Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ben Eager is a Coward. PENS LOSE.[pit.<span class=

8 - 2


"And when Therrien's postgame session with reporters ended, Flyers knuckle-dragger Ben Eager (0 points, 60 penalty minutes), whom Therrien passed in a corridor outside the Penguins' locker room, said to him, "You're a joke."

"Therrien offered a two-word comeback, only the second half of which -- "you" -- is suitable for public consumption."
[Post Gazette ]

Our feelings exactly.
Nothing you can do about this one.

In the meantime,
the only good thing to come out of tonight's game:

***The Ben Eager/Flyers Expo has officially begun.**** Come one, come all.
Anything depicting a Flyer and or especially Ben Eager in a negative light will be accepted.
Deadline is Jan 17.

Bring the noise.

Here are some stock photos of Eager, seeing that no one knows what he looks like anyway:

What a scumbag.



Therrien would have kept the trend going of putting a former player of the opposing team in the starting lineup.

Tonight was Mark Recchi's turn. Whoops.

And early on, it looks like Jason Smith's slash of Sidney Crosby late in the last Pens/Philly game was not forgotten by Malone.
Malone's a beast.

The Pens went down a minute into the game.
It was just beginning.

Palindrome goes to the net for an easy tap-in. 1-0.

The first four minutes featured the Penguins looking in complete disarray.
Palindrome put another one home with a slapper to make it 2-0.

Special thanks again to Kevin Lowe for making that trade.

The Pens finally sustained a forecheck with Staal and Kennedy, forcing goalie Biron to put down his roast beef sandwich.

After Sid tried a couple times to get through the Flyers, the play went the other way and Sabu had to make a huge save on a shot from the slot.

Versus interviewed the Flyers owner in the first period regarding the numerous Flyers suspensions this season.
Man, did he bomb that.

Staal and Kennedy get something going again, and it results in a Pens power play.

Cue The Whitney Play™.
Bring it home. 2-1.

And on the next play, Roberts draws a penalty.
Powerplay blog again.

Who the hell let Sykora stand alone by the post? 2-2.

The Pens survived a scare later when Sabu came out and MAF'ed it behind the net.

The Pens headed to the box late in the first.
Jordan Staal had a golden opportunity on a shorthanded breakaway, but no dice.
What a one-touch pass by Eaton. Damn it.

The first period comes to an end.



The Pens kill off the rest of that penalty from the second.

Roberts got his stick up into Hartnell's piehole.
Hartnell acts like he got slashed by Jason Vorhees. What a baby.
Give Hartnell an Oscar on that one. PKblog.

Eaton makes his 31st goal-saving play of the year on the PK.

And then the Pens go down two men when Gonch heads to the box.
The PK goes OT.

Roberts comes flying out of the box like a midget and gets the puck out of the zone.
What a huge PK for the Pens.

And as the second period neared the halfway point, it was meltdown blog.
First, it was Mike Richards, who deflects it in off his balls. But the goal goes to Umberger. 3-2.

Then it was Umberger again two minutes later. 4-2.

The second period was jobber city after that.
And then Christensen evened up a potential power play with a punch to the back of some dude's head.

But the Flyers took another penalty, and the Pens got a chance with a 4-on-3.
Biron makes a balls-out save on Letang. What a stretch of hockey there.

They had a 5-on-4 for a while after that.
The Pens made some noise, but the Flyers survive.

And for the second time tonight, the Pens will be going into an intermission shorthanded.
But this time it was 4 minutes.
Letang punched Upshall, and then huffed and puffed and got a unsportsmanlike.

Hopefully Letang said something about Bill McCreary's mustache.
"Auditions for 'Wyatt Earp' ended a decade ago, dick."

And oof, with 9 seconds remaining, the Flyers score when Mike Knuble puts in a rebound from the slot. 5-2.

Things were messier than Mariah Carey's life.



Out of nowhere, Ty Conklin gets some action.
The Pens definitely weren't out of it going into the third.

Therrien also decided it was time to have some fun with line combinations.
Malkin-Sid-Kennedy come out for a shift.

That was about the last hockey-related thing that happened during the third period.

Off a faceoff, BGL ask Ben Eager to fight. Eager poops himself.

But then it happens, Ben Eager douches Laraque with an elbow.
Somehow Eager gets no penalty.

All we see is BGL in the box.


The camera switches to Roberts and Eager throwing down.
We're not boxing experts, but it wasn't even close.
Eager hit air three times, while Roberts was waiting to bring a howlizter to the anus every time.

Right there is why Roberts is a man. Nothing else needs to be said.

The Flyers had a power play out of that somehow and took advantage.
Palindrome gets the HT.

Probably the most (a)pathetic attempt at a save you will see in the NHL.

There was 15:53 left.
The Flyers were up 6-2 now, which could have meant headhunting season for the Broad Street Homos.

Gonch decides to job it out of the zone, but it goes over the glass.

A chicken crosses the road to make it 7-2.

Ty Conklin is not where it's at.

"Don't go anywhere, folks." -- Eddie Olczyk.
"Go somewhere else." -- 2005 Penguins front office.

A totally unwarranted Edzo slam.
That's what happens when it's 7-2.

After that business, there was another scrap.
Flyers go on the power play again.
But no dice.

Never fear, they were back on the powerplay.
BGL broke his stick crosschecking someone.

Keith Primeau almost scored on a Flyers 3-on-1.

And then another shot heard 'round the world.
Sid borderline trips Martin Biron behind the Flyers net. Sid loves it.
And then the Flyers fans use the assistance of the Wachovia Center organ to chant "Crosby Sucks."

He's trying to hear you, but he's too busy taking a dump in your mouth

After another scuffle with Whitney and Armstrong going to the box for fighting, the Wachovia faithful start chanting "We want Crosby."
Yeah, every NHL team does.

