Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We stay on the beaten path and never venture from talking anything that has something to do with hockey.

But this Hollywood writers' strike will affect us all. [ Ain't It Cool News ]

Apparently, The Office has already shut down.


" Reportedly, Tim Kring wouldn't comply with a weekend rewrite that would tack a season ending onto the last script written and is now off Heroes. "

God help us all.



--- Yahoo's Ross McKeon listed the underrated player of each team. [ Yahoo ]
You don't have to read it to know that he picked Maxime Talbot.

Sid's on pace for 128.8 points.
Unprecedented if he would get .8 of a point somewhere, but it's Sid.

Malkin's on pace to get 111.

--- The Pens PK has been silently balls-out as of late.
They've crept into the 8th spot with an 86.4%.

The PP has scored a goal every game this season.
They're third with 24.3%


Speaking of power plays and sweet segues, Fanhouse found an interview with Lou Lamoriello from a while back, where he promoted the return of the "two-minute major." [ Fanhouse ]

Apparently, teams used to be able to score as many times as they could
during a two-minute penalty.
But the Canadiens power plays back in the '50s were insane,
so the NHL changed the rule to what we know it as today.

Fanhouse has some nice commentary regarding the subject.


[<span class=
Currently, Montreal is clicking at 30% on the PP. [ Yahoo Stats ]

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Wade Redden may be taking a paycut in the coming years to stay in Ottawa. [ TSN ]

"It's definitely more than the money that's involved", Redden said.
"The group of guys that are here are incentive enough."

We aren't in hockey circles, so we hope we aren't too brash when we say that this may be happening a lot in the salary-cap era.
A dude won't go and make an extra mill per year in a growing franchise when he could stay put, take a paycut, and watch reruns of "Step by Step" while polishing 4 Stanley Cup rings.

** By the way, the Sens won again.
They are off to the best start in NHL history. [ TSN ] **

[<span class=
Atlanta was the anus of the NHL at the start of the season.
But they've won 5 of their last 7, and Kovalchuk is starting to show up. [ TSN ]



[min.<span class=
Damien Cox did a nice piece about how the meeting between defensive Minnesota and offensive Pittsburgh is a sign of where the NHL is. [ ESPN ]

[<span class=
The collapse of the Devils. [ Fanhouse ]


Steigy and Errey were talking about Hobey Baker the other night. [ Wiki]
Thanks to commentor Joshua for the tip.

"In 1910 he enrolled in Princeton University. During his time there, he was elected to the Ivy Club, while also playing baseball, football and hockey. Because Princeton's athletic rules limited athletes to participation in only two varsity sports, Baker gave up baseball after his freshman year, concentrating solely on football and hockey. By the time he graduated, he had led Princeton to a national championship in football (1911) and two national championships in hockey (1912 and 1914). Baker was also famous for his refusal to wear headgear in football and for the fact that he was penalized only once during his entire hockey career at Princeton."

More like ****

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Sorry guys this has been edited.
It is unacceptable to call Hobey Baker "Homo Baker"

Everything is Connectedblog

Eric Lindros is hanging it up. [ Globe and Mail]
When he was actually healthy, he was a beast.
Unfortunately he just couldn't keep his head up:

This isn't Scott Stevensblog, but that hit changed peoples' lives forever.


The man who he was traded for, Petr Forsberg, might be hanging them up as well. [ TSN ]
His ankle isn't cooperating.

And then to tie it all up...

John Leclair = Stunned

Picture: John Leclair not scoring a goal.

He has been charged with driving drunk. [ WCAX ]
(Thanks to Matt N. for sending this in )

It is safe to say John Leclair now sucks at everything, and not just hockey.

[<span class=


All-Star Balloting

Whitney, Malkin, and Bing get the nod for the Pens.
Gonchar = Stunned.
MAF = Stunned.

We regret to inform everyone that, yes, we have the engine necessary to run a Vote for Gary campaign, but we just can't bring ourselves to do it.

The Vote for Rory [ Fitzpatrick ] campaign of last season was a brilliant idea.

The NHL jobbed it at the last second, doctoring voting results as the All-Star game drew nearer so that Fitzpatrick didn't get in.
[ ] has the entire story from start to finish. Solid investigating.

Regardless, you can bet your balls and ovaries we will be voting for Roberts.
Pass it on.

If someone else does start an entire campaign, we will support it 100%.

All someone has to do is start a Gary blog, and the rest will take care of itself.
We would link to it and do all that we can.


Pens DVD

10 Greatest Games has hit the shelves.

Now, before an intense intimate session with your sex of choice,
you will able to watch the 4-OT thriller to get pumped up.

