Wednesday, November 14, 2007

'Cause Nothin' Lasts Forever

Tlutsy, you got some 'splainin to do.

Actually, no, you don't. At all. [ National Post ]
If you guys want to know the scoop on this story, honestly, find it yourselves.
[ Fanhouse ] has all the links for you in a neat little post.

We just know there's a Jobber of the Week award to be given out.

[<span class=

This one goes to Zack Taylor, the idiot who posted the pictures online on his blog [ Is This Happening ]
One look at this dude's blog, and you can see he's in love with himself.

We are not going any further into this than we have to, but apparently this moron posted the naked pictures of Tlusty online on his blog...and then questioned Tlusty's sexual orientation.


Zack Taylor posted naked pictures of another man on his blog and questioned said man's sexual orientation.

Can you picture this Zack Taylor turd grinning ear to ear while uploading the pics onto his blog?
Very disturbing.

He's getting his 15 minutes of fame because he posted naked pictures of another man on his blog.
What a feather in your cap.

Anyone who posts pictures of other peoples' personal lives to get hits on their stupid blog is an idiot.

Expect pictures of Mike Comrie and Hillary Duff.

Which, by the way, if we don't get a mean-spirited photoshop of Hillary Duff by 4pm Thursday........we'll do nothing.
But needless to say.
Wake up people.


ESPN's David Amber has been doing interesting top-10 lists this season.
He counted down the top-10 U.S.-born hockey players of all time. [ ESPN Amber ]

10. Barrasso
4. Joey Mullen (somehow behind Brian Leetch at no. 3)

Number 1:

He was a beast.
Averaged 48 goals per season from 1987-1993.

If he would have beat the Lemieux in 1992-1993 scoring race, then we would have reason to dislike the man.
But what a player.


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The Red Wings had a scare when their plane slid off the runway after their game Tuesday night. [ Fanhouse ]

It reminded Chris Chelios of the time back in the 1800's when the team's horse-and-buggy crashed on its way to Kalamazoo.


Besides Tlusty, news in the NHL is slower than John Leclair.

So, we decided to find the NHL arenas that still do not have a sponsor.

Madison Square Garden

Joe Louis Arena

And lastly
Nassau Coliseum


Speaking of trash and the Nassau Coliseum.
The Islanders are in town tonight. Huge game.

The Pens are retiring Paul Coffey's stuff.
Solid human.

Letang's first game up since last year...on a night when the Pens retire one of the best offensive defensive man ever?

It has the makings. Even though we just jinxed it.

We'll be lucky enough to be in attendance.

Nothing else is going on.

Guns 'N' Roses, take us home.

Go Pens


Hooks Orpik said...

"If he would have beat the Lemieux in 1992-1993 scoring race, then we would have reason to dislike the man."

I don't think Jesus of Nazareth, let alone Patty LaFontaine could outscore Mario Lemieux circa 1993.

Speaking of Naz, good luck to Alain Nasreddine back down in Wilkes-Barre. Short of Ronnie Francis you won't fine a classier guy around.

Fleury29 said...

Solid post tonight, gentlemen.

Gotta love la-la-la-la-la-la-LaFontaine!

That was a great pic of Nassau Coliseum.

MummRa said...

Seamless transitions from The Son of Man to Alain Nasreddine is why c-blog is vital to a swingin' good time.

Now we need six degrees of Steve Poapst.

Stoosh said...

Reason #104,509 why this blog kicks some f'ing ass:

Got into work early this morning, took a break to check the blog and I'm greeted with Guns N' Roses. As a diehard Guns fan when I was growing up, that's quality. In fact, that's more than quality - that's easily triple quality.

Back around 1987-88, mainstream rock was ruled by Bon Jovi and Poison. Appetite broke around that time. If there was ever such a thing as an auditory kick to the groin, you got one when you heard Appetite For Destruction the first time.

Twenty years later, that album still holds up. Unfortunately, Axl had to go Brian Wilson on the band and overdid it with the Illusion albums. Almost no original material since. Maybe they were better off that way.


Big game tonight. The Stooshes will be there (Section C13, right on the aisle near the folks with the Malone sign). I can't wait.

Love the picture of Nassau Coliseum, by the way.

Arlow said...

Anyone else get that feeling that things are about to change? The game against the Devils Monday felt like one of those losses that the Pens suffered in '93. Every now and then they'd lose a game that they should've won. It wasn't the end of the world. And it usually happened because of a late goal, usually against an inferior team like N.J. What they would do in that instance is bounce back the following game and trounce the unlucky humans they had to play that night. That's how I feel. Tonights guarantee....Jordan Staal has his first multiple point game of the season. Bank on it.

Anonymous said...

Pens recall Kennedy. I don't think WB/S played while he was there....

Are they trying to toy with him?

Anonymous said...

Great photo of Nassau Coliseum, I wonder what symbol would best symbolize the arena in Shitsburg?


ANON 10:03 --


Talbots Moustache said...

All I can say is LET'S GO PENS LET'S GO PENS LET'S GO PENS...........

Talbots Moustache said...

Just to pass it along the pens called Kennedy back up after only one game in WBS (he had 2 assists by the way)...Could this mean that Rex is sittin (that's just a thought)

pensblogderek said...


