Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Afternoon Delight

The repercussions of the Pens/Flyers game pale in comparison to the news that probably ended up killing someone's cat.

MAF is out for 6-8 weeks. [ TSN ]
That translates to anywhere from 18-23 games missed.
And then factor in the 2 or 3 games after his return from an injury.

Upon hearing the news, Pens fan Ronald M. takes care of business in the backyard of his Donegal Township home.

There is no question Mark Recchi has something to do with this.

People are calling for Shero to go pick up veteran goalie Curtis Joseph.
And then what happens when MAF returns?

But it's all moot, because we just caught wind of a rumor...

In the best shape of his life.

Lost in all of this is the fact that MAF will be honorably discharged from Flashblog.

Maxime Talbot will also be out, but for only 2-4 weeks.
Which opens up yet another spot in Flashblog.

Letang, Sabu, Marty the chicken are candidates.


Speaking of Recchi, he broke out the jobbin stick on Pens management. [ Trib ]
Joe Starkey went to town in that article.

Fact is, [ Shero and Therrien ] had given Recchi rope enough to stretch all the way from Mellon Arena to his hometown of Kamloops, British Columbia. That's 2,444.7 miles worth, according to MapQuest -- a service Recchi might have enlisted in hopes of finding the net.

-- Joe Starkey SLAM

"In the first seven or eight games (this season), I had a point a game until the coach decided to move me down two or three lines for whatever reason. I still haven't figured it out."

"They'll see," Recchi told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
"I didn't get 68 points for no reason last year."

We'll admit, Recchi has been a points producer his entire career.
He just didn't fit here anymore. Players were too fast.
He looked like Fred Flintstone trying to skate out there.

He makes his Atlanta debut Wednesday night.



Commentorblog shut down Google's servers today. Unreal display.

It was certainly helped by some trolls from Philadelphia.
We like confrontation, so we welcome trolls with open arms.


Many of the aforementioned trolls may have come from the Philadelphia blog [ The700Level ]

Here's what some of their commentors had to say:

-- That Pensblog is a joke. Please tell me we don't have anything equally pathetic in the Philadelphia blogosphere.
And can someone explain why the Pens fans call Lupul "Palindrome"

-- Hyping up his first trip to western Canada, the writers made you think he was like the second coming to Canucks out on the plains. The Pens -- and Crosby -- sucked on that trip, by the way, but that didn't stop the writers from piling up the superlatives.

-- What a game! You guys should read the comments over at the Pensblog about our city and our fans though...absolutely vile.

Our teams are rivals, so it's in our best interest to become rivals with this blog.
There may be a wager between us and The700Level for the January 24th game.


Philadelphia's take on the matters didn't end there.

[ Philadelphia Inquirer ]

He tripped up Flyers goaltender Martin Biron from behind in the third period, then hid behind teammate Georges Laraque, who took a dive into Biron's legs a few minutes later.

No mention of Roberts/Eager in that article.

[ Philadelphia Daily News ]
FIRST THING I would do if Sidney Crosby played for me is get an enforcer who doesn't finish what he started on his back.

The writer then goes to detail that every fight last night resulted in the Flyers player taking down their Penguin counterpart. Like it matters.

Then Roberts challenged Eager near the Penguins' bench and, despite finishing with very little clothing on, represented middle-age men well. He ended up on his back, of course. But for a while there, he gave that young fella all he could handle.

What? Did this guy watch the same fight?
Hopefully "all he can handle" means fists to his mouth.


Carter ate Whitney's lunch for him in this fight.

People made a big deal about the Whitney/Carter and Armstrong/Hartnell fights.

Carter and Hartnell had their helmets on (with visors) for the duration of both fights.
Colby spent the entire fight trying to get Hartnell's helmet off.
And, yes, Carter still did eat Whitney's lunch.


This comes from Allison Nolan.

No offense to anyone who has sent one in already,
but we can all agree this is possibly one of the best photoshops of all time.


