Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The Pensblog has fell into two extra tickets for The Winter Classic.




2 tickets at $60 apiece.
$120 total.

We are not at liberty to say where the seats are, but they will be near where we will be sitting.

Anyone still wanting to go to the Winter Classic won't care where they're sitting, anyway.
They'll just be pumped to go.


There will be an internet scavenger hunt beginning at 10:00 Wednesday night.
Saying anything more about the hunt right now would be mud.

The ticket contest will not be rigged.
If we were going to rig it and give the tickets to a friend, we wouldn't be having this discussion right now.

Everyone and anyone, excluding Kenny Melvin, will have an equal and fair shot of winning the tickets.


wooohoooo said...

you guys rock

stokes said...

awww. no kenny melvin? is his "Mr Roboto" you tube video going to at least be on the scavenger hunt??

Anonymous said...

check it out. top 40 sports figures of 2007. its funny how a guy who kills dogs for fun is number one, meanwhile a kid who is 20 won mvp of a league and is the next 'great one' cant even be on the list. they must not be going by how much talent an athlete has.

Anonymous said...

OH and i forgot a friggin horse is on the list. but nope. not sid.

Stinelli said...

Hahaha Kenny Melvin... what a tool.

Mike said...

I hope you'll keep us updated on the entire scavenger hunt as it progresses!

Jonny V said...

Stokes, that would've been a huge scavenge, but i don't think it exists any more.

FritoWill said...

if Kenny Wins, i start a riot

John said...

Taking the fashionably late approach?

J.S. said...

10:15 and no scavenger hunt? disappointmentblog

Jonny V said...

And don't know if I'm late on this, but it looks like Eaton is done for the season. Torn ACL. I hope nothing but bad things upon the fucker that slew footed him.

The message board on LGP was pretty devestated, until some douchebags started calling it no big loss and THE MAN himself overrated. Until someone took the time to post these numbers from last season:

Without Eaton
Games 47
Record 22-16-9
Points 53
Winning percentage .564
Shutouts 2
Goals For 156
Goals Against 154
Goal For Per Game 3.32
Goals Against Per Game 3.28

With Eaton
Games 35
Record 25-8-2
Points 52
Winning percentage .743
Shutouts 4
Goals For 121
Goals Against 89
Goal For Per Game 3.46
Goals Against Per Game 2.54

I don't know if we'll be able to overcome all of these losses, but I'm still going to savor every game.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

11:30 PM and no scavengerhunt, what a disappointment

Anonymous said...

So whats going on with this scavenger hunt?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

without eaton
shots blocked: 45
goals saved because the goalie was out of position: 0

with eaton:
shots blocked: 220
goals saved because the goalie was out of position: 26


stokes said...

no more Mr Roboto vid? no waaay...

KC said...

12:46? No hunt?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to maple leafs at flyers tonight just to get the hockey juices flowing!

Wish me luck, i'm wearing my crosby t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even start chuck norris over eaton. He's an animal.

curtO said...

Glad I got my tickets already...I need to simmer down, a little too pumped up for this and it's still a few days away...

stokes said...

i'm glad i got tix, cuase even for fun i couldnt figure it out.


hey y'all. going back up to the crappiest section in the igloo, E16 tonight. gotta love it.

let's go pens!!!


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