Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don't Worry, We'll Find A Way

A few days off, and there is still more civil unrest in Pens Nation than some jobber third world country.
Things still aren't desperate, but they're about to be.

Huge week for the Pens.
We need points.

Wednesday's game is the final of 3,000 straight games against the Atlantic.
Looking back on this little run, is like looking back on the ugly people you've hooked up with.

(If Wanda can't spark a winning streak, who can?)

On Thanksgiving, we get to see our old friends.

What a disastrous Thanksgiving this could be.
At least we'll have some good food to vomit up.


Max Talbot is hurt. [ PG]
He will miss at least three games.

So, what are the lines going to be?
Therrien's latest mixture. [ Trib ]

Ryan Malone-Sidney Crosby-Petr Sykora

Erik Christensen-Evgeni Malkin-Colby Armstrong/Mark Recchi

Gary Roberts-Jordan Staal-Tyler Kennedy

Jarkko Ruutu-Adam Hall-Georges Laraque

It is between Recchi and Army.


Is Mark Recchi unhappy? [ Brochuishockey ]
The rumor is from P. J. Stock, who's about as reliable as shriveled balls.


Whoever it is, just score a goal, man.

Hopefully good Karma will float in the Pens direction...after this. [ PG]
Solid humans.

Big ups to [Empty Netters] for finding that.



Ryan Getzlaf got some cash money. [ TSN ]
5 yr/26mil.
Well worth it.

The Ducks are still awaiting word on Scott Niedermayer.
He still has not said if he will be back or not.

Artwork from Earl Sleek of [Battle of California] via [Fanhouse]

Speaking of Anahiem

Brian Burke's comments about bloggers was interesting. [ Mirtle ]

"With a journalist, I know they’ve had some training. I know there will be a fact checker and an editor to keep them accountable. I will know what to expect from [journalists] because if they take a bribe or report false information, they’ll get fired. With bloggers, there’s no safeguard and no guarantees. That will change when one of them gets hit with a libel lawsuit, because one blogger is going to be careless with the fact and they’re going to get nailed. A lot of people will cite the first amendment and call blogging “freedom of speech,” but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a responsibility to be factually correct.”

That looks smart, but is actually the stupidest thing someone has said in a long time.
Burke obviously doesn't read Dave Molinari's work.

And since we've said numerous times not to listen to us, and that this site is 100% satire,

Capitals suck [ Japers Rink ]
No real reason for that link.
It just makes us feel better.

[<span class=
There is a new Kings blog in town.
[ Queen among Kings ]


[Barry Melrose Rocks ] is tracking suspensions in a way only he can.


Jobber of the week
[<span class=
From a while ago--- Don Barden on the new casino's appearance.

People will "see something much more attractive than Heinz Field," he said.

Another acceptable recipient:

Well, Cowher doesn't coach over there anymore, so maybe they will actually show up AFC championships game now. Maybe more people will stay.


Go Pens


stokes said...

There's actually like hot chicks in that picture with Wanda.

Either that, or she's just such a train wreck that they look that good next to her...

Let's Go Pens.

FritoWill said...

i know he has nothing to do with this but...

Thursday when i went to the game, my wife and I went with some friends and their mother who was in from California. The mother is a huge Mark Recchi fan (sorry for her) and it just so happens Recchi plays his way to being a healty scratch! (jackass)

wilsmith said...

Finally I get to go to a game tonight. Photoblog after the game.

Anonymous said...

Stokes: hot chicks?

Raise your standards buddy.

Hooks Orpik said...

Pictured: 4 Penguins giving out Thanksgiving meals to needy Hill District families

Not Pictured: Jake Wheatley doing the same.

Stoosh said...


ZING! That's awesome!

wilsmith said...

Where is that picture taken?

That girl showed up on 4chan a couple days ago, and you don't want to ever show up on that site.

Anonymous said...

PSI is reporting Recchi will be a healthy scratch. We can only hope.

karri said...

Hey guys...please retire the Wanda pic. I'm feeling real bad for her now. Give that poor girl a break.

Have a great night at the igloo, Wilsmith...enjoy the Pens winning this game. I'm a bit jealous.

I'm hoping the second line combo will be...

Erik Christensen-Evgeni Malkin-Colby Armstrong

...and also that Staal will score tonight with Roberts on the assist.


stokes said...

Hey Anon,

Notice i siad "Either that, or she's just such a train wreck that they look that good next to her." That implies that they aren't that hot, she's just THAT nasty.

Wanda is what i think they call the "grenade."

Steal Thunder said...

Where would one inquire to find somebody to bribe me to write crap on my blog? I'm a little curious, as I could use a little pocket money...


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