Friday, November 30, 2007

Finally It's Friday

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Hope everyone enjoyed the time off.
These next 10 days are going to be insane.

You know what they say.

Lets kick the tires and light the fires.


Evgeni Malkin gives his first English interview. [ PG]

Asked how he is learning English, Malkin said, "I see movies. Gonch helps me translate." "Gonch" is defenseman, fellow Russian and landlord Sergei Gonchar, who encourages Malkin to speak English.

Jes Golbez gives us some more greatness.
Jordan Staal and his slump. [ Fanhouse ]

Some guy is swimming in this season's team media guides. [ The Hockey News ]
Crosby is one of three players in the league to be the only player on their respective team's media-guide cover.

More Crosby More Crosby [ Globe and Mail ]
* TSN reports the new schedule format is a done deal. [ TSN ]

Some dude listed some players who should go back in time and re-think who they signed with in the offseason. [ ]
Darryl Sydor makes the list.


Ross McKeon jumps into the NHL schedule discussion. [ Yahoo ]

A look at attendance and team-popularity trends around the NHL. Solid read. [ National Post ]

"While interest has increased in small markets, where teams now compete on an even economic plane, it seems people in the large markets preferred it when their team had the ability to outspend opponents."

Jeff Verzsyla, thoughts?

"Those are fair-weather fanbases.
And I eat dung."

Some guy with a face noticed that the Islanders are trapping big-time this season, and talks about how to remedy the NHL scoring draught. [ Ottawa Citizen ]

Widen the rinks! [ Globe and Mail ]
Is it a way to remedy the aforementioned draught?

Gary Bettman shut it down on his radio show,
saying widening would disrupt the sight-lines of fans. [ Kukla's Korner ]

Picture: Huge netting alters the sight-lines of almost 40% of fans.

Staying with Bettman blog, he says that the NHL players may not participate in the 2014 Olympic games. [ TSN ]

Yeah, that's a while from now. But that won't be pretty.


Tuomo Ruutu was chillin, joggin down the street.
Then got arrested because he matched the description of an armed robber. [ Daily Herald ]

Where does Jerome Iginla rank in the Calgary Flames all-time greats? [ TSN ]
TSN gives you a handful of players to rank Iginla with.
But one player is noticeably absent.

1990's Internet Alert: Pic courtesy of [ Calgary Flames Pictorium ]
2,900 Flames pics.

Steve Avery struck out Orlando Merced, then got that radio station in Toronto to retract that stuff about Jason Blake. [ Kukla's Korner ]

Speaking of Avery, he is undergoing wrist surgery. [ Yahoo ]
Now that Elisha Cuthbert dumped him, it looks like he has taken matters into his own hands.

Any reference to masturbating and hockey demands that a high five takes place somewhere.

The Flyers are offering prizes and shit for fans that vote Flyers into the All-Star Game. [ NHL Digest ]
Damn it, the Flyers blow.


Going through the old Pens pages the other night was the highlight of our 2007 calendar year.

Then we realized there are 29 other teams to cover.

The first thing we did was go find Florida Panther pages,
looking for pics from the 1996 Eastern Conference Finals.

Ouch. Ouch. That hurts.

Replace Lindros with Lemieux or Jagr, and that was the 96 Conference Finals.

And this picture is just sickening, even with Rod Brind'Amour being stunned.

1990s: [ Days of our Laus ]
"The one and only award-winning Paul Laus web site."


Recchi blog

Tons of Mark Recchi info coming in.

Remember, the only thing we break is wind.

So we reccommend the following sites to get you any breaking news about a possible trade.
[ LGP ]
[ Empy Netters ]
[ Faceoff Factor ]

Recchi already started moaning. [PG]

"I'm not really sure," Recchi said. "We're kind of fighting an uphill battle here right now. I don't know where I fit in here."

[All by "Hillier"]

[ Mark Recchi Home Page ]
It's in French, but it doesn't matter.

Recchi's bobblehead night is Monday night.

Strangely enough, if he is dealt,
it will not be the first time a Pens player has been traded before his booblehead was released.

Alexi Kovalev didn't make it to his bobblehead night in 2003.


Random Youtube

Avery gets douched.
Thanks to
Nick Z.

Mark Recchi even sucks on video games.


Read John B went to the Hockey Hall of Fame and got some sweet pics. [ Flickr ]


Go Pens


FireFox said...

Once again Bettman proves he is the head douche. Widening the rink will obstruct sight lines? Come on dude, do you really think we believe that? As the blog said, those stupid nets do enough of that. But so does the glass if you are sitting down low. You know what obstucts my site lines? Crapping low scoring games with no end-to-end action because of the damn TRAP!

And that pic of Recchi headed off to Columbus (or Wheeling)?... priceless.

Loser Chris said...

Just a quick note...

Stars fans were nothing but classy at the Pens game in Dallas last season. Show them the same respect if you run across any at the game tonight.