Chris Tamer's play, even though it resulted in a penalty shot that Joe Juneau botched because some dude threw a beer on the ice earlier in the game, is one of the more underrated plays in Pens history.

It's the game that Lemieux jobbed Todd Krygier, too.


Barry Melrose is in more hot water than the lobster you just ordered.
He jobbed the new arena in Newark and has since apologized. There's a video at [ Fanhouse ] gave Ron Francis some love. [ ]


Julia W. sent this along.
The text of the rumored Hockey News article.

"A sign at the Mellon Arena reads simply "WWGRD?" as if to suggest all Penguins players should ask themselves "What would Gary Roberts do?" when faced with adversity. And they do. Captain Sidney Crosby is the heart of the Penguins, but Roberts is their soul. After all, how many other 41-year olds would be the first player to join a scrum in the defense of Crosby, as Roberts did in a recent game against Montreal? Roberts is a man of few words; the still-rambunctious left winger prefers to let his actions speak for him. And they do on the ice with his rugged, in-your-face play; and off the ice, with a grueling condiginton regimen. "Gary is a warrior," said center Jordan Staal. "That is the only way you can describe him."

Written by Joe Starkey.


How has the WWGRD wristband changed your life?

Everyone wants to know.

Leave a comment at [ WWGRD Testimonials ]


Go Pens


Spencemo said...

Gary Roberts Marshmallow Man = Priceless

Stoosh said...

Thoughts, dudes...

1. The Wade Redden quote is why we all need to relax when we start thinking of how King Shero is going to keep this core group together way down the road. These core guys are all going to be rich beyond belief by the time they're 25, and we already know Crosby is more focused on getting his name on the Cup as many times as possible than anything else. So it won't surprise me if some guys - Crosby included - take paycuts down the road to keep the band together, so to speak.

2. 10 Greatest Games DVD and the NHL Network on DirecTV. Between those two things, I might never watch regular TV again.

3. If there's a player out there who can find a way to get .8 points, it's Sid.

4. Maybe it'll come courtesy of one of those "secondary" assists the anti-Sid conspiracy theorists love jobbing Sid about.

5. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, I heard about this the other day and the fact that someone thought this up is the height of douchebaggery.

There's this "Sid has the NHL in his back pocket" conspiracy theory going around called the "Secondary Sid" theory. Basically, it says that Sid gets most of his points on secondary assists (the second of the two assists handed out on a Pens goal). The theory goes that because Sid is the face of the new NHL, the league has "instructed" its official scorers to occassionally give the secondary assist to Crosby if he's on the ice when another Pens player scores a goal, even if he doesn't touch the puck. They don't do it all the time, but they do it enough so that it boosts his point totals up to the point that he is in the scoring race. And since no one really pays as much attention to the second assist (how many people remember the pass that set up the pass that set up the goal?), no one makes waves about it.

Again, if that isn't the pantheon of crazy, I don't know what is. What kind of geek thinks this crap up? Louis Skolnick would look at something like that and go, "Damn!"

Ten bucks says this came from that stupid Dump & Chase Caps blog.

Lady Jaye said...

There's a correction about the Heroes thing. They DID rewrite the ending of Episode 11 in case that is the end of the series. And nobody is off the show (unless they finally off Niki for me...)

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

I'm not so sure about the Secondary Sid theory, but I have noticed that the NHL officials have been obviously informed that Sid is to be credited with a Goal when his stick is the last to touch a puck prior to it crossing the goal line and entering the net.

Stoosh said...


Yet another conspiracy theory. How dare they credit Sid for stuff like that?

Jesse Marshall said...

Hey folks, do we know anywhere that is for sure carrying the 10 greatest games disc?

I can't find it anywhere.

canaanregulatesblog said...

jesse, check out Giant Eagle...for realz. (25$)

Anonymous said...

jesse, $25 free ship
amazon $35 free ship

Roberts Non-Sexual Man-Crush said...

Please post this link...

It's the link to the Vote Gary Roberts to the All-Star game group. I just created it like 10 minutes ago. Give it a few hours, I'm sure it'll pick up steam.


biff said...

Glad to see the Hobey Baker reference. I must say that, on this rare occasion, I must agree with Pensblog Charlie that Hobey Baker may not, in fact, be called Homo Baker.

I actually live right across the street from the Hobey Baker Rink here at Princeton. It is everything a true hockey venue should be. It was built, I believe not long after Hobey himself played here. It seats barely a few thousand people and is as frigid as Hilary Clinton's vagina. (Sorry, don't mean to start politicalblog, but I think that's rather incontrovertible.) It's a great place to watch Ivy League hockey.

