Saturday, November 17, 2007

GameDay (20) -- Rangers @ Pens


(thanks Pat Jackson)

Somehow the Rangers actually turned into beasts since the last time we saw them.

Henrik Lundqvist is sick

And you know who esle is coming to town.

Double J time

Prelimary reports out of Penguin land have Mark Recchi back in the lineup.[ PSI ]
He will play with Malkin and Staal.
So that means Evgeni Malkin's back will be hurting big time tonight.

(Anthony Costa)

[Game Day Chat ]
(we always forget to link it)


Not a whole lot going on.
Chances are if you needed to know something, you would of heard about it.
It can be said enough.
If you come here for breaking news, you love angel dust.

One thing out there right now is
Ilya Bryzgalov was on waivers and he is now a Coyote. [ TSN ]


Some house cleaning

Got an email from "Doc Steel."

He informed us that our sidebar of links is a joke.
After further review he is correct.

So here's what changed:

[Faceoff-Factor] has been changed to its correct address.
[Nothing but Balls] has been updated as well.

Pens rink rat is done
Bucco Wire is done.
Guinsblog is gone
Black and Gold pride is gone as well.

A newcomer [Sweater Ted] has been added.

We aim to link anyone.
So just let us know.

The boys from Dbout About It have a new game [doubt about it]
good stuff.
Some extra photoshops were laying around our inbox.


(Dobber from Dormont)

(Will Smith)

(Will Smith, again)

(Steve Gibbs)

And if you want to see this very graphic photoshop of A.O.
[Click here ]
Thanks to the sick mind of J Schiff.

[gay-man-pheromones-image.<span class=

And finally this picture is surreal.

Thanks to Pat Jackson again.


Go Pens


Lets Go Rangers said...

Get rid for another ass-kicking fags. I go to a ton of games across the league and there's nothing worse than that hell hole they call Mellon Arena. Jags gets a hat trick and defecates over every Penguin fan who boos him.

stokes said...

J Schiff is a sick man.

E15 tonight, for the first time in weeks.

LET'S GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wilsmith said...

yeah, guys. Get rid.

FireFox said...

Hmmm. Big words from the Rangers fan. Particularly for someone who is a fan of a team that tries to buy themselves a championship but usually doesn't even make the playoffs.

As far as Double J goes, I was a little bitter about his attitude when he left the Pens. But that is in the past and he still contibuted a lot to the Pens during his time here. I do think the booing of him should stop, it's just stupid. Time to get over it because he left the team over 6 years ago! I'd rather spend time booing Jordan Staal if he would ever show up to a game. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, Penn State took a massive shit today and i am looking for a Pens victory tonight. If not, tomorrow i will be looking for a new liver.


rachel said...

The Pens balls helmet is back again... yes.

Shorthanded goal by Max and Sid's pass was just beautiful.

Tee said...

Someone come to the GDC, I'm lonely.

PittHockey said...

The Crosby point streak continues...

The Hebrew Hammer said...


Anonymous said...

As far as respect for what he did while he was a Penguin, the Jagr booing is pretty dumb. Even if he did leave like a classless fool.

However, as far as crowd involvement contributing to game outcomes, the booing is a good thing. Jagr is easily frustrated and getting in his face is a way to get him off his game. Those boos eat into his psyche, and no matter how he tries to deny it his play in Mellon Arena is almost always lacking.

PittHockey said...

time to boo roszival in addition to jagr

PittHockey said...

it's a point, I'll take it.

The Seeker said...

Sheesh...what's it take for MT to learn Recci is worthless?

I watched him stand by and just watch when he could be helping. I watched him allow guys to skate right past him. I watched while pucks came near him and he gave no effort to reach them.

Staal - a little pick up in his game tonight (probably because his Bro and Parents were there) but he's still basically AWOL.

Would have been a 3-1 Pens regulation win with Sabu in goal.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Jordan Staal tonight:

Staal: 0g, 0a, 0pts, 0 PIMs, 0 shots, 0 blocked shots, 0 missed shots, 0 hits, 0 blocked shots, 0 take-aways, 1 give away 19:24 Ice time.

The Seeker said...

I guess the Pens defecated on Jag's hat trick, eh Lets Go Rnagers?

Brett said...

We don't boo Jagr in E14 -- we shout SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! every single time he touches the puck. Word is he hates it when fans shout it out -- gee, who woulda guessed?

Hooks Orpik said...

Thanks to Derek and Adam for linking my humble blog.

A point is a point even if we blew a 2 goal lead at home.

Whatev. Time for the next one. I just wish Therrien would put Army and Kennedy back in the lineup and take out Recchi and Ruutu.

J Schiff said...

I wanna post a disclaimer - I found the "fantasy" part of the Ovechkin photoshop on another sports blog that was jobbing Kordell Stewart a while back and pasted it onto that horrible Ovechkin shot.

All in the interest of full disclosure.


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