By this time, we just wanted to get out of Philly without any injuries.

Balls, Laraque wasn't done.
He totally jobs Martin Biron, trying to take his legs out.
He didn't even try to disguise it.
That is the definition of a job. Pure and simple.
If Biron gets injured there, BGL would have that blemish for the rest of his life.

That resulted in a Flyers power play.
Umberger made it 8-2.

Longtime Pens fan Elmo had seen enough

Finally, with more mercy than Jesus Christ, the clock went to all zeros. Gayme.


  • We beat them up 8 times last year. This is nature evening things out.
  • Lost in all the madness was Jarkko Ruutu. He wasn't a presence in the third when he should have been out there.
  • Ben Eager backed down from another man. How embarassing.
  • Probably the only game of the season when Adam Hall gets more ice time than Sidney Crosby.
  • Pensblog Canaan was in attendance and said he was booed out of his section in the third period, but he left pulling at his Crosby jersey screaming Hart, Hart, Hart.
  • Did anyone else get the feeling that Versus was trying to hide the antics by going to a game-break?
  • Lord Therrien was insane after the game:
"Are we talking about the same team that got five guys suspended this year?" Therrien said. "It is a lack of respect what (Stevens) did tonight. At 7-2 you don't send your best power play on the ice. Even Daniel Briere didn't want to go on the ice. It is a lack of respect."


Go Pens


b said...

Again I retract my Eaton comment, he played well tonight, aside from the the 3 on 1 but fuck it's a 3 on 1.

Anon Roberts hater is a POS. He beat the shit out of some guy half his age, I don't know what more you could expect out of him.

The Laraque cross check might have been the coolest I've ever seen. I've never seen a stick broken over somebody's arm. He hit him right in the spot between the elbow pad and the shoulder pad extension, that shit hurts real bad. Plus takin out the goalie was just an accident, there's no way he did that on purpose...

Jonathan said...

I hereby propose that forever from this day forward Ben Eager be known as "BabyFat". This douchebag of a 23 year old got beat up by Gary Roberts. ..after backing down from BGL. Yet he told our coach that he is a joke? And Michael Vick didn't kill dogs and O.J. didn't do it...

1/24 - Hey Eager, I hear the Pens are suiting up Jay Caufield (47 years old) maybe you can take him...douche.

Anonymous said...

pretty hard to go through that west swing minus your number one goalie and come back only to play the flyers
at least they showed character and by showed character i mean they displayed their gigantic balls proudly while they swung them in the face of those philly gaywads

roberts fight was one of the most pumped up I've been ever

big game tomorrow, time to rest

canaanregulatesblog said...

i wasn't so much booed out of the section but booed on my way out. that being said, philly's crowd was pretty electric in the pregame and it had the feeling like it was gonna be ugly. i definitely enjoyed the crowd screaming "sucks" after every penguin that was announced for the starting line-up. the guys next to me and behind me were pretty kewl with me (sans the old guy who kept calling laraque you know what)

for my first time at the wach, i was impressed by the arena and a bamf scoreboard/sound system.

ddr5007 said...

gary roberts is my hero. i've been waiting for that moment all season.

chris l. said...

Gary Roberts brings it.


Someone bring a BabyFat sign to the Wach on 24 JAN 07.

J.S. said...

That game was fucking embarassing after the third period. Other than God handing Eager his lunch (more like shoving it down his throat), Tom Tucker McCreary let this game get away from him. Hard to believe there wasn't a single roughing penalty on the black and orange all night. Whatev.

I wouldn't trust McCreary's crew to work a game in the LNAH or even my weekend inline league.

Quote of the night had be where Emrick was quoted as saying Biron's diving had to do with gamemanship. Yeah, nothing like advocating diving in a league that is known for poor officiating, ya douche!

karri said...

Bill McCreary is a "joke" (...or insert any other expletive you can think of...)

At least his cousin had some balls for a brief moment in the NHL...

Bill McCreary Jr.

Anonymous said...

Vs. wasn't done jobbing us when the game ended...After the Miller Show Intermission, it was recap time. I didn't really hear any Vs. announcer talk anything bad on philly. BGL got all the attention when he slid into first base. It was kinda like "oh, yup, we don't like anything the pens stand for in this game." Then that was the end of our game review. This Vs. contract couldn't be over sooner.

Team C. said...

Stop whining and being upset/mad that you live in Shittsburgh.

Spencemo said...

That fight proves that Gary Roberts is a god...he whooped Eager's ass and made him his bitch...

not BigRickPSU said...

Just a few thoughts:

1.) Malone is a beast. To me, what he did speaks volumes. Fighting Jason Smith to start I mean. You need someone who is willing to do that stuff for Sid.

2.) It was interesting to me to see when things got chippy, who reacted how. I don't know if I'm putting too much into this, but it looked to me like Letang, Christensen, and Sykora (and a few others) wanted nothing to do with being on the ice at the end. I know those are smallish guys and all but it really looked like they were afraid. That's especially not good coming from Letang, IMO. I'm not saying he has to be a fighter or anything, but he looked afraid. Gonchar is not a fighter or very physical, but he still doesn't shy away from a game like that. Even Sid and Malkin, who are clearly targets still want to be out there roughing it up.

3.) It looked to me like BGL slid into Biron on purpose, but you just can't be sure because he is such an average skater to begin with.

4.) God help us all if Ty Conklin is required to ever play any length of minutes for us. Get well soon MAF.

5.) It would have been nice to have Talbot out there tonight

6.) The score in this one doesn't matter. A loss is a loss, but it was good to see everyone sticking up for each other and not backing down even though the Flyers are probably a bit bigger and tougher. Even Whitney getting in on the action. Every NHL team can use a game like this at some point in the season. Roberts, Malone, Whitney, Armstrong (after already hurt), BGL, young guys, old guys all sticking up for each other is awesome. Even Therrien getting involved.

