Friday, November 2, 2007

A Tale of Two Periods. PENS LOSE.

Without researching.
Name the last Penguin forward other than Bing, Malkin, or Sykora to score a goal.
That is really all you need know about life right now.

Solid effort tonight.
Can't win them all.
The Amss are the real deal.



(Thanks to Steve in Denver )

Malone gets a chance early.
Pens come out hopping.

Mark Eaton looked like he had to pull down Smyth early.
That's not a good sign.

The Avs trying banging one in, and there's a phantom roughing call on Sid.
Huge PK coming up.
Another penalty out of nowhere.

It was Sabu's time to be a big deal.

The Pens kill the entire 5-on-3.
And you can hear the Pens fans in the building cheer the kill.

It was 0-0 after 10 minutes were gone in the first period.
What a solid first period, all things considered.

Out of nowhere, Crosby flies in, puck hits something. Count it. 1-0.

Following that, Sabourin was miraculous.

Errey asks why the players can't put pictures on their helmets.
Very good question.

On a shift later on, Roberts gets a couple chances in his neighborhood.
If he would've scored tonight, we may have shut down the blog.

As the first period pressed on, everyone settled in after a furious beginning.

Finally, after getting jobbed with a 5-on-3 PK early, the Pens got a powerplay late in the period.

The Pens gained the zone, and the Avs let Bing curl into the slot.

One-knee, back of the net. 2-0.

The rest of the period wilted away.
Strong road performance up to that point.


Oh, man. What a Penguins commercial during the intermission.

And a solid piece by Bob Errey on hockey sticks.
You have to love it when announcers pretend to be "live," when we can see a empty arena.
Good stuff though.

Rob King may have gotten a haircut. Looking sharp.



The second period brought to you by the Chernobyl Power Company:

Sid's line starts the second, and Sid gets jobbed.
Another powerplay for the Pens.

Malkin takes a bad penalty during the PP.
So we go to some 4-on-4.

The puck bounced around in the Pens zone, and an Av set up for a solid shot from above the circle.
If you watched Sabu, he jumped out on top of the crease and looked confident. What a goalie.

As Malkin's penalty was expiring, Sakic tried to job in a backhand on the doorstep.
Sabu is there.

Things get going again. Pens still in minor control.
And then:

...a too-much-man penalty.
(C. Keith)

Pens get through the first minute of the PP kill.
Scuds lays his life on the line, but it's all for naught.
The roof started falling on the world.
Rebound. 2-1.

Papelbon doesn't play for the pens, so Colorado fans knew they at least had a chance.

The next 10 minutes were the worst since Donny Jeffcoat announced his retirement on "Wild and Crazy Kids."

What an athlete

Crosby took a penalty, but the AVS pushed forward. Woojoe Wodjwiwia something pooped a shot past Sabu.


Flood gates opened.
It got worse.

Generally when a team scores on a delayed penalty, that penalty is wiped out.
But Bing probably dropped an F-bomb.
He sits for two more minutes.

The Pens kill off Sid's penalty, and Sid comes out of the box like a monkey.
He doesn't get anything going.
The puck goes back to the Pens zone.
John Elway sneaks it over the goaline. No idea how it got in.


Pens = Stunned.

Then there was another PK on the way.

PK does its job.
Talbot takes one in the kisser.
Malone drove the net, crossed in front.
Sid had a gift laying in front of the net for him.
It bounces over the net.

Towards the end of the period, Sid draws another penalty.
Big PP coming as the second intermission loomed.
No dice the rest of the second.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
A tale of two periods as we settled in for an emotional third.


A special news bulletin rocked television during the intermission.
A mail truck spontaneously combusted near the Dunningsville exit on I-70.

Investigators puzzled.



The third period begins. Tense times.

Sakic throws it over the glass.
Yet another PP on the way.

The Pens throw in a new wrinkle on the PP.
4 forwards, with Sykora at the point.
They had him set up with a one-timer, but he didn't know what was going on.
And then you stopped and wondered where Whitney was.
He left the game with a groin injury.

