Tuesday, November 20, 2007

And Thats The Way It Is

18 points

What else can even be said.
The Pens are at the point where they can climb back up the mountain. Or the wheels can fall off and everyone will die along the Oregon Trail like they almost did last year.
Ryan Whitney was sold for cattle

The Colby Armstrong Saga [ PG ]

The Pens have to go 44-18 the rest of the season to attain the 105 points of last season. [ PG ]
Then again, a 15-game winning streak of last season's variety turns that into the achievable record 29-18.
Those winning streaks don't come around often.

Mark Madden wrote a piece about the veterans on the Pens. [ Beaver Times ]

Now we no question agree with Mark Madden on this.
Something has to be done.

And it goes without saying we totally did not mean to imply we hope Mark Recchi gets hurt like the last post would make it seems.

But perhaps good friend Captain Byron Hadley could be called in.

Step back this Moth#$^% is about to have an accident.

Bottom line:

Someone is going to have to do something.

In case you missed any.
Here are all the Penguins goals in games 1-20 so far.
Huge thanks go to Eric Politowski.


The Pens and Sens are now playing in Stockholm to kick off 08-09. [ Kukla's Korner ]

Again, Power Rankings are as relevant as the last 4 minutes of "Chuck" every Monday.
Pens are 21st. [ TSN ]

Where does Sidney Crosby rank in terms of pop-culture recognition?
TSN finds out. [ TSN ]

We are late on this. But USA Today's Kevin Allen chimes in on the Pens goalies situation.
[USA Today]
(thanks to Greg N for the link)


Change the NHLblog

Bettman may have settled on a scheduling changes that pleases all. [ Ottawa Sun ]

Here is a solid piece about whether or not the game at the NHL level is too fast. [ Globe and Mail ]

Jason Kay takes a look at making the nets bigger to increase scoring. [ The Hockey News ]


The East dominates the West in terms of scoring.
Does that mean the West dominates the East in goaltending? [ ESPN Terry Frei ]


[<span class=

Marty Brodeur finally got his 500th career win. [ Fanhouse ]
Looks like this picture was taken in some basement, which is where the Devils currently are.

[van.<span class=
Mattias Ohlund has been suspended 4 games for the slash.

[phi.<span class=
Simon Gagne is having concussion problems. [ NHL.com ]

"...Gagne came through that OK, but didn’t look like himself on the ice. Two nights later, he was hit by Pittsburgh’s Gary Roberts and the symptoms came back."

[<span class=
Vinny Lecavalier jumps to the top of the scoring race.



We sent a bunch of wristbands out last week.
We feel badly it has taken so long.

We're trying.


Ron Francis' Hall of Fame Goalie Mask [ Kukla's Korner ]


Some unreal goalie cards

Jeff Jimmerson is sick.

Thanks to fritowill for the recording job.
And thanks to Amanda H. for hosting it.
[ National Anthem ]

Jesse White sent this in:


The best episode of the season thus far.
Best actor on TV.

Go Pens


J.S. said...

At least Hart didn't disgrace St. Ron's goalie mask with a Maple Leaf.

MummRa said...

It doesn't get any better than The Oregon Trail. If you guys were any more da bomb, we'd have to throw you at Iraq.

"Mark Recchi has a broken leg. Press ENTER to size up the situation"

Lady Jaye said...

The day is not complete without an Oregon Trail reference. Thanks guys.

Heroes = wow.

The Emo Cow said...

about that globe and sports piece on speed... instead of trying to slow the game down, maybe the NHL should think about adapting to the world-sized hockey rinks.

but that would take away some seats and revenue, and gary forbid that happens.

The Emo Cow said...

so yeah... I definitely didn't read the whole article, and I didn't get to where it mentioned bigger rinks...

Nicholas said...

Anyone else think Bryzgalov would have been a sweet pickup?

I realize we're having this "Sabu/Fleury" tandem, but it's obviously not working out. If Bryzgalov can get a shutout with the 'defense' of Phoenix (if you can call it that) it might have been an interesting pick-up

Loser Chris said...

The Pens never got a shot at Ilya, the Coyotes had higher waiver claim priority.

Sinops said...

Pens did not have chance to pick up Bryzgalov. I think Phoenix had the option before we could have. Not even worth thinking about.

Anonymous said...

How can you guys dis chuck when heroes is the most vile piece of filth on television?

EmDubs said...

You know, I never thought I would say this, but I miss Michel Ouellet..... the Pens could really use a garbage goal guy like that on their 2nd line. He only has 4 goals this year, but hell that's 3 more than most of the Pens' players this year.

Jonny V said...

To all anonymous', a request: before you make a comment on here, ask yourself if you are so much of a bitch that you can't have people mad at you for actually having an opinion attributed to you. I don't know if that makes sense, but i think the gyst of it is anonymous commentors are one of the most vile scourges on the internet.

It means u suck.

Jonny V said...

For the Oregon Trail fans

MummRa said...

You can also check out this place for some awesome Oregon Trail shirts. Or awesome shirts in general, all you fellow children of the 80's. I highly recommend a Cobra Kai Do Jo t-shirt. Sweep the Leg, Johnny!

(apologies ahead of time if my HTML linking sucks ass)

To give this post some penguins relevance, Mad Max is out for a week due to a sprained ankle suffered by the loss of his moo-stache counter balancing.

Nicholas said...

Yah I assumed we never had the shot, especially since there was no mention of it from anyone, just that they picked him up. Just saying it would have been cool to even have the shot and see what would have happened if we took him or passed him up.