7.) Staff, good call on Ruutu. WTF is up with that?

Tomorrow night, bring the pain.

Sorry for the long post.

Go Pens

Sarah said...

Oh well, what are you going to do?
I wasn't sure my hatred for the flyers could get worse, but, low & behold, it has.
btw - I'm so tired of hearing Mike Lange go on and on and on and on about RJ Umberger! He.doesn''s.from.pittsburgh.

Fleury29 said...

Didn't get to listen to the game last night but man, kinda glad I didn't. I would have wanted to break shit.

As much as I hate the Flyers, you can't deny that Hextall was a badass.

Lady Jaye said...

The team could have rolled over and died, but they didn't. If anything, I hope this game is character building.

And agreed on the refs, they let this game get way out of hand. I don't understand how Philly walked out of it with as many power plays as they had... like they did absolutely nothing wrong.

Stoosh said...


1. I want Kevin Lowe and Don Waddell in every fantasy sports league I ever get into from here on out.

2. Hey gave up Braydon Coburn for Alexei Zhitnik? I know you were desperate to save your job, but for crying out loud, I can think of better ways to do it than bringing in Alexei Zhitnik and give up your top defensive prospect in the process. It wasn't like Coburn was being blocked by that fantastic six-man unit you were icing there in Atlanta last year. If that was the best you could do, a pistol in the mouth would've been a better option.

3. Rumor is that Waddell would've kicked in Ilya Kovalchuk, but the Flyers would only offer $5 worth of McDonald's gift certificates; Waddell wanted $10.

4. And Kevin Lowe? Seriously, WTF? What's a bigger joke? Giving Dustin Penner - who is nothing more than the second coming of Sergio Momesso - that offer sheet? Or trading Lupul and Smith for Geoff Sanderson and Joni F'ing Pitkanen? Congrads, jackass. That means you basically traded Chris Pronger for Pitkanen, who's ten times softer than Hans Jonsson. And Sanderson's best days came when he played for the HARTFORD F'ING WHALERS on NHL '93.

Kevin Lowe is the type of person who would draft Hines Ward first overall in a fantasy draft just because he's a Steelers fan. I'd say Kevin Lowe is a joke, but people who are jokes would be insulted.

5. I don't want this to turn into OverReactionBlog, but I've never seen opposing forwards camp out untouched in front of our net the way they did last night, and I know this won't be the last time it happens. You don't need to crosscheck them in the back repeatedly. Just tie up their sticks or lift up their sticks. Do SOMETHING. I don't expect it as much from guys like Gonch, Whitney or Letang - although Letang is pretty physical for an offensive d-man. Whitney could start using his frame more on defense. I would expect more from Eaton, Orpik and Scuderi.

6. A tape of that Eager elbow to Laraque better be in a FedEx truck on its way to the league offices. This Flyers team won't learn their lesson until they either end someone's career or they kill someone on the ice. If that wasn't a premeditated elbow to the head, I don't know what is. If you watch the replay, you can even see Eager take a second to look at Laraque and realize BGL was in a prone position tied up with someone else.

7. Flyers coach John Stevens has this sort of creepy, Crispin Glover vibe about him. Not sure what's up with that.

More thoughts's going to take me a long time to wind down from that one last night.

lis said...

I find it funny that Biron was calling for Sid to come over after Sid tripped him but didn't have much to say when it was BGL.

Also, I hate that Eager fuck!! He hasn't changed at all from the times I've watched him play in the AHL with the phantoms. Would be a complete prick (read: cheap shot) all game but wouldn't go with the big boys when asked (ex. Bonvie & Koci).

Stoosh said...

Team C.,

Ohhhhhh, Shitsburgh. Good one. You really got us there. That was funny the first 10,000 times we heard it.

I've actually got to hand it to the Flyers, really. I mean, the fact that they can even win an occassional round or two in the playoffs is a pretty monumental achievement. Especially when you figure how tough it is to play hockey with both hands wrapped securely around your own throat.

And hey, once upon a time, they even made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. That was in 1997 against the Red Wings! Remember that?? I sure do. That "deer in headlights" thing the Flyers team did when they got to the Cup against Detroit was the best impression I've ever seen. You could've actually shown my deer guts splattered all over a highway and I wouldn't have been more convinced.

Bang-up job in the postseason, those Flyers.

See, that's the difference between Pens teams and Flyers teams. When Pens teams get the chance to play for hockey's Holy Grail, we close the deal.

Then again, what should I expect? We have our two Cups and our Super Bowl trophy. Philly has a fictional boxing character and Vince Papale.

not BigRickPSU said...

Also, here is the Roberts/Eager fight in all its glory.

Go Pens

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else get the feeling that Versus was trying to hide the antics by going to a game-break?

You bet they did. Pens nation was strong in the building.

Anonymous said...


I hate to point this out, by Philly has two cups too. 74-75 I believe.

Stoosh said...

In my post at 9:34, that should say "You could've shown ME deer guts..." instead of "MY deer guts". That makes it sound like I've got deer guts stored in my freezer or something.

More thoughts...

1. Note to fans calling into talk radio shows. The fact that R.J. Umberger hails from Pittsburgh doesn't automatically mean he should be playing for the Pens. I'd love to see him here. I think he's a good player and he could help, and Craig Patrick probably should've made a push to get him when he was out on the market a couple of years ago. But just because he's from Pittsburgh doesn't mean Shero should mortgage the farm to get him here.

2. I'd rather listen to Rick Jeanneret up in Buffalo than Mike Emrick. Emrick is almost as bad as Joe Buck. I love Emrick questioning Therrien's decision in previous games to use Gonchar and Letang so early in shootouts. Hey Mike...I know your perspective has been dulled a bit from years of watching that asstastic Devils style of hockey, but believe it or not, there are defensemen out there who are actually capable of doing more than dumping the puck and forming a line at the blueline.

