Monday, November 5, 2007

Some Like It Luke Warm

Monday nightblog

One of the biggest Monday nights in a long time.

We all have four choices:

[pit.<span class=
7:00 PM

9:00 PM
8:30 or something

Afterwards, you may wish to engage in intimate sessions with a heterosexual partner.
If you're homosexual and are offended by us not thinking you engage in intimate sessions, we apologize.

After the Isles game, some Islanders fans got all worked up, one thing led to another, and we were being flamed from our overuse of the word "Homo."

Honestly we really don't care. Never will.

In interest of making Pensblog more accessible to all sexual orientations,
we have turned to an old friend:

We are proud to introduce Pensblog Charlie, resident homo advisor.

Here's Charlie, all business after a big post.

Charlie is a good friend of the staff, and he has volunteered to make sure we are not overusing "homophobic" slang.

Charlie will be around commentorblog if he isn't making out with his boyfriend.



This is a report from [ ]

Pittsburgh reps have been following the Stars from city-to-city.
The hunch: Assessing Dallas G Marty Turco and/or defensemen.

Whoever wrote that is a hetero.



Whitney wants back on the ice Wednesday.
Malkin and Crosby staying together. [ PG Notebook ]

Christensen and the shootout. [ PG Molinari ]



[<span class=

DiPietro did not suffer any injury that adversely affected his eye. [ TSN ]
Which is good. Eyes are kind of a big deal for a goalie...or a human, for that matter.

Our game recap didn't go over so well with the Islanders fans.
Commentorblog was on fire.

And there was some thread on some message board talking about it.
We'd copy and paste the stuff, but we've been Melvined from the message boards.
Mission: Accomplished.

There are 7 games left.
It may get ugly.


It is Sunday night.

You know what that means:

Across the Atlantic

[phi.<span class=
8 - 4 - 0

The Flyers lost the Canadiens then beat the Capitals.

There's nothing to say about the Flyers except that they're coming here on Wednesday
and we go there on Saturday.

[<span class=
7 - 4 - 0

They've won four of their last five.
With those five games occurring over the span of 4 months.

During the Pens current nine-game Atlantic tour, they only play the Pens once, on the 15th.

No word on whether or not they'll bring Billy Smith out of retirement for a game.

[<span class=
6 - 6 - 1

They've also won four of their last five.
Wins over Tampa, Washington, and the Devils.

We see them twice during the tour.

[<span class=
5 - 6 - 2

It's bitter-sweet seeing the Devils licking the basement floor.
In a way, it's nice to see them suffer.
But you also know they can still trap and squeeze out some wins against the Pens.

We see them three times during the tour.


[pit.<span class=
6 - 6 - 1

A whole week went by, and not much has changed.
Things started out pretty well, with a big win up in Minnesota.

But then the wheels fell off.

Two straight games.
Two straight 2-0 leads.
Two straight losses.
People want Ray Shero to push the Panic Button.
Not gonna happen...yet.

Last year after 13 games, the Pens were 7-4-2 [ Schedule ]
So, really, they are only two games off that pace.
Perhaps it's the way they have looked during some games that has people worried.

And while we aren't deeming anything in November as critical,
the Pens have a huge set of 8 straight games against the Atlantic Division.

If they go in the tank over those eight games, then we will have cause for concern.
Until then, whatev.

Four games this week:

Mon. -- @ NJ
Wed. -- vs. PHI
Thurs. -- @ NYR
Sat. -- @ PHI


There's a mouthguard on the market now that should be on Heroes. [ Truro Daily News ]
Apparently, Brian Bellows was perturbed that one of his kids didn't make some hockey team.
Fanhouse also brings us the Trottier/Stevens/Bellows video. [ Fanhouse ]

[<span class=
Goalie Pascal Leclaire got his fifth shutout of the season. [ ]

[<span class=
The Sens beat the Bruins in a shootout. [ TSN ]

Two Sens fans celebrate the big win.

[<span class=

Special delivery for Jaromir Jagr.

Reebok doesn't make his favorite stick model anymore. [ Kukla's Korner ]


It appears that the Pens and Sabres will be wearing these uniforms for the Winter Classic. Shop has links to the jerseys. [ ]

[ Going Five Hole ] was clutch in finding this.
Thanks to JSchiff.