And here's the Tube of the fights.


wilsmith said...

I guess I missed all the heat on here today. Unfortunate, I guess. I had some things to say, but I think between Stoosh, Stokes and Bigrick they hit just about everything I would have said.

Crosby on Biron? Ironically, that's a dive.
Georges? A little questionable. Georges isn't exactly Dorothy Hammel out there on those skates, so I might believe it if he said he lost an edge. Then again, he is a professional hockey player, so who knows.
Fights split 2 - 2, I'd say, although Army and Hartnell(?) wasn't even really a fight. Big ups to Malone for the improved showing.

As much as I hate to say it, the Pens probably needed this. It just sucks that it came from the Flyers. They whipped the Pens last night, that's all there is to it. Nothing went right and pointing to the refs isn't going to do much. It's not going to erase a 6 goal deficit, that's for sure.

Crosby shouldn't be fighting. That's that.
No one from that game should be getting a call from the league.
Eager is laughable.

Oh, and Pens Nation -- Get it together. Some of the things people were saying on here were pretty low. We're not supposed to be the lowlifes, so act like it. It almost embarrassed me to read some of the things Pens fans were saying. If you're going to insult someone, at least be a little clever or intelligent with your insult. How do you feel when someone says you're from Shittsburgh? You laugh at them. We can do better.

Now, having said that, I'm opening Photoshop right now.

This probably full of typos.

Anonymous said...

the only reason a pens player would end up on their back (well other than whitney) is because the flyer player gave up and just went to the safe haven of the ice - where refs almost immediately jump on the players -- roberts still got a shot in on eager when he was on the ground though

Andrew said...

Flyers and their fans are jokes. If you don't know why Lupul is called "Palindrome," go back to Elementary School. Ben Eager is also a joke who should hang 'em up after getting his shit ruined by a 41 year old man/warrior. Also, because he is a joke of a hockey player.

Sucks about MAF, I'd say we need to find some sort of replacement because Ty-Ty certainly is not competent to backup. Eff

Go pens

Malkinian said...

"The Pens-and Crosby-sucked on that trip."

Ya know it's one thing to be a homo and comment about Crosby sucking, which makes no sense anyhow. But 3-0 on the trip? and coming from behind TWICE? I go to school up at state college and havta put up w/ these losers the whole year. Take me back to the 'Burgh.

Anonymous said...

I don't even think that writer for the daily news even watched the Roberts fight. He said "He ended up on his back, of course" referring to Roberts. Every time I watch it Eager ends up on his stomach trying to squirm away from the fight. Not to mention the fact that for the first half of the fight all Eager's trying to do is pull Roberts down so that the refs will come in and stop Roberts from giving him what he deserves.

And in regards to the Crosby “tripping” Biron incident (which btw, Biron will make a nice addition to the Canadian diving team from the Beijing Olympics), Crosby didn’t “hide behind Laraque.” Crosby had to be held back by 2 refs.

The Palindrome statement is priceless. Buy a F*cking dictionary, douche.


Anonymous said...

After reading this blog on my breaks and my lunch hour, all I can say is: Wow. But I'm not worried about the Pens. Cream always rises to the top. I know, so does pond scum, but that phrase is for that team whose initials are Philadelphia Flyers. That team must have issues that they need to deal with, but what they don't have is my baby Sid. Or any sense. So they can fight and scream all they want. I'm checking the internet for large economy size playpens right now!

bo s said...

wilsmith i agree.

dont need to talk trash on a city just b/c some fans and media do not understand hockey. media can write whatever they want. also the city may not be the best place on earth to live or the cleanest...but neither is pittsburgh. and there are dickheaded fans here also.

Revenge will be sweet. But it happens ON THE ICE.

i have to stop this comment... giant glare off the 2 stanley cups cannot see...

-bo s

firefox said...