3. Jayyyyy-beeee-arrrrr. Jay Bee Robinsooooooooon's!

4. Ty Conklin...yikes.

5. Biron yapping at Sid reminded me of the kid in school who used to run his mouth all the time and then go hide behind his big brother whenever anyone would step up.

6. Rob Rossi said Crosby was named the #3 star of the game by the Philly media just so they could get the crowd riled up one more time. As I said in previous posts, this is the kind of stuff that speaks to just how good Crosby is (much like the NY media used to treat Michael Jordan). But I also can't decide if this is either comical or pathetic.

jim said...

lis: i wish sid would've taken Biron up on the invitation to fight. he would have bitch-slapped him around a la Roberts on Eager.

with the exception of the BGL slide tackle, we stood our ground against a bunch of scumbags. this game inspired me to buy tix for 1/24/07 and make the trip to Philthy. to all on this blog: join me!

Anonymous said...

"See, that's the difference between Pens teams and Flyers teams. When Pens teams get the chance to play for hockey's Holy Grail, we close the deal."

Let's take a look at those playoff records

Pens...22 times (19-20) in series
Flyers...31 times (36-28)

let me guess you went to pitt

hextallfan said...

Would you folks like a little cheese with your whine?

The comments I've read on both this post and the previous one have been absolutely vile. It's one thing to go after a team, but to say stuff like "If Philly burned to the ground, I'd cheer" (previous post comment) is just ridiculous. Philly/South Jersey is a great area, as is Pittsburgh. And what did Ben Eager have to do with the outcome of the game? I'm no Ben Eager fan...I think he's a Matthew Barnaby clone, which is pretty pathetic. But anyways, he went out there and acted like an idiot for the few minutes that he did play and had no bearing on the 8-2 outcome whatsoever. He wasn't the reason you guys lost!

Get over it, and grow up.

Anonymous said...

Laraque should be suspended for his pathetic behavior in the 3rd. Talk about intent, he broke a stick over Upshall's arm behind the play then blatantly ran Biron, both were attempts to injure. If he's not suspended, Colie is an extreme hypocrite. Also, how bout Whitney and Armstrong attempting to pick fights, then getting absolutely destroyed by Carter and Hartnell. Priceless.

Crosby has to stop whining and hiding eventually, right? Fight Richards, (who has all the qualities of a REAL captain and will be soon enough), the offer's been on the table for awhile now. Or at least score more goals then him. Crosby can't the handle being ridden by the crowd and dealing with the smack talk, he always ends up coming across as a gigantic P in these types of games. Tripping the goalie from behind is the best he can do. Therrien is a complete joke, crying about running up the score. This isn't the NFL. Guess he needs to deflect attention from the pathetic antics of his team in the 3rd.

Schneider said...

Maybe we should congratulate the Flyers on their "big victory" win. They proved that they cannot win a game without playing dirty. Impressive. I think they should call their Mom's. I'm sure they'd be proud. And the NHL Officials proved that they enjoy John Stevens on his knees.

John said...

ah, a bitter recchi interview/article

"In the first seven or eight games (this season), I had a point a game until the coach decided to move me down two or three lines for whatever reason. I still haven't figured it out."

cmon man..

Zeroblue said...

Have you guys seen this article?


This Philly writer thinks the Flyers won all the fights because they ended up on top of the Pens at the end. Punches win fights not take downs. That is usually the loser cause they don't want pummeled anymore.

Stoosh said...

ANON @ 10:08 AM - Yep. I was searching for more recent history because I didn't want to sound like a Yinzer who keeps pointing at the Steelers' four Super Bowl wins in the 1970s. That's why I only mentioned the one Super Bowl trophy the Steelers have recently won. I tried to think of anything off the top of my head that a Philly pro team has won within the last 20 years or so.

That's why pretty much the best I could come up with is Rocky and Vince Papale, although I'm probably contradicting myself because neither of those are recent.

But in another sense, that does kind of makes my point - Philly teams haven't exactly been synonymous with championships over the last 20 years.

Eric said...

anon, you cant blame Sid for not being on the ice at the end of the game, that's the coach's decision. If youve ever watched Sid play in the past 3 seasons, you know the kind of passion he plays with, he doesnt back down, ex:Derian Hatcher.
But ask yourself, if you had the best player in the world on your team at the end of an 8-2 game against a team who has no problem doing things that warrant suspensions, would you put him on the ice and risk an injury when there is no chance of coming back to win the game? No, you wouldn't. Neither did Therrien, and it was the right call.
And we'll see if your Mike Richards finishes in the top 25 in points by the end of the season, doubtful.

Anthony Smith guarantees Philly loses the division..

Stoosh said...

ANON @ 11:01 AM

I didn't go to Pitt, so I'm sorryu to disappoint you in that regard. Although I will say I appreciate the irony of an attempted insult to my intellectual capacity coming from someone like yourself who can't type a complete thought without employing the general principles of punctuation and capitalization like the ones we all learned back in, um, elementary school.

I'll look past that slight for now.

Before you give me a lesson in mathematics, how about a simple lesson in CONTEXT? I'lll spell it out for you. Please take your time and follow along.

I said in my post, "See, that's the difference between Pens teams and Flyers teams. When Pens teams get the chance to play for hockey's Holy Grail, we close the deal."

Now, "Hockey's Holy Grail" would be a reference to the Stanley Cup, which is the trophy awarded to the annual winner of the NHL playoffs. It's been 32 years since a Philly team has won one, so in case you needed a bit of a refresher, there you go.

The last two times we made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, we "closed the deal", which is to say we won the Stanley Cup.