Any word if the Isles are dressing Mike Bossy tonight?

Andrew said...

Wow, Zack Taylor is a huge douchebag. I don't think I can come up with a bigger bag of douche...besides Anon at 10:03, at least people come to our games. Hopefully with the emotion that comes with inducting the man, Paul Coffey, into the Pens HoF, the Pens can come out flying.

Go Pens

Sinops said...

Chance to get outta the basement tonight. Hopefully we can turn this shit around with a nice win. Maybe Paul Coffey will bring us some luck. Hell, he should suit up.

Stoosh said...

ANON @ 10:03

Shitsburgh, eh? Good one. That was drop-dead f'ing hysterical the first 50,000 times I've heard it. Did you come up with that one all on your own, or did mommy help you with that?

Hey, speaking of used up, are you guys dragging Al Arbour's ancient ass back behind the bench again? Maybe while we're at it, we can get Bossy, Gillies, Butch Goring, and Denis Potvin to suit up tonight too, huh? Have we had another ceremony for Billy Smith yet? Lord knows we probably haven't recognized those early-80s Islander teams enough.

Can't wait to play my favorite game tonight when the Isles come to town - count how many times Brendan Witt does his impression of a turtle. I haven't seen anything that dead-on since Tommy Soderstrom used to do his impression of a seive.

wilsmith said...

Brendan Witt is talentless.

Normally I'd say something like "is a fag", but in this case, talentless fits best.

Canaan said...

hey dr and ac,

do you have a gallery/folder with all the photoshops?

i need the picture of laraque where it looks like hes pounding the ice with his fist. i know it was ps'ed with a mario/1up theme. the original pic would be awesome if you could ship it via email


thePensblogderek > Pensblog Adam said...


We don't have that one. But Harr does, if he is still alive.


Did I see you are going to be at the game? We'll be there too, maybe we'll stop by and say hello.


wallflower said...

LOL @ anonymous. The first rule of insulting anyone on the internet is to use correct spelling & grammar.

So it's not "Shitsburg," as Pittsburgh is spelled with an 'h' it would be "ShitsburgH."

But nice try, Sienna Miller.

PittHockey said...

Penguins will be fine tonight as long as Therrien took the extra time to get them fired up.

snoopyjode said...

fleury29, DAMMIT ANYHOW! if only you had posted that japanese sid blow up doll a week ago, i would have had time to request it from my husband for my birthday! hahaha

for real though, that thing is going to haunt my dreams now. it looks kind of like ahhhnold as the terminator wearing sid's jersey. (where the hell are his irises?!) cripes that was frightening.

RJ said...

Nice to see some Patty La love. He was a beast, indeed.

Love the blog, guys.

(this from a Sabres fan, too...)

The Seeker said...


How the heck do you get the All Star ballot on to allow you to write-in players not on the ballot?

I know how it is supposed to work, but it always shows an error when you write-in players.

Ted Nolan said...

Hey Shoot,
How is last place treating all of you?

P.S - Bossy is not playing tonight!

canaanregulatesblog said...

ted nolan,

how does it feel that we have raped and pillaged your land?

actually, im sorry about that... here's a blanket.

Arlow said...

Think Ted Nolan has ever stroked it to "Dancing with Wolves?"

Anonymous said...

Well I would call it shitsburgh only because we are a joke and elected a 27 year old for mayor. It doesn't get more embarrasing than that? I mean do people really go in and just pull the Dem lever blindly because they are to stupid to pay attention to what is going on. I could of dealt with him winning? But by the same precentages as every other year? The fact that a child is running our city wasn't enough to scare anyone into changing their mind? My god this city has no hope of ending the corruption that prevent it from being great. Because of this scum Pittsburgh is nothing but a polished turd.

I love the pens and I love about 35% precent of the people in the city. Most of the suburbs are filled with decent people. But the 65% retards that pulled the dem lever in the last mayor election need slapped in the face. Most of them are your friends in the Hill.

Until we play somewhere besides mellon arena I don't think we have the right to say anything about any other city's arena.

john said...

c'mon, who hasn't done that?

Stoosh said...

PENSBLOG STAFF - We'll be there (myself and my wife Christine)...Section C13. Can't remember the row, but we've got the aisle seat and the first seat in. I'll probably be wearing a white Crosby jersey...Jerome Bettis-like physique (which is a nice way of saying I'm fat). :)

Hopefully we'll see you guys there.

Steve In Denver said...

Today is National Recycle Day. So when you take a dump, instead of senselessly flushing it away, throw it at a Flyers fan, Rangers fan, or Islanders fan. I left out the Caps and Devils because they have no fans.
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Ted Nolan...any thoughts for how to deal with the adversity of a losing team? You've been living it since 1981.

J.S. said...

Steve, have you seen a pic of the Nassau County Portajohn? Not many fans there either. At least 2k under a sellout every game, and that doesn't include the tickets that have already been bought.

Anon, be lucky this pic wasn't used. I like to call this "Islanders Home Ice"

click meh

Aaron said...

I hope to see as may Pens fans a possible on Saturday.......I don't want to be alone!!


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