Thursday, November 1, 2007

GameDay (12) -- Pens @ Avalanche



7 - 4 - 0

No one knew what to make of the Avs going into the season.

We get out first look at Paul Stastny.
And our billionth look at Joe Sakic.


Sabu's starting for the Pens.
Any building Crosby goes into will be electric.

Tonight belongs to commentor Steve in Denver.


canaanregulatesblog said...

Prediction: 3-1 Pittsburgh (by way of Malkin, Malone, Christensen)

The Hebrew Hammer said...

The losses hurt that much more when you go to bed at midnight instead of 10, GO PENS!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where I can watch the game online? (Besides Center Ice, and Yahoo! isn't streaming it...)

Brett said...

so far so good, Canaanregulatesblog

John said...

you can watch it here:

might have to dl some software though, not sure. they just redid the site. it's never failed me when there's a game on versus (which we don't get here in state college)

Anonymous said...

watch it online here

jaos said...

grr... that 2nd period was tough to watch.

Fleury29 said...

Yeah, the second period was complete shit. At least I didn't have to watch it, just hear it.

Hutch said...

Steigy definately said fuck with 8:50 left in the 3rd. he slips up on his words and clearly says fuck.

Fleury29 said...

Sorry, Steve. That has to suck.

2nd period was full of suck.

PittHockey said...

that one hurt, was hoping for a 3rd period comeback or something.

guess its time for another line shuffle, but Line 1 should stay as it is.

Brett said...

after Crosby missed the empty-netter, I knew we weren't going to be able to net the tying goal. sometimes, you just know ><

Anonymous said...

total garbage, one more goal and it would have been over. we can't hover around .500 all season and expect to make the playoffs

Steve In Denver said...

If the bracelets came in one day sooner, mine would have arrived today and I would have used it's powers to push that 3d piece of shit goal under Sabu's glove before the ref saw it, and we would have gone on to win convincingly, 5-2.

Good times anyhow. Pretty polite crowd overall. They actually blew Bing from afar after his 2nd goal. Much better than those piece of shit Broncos fans that seep out of the woodwork (syn. festering buttholes) every Sunday.

One thing to consider as the new arena gets closer for YINZ....they make sporting events into rock shows in new arenas. 24-7, in your face noise and lights. Good thing I'm not seizure-prone. I hope the new Igloo isn't too overloaded with tech and noise.


Adrienne said...

I don't know wtf happened to us; our second period was lacking, and the third completely sucked ass.


I hope we do much better on Saturday

Seeker said...

Taking dumb penalties actually allowed that to happen IMHO. Then losing Whitney.

And what's up with Staal? He seems pretty weak on the puck and often on the boards. He's looking more like what he should have looked like last year.
I hope he wasn't playing over his head last season???

Anonymous said...

Sid and Geno need some help.
Think Lord Therrien needs to quit juggling lines so much and stick with 1 lineup for a few games to let guys get used to playing with each other.
Sabu didnt look bad, but Fleury needs to start the next 4 or 5 games in a row, give the guy a chance to get in a rhythm.
Look at the Senators, just because the Heatley, Alf, Spezza line has an off night, they dont split them up...


jammer jagger said...

power play was MUUUUUUUUD.

with some poop mixed in it.


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