Saturday, November 10, 2007

GameDay (17) -- Pens @ Flyers



This should be interesting.
Biggest game of the season.


Ray Shero says Therrien isn't going anywhere. [ PG ]

-- Does anyone remember reading a Pittsburgh newspaper column regarding Therrien's firing?
The fact that piece was even written can be attributed
to the growing fan presence on LGP and here.
The fans have a voice.

Then again, if some Pens fans out there were GMs,
we'd have traded Staal for Hasek by now.

Malkin missed practice with a knee, but is expected to play.
Whitney will be playing. [ PG ]

Nothing else needs to be said.


Hooks Orpik said...

I've got a good feeling about this....Whitney is back and MAF always seems to shine playing against the Flyers.

Come on boys, lets get a solid effort and everything will be alright.

luvnmypens said...

I love me some Mark Eaton. What a player!

Fleury29 said...

I haven't done this all season but I'm doing it tonight. I busted out the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals Lemieux jersey.

The majesty of the yellow and black skating Penguin. The respect of the captain's "C." 25 years of Penguin hockey. Remembrance of The Badger. The Stanley Cup. 66 on the back.

The sheer dominance of that jersey combined with the WWGRD? wristband virtually guarantees a Penguins victory tonight.

Too bad I don't get to listen to the game. Dinner with the in-laws.

Let's Go Pens!

adam said...

Huge game tonight. We need this win

jaos said...

all wrongs will be set right if we completely dominate the flyers tonight.

Anonymous said...

lmao! Y'all are mean! haha.

wilsmith said...

Hopefully Hatcher plays.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

This game could be the one where we really start this season rolling in the right direction. If we win this one we're back to .500 and come home for 4 straight home divisional games. A 5 game winning streak would shut all the whiners up (including me) just like that.


karri said...

Hey guys...I read and love just about every have been great...but

I haven't commented here in a while basically because of all of the f'in criticizing and whining that has been going on.

I loved your comment, Jonny V, on 11/08/2007 at 10:29 PM...

This season isn't bad, and isn't good, and as hard as it is to go through, let's just watch this team go through it's growing pains. U gotta crawl before you learn to walk fellas (and ladies), and all of this pissing and moaning is going to make the moment that Sid and crew finally lift the cup that much better. It's the late eighties right now, we'll get to '90 -'92 soon enough...

However, it's also not the Pittsburgh Penguins 2005-2006 Roster days...remember?

A 10 game winning streak can change a lot. So please, all of you armchair coaches, stf up! Is it possible to have the Pens play a couple of games without someone wanting Therrien fired, MAF benched, Roberts and Recchi retired, or Armstrong traded?

Anonymous said...

Fire Therrien!

Brett said...



Anonymous said...

lets kick the tires and light the fires.


biff said...

Tonight is my first professional hockey game viewed out of Mellon Arena. No Jeff Jimmerson. No Mike Barbero. No Boys of Winter. It will be depressing to see how "the other half" lives.

Pens need to play with the passion and tenacity that they did in the Rangers game...after going down 4-1. 60 minutes like that and no team in the league can consistently beat this squad.

After this, 4 games at home - most important homestand of the young season. This game tonight has the chance to be a catalyst for a great week of hockey next week. We can only hope.


PittHockey said...

Now that Therrien has his vote of confidence, he better step up and show he deserves it.

Staff said...

Thanks Brett for the comment.


Stoosh said...


Be careful what you wish for. Roberts wasn't re-signed for what he'll do in October, November and December. He's here for what he's going to bring down the stretch and in the playoffs.

Adrienne said...

I think it's ridiculous that so many people are screaming to fire Therrien. Honestly, this is just a reflection of all the bullshit that comes with bandwagon fans.

Everyone saw results last season, and got a taste of the playoffs; magically the Pens should win the cup this season, win every trophy across the board, and set the Flyers on fire just to piss on their ashes.

People need to fuck off. The Pens are on track to where we were last season, and we made for an awesome run in January. There is no reason to fire Therrien.

A lot of people are bitching about his inconsistent lines, because we have "some" that work. Those "lines" are Malkin-Crosby-Sykora. That line works, but it isn't good. A good half of our goals are from that single line. Therrien is trying to spread the talent out to come with solid lines that can perform proper.

The only complaint I could have was Therrien's refusal to drop Recchi to the third line, and then moving him up to the second line the last two games. WTF.

Rant aside, I'm hoping for a game to crush the Flyers and get ourselves back on track.

I think we're losing since I lost my Pens visor :( I need to find that shit.

Anonymous said...

Ohio State Hopes=OVER!
Pens Season=Starts TOnight

Thank God for Illinois!

-psu chuck

Anonymous said...

all I want to see tonight is the Flyers crying..... on their hands and knees.... yessss let's go pens

mookieproof said...

Enough with the too many men, for god's sake. (Penguins, that is--not Pensblog)

mookieproof said...

I don't wanna blaspheme here, but the answer to WWGRD seems to be "take a bad penalty."

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Uncle, I can't take this shit anymore. It looks like men against boys out there.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else know why Smith wasn't called for instigation with his fight against Malone? If that isn't instigation, I don't know what is.

wilsmith said...

This is the Roberts I was pissed about getting at the deadline last season. This is exactly what I expected then. He's weak on the puck, takes bad penalties, etc etc. He's seriously missed a page or something in the rule book where it says you can't lead with your gloves/elbows/stick when you check people. It's like his thing.