In the weirdest play of the season, some Avs d-man decides to make love to the puck at the blue line.

The Pens come out of that with another powerplay.
It was time for the hockey gods to smile on Pittsburgh.

Instead, the gods pulled down their trousers and crapped on everyone.
Everyone looks tired.

As a hockey fan, sometimes you just know your team isn't going to score.
But of course, that feeling is helped when you see Mark Recchi taking faceoffs in the third period.
Honestly, what is even going on?

Tick tock tick tock.
Father time started to work against the Pens...

....and for the little boys.

Talbot was possessed during the entire third period. Warrior.

Time flies. Sabu ninja flops to the bench.
Roberts jumps on as the extra attacker.
Visions of a tying goal dance in everyone's head.

But instead Crosby gets jobbed relentlessly behind the net, and the Avs ice it.

Lord Therrien rounds up the troops during a timeout.

Well, the Pens had it all set up with 10 seconds left.
Gonchar was there to rip it and pray.

Some Avalanche player with the biggest testicles in the world lays his body out.
Blocked, cleared.


  • Crosby: 2G
  • Gonch: 2A
  • Malkin: 1A
  • Eaton: 1A
  • Sabu: 30 saves
  • Another solid game from Sabourin. Got beat on close shots and skirmishes, as opposed to wristers coming down the wing.
  • Tyler Kennedy's name was mentioned maybe once or twice.
  • Whitney hurt is groin. No word on how long he will be out.
  • The defense played as well as we have seen it in the first period...and then as bad as we have seen it in the second.
  • Someone else has to score.
  • Joe Sakic is sick.


wilsmith said...

I remember at one of those 8 hour coaching clinics I had to go to to become a high school coach that the instructor (the Pens' team doctor) told us that stickers will cause damage to the helmet and actually make it softer.

excuse me, make it sof

wes said...


wes said...

hey guys i received the wristbands yesterday! good stuff, thanks.

Ryan said...

has anybody seen jordan staal?

snoopyjode said...

WOW. when i went to bed, it was 2-0 and the pens were pwning. what a disappointment to wake up to this news. i see that the pens power play is still mud. UGH!!!

wilsmith, i'll be needing your auto-healing powers now. i too received the wristbands yesterday. this morning i opened my car door and ripped it right off its hinges. :P seriously, the bands are fucking AWESOME. they were well worth the wait!!! and let me just give one more big THANK YOU shout out to "ted dibiase" without whom these wristbands would not exist. you are the fucking man, ted!!! :)

Hooks Orpik said...

Only 2 Penguins (Bing, Gonch) had more ice-time last night than Bobby Scuds. His play this year has been remarkable.

The next 9 games are all against divisional opponents. This is upcoming stretch going to be bigger than the Steelers fan girl the Pens signed to be a backup goalie.

Anonymous said...

What are the odds that FSN has a typo like "too much man" on the screen with Gary Roberts in the box? Coincidence? I think not. They simply are stating the obvious. :)

Stoosh said...

I think everyone needs to relax with Jordan Staal. He has been playing fairly well this year. The puck's just not going in for him, and his linemates - the 20 he's probably played with already - aren't scoring either. Consider this...

Sid, Malkin, and Sykora have 18 goals between the three of them. Talbot has four as well (despite this, Max has only five points on the year, so that speaks volumes of how little they're getting from the lower two or even three lines).

The only other forward with more than one goal is Malone, and he has two. Recchi? Just one. Roberts? One. Staal? Uno. EC? One. Army? Just one. And again, none of these guys are really producing much in terms of assists either.

The lower lines need to start scoring. The second line needs to start scoring. There are more established players out there not performing as well as they should be and the burden shouldn't rest solely on the 19-year old center.

I'm not picking on you, Ryan, so please don't take it this way...this is just a general statement. I'm not sure where expectation levels of some fans have been this year, but the overreactionism to Jordan Staal's slow start is beginning to reach the same heights as that of Fleury's slow start.