The last time the Flyers made it to the Stanley Cup Finals, they were more or less humiliated by the Red Wings. "Humiliated" would be an adequate way to describe a four-game sweep in which the Flyers were outscored 16-6.

I've seen deer put up better fights with 18-wheelers on the highway - hence, the "deer in headlights" reference.

Those playoff records you cited - whatever those might reference - aren't really relevant to the CONTEXT of the point I was trying to make, were they?

I didn't think so.

Thanks for the lesson, though.

wingergirl said...

anon @ 11:13

Thanks for pointing out the very obvious; this sure isn't the NFL. this game is on an entirely different plane.

As for Laraque, there is no way he is going to get suspended, especially not after a game against the Flyers. The Flyers have done more damage to other teams and their own image this season than any other team in the league, and at this point, for publicity surrounding the game, it's a good thing that someone was finally able to stand up to all the cheap shots and head shots that they consistently give out.

And for god's sake, Crosby is a hockey player. Of course he takes cheap shots and plays more dirty than anyone would ever like to admit because he is 'the next one', the face of the game, whatever. Every player takes those shots; there's nothing special about that.

And as for Therrien...well what he said was true. Stevens was trying to make some kind of statement about his team, and it just came off as dirty and unnecessary. There was no reason to put out their top units when they are already up by three and have the game in the bag.

So yeah. Maybe as a Pens fan, I am whining about the outcome of last night's game. But watching it was painful.

Adrienne said...

Eager is a fucking bitch.

One one hand I'm pissed off to hell about last nights game. On the other hand, I'm kind of pumped that the Flyers-Pens rivalry has had the fire lit under its ass.

For that next game, I got two words: Road Trip.

Playing in a hockey game where you're that far down is a pretty rough thing to do, but they managed to keep it going. I have to respect the pens for that, as they didn't back down after the third period started. Props to our boys for that.

I'm with Therrien though. How the fuck does every media outlet magically forget the fact that the Flyers have already had 5 players suspended this season? The Pens take 81 minutes, but they didn't try to fucking kill people in the process.

I was honestly expecting there to be a bench clearing fight by the end of the game.

The only problem there would be that half our bench was already in the locker room.

Pens need to bench this issue for a while though. We play Ottawa tomorrow, and if we're going to play like we did last night the Pens are going to need full focus.

J.S. said...

ESPN showed the God/Eager fight a few minutes ago. I pointed up to say "there it is", and literally half of the room (probably 50-60 people) stopped what they were doing to watch.

Even at 1201 EST, the coward known as Ben Eager is still being pummeled by Roberts' heavy left.


canaanregulatesblog said...

stoosh = pwnzer

one note from last night that i completely forgot...

They had a conversation with Kerri Strug on the ole' jumbotron and i screamed "is that dany briere?"

...i was the only person in my section who thought it was funny. =(

Stoosh said...

ANON @ 11:13 AM -

1. Armstrong never has been much of a fighter. He's an agitator and has proven to be more than willing to engage more proven fighters (which is much more than can be said for Eager), but Armstrong is not what anyone would consider to be a good fighter.

2. If you think Laraque should be suspended for his attempt to take out Biron's legs, the same could be said of Eager's attempt to elbow Laraque in the head. Let's ignore the fact that recent history has proven that the Flyers are obviously familiar with the concept that an elbow to the head is a suspendable infraction. Eager saw that Laraque was already engaged with another player on the boards. Laraque was in a prone position with his attention directed towards the other player. And despite the fact that five of Eager's teammates have already been suspended for hits to the head of opposing players this season, he still took a run at him and attempted to deliver an elbow to his head.

And you want to call Campbell a hypocrite?

3. Only a Flyers fan would suggest that Crosby dropping the gloves against Richards would somehow legitimize Crosby's captaincy.

This notion that he hides behind other players is ridiculous. He plays a physical game along the boards. He's gotten in more than his share of scrums and post-whistle antics after the fact.

It might be a concept foreign to Flyers fans, but the fact that he doesn't need to drop his gloves probably exhibits more leadership than anything else. Crosby doesn't do his team any good sitting in the penalty box on a five-minute major, and the same can be said of any other skill player in the league who wears his emotions on his sleeve - Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, etc.

Doesn't Crosby do enough "talking" with his career point production against the Flyers? How many points does he have now against the Flyers?

I like Richards and he's a nice player, a good leader. Kudos to him for picking up his 100th career point.

It should be noted that Crosby passed that mark in the 2005-06 season. He's currently working on getting to his 300th point. The next time Crosby needs to justify his point production against that of Mike Richards will be the first and probably the last.

4. I won't defend Crosby's course of action with Biron because I thought it was unnecessary. Maybe it was Crosby trying to get in Biron's head a little bit. Maybe it was frustration boiling over a little bit - which happened to the best of them. But the only thing that might be more laughable was Biron acting like someone just pulled the floor out from under him. The worst Crosby did was kick the side of Biron's legpads. Maybe we ought to sign Biron up for the Canadian Olympic diving team as well.

Stoosh said...


Again, that's a typical Flyers response. They obliterate one of their rivals on home ice. They watch Lupul put up the first six-point night by a Flyer since Clinton was in office. They had two players with hat tricks.

And they only want to talk about who won the fights.

RJV3 said...

Before anything else, let's make it clear that I'm a Flyers fan and I give full credit to Roberts for stepping up and fighting Eager. I'm also fully aware Crosby has an incredible chance of going down as the greatest offensive player in NHL history when his career ends.