Right now the Pens are so lazy it's unbelievable. It's the ole "dump and passively pursue" on the power play, every loose puck goes to the Flyers and they're the only ones finishing checks -- legally.

Jonny V said...

Nice to see u back Karri, and thanks for the big ups...much respek.

Aside from some Ouellet-trademarked goals from philly, we don't look too bad tonight. And some of the commentors on here are right, our defensemen need to throw Fleury a friggin' bone and clear the puck (and some bodies) from in front of him. But holy shit, not one shot on net on the five-on-three?

Holy shnikies gonchar just scored with .2 left in the period...

Loser Chris said...

MAF should file a freaking lawsuit against his D. I mean did he sleep with all of their wives and they're paying him back or what?

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to think that the Fire Therrien people are right. I don't think that he's the biggest problem with the team right now, but they need SOMETHING to shake things up. These last few games (Even the NJ win, really), they've looked pathetic.

Anonymous said...


Pensblog said...

anon 9:49, I don't know if firing MT would help, but what's behind the sentiment, I think, is that the Pens seem content to commit the same mistakes over and over. It's one thing to have the odd piss-poor game - every team has those - but the weaknesses in their bad games have been ridiculously consistent. Such as:

Slow starts
Too many men penalties
Hanging the goalies out to dry/tentative D
Playing the perimiter on offense/not crashing the net
Not moving their legs to get to loose pucks

Those are all symptoms of laziness. Yes, it's a long season, and yes they've shown flashes of absolute brilliance (the first line had some fantastic cycles in the second period tonight), and yes the power play has been relatively consistent. I'll even give the PK credit for its overall good work (tonight notwithstanding), though I would rather see them be more aggressive.

But the fact remains that there doesn't seem to be any improvement on the factors that are costing them games.

They all have to take responsibility. The players are adults, and they're hockey experts in their own right. But the coaches are there to get them back on track, and to give them a kick in the pants when necessary. I'm not in Pittsburgh, so maybe I'm not hearing everything that's going on, but it doesn't seem like anybody is stepping up and saying "enough is enough." Are they working on this stuff in practice? Is anybody yelling between periods? Are the coaches riding the players about the lack of effort?

I'd love to hear about a workout session like Sutter gave the Devils after their terrible outing against us. Just a sign that someone is trying to kick-start them.

Even if they lose to Jersey on Monday, I could handle it if I just saw them making a better overall effort. Show improvement in one of those glaringly weak areas. Climb off the backs of the top line/top PP unit (seriously, before they wear out). Do ONE thing better, just one, and then do it even better in the next game, and then even better in the game after that.

Let's see a sign that they're WORKING on those weaknesses. The laziness has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

I just don't get it really. Smith is allowed to slash Crosby? Since when are you allowed to slash someone's hand? How many times do you hear the commentators say "well that should have been a penalty" against the Pens' opponent. We are getting screwed. But also, screwing ourselves by taking bad penalties and not scoring on our given power play chances. 4/5 of the Flyers goals were on the power play...hmmm....I guess the Pens just don't effing get it. And until they get "it" and play like the Pens that we know, it's sad, frustrating, and better yet, we got crowds booing Crosby and taunting him when he touches the puck. Where was Laraque tonight? He definitely should have fought Smith and laid him out like he never got laid before. HA.

Anonymous said...

1st - psu chuck ~ illiois winning just knocked PSU out of a new years day bowl (i'm quite upset with that at this point)

2nd - ON TOP OF THAT ~ what a garbage game...i thought we'd come out strong right away, but clearly that didn't happen...the lines still need to be split up better (crosby-christensen-malone, malkin-sykora-staal, talbot-roberts-armstrong, laraque-recchi-hall would be my picks)

3rd - and still...our defense needs to pick it up big time...there were 5 or 6 times where i screamed at the tv because a flyer was by the back post and no one was on him (the 2nd flyers goal for instance)

i won't say fire therrien or make a trade yet...but our focus is just not where it should be right now

Pensgirl said...

Sorry, staff, for my computer autofilling my username incorrectly. That should say pensgirl, not pensblog.

computers = joke

Anonymous said...

PP = 1-6


Anonymous said...

yeah psu really deserved a new years day bowl, you know with all their wins against ranked teams.

i'm hopping on the fire MT bandwagon. we need a coach now, not someone to put the young talent in line.

Anonymous said...

I know PSU will get some trash bowl now.(almo) but just seeing ohio state fans complain is reward enough for me. WHen PSU cannot win a national title or big tem championship i can can care less, just donbt know who to root for next week, michigan or ohio gaystate

PittHockey said...

Vote of Confidence: USELESS.

What does it take to motivate this team?

Where are the other 3 lines?


The sky is falling and I now have a concussion from it.

PittHockey said...

And it's not that we all want Therrien fired, we want him to do his job.

If he was a finalist for the Jack Adams last year, does his performance this year look like he'll be anywhere close?

I'd love for him to turn the team around, I'd love for him to stay, but what happens if this lackluster team stays the way it is?

I don't expect us to win the Cup this year, but I do expect us to make the playoffs. Right now we're a point away from being last in the division. (Bright side, we're only 3 points out of the playoffs).

That said, there are more games ahead of us than behind us and hopefully in the near future the team will turn the corner.


PittHockey said...

I just noticed Frustrationblog.

Dead accurate.


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