Oh Eager gave it is all in that fight. All the *whiff* he could muster. I guess the Philly fans missed their player throwing not one but two uppercuts to the sky as Roberts dodged them. You won the game, I'm not going to argue that. But Roberts was driving the bus that took Eager back to school.

Jonny V said...

And with some of the naysayers on here earlier regarding one Gary Roberts, lo and behold what finally shows up in my mailbox today? The wristbands. It will never leave my wrist again. Him pummeling Eager oops i mean Babyfat got me as pumped as any Rocky fight.

And just let the record show I never said anything about the city of Philadelphia. But I do stand by my statement that I hope they don't win a championship in any sport until the Pirates make it back to the world series. And the littlest Nutting will take care of that.

Lady Jaye said...

Hahaha.... palindrome... I'm sorry, if you can't figure that one out, you just don't get any of my respect because it's rather elementary.

Oh boy, the rivalry is back in a bad way. Good times.

hextallfan (Greg C) said...

wilsmith and bo s - Thanks for your words of wisdom, kindness, and moderation. I thought a lot of the comments on here were way over the top about Philly/South Jersey and my fellow Flyers fans. Yeah, I know Flyers fans can be downright wicked too...but I try to stay passionate about the Flyers/Phils/Eagles without being a jerk. I love the rivalry on the ice, and I love being there and acting crazy at the Wach...but when stuff like this starts happening, it just gets out of hand. (And I am honored that my "absolutely vile" comment from the 700 Level blog was quoted on the Pensblog!)

I certainly don't want to start hating Pens fans - hating the Pens suffices for me.

(Thanks for allowing me to participate here!)

Korn said...

Um, just turned on the Thrashers-Bruins game. Atlanta just scored to make it 3-2. Recchi on the power play unit. Announcer tells me Recchi had the first two goals.

Wha-what??! Where the fuck was this for the past two months?

Ryan said...

MALKINIAN - I lived in state college for 5 years. Philly fans there are the biggest bunch of gays I've ever seen. It's horrible. I feel your pain.

WILSMITH - "Georges? A little questionable." I'm not trying to job you man, but a little questionable? Come on. That was bush league. I loved every thing about the Pens standing up for each other and kickin ass and everything, and while BGL's fake fall was funny, it was a total pussy move.

And finally, the article that said Roberts landed on his back "of course" Watch the video dumbass.

Anonymous said...

Of course Recchi would score after we let him go. It's only convenient for that to happen.

wilsmith said...

heh, ryan. Only BGL will ever know for sure.

I want to give him the benefit of the doubt because he seems like a stand up guy -- but yeah, a professional player doesn't fall there.

and I just read my original post over again -- how awesome is it that I said "This probably full of typos"? Pretty awesome, I thought.

stokes said...

Everyone just calm down about Recchi. he'll have some fire for the first 5 maybe 7 games, but after that, he's going to play the way he played up here.

i'm not jobbing Sabu, because he is the man right now, but holy balls does that suck about MAF.

I agree with wilsmith, paragraph 3; this type of game will do two things, hopefully:

1) they will never play as shitty a game as they played last night AGAIN this season. not that keeping 8 pucks out of the net will be hard to do, but i can't see them letting a team have their way with them like last night. we got out played on the end of a long road trip. it happens.

2) you saw guys sticking up for guys and i'll bet as bad as the loss was, they were going home, they were happy about that and they were all about each other and they way they had each other's backs. Even big, tough, Russian Geno got the boot last night.

i could see, because of this game, a huge head of steam within this team now. you think that ottawa win was a turning point? (hopefully) you ain't seen nothing yet.

And hopefully Sabu will play out of his mind....

sorry for the rant. Eff the flyers.

Anonymous said...

I go to school in state college also. I find that it's rare that you see flyers apparel on gamedays; it usually only gets worn the next day if they win.

But I guess those are philly fans for you. They don't like their teams unless they win.