Those points aside, Crosby is, without question, the most pathetic excuse for a captain in the league. When the score is out of hand and the physical play gets stepped up, it is up to THE CAPTAIN to stick up for his teammates and show the other team that they won't be pushed around. It kills me when people say he's too young or not big enough to fight because we have our own little Mike Richards (who is generously listed as 5'11") and he is always willing to mix it up, regardless of the situation. Someone made a post earlier about how Sid "never backs down". You're right, he never backs down. Conversely, he NEVER STEPS UP EITHER. If he wants to get respect for anything more than his amazing offensive skills, he's going to have to learn to stick up for himself and his boys instead of riding the bench and doing a lot of talking when it really counts.

I can't stick up for Eager's elbow shot, and Roberts (the guy who SHOULD be wearing the C) was right to take him to task for his actions. But anyone on here who thinks Eager did anything any worse than "BGL" did in the 3rd period is out of their mind. Blatant cross-checking and taking a swipe at a goalie's legs..if it were a Flyer doing it, you'd be whistling quite a different tune and continuing the tired cries of "those dirty Flyers never learn!".

I think this rivalry is nothing but good for the game, the league, and the state of Pennsylvania in general. Let's just remember it's about having a good time, and not proving which fan base has a bigger dick.

See you in Philly on the 24th:)

Stoosh said...


That begs the question...where was Kippy Strug? Or is it really Kippy Strug that wears the #48 for the Flyers?

Ben Eager, from this day forward you shall be "BabyFat".

Daniel Briere, from this day forward, you shall be "Kippy Strug".

And yes, this is an open invitation to expand the Ben Eager Photoshop Challenge to include Daniel Briere/Kippy Strug.

Anonymous said...

You pittsburgh fans are pathetic...I've never read such fine examples of bad sportsmanship after getting your butts handed to you. What a sorry excuse for fans, but then again, your coach seems to let the loser mentality trickle down.

And I wouldn't be so quick to ridicule Eager, when Crosby HIDES after his tripping of Biron...

Maybe your team shouldn't hang it's crap on the walls of the home team, to try to make it feel more homely and comfortable. It's bad karma to cover up our cities logos...but I guess you take whatever you can get.

And one more note...try to find a relevant arguement for the game that took place last night. I don't think teams from decades past who have nothing to do with the players who participated last night has anything to do with the fact that you were on the wrong end of an 8-2 hockey game...nor does the city itself and it's population deserve to be used as fodder for your sore loser reactions. Nothing sadder than an idiot saying he'd laugh to see a great city burn to the ground. You need help.

JD said...


It's no dumber than the Pens getting their butt kicked by a team that they pushed around last year and Pens fans complaining about the treatment one knuckledragger (Eager) gave to another, much bigger knuckledragger (Laraque). Ben Eager (NOT) elbowing Georges Laraque had nothing to do with the outcome of the game. The Pens defense is as soft and the Flyers D was slow last year. The Pens' goalies are AHL quality at best. That's what Pens fans should be complaining about and not Ben Eager.

And it was good to see the artist-formerly-known-as-Gary Roberts last night. What with the stellar numbers he's been putting up for you guys (1 goal, which is one more than I've scored) this year, the least he could do was pick a fight with a guy who had just been in a fight. Three words for Roberts: Hang. It. Up.

slush said...

What a total clusterfuck. Was glad to see GR teach that young douche a lesson. As for the fights, good god, what can you say? What a meltdown. I was stunned, then wanted to vomit, and by the end I was laughing. We are lucky we got out without any major injuries. Hoping they can let it go until 1/24 and focus for the Sens tomorrow.

Seriously considering making the trek for the game 1/24.

Nick said...

If you want to talk about legitimizing a captaincy, you could probably do it by winning a Hart, Pearson and Ross trophy in the same season that you lead your franchise to the play-offs for the first time in 6 years. Oh wait...

Mike Richards will not fight anyone, least of all Sidney Crosby. For one, Mike Richards is not tough. For two, he nor Sid are fighters. It just doesn't make sense. Everytime Richards gets into a scrum, he starts mouthing off until someone else steps in. Lupul had to come hold off Colby last night.

What made the most upset last night was when Carter and Whitney fought, Coburn was actually holding Whitney from behind for about the first half of the fight and the refs didn't do anything.

Carter and Hartnell both kept their shields on for the fight...that's that Flyers toughness for you.

Flyers boards have been saying the Eager hit was clean because he brought his elbow up after the shoulder or something...? I've played hockey for a long time and an elbow is an elbow...If your elbow hits a player in the head, it should be a penalty.

The officials lost control of this game right when Letang got 4 minutes for actually getting doing something back to the Flyers for a cheap shot. Upshall hit him cleanly, then followed it with a facewash. Letang gives one back then gets a penalty?

As far as Stevens/Therien...last year we were beating up on the Flyers, Sid had 6 points and had just taken over the scoring lead for the first time in his career and Therien kept him on the bench for much of the third period...It is true that the Pens took some dumb penalties last night, but that's the frustration that builds up when the officials continually find ways to send your players to the box...At the end of the game, the score doesn't matter.

Biron will take a penalty vs Crosby next game. Ben Eager will not be a factor because he wasn't a factor last night. He's a terrible player who laid a dirty hit and somehow managed to get away with it.

Hockey games get out of control because of officiating like that...Scrums should rarely result in one player going to the box, and the amount of times it happened last night was absolutely terrible.

jim said...

slush (and all others)-
make the trek for 1/24. it will be a classic!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Briere is the man, the rest of the flyers are mud.

There I said it.

Ok ok, Briere and Gagne.

Did all the flyers fans forget that Biron lived in an apartment for 3 months while his WIFE decided if she liked Philly or not. The moved to the area, a little place called Moorestown, NJ right down from the Hatchers :)

hyzdufan said...

Fleury out 2 months.

Mother ****.

whistler said...

I'm someone who has the unfortunate life of living deep in Flyers country.

I have to say that most of those idiots wouldn't know a puck from a hole in the ground. They probably like the color orange and sleep with their mothers each night.

Philly fans are idiots. Plain and simple. They need to be put into large groups and shot.