And someone needs to tell the Pens that the John Tavares Lotto is NEXT seasons draft. This one I'd be ok with a 15ish-20ish pick again and going for the final Staal.

Speaking of which, the Staal parents should be forced to continually reproduce for the good of the NHL. Jordan may be having an off year, but everyone sees his potential, Eric and Marc look amazing, and I've heard Jared can light the lamp best of all

wilsmith said...

We play Oregon Trail at work every day. Sidney Crosby always finishes the trail at full Health, Gary always finishes at Moderate. Often times we lose Colby when we try and caulk the wagon and float it across the river. Hell, a stiff breeze would take that frame of his away, imagine what the mighty Big Blue could do. BGL always does the hunting, and believe me, he can carry back more than just 100 lbs of food.

If people want the game and IIe emulator, email me.

Sinops said...

Talbot will miss at least a week with an ankle injury from practice yesterday. Fuck. At least Colby will finally play.

Sinops said...

It would have been possible to part with like a 6th round draft pick for Ilya, but why screw with Fleury's head even more than our asshole coach already does?

It might have worked out ok, but oh well.

It is getting to the point where we are going to have to make this a spring of 2006 and just let the young guys see what they got. Dump Rex, Roberts, and Sydor. If nobody wants them give them an outright release.

J.S. said...


Nicholas said...

Snipos --

I would have agreed with you a few years ago.

The whole "don't mess with Fleury's head" debate I feel at this time is absolutely crap.

He now has a 40-win campaign under his belt, and I don't care if thats inflated with OT-Shootout wins.

I don't know if anyone watches "House" but one episode House refers to Doctor Foreman after he blows a case as having 'Ips'; He defines it as 'Steve Blass, David Duval, Scott Norword; All great athletes who lost their confidence and start sucking. There's no coming back from the Ips'

Well if Fleury has the Ips he got it back with Team Canada when that goal went off his own D-man against USA. He needs to come back now, or there is no coming back from it.

Cutting Fleury slack is way-past time. Ya our D sucks at times, I have no problem letting those slide, it's the soft goals, the rebounds, the lack of confidence behind the net, and never stealing a game.

There's no coming back from the Ips

Loser Chris said...

Never stealing a game?!?!?

My head just exploded...

stokes said...


I hope MAF doesn't have the 'lps."

I'd rather him have SARS, or dysentery.

wilsmith said...

Who are we to determine a goalies confidence? Do you have some kind of psychic powers where you can see into his mind?

Seriously, cut it with that crap.

Jonny V said...

Or he can take HGH and come back as a goal scoring winger a la Rick Ankiel

Eric said...

Thanks for posting my video! Appreciate it!

Nicholas said...

"Who are we to determine a goalies confidence? Do you have some kind of psychic powers where you can see into his mind?

Seriously, cut it with that crap."

Wil, I'm not determining his confidence at all. I was replying to the statement "If we had signed/traded for/taken off waivers Goaltender X, what would that do to Fleury's confidence?"

My answer was I don't care what it does, we shouldn't have to tip-toe around the guy in fear of what will happen if he thinks he has a bad game.

I don't mean to put anything or everything on Fleury, he's just a rusty Cog in machine that has multiple creaking-parts, but I really, really hate having to play the softball game with Fleury. It's the big leagues now.

If Fleury has the Ips, cutting him slack isn't going to be the way to cure it at this point.

Polish Kid said...

At this point last season, we had exactly the same amount of goals given up as this season (I read that in the Trib's quarter season review. What a tremendous piece of literature that was.) So for as much everyone criticizes our defense, they are as effective as they were last year. We just aren’t scoring. Seven of the twelve losses this season were by one goal. I can only remember not showing up for two games, the opener against Carolina, which gave me an eerie reminder of game one against Ottawa last year, and that home debacle against Toronto. We have way too much firepower. These guys will get going. There’s no reason not to expect this team to rip off another 16 or so game winning streak. Be careful what you say about Recchi and Roberts, these are the same guys you put on pedestals as Gods last season. There will be no player flip-flopping, that’s what Steeler fans do.

Anonymous said...

The link to the national anthem is messed up....

Jonny V said...

I'm a Steeler fan, and I don't flip-flop on anything. When they play bad, it's obvious. And vice-versa. In my opinion the same as every fan of a major sport.

Some (not most) hockey fans crack me up with their "our game doesn't get enough respect our local media pays too much attention to the NFL we need more fans but not puck bunnies or people who wear the wrong sports jerseys to games or people who don't cheer as loud as me" pissy little bitch attitude. I've never heard Steeler fans bitch about such (Pensblog Charlie censored) things. Enjoy watching the Penguins play, take the losses as hard as you want, and relish the wins. If Shero and the ownership get fed up with Therien's coaching decisions, they'll can him. We were looking forward to the season's start so much this summer, but the team isn't playing up to our expectations and some are forgetting what the staff has been reminding us since it started. It's a marathon, not a sprint. I know last season was last season, but this place has turned into piss and moan central compared to the fun and jokes that were had last season. I know the staff has been going through personal issues, and my heart is with yinz, but fellas, please do something to return this site to what it was. I know the team's success plays a hand in it, and hopefully they'll pull they're shit together soon.

stokes said...

My fiance sat next to Mike Therrien's table at dinner tonight, and he said to her, "I will guarantee a win against the Devil tomorrow."

Ok, so he didn't actually say any of that, but i'm gonna go ahead and do.

The Pens win tomorrow, guaranteed BLOW OUT!. i love the night before thanksgiving hockey game.

LET'S GO PENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fleury29 said...

Amen, Jonny V.


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