I'll be in Philly Saturday proudly displaying my Sid jersey. Should be quite a game. Looking forward to beating up on Danny "I can't wait until I finally reach puberty" Briere. I can only hope they start Nittymaki, who couldn't beat the Pens if he were supplied with bricks and mortar. (Remember Talbot's first NHL goal?)

Pensgirl said...


To back up your salary Sid's THN interview, he was asked what individual record he wanted to break most, and he said "What's the record for most Cups?" With a guy like that as your C, I think it drives up the likelihood of other players following suit.

Last year I had this crazy thought that it would be fantastic if the core could negotiate a group salary and then split it as they saw fit. I know, dream on. But what a world that would be!

Also, for what it's worth, I've seen Sid get some secondaries that shoulda been worth 3 points.

By the way, that Cup record is 11 (Henri Richard). Sid's response to that was something like "I better get on it."

wilsmith said...

were they seriously hockey fans here that until the other night had never heard of Hobey Baker?


I can't wait for tonight, Lord knows I hate me them Philly people.

Steve In Denver said...

Stoosh is right on putting the NHL network on his list. Last night I got to see Larry Murphy co-hosting a show, beaming about the Ulf & Francis trade as they showed about 10 minutes of Ronnie highlights. I can't wait to see what else they put out.

canaanregulatesblog said...

is the title of this thread a line from Barenaked Ladies' "One Week'?

damn you.

canaanregulatesblog said...

regarding that facebook group...

it might be a better idea to make the group global so people outside of the pittsburgh, pa network can join it. kthxbai.

Stoosh said...


That's why there's absolutely no reason to me why he should ever play a game wearing the jersey of another NHL team. There are too few athletes out there like that...hell, there are too few hockey players like that...players who leave you with the impression that they aren't paying lip service to it, at least.

I read "The Rookie", the book Shawna Richer did about his rookie season, and the one impression I got of him is that he doesn't seem to be driven at all by the money. In fact, I don't think he's really comfortable discussing that element of it. He knows he's set up for life; he knows his family is as well and that's where it ends. He really is driven almost entirely by the desire to win.

Mark Madden once said it best about Sid - Sid knows how good he is, but he's too much of a team player and too much of a geek to ever let it go to his head.

Stoosh said...

Steve in Denver,

Is that not the best television ever? NHL On The Fly is the Bucci-anchored NHL2Night at its best. I'll watch the local news in the morning to check traffic and weather as I'm getting ready for work, and then I put it on the NHL Network (besides, I don't need to listen to WTAE anchors gush over another Steelers story).

I love that station. I love that they embrace the personalities and tradition of the game (something I wish the NFL Network would do a little more). I love that they put so much into the analysis of the games. Even my wife watches it...the other night, they had a series recap of the Pens-Bruins playoff series in the early 1990s and my wife and I watched the whole thing...she was just as into it as I was.

Anonymous said...

Man if there are no more Heros episodes then I may just believe in a god after all. I mean was that show like already done twice? Um Xmen, Mutant X? And those movies/shows were crap. So heros is a copy of crap which is generally crappier than the orginal crap.

I am usually not a real stickler for scientific accuracy? But some of the characters in these type of shows are so stupid that you really would need your brain removed to take them seriously.

How exactly does a person heal in seconds. You can't materialize matter in seconds? I mean if someone got their hand chopped off and then went to eat a ham sandwhich, at least maybe I could see that. Not really, but at least I could feel the took a stab at thinking it through.

Oh well.

london said...

so yesterday i got a chance to stop by the iceoplex for the pens practice. turns out afterwards the flyers were taking to the ice for practice so i stuck around. i hate the flyers of course, but not everday you get to see 2 professional teams practice.

also-sudden death was on USA channel this afternoon. YES.

Anonymous said...

How long do we get the NHL Network for free or is it now part of the Directv package?
How do the Devils even survive as a franchise with that kind of draw. You would think they would sell out at least the first couple games or even when superstars come to play. If they keep up their early season play they won't be drawing 10,000 a game by the last quarter of the season.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Guys, whatever you have to do please get the Penguins DVD set, it's worth the money. Stoosh, i'm in total agreement. I just flip back and forth between NHLN and the Pens DVD all day now.

stokes said...

I really dont like the rangers, or the isles. I have a strong dislike for the craps. but I ABSOLUTELY HATE the flyers and everything related to those dirtbags.


i read on here one day that there is some NHL channel on Comcast. if anyone knows what i am talking about, could you let me know what channel it is. that would be comcastic.

Adrienne said...

I'm actually kind of impressed with the Office getting shut down. I'm glad to see that the whole cast is choosing not to cross the picket line and mess with the writers strike.