I think people need to remember that Staal is only 19 years old this year. He scored more goals last year than he ever did in a season in juniors, yet most of the time he was playing primarily a defensive-oriented role on this team. Let's give him some time. Staal will probably max out as a regular 25-goal guy with a few 30-goal seasons sprinkled in. He'll probably be good for 50-55 assists a year as well. But at this point, he's still learning the game at this level. He needs to step it up and they need to get more out of him than 2 points in 12 games. But he'll be fine.

As I said above, let's start focusing some of that blame towards some of these other more established players who also are not producing.

Hooks Orpik said...

And to answer the question, the last time a forward scored who wasn't named Crosby, Malkin or Sykora, it was Jordan Staal on 10/20 in Washington.

Yes, apparantely Jordan Staal plays for the Penguins this season.

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

Everytime the PA Announcer launched into a Colorado goal, it reminded me of that pissed-off judge from the beginning of Ghostbusters 2.

Holy Kevin Constantine, scuds has become a VERY solid d-man.

I crashed after the 2nd thinking that with how both teams were flying, I would wake up this morning to a score of at least 6-4 or so.

Anonymous said...

I think we should expect more than one goal in 12 games from a pterodactyl.

Antonette said...

The Wild and Crazy Kids reference made up for losing.

This is why you are the best blog on the internet.

JimmyMo said...

since when is a powerplay that is 3rd best in the league considered Mud? hmmmm...

rwarner174 said...


The pens powerplay is 3th in the league at 24%? Their power play is mud? They have scored a pp goal in every game this season? Sorry, but I almost died when I saw that comment. Not meaning to flame you hear, but just saying if its mud, its like that facial cleansing mud.

AJ said...

FYI - I hate the public address announcer for the Colorado Avalanche. He sounded like a mix between a Bowser Pontiac radio ad and a bowel movement made after quarter beer night.

His voice made those three Avalanche goals in the 2nd period even more miserable to deal with.

Pensgirl said...

The puck actually hit Theodore's stick on Sid's near-goal. Theodore was pretty much on his back and basically threw his arm up in desperation. Got lucky on the timing.

We got pretty seriously jobbed in the third. Even the Colo. announcers admitted that the Avs were getting away with shit. Sid got groped so much I started wondering if it was Gay Porn Night.

Whatever - gotta worry about takin' care of the division now. Hopefully everyone'll stop riding Sid's & Geno's backs and will actually effing help out.

FYI, this isn't the only time we're getting jobbed in the schedule. Our last 8 games of the season (and 10 of our last 11) are divisional as well.

Ray said...

Just wanted to make sure you guys caught this... but in the first period Roberts cleared it out of the Pens zone before going off for a line change

and instead of following the puck up ice, the camera guy zoomed in on Roberts' intense face and then zoomed into one of the advertisements along the boards that said "Attitude"

haha i thought for sure there'd be a picture of that up on the site

Stoosh said...

ANON (9:55 AM) - I think that's pretty much what I said in my post. He's got 2 points in 12 games; it's OK to expect more production from him than that.

My post was more directed at what I've seen on the message boards and heard on the call-in shows recently. It seems to me that a lot of fans are expecting him to be a 100-point producer this year, and I think that's entirely unrealistic. Staal doesn't strike me as someone who will EVER be a consistent 100-point guy.

If he stays at center for the duration of his career, I think he's a more slightly more productive version of Keith Primeau. Primeau averaged 25 goals and 30 assists for his career. I think Staal could average more assists per year than that...maybe 40-50 assists a year.

If he moves to wing, think John LeClair in his prime - 35-40 goals and 40-50 assists year to year. I think that's how he projects.

But again, that's what I'd expect in his early-to-mid 20's once he's adjusted to the game and playing against his peers. He's 19 years old right now...most of his peers are still in junior hockey. I don't think we can hold him to those kinds of expectations right now.

