Friday, November 16, 2007


3 - 2

The goal of watching 82 games as a fan is trying to keep yourself grounded.
Don't get too low after losses.
Don't get too high after wins.

But you know what, we all needed this one.
Nothing is better than beating the Islanders. Especially when you have to.

Good times waking up Friday.

We were at the game, so this recap will be as in-depth as an MTV reality show.



The Doctor pays a visit.

Paul Coffey, just a class act.

His video tribute was unreal.
You really have to question the goaltending in the late 80's.
Paul Coffey could streak in and get off a wristshot and it would go in.
Nonethless, someone should've started a newsletter about his skating. Digusting.

In the pregame, we learn Recchi and Sydor are both scratches.
Recchi didn't even bother to take the pre-game skate.


National Anthem:

Thanks to "Go_Pens 2000"
Jeff Jimerson is god.


As the game started, you could tell the Pens were a lot more focused.
No penalties or mental breakdowns in the first 5 minutes.
Well actually the first 4: 30.
Orpik gets a hooking penalty.

Penalty kill does its job.

But that can only last so long.
After some good shifts back and forth, the Isles struck.

Brendan Witt got the puck to the net.
Mike Comrie gets a stick on it.


Hillary Duff celebrates the goal.

Things started to get a little testy after that.
The BGL-Talbot-Rutuu line unleashed the pain.
BGL blasted someone into the Pens runway.
Rutuu pissed everyone off for two minutes.
It got things going.

The play picked up, with Fleury and Ricky D. making some big saves.

Late in the period, some jobber from the Isles runs Fleury.
But Brooks Orpik picks up a penalty in the scrum afterwards. Bad call by the refs.
Roberts and Crosby flip out on the officals to no avail.

4-on-4 blog.
Crosby comes out and runs Ricky D's shit.
He was met with a crosscheck from Bill Guerin on his way back to the bench.

Next trip down the ice, Malkin gets the puck to Gonch.
Jordan Staal with a nice screen.

MAF with the assist, putting him one point behind Jordan Staal.

Everyone has their feelings about Gonch, but he was a big deal tonight.

The Pens were given a 5-on-3 late in the first that transferred into the second.

Less than a minute into the second, Sykora picks up the trash. 2-1.

The first time the Pens have had the lead in a game since 1946.

8 minutes later, Vasicek banged home a rebound to tie it up at 2-2.

Job, job, job.

We fast-forward to 5 minutes left in the second.
The Pens were buzzin, and then it happened.

The Hollister kid celebrated by scoring a goal in deck hockey.

The Pens headed into the third period with the lead.
They were playing cautiously, and rightfully so.

They survived a scare when a shot rang off the pipe behind MAF.

Father Time becomes a top 8 friend on the Pens MySpace.

The refs decided to make it interesting late, when the Tyler Kennedy Experiment heads to the box.
It had all the makings for another meltdown.

But the PK dropped acid before the kill, and the Isles barely sniffed the net.

Nolan pulls DiPietro, and the Pens smelled blood.
And Tyler Kennedy is probably the biggest wuss shark in the history of life.

Every Pens fan collectively said, "Bury that shit," as Kennedy came into the zone.
But he looks for Sid. What a mistake.
Sid saves his balls and eventually draws a penalty when Guerin has to take him down.

Game. Win.

  • Malkin: 2A
  • Crosby: 1 A
  • Gonchar: 1G, 1A
  • BGL: 1G
  • MAF: 26 saves
  • Almost forgot Letang even played tonight, which when you're talking about defensemen, is a good thing. He had a giveaway or two, but he made some breakout passes that defensemen are supposed to make.
  • Jordan Staal is one of the most frustrated people alive.
  • Judging by Therrien's personnel moves in the past, Recchi and Sydor will be sitting until the Pens lose a game.
  • Sidney Crosby is fast.
  • HUGE win for MAFer.