LeClair's second DUI? Wow. What a loser.

Melrose is a jackass for knocking the Devil's arena for it's area. I mean, how did he completely miss the opportunity to job them for their shitty attendance?

The NHL article for Francis was awesome. I'm glad to see him get the credit he deserves.

"Hockey and Heels" event tonight... I'm so hoping I'm not spending my night with a bunch of puck bunnies. :(

Pensgirl said...

stokes, the NHL Network is on Comcast's sports tier. That tier is comprised of 27 channels you could not possibly care about (the Horseracing Network and GOL TV, woo), and NHLN. I don't have it (since that's the only channel I'd want on the whole damn thing), but from what these guys are saying it may well be worth purchasing anyway for those who have the disposable income (or who don't mind going into debt for hockey).

stoosh, if we are wrong Sid is the best actor of all time.

canaanregulatesblog said...

if i knocked Heroes on tPB, i'd remain anonymous as well. Mutant X was a poor man's version of X-men with a twinge of theWB drama mixed in. X-men was clutch as a comic and as a television [cartoon] series, jack. no one here defended the movies in anyway, i hope.

but anyways, Heroes adds a nice level of drama, mystery, and suspense that the other two never really had (a lot of open-ended questions in x-men, I suppose but nothing to the heroes' extent) but I digress.

Bashing heroes is the new hip thing for a small group of hipster teens to do because its a "Lost"-type show for young adults.

anon is probably still mad that Six Feet Under got canceled because he misses watching michael C. hall's and mathew st. patrick's "brooding ottawa senator relationship" (thanks for the analogy, pensblog charlie). and no, im not knocking six ft under.

p.s. suck it, anon.

Roberts Non-Sexual Man-Crush said...

The facebook group should be global, at least I thought I set it up that way. I'm currently at work and can't access facebook, I will make sure it is global when I get home tonight.

wilsmith said...

We just changed our package to get HD and all that, and I guess I got a free preview of NHLN for a while. I was all pumped because I thought it was just included. Now I can't live without it.

Stoosh said...


I stay out of the Heroes discussion because I don't watch it. I started watching it a bit during the first season but got into it a few episodes late and wasn't hooked enough to catch up.

I WILL defend the X-Men movies on one level:


As Axl Rose once said, "Yowza!"

Jonny V said...

Completely off-topic, but I gotta put my two sense in with Heroes. It was the shit last year, but this year, with Hiro in the past playing Cyrano de Bergerac, those twins that cry mud at people, and that queer emo kid with clare the cheerleader, it's getting kind of gay. And one thing that keeps bothering me about Sylar. He kills those people to take their powers, ok. What the hell does he do? Does he eat that part of their brain he extracts? Does he put it somewhere in his own brain, performing brain surgery on himself? Does he snort it like cocaine? Little things like that bother me for some reason.

And about the "Secondary Sid" theory, do they not announce assists after the goal in the arena? And this person is trying to tell us that the thousands in attendance, and millions...AND MILLIONS (sorry for The Rock moment) watching at home wouldn't pick up on all of these fishy assists? I hope whomever started that gay rumor gets acute testicular torsion. Bastards.

Staff said...

First off, judging by the typos and the non-personal feel of that anonymous post, I think that's a Heroes-hater who made a bot that leaves comments on blogs talking about Heroes.

This is blasphemy, but, yes, Heroes is really stretching things out this season.

But it's still the only show on television that makes me exclaim "Yes!" or "what?!" or "yeah!" while chillin on the couch.

Hiro being back in the past for 6 episodes was really a head-scratcher.

No one knows what to make of the emo kid, and they're shifting Bennett to be a bad guy, which is shit.
He's a beast and a half.

We are currently hunting down all we can about Secondary Sid and making a to-be-jobbed list, but we won't be able to touch upon it until Friday night, because of these pesky "games" tonight and tomorrow.

-- ac

Anonymous said...

anyone remember the mark eaton marshmallow man?
yeah i did it.

sorry i had to


Staff said...

secondary sid theory came out of washington, no surprise

Pensgirl said...

Hey staff, "Secondary" Sid has 4 secondaries this year out of a total 13 assists. So I guess we better get out a big plate of crow, 'cause yeah, his stats are TOTALLY being padded.

To take a page from your book,


stokes said...

Thanks Pensgirl. i thought that i read it was just chilling there, waiting for me to watch. but, while i love "playing the ponies" i have no use for horseracing network nor anything that has to offer. i appreciate the info though.

the secondary Sid assist theory came out of washington because washington sucks and is still jealous that their "superstar" is just an overrated cannon.

malkin > AHole


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