freakin rate and makes my batteries feel juiced as a Rutu hit on Semin.

Anonymous said...

ok anonymous caps fan, i don't usually leave any kind of comments, but you're starting to make me angry.

i've been to caps/pens games at both mellon and verizon, and i can tell you for a fact that caps fans boo crosby at a greater percentage and way louder than any pens fans have ever booed ovechkin. i've also attended caps/rangers games at verizon, and the boos i hear for jagr are just as loud as the ones i hear for sidney crosby.

i'm not saying that any fans are classless here, these are things that make the games fun and get us riled up about our team, but just be honest with yourself.

shwedy said...

classless? yes fans in DC, the ones that have all their teeth and jobs. we boo sidney because he is the most overhyped player in sports. best player in the league? he's not even the best player on his own team.

hope you had a fun run last year because it's over. you made an awful trade for hossa and that got you nothing except a sweet patch on your jersey and now you have sewn up your lines with satan and fedotenko.

you'll need to remember games like those because starting this season your going to hate playing the Caps.

ovechkin > malkin

anywhere in the world > pittsburgh


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