Let's go Pens!

Anonymous said...

once again, Gary Bet-i-cant-screw-with-the-nhl-man strikes again. Bigger rinks would be great for all teams, and would greatly benefit a team like the Pens. Im still trying to figure out how an extra couple of feet will ruin my vision. I got no problem watching games on olympic sized ice, which is like 100 ft. Oh, and the olympics too. By then team USA would be pretty good.

but i guess you can make the arguement, last time team USA won gold, it was a team of college kids

EmDubs said...

Thank God there's a game tonight..... its been forever

stokes said...



Holy balls, i've been waiting all week for this day to finally arrive.

wilsmith said...

They won't widen the rinks because then they'd have to lose some seats. They got rid of the goal judge so they could add like 3 seats on either side, why would they ever move the rink out and lose probably a row or 2 along the whole outside of the rink?

It's too bad, bigger rinks would be great. It's more fun to play on, and would be better to watch.

Stoosh said...

Bigger rinks won't affect sight lines; they'll affect the revenue going into the pockets of ownership. That's the main reason they won't do it. Bettman is the mouthpiece of the ownership, so that's where this is coming from.

I'd love to see it, though. Players are generally bigger and definitely faster out there now than they were 25 years ago, and that makes it seem like there's less room out there to play. I'd love to see it.

I think you'll see bigger nets before you see bigger rinks.

They need to find ways to continue to generate more scoring chances. Teams are still stacking four at the blueline and forcing the dump-and-chase game. Not sure they can shrink the neutral zone any more than they already have, though.

Anonymous said...

People talk about the yankees and the mlb spending binges that the big market teams go on, but looking at that '02 red wings team is sickening. They had at least 9 hall of fame players, maybe 10(datsyuk). That blows any team thats been put together in MLB out of the water. Its amazing to think that you could actually pull that off pre-lockout. Wasn't fair to the pens during that time. We've been trying to win with 1.5 good lines for the last 15 years.

rwarner174 said...

I can maybe see how the sight lines would be affected. But still I think that bigger rinks would really help the game. Not that I'm a pro or anything but when I used to play deck hockey at Nevil Island 5 or so years ago we played on a regulation rink. There was so much room compared to you average deck rink. It was really nice and it seemed like you had room to make plays and what not. Watching the Olympics I can see how bigger rinks really has an affect on the game. Seems like there is a ton of room to skate out there. Hopefully they see the light and make this change someday.

snoopyjode said...

OH. MY. GOD!!!

the owner of the company just came in here and gave me 2 free tickets to tonight's game!!!!!!!!!!!! looks like i will be in section B28 (just above where the stars will enter the ice)!


Eric said...

found some info on the revamped schedules for next season, looks like this for the Pens:

24 games against Atlantic division opponents
40 games against rest of Eastern Conference
18 games against Western conference teams (1 game against each of the 15 teams, 3 wild-card games)

Thank Mario it's a hockey night
Go Pens

wilsmith said...

Yes, Stoosh.

I don't know about the bigger nets though, at least there's other places in the world that use the bigger ice surface, so maybe there's some chance of that happening since there's actually a precedent for it. I really don't like the idea of making the nets bigger. To me that just seems like cheating to get more goals. They wouldn't open the game up, it'd still be slow and boring, but there would be more goals. Is that really what people want, just more goals and not a more wide open game?

All the European players probably grew up playing on that big ice -- maybe they'll push for it, but that's probably wishful thinking.
I would love it, personally.

and don't take this the wrong way, snoop, but this is me hating you right now.

Jonny V said...

Snoop, u must wear underwear made of rabbit's feet. Luck just follows you around. I wonder how you clean these gutcheez though...

And we have a new arena being built, with a young, fast team that will fill it for the foreseeable future. It's a damn shame that there is a rule regulating size of the rinks, I know the old girls that were torn down in other cities (Buffalo, Boston and Chicago) had rinks that were smaller than they are now. It'd be huge if Bettman left it up to teams as to if they wanted to go bigger and lifted the restriction.

Mark Recchi said...

Am I gone yet?

bill said...

I dont think i have said this since i was 10 years old but...


Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

what is the best bar in the burgh to watch the pens game tonight?

Adrienne said...

I think it's an absolute shit idea if the NHL cans the 2014 Olympics because of the timezone exchange. It didn't stop them from the Olympics in Italy, and Sochi is only another 2 hours ahead.

Bettman is fucking KILLING the NHL single handed. UGH.

On another note, this was the longest fucking week ever, thankfully hockey is finally back on. :D

wilsmith said...

Adrienne speaks the truth.

CDUBBS said...

Gotta love seeing Mark Eaton getting the "A" for tonights game. 5 blocked shots...what a beast. He should keep the "A" all year.

stokes said...

Eaton with the "A"= SOLID.

What a solid game against a solid team.

Holy shit. GO PENS.


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