Thursday, November 8, 2007

GameDay (16) -- Pens @ Rangers


7 - 7 - 1

We've spent all season defecating on the Rangers.
But here they are with the same record as the Pens.

The Pens beat the Rangers earlier this season
in the most boring game of the year.

All Pens fans can agree that tonight's game won't resemble that one at all.
There's something in the air.


MAF is expected to start.

Any word on scratches for tonight?


chris l. said...

From the AP preview on

"Fleury, meanwhile, is 4-5-0 with a 3.45 GAA in 10 games. He also enters this game with a personal four-game winning streak against the Rangers, conceding just six goals in those games.

The first overall pick from the 2003 draft is just 2-4-1 with a 3.93 GAA lifetime at Madison Square Garden."

Doesn't specifically say he has the start (and nothing on PSI as of 5:40 EST), but 6 goals in a 4 game win streak vs. the Rangers is nothing to sneeze at. On the other hand, he has had most of that success at the Igloo.

Fuck it. Do or die. You can't sit him and debateMAFblog forever. If there's a time to let him start getting his groove back, it is now.

Welcome back Avery, we're puttin' on the foil.


Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

Stupid PSI with no lines.

But if Colby is scratched i am going to start a riot on grant street.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Anon, Colby is playing tonight. I have the Pens DVD and the 93 game against the Rangers where Mario scored 5 is in the player and you better believe that if things go real bad, that's what I'm watching the rest of the night.

Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) -Philadelphia Flyers left winger Simon Gagne was scratched from Thursday's game against the New Jersey Devils after complaining of dizziness stemming from a collision with Pittsburgh's Gary Roberts.


Stoosh said...

Should see Army tonight per Phil Bourque.

Bourque also said that "Ryan Whitney had his game face on" when Phil saw him at the airport this morning, so while he hasn't heard anything definite, the Old 29'er thinks Whit is a go as well.

Scratches? Wouldn't surprise me to see BGL and maybe EC get the night off. We'll see.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Great screen by Malone on the Gonchar goal.

rwarner174 said...

He would high stick sean avery and then take an additional roughing call. Good job. Oh yeah, and while there is a 2-0 he is over by the bench fighting. What a player.

Reminds me of when of when he started a fight by the bench while crosby was scoring a goal in game 3 of the playoffs last year.


Brett said...

Rangers on pace for 66 shots in this game.. we best step up :(

Anonymous said...

Don't know if anyone caught Sean Avery on Tyra Banks the other day:

rwarner174 said...

Take another stupid penality.
Just because your doing nothing on the score sheet doesn't mean you need to pad your PIMs.

Anonymous said...

F'ing great display of douche-baggery. Poor MAF. The 4 minutes of penelty time on GR? One of those games i guess? And i had to deal with the MSG telecast.. holy shit were they awful and gay... i do not not homo but just "happy"

Nick said...

Rwarner, you're a jobber. Gary's stick didn't hit Avery. He got his hands up to protect himself and Avery dove. A penalty, maybe. Dumb, no. The fact that he got a second penalty was a poor call by the officials. Avery did just as much, if not more to Roberts after the initial penalty was called. And I guess I missed the part where Gary was supposed to disengage himself and fly to the other half of the rink to break up that 2 on 0. The third penalty he took was dumb.

I also saw your post about Sid being responsible for the 2nd goal. Maybe you should go check out the highlights again and watch Eaton covering the front of the net and not seeing Carter while Sid and Gonchar took the two guys behind the net. LEARN.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Guys start listing the game times as 10 PM every night. So we'll all be fortunate enough to miss this shit.

Jonny V said...

Stoosh, beautiful point about Fleury in the last post, he's faaar ahead of the curve, and if there was a choice between him and Therrien a la Roy and Tremblay, U always keep the player (how much do u think the Canadiens regret their decision to this day?) And that blurb in the PG the other day with Brodeur saying how much Fleury impresses him pretty much seals the deal for me.

On that note, please everybody shut the fuck up about the goalie controversy. It's getting incredibly annoying to read commentorblog and every other post is about Sabu this and Fleury that. This season isn't bad, and isn't good, and as hard as it is to go through, let's just watch this team go through it's growing pains. U gotta crawl before you learn to walk fellas (and ladies), and all of this pissing and moaning is going to make the moment that Sid and crew finally lift the cup that much better. It's the late eighties right now, we'll get to '90 -'92 soon enough...

ddr5007 said...

fire MT..

hire Pat Quinn.

PittHockey said...

Therrien's going to go from coach-of-the-year finalist to fired unless he turns this around in the next week.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

DD, I wholeheartedly agree. We might of hated Pat Quinn when he was with Toronto but he knows how to coach teams with big time expectations and talent.

Fleury29 said...

It's the late eighties right now, we'll get to '90 -'92 soon enough...
-jonny v

This is the best thing that has been posted in Commentorblog in weeks.

The Seeker said...

The Seeker = Stunned

PATHETIC is all I can say.

canaanregulatesblog said...


Stoosh said...

Jonny V,

Everyone has a right to be critical of the team, and Lord knows to this point they've been having a tough time playing 60 minutes of hockey, so maybe they deserve some of it. And no one has to look at this way, but...

1. Maybe we're not sneaking up on anyone anymore.

2. Maybe teams are gunning for us because the hockey experts thought we were the sexy pick and couldn't wait to hop on the bandwagon.

3. Maybe we're still an incredibly young team that is having a bit of a tough time playing 60 minutes of hockey because opposing teams are gunning for us more this year when they weren't necessarily doing so last year (let's not one was really taking the Pens seriously last year until about Feb. or even March).

4. Madden brought up a great point on the radio the other day.

The ages of the core of the team that won the Cup after the 1990-91 season: Mario was 25. Francis had just turned 28. Recchi was 23. Coffey was almost 30. Jagr was 19. Murphy was 30. Mullen was 34. Trottier was almost 35. Barrasso had just turned 26.

Now look at the core of this team: Sid is 20. Malkin is 21. Staal is 19. Fleury is almost 23. Whitney is 24. Gonchar is 33. Armstrong is almost 25. Orpik is 27.

The core of this team is ridiculously young. Your comment about this being the late 1980s and the early nineties being here soon enough is dead on.

Loser Chris said...


Did you ever see my post comparing MAF to Luongo and Gigeure? MAF is way ahead of the curve. Having said that, he needs to do something about protecting high glove side.

As for the coaching situation, it's a little early to get that ball rolling, but if things aren't on track by Christmas...


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