I still pray each and every night that their team plane will crash into a giant mountain.

I'm not worried. They'll probably make the playoffs and choke. So I can rest easy.

Joshua said...

Ya fleury is out for 6-8 weeks
Talbot out 2-4 Weeks

Bad times

Both with ankle sprains

slush said...

Fleury being out. Not good. Let alone Max being out too.

Pressure is on Sabu. Farm fresh Conklin is scary.

BlankieGirl said...

That was a -hard- game to watch, though the beat down Roberts gave was nice to see, even if that tiny moment of revenge was fleating. Here's to a major ass kicking coming to the flying penises Jan. 24th!

Stoosh said...


Well, shit...

canaanregulatesblog said...

Talbot is out 2-4 weeks as well.

Anonymous said...

Wow... What a mess. When BGL was mouthing off from the box over to BabyFat, he said, You can't even fight, you just got your ass kicked by Gary Roberts. That was a paraphrase but pretty much what he said. I didn't think when Sid took down Biron that it was on purpose... I thought he was making an agressive play for the puck and his skate hung on the back of Biron's pad. Larauques was another matter. Not a big fan of cheap shots but I think he was more trying to get Biron to fight than to hurt him. The cross check was pretty dirty. Gary "Zues" Roberts throwing the thunderbolts down on BabyFat. When the fight started my fiance was worried about GR. He went to work.

Oh well... A good ass kicking...


jim said...

fleury out for 2 months. we're screwed.

themajor said...

guys should stop whining about last nights game and start looking towards 1/24 so you got your ass handed to you it happens, so crosby's a punk the second coming of shit whatever. A side note to comments saying how none of the flyers live in Philly, more than anything that has to do with their practice facility being in NJ and not them disliking the city, anyone who knows how the city is laid knows its a pretty even commute to live over in jersey by the practice facility then hop across the walt whitman, but then again you guys probably aren't smart enough to read a map, or use google earth to find out that information.

Anonymous said...

Sid tripped Biron? More like a tap to the blocker, and Biron went down like a bag of dicks. Funny how Biron yapped afterwards. Take the mask off and come get some, if that's what you truly want.

Note to Hartnell: if you want to play tough guy, lose the shield Sally.

And it was real convenient how Eager was nowhere to be found after mouthing off in the box, post Gary Roberts beatdown. If you don't want BGL skating around looking for redemption for YOUR initial cheap shot elbow, tell Stevens to send out his fat boy, and they could've taken care of it mano-et-mano. Instead, while the rest of teammates are getting slapped around, Eager went looking for a new blouse to go with his skirt.

See you in 2012 Philly, after we've got 2-3 more cups in the bag. I suspect you'll have the same as you've had in the last 32 years...0.

...and Vince Papale was a girl.

Loser Chris said...

MAF out for 2 months... time to sign Cujo?

Jonny V said...

RJV3, u look like that fat dude that was in all of those capital one "what's in your wallet?" commercials with david spade. Is that really U? What's spade like? This is fucking awesome commentorblog, we have our first celebrity commentor...

Anonymous said...

definetaly need to sign CUJO. this sucks. Let CUJO and SABU split time. we are fucked.

stokes said...

Stoosh= the Gary Roberts of Cblog.

Listen assclowns, if you're gonna fight, lose the shields/helmets. there was so much jobbing going around last night from the Flyers that the Penguins jobbing was almost second rate!


fuck this entire team cause when its all said and done, the Pens will be where the Flyers want to be.

One other example of the lack of class of the Flyer franchise: the organist goading the crowd into cheering Crosby Sucks. If that ever happened at the Mellon Arena, I'd be one angry and embarrassed Pens fan, because we're better than that. The Flyers are not.

rjv3: thanks for at least having the balls to use your profile while jobbing the Pens. Thats more than can be said for the rest of Flyers Gaytion.

not BigRickPSU said...

Wow, commenter blog blowing up. Love that the rivalry is back.

Anyone that says Sid is not a captain because he doesn't fight is a complete and total douche. I'll agree that there are captains that do that when appropriate and it is good leadership (Lecaviler and Iginla in the playoffs come to mind) but when you're team is losing 6-2, 7-2, and 8-2 in a regular season game, it is stupid to fight unless one of your teammates was being ganged up on, which didn't happen.

In case Flyer fans didn't realize, Sid is second in points in the league. Why would he waste his energy and risk getting hurt fighting a bunch of hacks for a game that is already decided? His leadership is playing well in the next game and putting this one behind us, not fighting in a game that is already decided. That is retarded and anyone who thinks that is retarded too.

Plenty of great captains in the NHL (See: Yzerman) were not fighters. Its a shame that Flyer fans have such little knowledge of the game to not realize that.

Kristen PB said...

Good God. Commentblog is like a minefield after that game.

It's so great to see that Philly fans continue to demonstrate their lack of...any and everything assuming that we're whining about the loss. Whatever. We are grownup boys and girls. We can take the loss. It stinks, but we can take it.

We hate that the officiating was so questionable and some key penalties from the Flyers were missed.

Crosby's smile at Biron's taunting? THAT'S how we feel. Bring it, Philadelphia.

whistler said...

themajor = cumdumpster

Jersey sucks too and so do you!

If I see you driving around with flyers crap all over your car, you're the first I'm gonna run off into a ditch!

Anonymous said...

not bigrick psu:

love what u said. well done. lol.

like seriously, it would sound like an excellent idea to put Crosby on the ice against a team that has 5 suspended players when we're down by a bunch to a big rival. Sounds awesome.

Stoosh said...

STOKES - That's awesome! A compliment of ultimate proportions. Kudos and plaudets to you.

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in some jobbing?