  • Malkin extends his point streak to 12 games.
  • As long as he keeps it going, the mullet will undoubtedly stay.
  • Crosby extended his point streak to 18.
The longest amount of games that Jagr and Lemieux both had point streaks going on at the same time was 11 games, back in 1995.


Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh is a dirty filthy city. Been there twice. Yuck. Outside of bangin' the coal miner's daughter, it was pretty forgettable.

Sinops said...

Great win last night. I almost wish I wasn't at the game so I could hear Coffey on TV. BGL goal was amazing. Letang played pretty, pretty good.

neilWorldorder said...

Did anyone notice MAF had his old helmet on. The Pens balls were in clear view.

seth said...

bryzgalov on waivers...

pick him up?

wilsmith said...

Did anyone catch Steigy say that one of the Islanders "tomahawked" the puck ahead?

I lol'd.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

How didn't you guys bring up the sick lob pass by Malkin in the third period? It was like offensive version of the Murphy dump. Malkin isn't there yet but he's approaching Crosby level. He's dominant. Remember all the people who said they would rather have Staal than Malkin if it came down to letting one of them go? Bad call.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys really know that the kid with the Hollister shirt on really plays Dek Hockey? I happen to know who he is, he's pretty much a homo.

PensBlog Charlie gave me permission to call him one too...

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Anon, it's amazing that someone from that hell hole known as Long Island can criticize another city. Look in your backyard before you look at ours.

Kristin said...

All I have to say is that I hate FSN NY because instead of showing the Paul Coffey tribute - or any of the ceremony (not that I would have been able to hear it I was watching in a bar and had no sound) - they trained the camera on their announcers the whole time.
My friends and I sat around wondering if we'd gotten things wrong and if the game actually started at 8.
I understand that they're catering to the Islander's market but the disrespect that failing to show the ceremony displayed disgusts me.

We took our revenge in the form of a W, though, so I suppose I shouldn't complain too much.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Is that really a mullet?

I haven't seen Geno with his helmet off lately. Is it short on top? Because that's what makes or breaks a mullet. Bidness on top, party in the back.

Anonymous said...

Pens Blog Staffers, You are required to go to all the Pens games. They seem to win when your in the building.

Staal needs to step it up. Plain an simple.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...


Anonymous said...

No mention of the fact that Gonchar's turn-over when he had easy possession of the puck behind the goaline lead directly to the 1st Isles goal.

The Seeker said...

anon @ 1:52....

Pittsburgh got 100% cleaner when you left.

By the way, Pittsburgh is America's Most Livable City.

Sorry that your dumpster didn't make the cut.

Ashley said...

lovin the photoshop pic of hilary duff. who goes to the beach in full makeup and jewellery? maybe i should get out more, but i just don't get it.

chris l. said...

anon 1:52 - yeah, i heard the dahntahn trannies were still using the "coal miner's daughter" line. Penicillin oughta clear that right up - if your entire inch hasn't rotted off yet. On yeah, don't bother coming back.

Back to relevant matters, great game. A real nail-biter in the 3rd, but a confidence builder all around. Maybe they're looking for someone to pry that stick from ol' #8's fingers?

HebeHamm: Totally awed by Geno's pass too. I thought it was gonna hit a light.

BGL. No need to say any more.

Will be in Philly Saturday (maybe go to Flyers/Devils), but I'll be looking for the update. Keep it up, kids.


pensblogderek said...


Yea he plays on our hockey team, we know he is a homo. hahaha

John said...

How about Barbero's announcement of Laraque's goal?


I guess he hasn't had too many chances to practice that one.

Hammer: Sick pass by Malks, who would even think to do that?

Some equally insane passes by Crosby.

Steve said...

Last night was my first Pens game in about 5 years. Amazing to finally watch Crosby skate, and its unbelievable how well he see's the ice. I was estatic to Paul Coffey. I got to watch him play in 1990 when I was 8 and I never forgot the game I went to. He and Lemeuix scored a goal that game. Brought back some good memories.

Seeing the balls on the back of MAF's mask was hilarious.

I only hope to God that there are more shitters in the new arena!

Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

Classic. Hicks from the sticks makin' fun of NY. Hilarious. Heinz ketchup & coal dust...THAT'S what Pittsburgh does!!! Woo-hoo!!!

PittHockey said...

oh hey look, that anonymous islanders fan who doesn't know jack started off commenterblog with another joke!

wilsmith said...

Long Island is like the smaller but equally filthy version of New Jersey.

PittHockey said...

oh look, anonymous returned with another one.

If that's your best, I'm glad there's a writers strike.
You don't deserve to be paid.

PittHockey said...

meh, I'm trying to think of something better.

Stoosh said...

Classic. Cockroaches, rats the size of large cats, and pro sports teams that can't win jack shit despite having more resources than most third world countries! That's what NYC does, baby! WOOOOO!

Someone from NYC poking fun at the cleanliness of Pittsburgh is like John Goodman picking on someone for being fat.

Call us the next time the Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Rangers, Islanders or Knicks win something.

PittHockey said...

here we go


J.S. said...

Anon 1:52, I was in Long Island in August, and the two things that comes to mind are diseases and stench.

Actually, that's only what I think about the women up there. Shall I go on about what I think about the world's largest urinal cake, aka Long Island?

chris l. said...

anon 4:28

Uhh, I lived and worked in NYC for longer than you've been making an ass of yourself. Hicks? Been to Suffolk County much? How about Hicksville? Joey Buttafuco? Ringin' any bells? Maybe if you were a Ranger fan you could talk about the hicks from the Island. But you're not. Get back on the L.I.E. and suffocate in fumes.


GameVsIsle=Win said...

At least we don't have an indian for a coach, as well as one as our goon.

Me heard they smoke each others' peace pipes.

PensBlog Charlie told me so.

oh snap said...

go get hit by a plane, ny.

rwarner174 said...

Great Win :)

Anonymous said...

"Pittsburgh is a dirty filthy city. Been there twice. Yuck. Outside of bangin' the coal miner's daughter, it was pretty forgettable."

hmmmm must be from Philadelphia...the city of the most unattractive people. Yes, I didn't make that up, it was on yahoo. lol. people are retarded.

Ashley said...

stanley - hopefully ovechkin didn't dunk his stick in the toilet for good luck

bnee said...

def need to see the photoshop of malkin and crosby as mario and jagr with the cup. this time they can use their own mullets. i love it. i say keep them growing. i also love the old MAF helmet. retire the other one.

Steve In Denver said...

Long Island's best quality and only tourist attraction is 112 Ocean Avenue. You must be proud.

And it's not actually an island. Technically it's a floating landfill. Grows 3" each time a barge full of medical waste is dumped offshore.

FritoWill said...

so i went to the game last night, and sat 8 rows back. So no more games for me this year.

But i got the best present for Pensblog, them email to the guys has been sent....hopefully it will work for them.

stokes said...

hey y'all. i also noticed MAF's old helmet and the direct corellation to the fantastic play by MAF.

Way to crush that douchebag from long island.

you know, for all the spotty defensive work by Gonch, it balances out when he's playing offense. i give him a pass. maybe i'm a pushover.

PittHockey said...


I'm not photoshopping malkin and crosby with the cup.

There's no way I'd try and jinx them like that.

We'll just have to wait for the real thing.

AJ said...

I can't believe that nobody has mentioned it yet, but...

Paul Coffey looked like he was in the best shape of his life.

I'm just sayin'...

wilsmith said...

If Chelios can still play, why can't Coffey?

JAGR'S BRA said...

The Pens will build on their last win and hopefully take off without ever looking back. Tonight's loss is sure to upset the Rangers' captain, who happens to be a woman. So...



stokes said...

Paul Coffey's wife looked like she was in GREAT shape.

i'm just saying...

bnee said...

pitthockey, the photoshop was already's in the archives or something. i'd never want to jinx it, but just saying....

Anonymous said...

I like the Jagr bra idea. Maybe we can turn into a tradition.


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