He needs to do better than what he's done this year; I agree with that. I think he's capable of 55-60 points this year. But I also think other guys need to start stepping their games up.

snoopyjode said...

no worries, rwarner174. that was indeed a stupid statement deserving of said flame. it was typed in reaction to having just learned of the loss. shortly after sending it, i knew it was stupid. after all, haven't they gotten a pp goal in the last 10 games or something like that?

snoop = complete joke

PittPensFan said...

I gotta disagree with your assessment that Sabu had a solid game. A solid game from a goaltender means that he doesn't give up a retarded game-winning goal. And he did.

Steve In Denver said...

There was a guy behind us last night that would stand up with about 1:10 left in each period (and it was dead silent at that point of the 1st and 2nd)and shout out "Principal Skinner, how much time is left". And then, of course, the announcer would do the 1 minute to go drill...and he did sound an awful lot like Principal Skinner. Pretty funny.

Sid's first goal made the ESPN top 10 last night. Apparantly they put the list together before his second goal. Half of the top 10 were hockey, actually. Must have been a slow night....and they had no footage of Martina Hingis doing blow.

I'm all for a run of 5+ goal games...everyone start thinking happy thoughts so our 2-4 lines start producing.

Loser Chris said...

MAF hasn't given up a goal in the last two games. I'm just sayin'...

FritoWill said...

at what time can i just flip out on the two many men calls on the Penguins. At some point it has to stop!!!

We had that game and some ass clown jumps off the bench and all i know is we end up losing because of it.

Ashley said...

Stoosh, I agree with you. I guess the instant thought is to wonder what's going on with Staal, but to be honest, I never really saw him as a big 'points-guy' like Eric. Jordan will be your big-time defensive forward - and he'll pick up a few Selkes in his career. To be honest, I'd love to see him centre the third line...

Ryan said...

snoop - they're the only team in the nhl with a PP goal in every game. I'm not jobbing you...just clarifying your statement about 10 games in a row or whatever. It's 12 for 12 and still going.

And my earlier statement about Staal...I guess was more intended towards everybody not on the first line. This is getting ridiculous. Sid and Geno are good, but somebody else has to light the lamp once in awhile.

As for Sabu - I thought he played solid except for that wrap around goal. Which I STILL can't figure out how it went in. Was it 5-hole?

rwarner174 said...


You got me feeling bad.
I agree with you though, during the second half of the game our powerplay was mud. I was just saying overall its been pretty good. But periods 2 and 3 of last nights game our pp looked like a pile of dog turds.

Your not a joke man. You want to here a joke, check out Kenny Melvin on youtube. Or listen to some douche call into the X after a pens game and ask why we didn't shoot more?

Sinops said...

Senators extend Spezza 7 years $49 million. Can't wait to see the pics of Ottawa fans celebrating the signing.

Nick said...

Dany Sabourin has weak legs.

Loser Chris said...

Now that Ottawa has pretty much used up all their cap space for the next 6 years, we need to start spreading Recchi for Redden trade rumors.

wilsmith said...

Last year we were getting goals from all over,now it's just 3 guys. We're missing that huge goal from Talbot right about now.

He's the guy that comes to mind first as the guy that always came through last season when you needed something big to happen. I love the guy, he does everything that only hockey people would notice, but it's guys like him who made last season possible. If those players don't start potting a couple, it could be a long season.

I'm sure those guys will find their groove and get on track, but team success depends on them more than people want to think.

Anonymous said...

Pen's powerplay without Whitney on the point = complete mud. There were a few times that I thought the graphic was wrong and we were on the PK

Anonymous said...

the wrap around goal was weak, I don't think he puts his skate on the outside of the cage.

The other two goals were flukes. I don't think you can job him for other goals at all.

Spencemo said...

O Joy of Joys...Is it Christmas, already? For I have received a wonderful gift this day...My WWGRD wristband arrived, immediately causing my dogs to pass out.

What a wonderful day it is!