Dan G. sent this older article in about the mystery of Jim Carey, former Caps goalie. [ Tripod ]

Best part of the article:

"Jim made $800,000 or $900,000 the year he won the Vezina and then he signed a four-year, $11 million contract. And Jim has done so well with his investments that he doesn't have to work. He's working on his business degree at the University of Tampa and looking to get involved in the financial world. It's disappointing that Jim didn't persevere because he still had a lot to give to the sport. Despite everything that had happened, 24 was too young to leave hockey.''

Befitting his loner mentality during his playing days, Carey hasn't spoken to Howard or Sauer in months. None of his former teams knew his exact whereabouts. And despite encouragement from Lawton, Carey declined to be interviewed for this story.


Go Pens.


meecrofilm said...

! A male sens fan AND a woman sens fan? Making out? What?? Unacceptable. Everybody knows that everyone is ottawa is a homo. Those just must have been bandwagoners from the US. Nevertheless, their relationship won't last much longer, because of the commonly known'Sens Effect...' watching the senators for an extended period of time turns you into a homo.

I expect this team to gel either during this upcoming orgy with the divsion or soon after. Rgardless though, we're going to beat jersey tonight, no questions asked.

Oh, and New Jersey is gay. Sorry Charlie..

Anonymous said...

LMAO! That retort to the "homo crusaders" is exactly why the Pensblog is my first stop of the day as well as the last!

Cheers gentlemen!!! This post makes my day!

Friendly reminder here, dont mean to be over critical but the devils game is a monday night, not a tuesday. Where would you be without commentorblog watching out for yah?


Keep up the great work, we all need something to look forward to!


J.S. said...

Carey isn't involved with hockey anymore? What a homo.

PensblogCharlie said...

Hey, guys. Thanks for the support of my first post. I was kind of nervous about it, but I'm glad that I could step in when times were rough and make sure that homophobic stuff didn't go too far.
And now, with a homosexual on the writing staff, I can monitor this site and when using the word "homo" is appropriate.
And no one can say anything because Pensblog has a gay writer now.



CG said...

Out of town and need streaming vid so I don't miss the game. I know someone previously posted a "how to". Can anyone repost?

PittPensFan said...

Carey makes Barrasso seem chatty.

karri said...

Hey guys,

Reading your stuff made me laugh as usual last night...Anonymous comments, well...

But today, with "Charlie" as an addition to the staff....hahaha. I love it!

Welcome Charlie. It will be interesting to see how well you have a handle on the homo situation. I'm thinking that your obvious qualifications for the position will make you invaluable to the staff. Keep up the good work.

Brett said...

I will be at the game tonight, right at center ice!! (though i'll be in the rafters, but still!) I can't wait to use a devils urinal..

I'll be sure to snap as many shots as I can.

FireFox said...

All the homo talk about Ottawa has dictated new policy there. They have decided they will no longer have homos in the city. Taking on long standing Iranian policy, the will "remove" violators. In other news, the Senators are up for sale because all of their fans have been "removed" from the city and no one is left to watch the games except fans of select visiting teams that arn't homos. :)

PittHockey said...

I'm buying that throwback jersey as soon as the customization works.

Hopefully when the Penguins host it, we'll get early 90's throwbacks.

GordyHowitzer said...

I love Charlie's profile:

"Favorite Music: Barenaked Ladies. lol j/k"

That's a great sense of humor.

For a homo, anyways.

the seeker said...

Welcome Penblog Charlie!

May I ask exactly where you buy those one-piece U-Trou with the built in cup?

I shop at Pants-n-Nat but have never seen them.

Are those only sold in Ottawa?

PS: Someone (anon?) needs to give Trottier, Stevens, and the rest of those Hetros a spanking for their offensive language toward that homo Bellows in the Fanhouse video.

stokes said...

I liked Maniac Magee as well, PC! Does that make me gay?

I think that Isles fans, assuming that's who is so pissed about the word "homo," are gay as well as Sens fans. They probably go shopping together and enjoy the naked wrestling scene from Borat. Or try to recreate it.

Big win tonight. Let's go Pens.

Anonymous said...

I know this isn’t BadManagementBlog or PiratesBlog but I hope everyone is as pissed off at the Bucs as I am today with the recent hiring of “John Doe”. I have suffered losing seasons since I was 10 years old (F Sid Bream) and today is the first day I wished i had a new favorite baseball team. I want them to move to New York and be worshiped by Gay Islanders fans or to Ottawa to be blown by the homo-line they have up there.

Enough Already.

No blown leads tonight. Pen’s turn it around. Go Pens.


InsiderFace said...

Nope. It's Modano. Sad but true.


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