Here is a comment from

" Posted by: digi | Wednesday, December 12, 2007 at 12:00 PM

That Pensblog is a joke. Please tell me we don't have anything equally pathetic in the Philadelphia blogosphere."

The guy, digi, who made the comment has a blog here:

Figured I'd post that, you know, just in case someone was bored.

bill said...


rjv3 IS THAT guy from those commercials. That is pretty unfortunate honestly.

I’d like to hit most of the Philly Phalluses in the head with a giant douche. Actually they are already giant douches so I would instead hit them in the face with a brick. Danny Briere-Strug, Eager, Biron, Richards, Ummmmfagger…. All of them.

Philly is a dirt hole kind of like a third world country. And I have to agree with the above that their fans as ass clowns. Philly fans boo Santa Claus. That is just Un-American.

Pens need to take out their frustration on Otta-gay tomorrow night. BGL needs to beat down Chris Neil.

(and seriously what MAN would go by the name DANNY?!?!... straight up dick)

Adrienne said...

Finally found the damn video:

I was so expecting a repeat last night.

Stoosh said...

NOT BIGRICKPSU - Now that's the kind of logical, reasonable look at hockey that 95% of the rest of the NHL is able to resort to when looking at the duties of a captain.

As I said above, though, consider the source of the criticism that Crosby gets for not dropping the gloves. The last time the Flyers had a player score six points in a game, Jerome Bettis was just entering his second season as a Steeler. They had two players with hat tricks last night.

But all some of them care about is slamming Crosby for not dropping the gloves.

Lady Jaye said...

I think it's all kinda funny because if the shoe was on the other foot, the Flyers fans would be "whining" just the same. It really blows when your team is the "victim" of a game like this.

Anonymous said...

@ Bill

Take the cock out of your mouth before you comment next time, it might come out sounding less gay.

Anonymous said...

Recchi has two goals. Balls.


Thor Fury said...

"See, that's the difference between Pens teams and Flyers teams. When Pens teams get the chance to play for hockey's Holy Grail, we close the deal."

You mean like back in 2000, when your Pens took a 2-game lead and then coughed up 4 straight losses to the Flyers?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm also pretty sure your Penguins made the playoffs last year. Looks like Anaheim won The to pull your head out of your ass yet? A $225 million investment was proposed to keep your team in your city, and you got 5 extra games out of it. Definitely worth the money...

You guys got your couches fucked. Deal with it.

stokes said...

Stoosh its well warranted.

PittCheMBA said...

Leave it to Ben "Beaver" Eager to get beat up in Mr. Robert's Hood.

FlyersFan007 said...



stokes said...

thor fury:

You idiot. if you took the time to read the comments pertaining to your(if its up to your reading level) you would notice that that the commentor amended the comment to say, in paraphrase form: we are 2 for 2 when we get to the Stanley Cup FINAL. unlike the Flyers, who got their asses SPANKED by Detroit the last time they made it to the FINALS. or by Edmonton in the eighties. or anytime you played scotty bowman.

"you got your couches fucked." is that some lame ass philly slang? am i supposed to care that i got my couch fucked? can i fuck your couch next?

South Hills Ricky said...

Anon 8:22

Try a real name you HIV+ Philly-Queer

Lauren said...

Hm. I'll be living in Philly by January 24th. Party at my place? haha.

A note:

Dear hextall fan,

Please don't come and bitch that your team/fans are being trashed in an overtly baised, steam-venting Pittsburgh Penguins blog and then tell the natives to grow up. Honestly, that's like...Well, it's like Eager picking a fight with Gary Roberts, really.

hextallfan said...

Lauren - That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. But, okay.

Stoosh said...


I knew it was expecting too much for Flyers fans like yourself to take a simple thing like "getting a chance playing for hockey's Holy Grail" and realize it's an attempt to creatively reference "playing in the Stanley Cup FINALS."

Hockey's Holy Grail = Stanley Cup.

"Getting a chance to play for Hockey's Holy Grail" = making it to the Stanley Cup FINALS.

It wasn't supposed to mean simply making the Stanley Cup PLAYOFFS.

It was a reference to actually getting to the FINALS. You know, the Finals, right? The "FINAL" round? Where they pit the winner of the Eastern Conference against the winner of the Western Conference winner of that last seven-game series actually gets to skate around with the Cup? Big difference, no?

I'll explain it again one more time for you imbeciles.

The Penguins have made two appearances in the STANLEY CUP FINALS. In 1991, we beat the North Stars to win our first Cup. In 1992, we beat the Blackhawks to win our second Cup.

The only time the Flyers have MADE IT TO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS in the last 30 years was in 1997. They beat the Penguins in the first round, the Sabres in the second round and the Rangers in the third round to GET TO THE STANLEY CUP FINALS.

It was in the FINALS that the Flyers were embarrassed, humiliated, and pretty much publicly eviscerated by the Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings won the series four games to none, outscoring the Flyers 16-6 in those four games.

Learn to fucking read, fuckface.

Pittsburghisashittytown said...

Suck it, Pittsburgh.

Sidney Crosby is the biggest bitch on the face of the earth. I pray that he finally drops the gloves and loses the tampon one of these times against Mike Richards. Our future captain will mop the ice with your "captain." I love how delusional you people are. We won. It wasn't because we're "goons" or anything. We won. Get over it. But, to be honest, if I was in your shoes and lost 8-2, I'd be ready to play violin on my wrists with a knife too.

chris l. said...

^ Hey Dick, that's all you have?

"Our future captain will ..."

wah wah wah.

Let him earn a Hart. Or maybe a Pearson. Do I hear a Ross? How's Richards doing in the All_star vote? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Oh, and nice job going to your pathetic dating site ( - click the stupid link and watch it all the way to the end) and putting in the name of the team you wish you had, instead of the last online dating prospect who laughed in your face.

See you on the 24th.

Phuck the Phlyers.


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