Anonymous said...

would anyone here care to rate gary roberts' play thus far? i'll probably get lynched for saying this, but hes been less than stellar. it could be that he is still sick, but he isn't making an impact like he did towards the end of last season. he could turn it up soon, but in the neutral zone he is turning the puck over and just doesn't look the same when cycling below the crease.

Stoosh said...


Don't get me wrong...I'm wondering what's up with Staal a bit, too. I think he might be pressing a bit too much and for whatever reason, it's just not happening for him. Crosby went through a stretch like this as well last year where he just couldn't hit the back of the net.

But I see some of the message board posts or hear fans calling the talk shows wondering if he was a flash in the pan, and it makes me want to stab myself in the ears with an ice pick. I've heard people call to some of the shows here wondering if we should've taken Jonathan Toews instead. That says to me that the kid has a bad 12-game stretch and some of these morons - more than likely the stupid bandwagoners - are already questioning his place on the team. That's ridiculous.

The main thing for me is to keep in mind that Staal is still young and still adjusting to this level. Most players don't make the leap straight from juniors at 18, let alone 19. He's way ahead of the normal curve.

Truthfully, I think a lot of his problems this year are due to the fact that no one else around him is scoring goals. Only five forwards on this team have more than one goal scored through 12 games...that speaks volumes.

In the same respect, despite the scoring issues, here we sit one point out of first. So who can really complain, eh?

Hey, remember when I commented on your site that I was skeptical of Sabourin's abilities to cut it at this level? I'll gladly take that plate of crow whenever you get the chance to bring it down to Pittsburgh.

snoopyjode said...

ryan, thanks for the clarification. do you happen to know what the record is for a streak?

rwarner, it's all good! and check this out: at the playoff game my husband and i went to in april (game 3), there was this girl behind us screaming "SHOOT IT!!!" at the top of her lungs every time the pens even looked at the puck all during the first period. i swear on all that is holy it took everything in me not to turn around, throw her down, and choke her.

stokes said...

I like how the commentor that jobbed gary roberts went with anonymous. they probably didnt want gary roberts to come to their house....

Seriously, with the exception of sid and geno and maybe sykora, you could write an entire post on who isnt doing what they are supposed to, and who isnt doing what they did last year, or both, etc etc.

Like the theme of the Commentorblog has been today, lots of guys need to step it up. two weeks worth of games and sid, geno and sykora are the only guys scoring goals. that will definitely make for a long season.

I loved Wild and Crazy Kids. Like Antonette said, that's why you are the best blog on the net.

April said...

Totally NOT hockey related.
But news worthy.


Nathan said...

When I arrived home from work today, I saw the smoking wreckage of what appeared to be the minivan that brings the mail to my apartment complex. Curious, I opened my mailbox, and sure enough, my wristband was waiting for me inside. Apparently in Virginia, we're too far from Pittsburgh for the mail to have built up even the slightest immunity necessary to withstand the awesomeness of even one wristband.

It looks great, guys. Thanks to you, and thanks to Ted D. for making this happen. Well worth the wait.

Malkinian said...

Anybody else seeing the possibility of trading Christensen?? He is obviously not one of Therrien's favorites as w/ his healthy scratches and lack of icetime even when he plays. He's seems really out of it during his game action and at this point I don't see much of a purpose in having him. With his skill set he may be worth some value to other teams. Maybe throw in another play for a quality D-man or something. Just throwin it out there.

Ashley said...


Exactly, how can we really complain when we're not doing that badly overall. At least Pittsburgh is not like Vancouver...

(Then again, I comment left, right and centre about how messed up MT's constant line combos are hurting the team, and I do wonder why all the offence seems to be coming from a handful of guys. Does that make me a hippocrite? Or is it just that I can see both sides of many arguments?)

As for Sabou, no worries. I, too, wondered about his abilities as an NHL goalie. Thankfully he hasn't been TOO bad lately (nothing that should cost him his job, anyway)...but is this is just a lucky stretch? With only a handful of NHL starts under his belt, your initial doubts may still prove to be well founded.