Anonymous said...

philly is an absolute joke, the city is a shit hole and smells like piss. letang and sabu for flashblog. god help us with sabu and conklin for two months..

Brett said...

Yup, old Rex with two goals (including an even strength) in his first game for atlanta.

Pens fans, when it rains, it pours.

John said...

lol recchi really scored two goals? thats absolutely hilarious

textbook irony there folks

firefox said...

We have to be rivals with that blog? It isn't so much the posters. I actually expected a whole lot more nasty from them when I read some of the posts. But damn, it is frigging pastered with advertisements. Not only do I not want to read the advertisements, I don't even want to hit the site because of them thereby defeating the entire purpose of advertising. Internets suck. :)

firefox said...

Recchi with 2 Thanks for showing up to our games assmunch!

Seriously, I am happy for him. He felt spited and went out to prove a point and he did. But we also proved a point. We proved he could produce, and should produce but didn't produce until we kicked his ass out the door. The 1st benching he got should have been the wakeup call. He game back and did nothing. We get rid of someone that wasn't producing, Atlanta gets someone to help them where they need it.

On other note, the new jerseys we got this year are a downgrade from last season. But I thank the stars we don't have those hidious things that Atlanta does. One sleeve is different than the other with huge ATLANTA letters down the side. Uuuuuugly. Those and Minnesota (Christmas elves) are probably the worst in the league.

Loser Chris said...

What do we do with Cujo when MAF comes back? We keep him. Just sign him to a one year deal, we have plenty of cap space to offer him a ballpark $1.5 million prorated deal. Why would you pass on that if you were Cujo. From his point of view, he could come in, be lights out, keep the starter job and backstop this team to a Cup. It's not out of the realm of possibility and he definitely has nothing better to do right now.

And yes, if you look up irony in the dictionary right now you would see Recchi's picture. Although it's more of a commentary on how bad the Thrashers are. I caught most of their game against the Caps Saturday night and they are just freaking atrocious.

Seeker said...


Pittsburgh rated 'most livable city' once again

Philadelphia has the ugliest people in the country, according to Travel & Leisure Magazine.
Of the 25 major American cities ranked by citizen attractiveness, Philadelphia finished dead-last.

Lauren said...

That video is epic. However, it's missing the Ruutu headrubbing thing towards the end of the third...That made my day. Jarkko gets that Jack Torrance grin on his face that's just priceless.

ronjovi001 said...

greetings from the Happy Valley... drove to the game in Philly and sat there as McQueary and Co. lost total control of the game... I was waiting for the refs to go up in the stands and start calling penalties on fans wearing Pens jerseys, the bastards were putting everyone else wearing a Pens jersey in the box or kicking them out... and as far as taking the high ground and not blaming the refs, give me a break, especially as a fan that is at that game having to put up with all the idiots around me... after teh game, I was down at the locker room and even the Pens players were saying how ridiculous it was... high ground was when I stood up and clapped on the one Hamburger goal (Pittsburgh kid) which was outstanding... But seriously, what amazed me is that Christensen is mugged, pinned on the ground, elbowed to the back of the head and he gets the penalty... then BGL gets a flying elbow that dickhead left his skates to do, and George gets a double minor... Colbs gets a bloody nose by being suckered in the face,right in front of the ref, and he gets a 2 minute roughing minor...ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? If I hear the words "PECO POWERPLAY" one more time I am going to spew... Gary Roberts - You Da Man... let's get Cujo as a good replacement for our boy until he gets back... Sabu was admirable, but he got waxed in the city of brothers-on-drugs... Ty, I feel sorry that you had to come into that scenario, in a game that was already lost in the middle of the 2nd. Hope the boys take this out on the Sens... looking forward to the payback game at the Igloo...

Anonymous said...

Whitney and Arsmstrong had their helments off? So did eager, and if he had it on, Roberts would have been punching pure helmet.

Whiskers said...

I would hope that everyone here would send nasty emails over to that goon at the Daily News, I know I just did.


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