But hopefully not :)

Davy D said...

Hahah - ray I saw that too. Would have taken a pic, but one pic of Roberts filled the entire memory card and fried the circuitry in my camera. As for Anon jobbing Roberts - he knows oh yes he knows.

Staff said...

Record for pp goals is 14 straight games set by the 88-89 pens. Steiggy mentioned it during the avs game.

Im at the circus at the mellon right now.
The arena looks like a rainbow pissed everywhere.


snoopyjode said...

oh, sweet - maybe they'll break the record [knocks on wood]!

thanks for the info, ac. commenting while at the circus... gotta love that iphone. :)

Tee said...

Yo guys, you have to remember we're 1/8th of the way through the season right now. Staal will find his game, Roberts will step up and be god as always, and hopefully Recchi will remind us of what a real wily vet is (Gary Roberts). It's a long season... the fact that we're not looking terrible right now bodes well for us. With the talent we have, they're bound to put it together at some point this year and become the team we know they can be. I smell another long winning streak in December for us.

Stoosh said...

MALKINIAN - Wouldn't surprise me at all. EC is one of those players who is always going to have to be on a scoring line to be effective at this level and there's just no way he's beating out Sid, Malkin or Staal for one of those spots on the top two lines...

...UNLESS they make the decision to move Staal to wing. Keep Malkin, Sid and Malone on the same line because that seems to be working well. Perhaps they move Staal to wing, put Sykora on the other wing and bring EC up to center them. If Therrien would keep that together for more than five minutes, it might work. Talbot can center the third line and Hall can center the fourth.

It's so tough to tell because Therrien doesn't seem to be willing to stick with anything, and I do think that might be a reason why some of these guys aren't producing. Sid and Geno are producing because they are each so damn talented. Like they used to say about The Big Guy, you could have Sid center a line with a large rock and my dog Buddy as his linemates, and the large rock would get 60 assists (Buddy is half lab, quarter Rott and quarter pitbull...if Gary Roberts was a dog, he's Buddy).

A lot of these guys probably would benefit more from having more continuity and consistency between linemates. For once, I'd love MT to stick with something for two or three weeks, just for sh*ts and giggles.

canaanregulatesblog said...

haha....adams at the circus.


thanks to sigwolf over at LGP for providing a link to the 10 greatest games DVD for the penguins that is available for an awesome $24.75... get it while it's price is still low...

lets go pens.

Stoosh said...


The offense is coming from a handful of guys who have probably been shuttled around the least. If Sykora isn't playing alongside Malkin, he's been playing alongside Crosby. And as I mentioned above, both Sid and Geno are good enough that they'll probably produce no matter who they're paired with. It's more a matter of just how much they'll produce.

Mark Madden from ESPN Radio here in Pittsburgh has been discussing this sort of thing and the possible "problem" it may have created - namely, that the coaching staff is expecting Sid to elevate everyone he's playing alongside. It's the same sort of thing that Lemieux dealt with - he turned Warren Young and Robbie Brown into 40-goal scorers - but the team didn't dominate until he finally had linemates who truly approached his talent level. This is why Sykora has been such a welcome addition.

Fleury29 said...

Got home today to find that my WWGRD wristband had not arrived. I just figure that the pure power of the wristband must have crashed the USPS plane that was scheduled to bring it from Pittsburgh to Kansas... or, alternately, offended by the stench when it landed, it may have destroyed Topeka. Which, in and of itself is not a bad thing.

(Why do I live so far away? Why? Why?)

The Too Much Man penalty is now my desktop background, by the way.

BluffTalk said...

  I went jogging with my WWGRD wristband today. I did awesome.

Brett said...

has anyone purchased from this.. deep that canaanregulatesblog linked for the 10 Greatest Pens games? Ya gotta be careful with buying dvds and the like online..sometimes they aren't the real deal.

bluzdude said...

The mailman tripped over his feet delivering my wristband today, and immediately 12000 Caps fans started crying for a penalty.

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