Friday, October 5, 2007


Finally the day has come.

Waking up today is like waking up on Christmas morning.

Except, at least today you don't have to worry about whether or not Santa Claus touched you when you were sleeping.

Do it.


Are there any Rangers fans reading the blog tonight?
Get 'em up against the wall.

Will Smith assisted with a photoshop in pointing out the uncanny resemblance that Malkin bears to Bob Geldof, who was Pink in "The Wall."

Fans of The Wall have to appreciate this resemblance.
For more pictures of Geldof in The Wall - [ The Wall Analysis ]


The Baby Pens got off to a good start. [ FaceOff Factor ]
They beat the Hershey Homos.
A little revenge after Hershey knocked them out of the playoffs last year.

Little boy = Scarred for life.


A beginner's guide to attending hockey games. [ Barry Melrose Rocks ]

Leave the Puck Bunnies alone. They have no interest in you, and you don't know where they've been.



We aren't officially sure which blogger found it.
We happened to see it on [ Sharkpage ]
Versus new commercials:


Some other good ones
[ Briere ]
[ Staal ]

Emery says it is insulting when someone scores on him.
No further comment necessary.


Speaking of Rex.
He, Gary Roberts, and Gonch got named assistant captains for the season. [LGP ]
Solid choices.

Rex and Sid buy luxury boxes for charity. [ ]


Sid has Reebok by the balls.
If he wanted them to change the company's name to monkeyfart, it would happen.
He spoke out about the Edge Uniforms [ Fanhouse ]

...The Puckbunny debate rages on. [ Fanhouse ]
Very interesting.

Hey, lady, you're carrying a dustpan full of ice.


[min.<span class=
It turns out Niklas Backstrom won't be the big cheese in goal for Minnesota.
Coach Jacques Lemaire says new goalie Josh Harding gives Minnesota two "A goalies, no B goalies." [ Fanhouse again ]

[car.<span class=
Ron Francis named assistant GM. [ TSN ]
See you Friday night.


DJ Gallo writes a entertaining column. [ ESPN ]
(Thanks Jonny V.)

ESPN showed some highlights of hockey, too.
What's the world coming to?



Okay, this isn't the biggest secret in the world.
But maybe we can help out-of-town Penguins fans see Pens games after all.

Pensblog image guru Jeff turned us on to this site.
Backstory: Jeff is actually living in Korea.
But using this correctly, he can watch the Pens (and other sports) when they air.

We'll cut to the chase. Because you may want to test this.

You can do this a few ways.
You can start at the Introduction. [ P2P FAQ ]

Or you can kind of follow the steps.
We had Jeff walk through this with us.

You'll want to check out the NHL schedule to see what program you may need.
[ P2P NHL ]
(For the record, it should be just the Sopcast program)
Think of the whole thing as just matching up programs.

(click to enlarge)


Download Sopcast. [ Sopcast ]

Find the Link of the Pens game [PSP forum ]

(Click to enlarge)

Now we will try our best to get that link to you in our daily game post,
but remember, we are mud.

You can drop a line in commentorblog and Jeff will try to get back to you.
Also remember that the sopcast process is not without its errors.

It could go out in the third period if a streamline goes down.
It could be a bad link.
Or it could go down because the internet can't handle Gary Roberts.

But it is worth a shot.


Quick Scoreboard check.
[ ]

We're not gonns link every score every night.
But tonight...

How good do the Rangers and Flyers look?

5 - 2

3 - 2

Drury scores the game-winning goal for the Rangers. [ TSN ]

Jags is like, "myeah."

And Dan Briere scores the GW for the Flyers. [ TSN ]

Both teams looked good.
The Atlantic division is going to be insane.


See you Friday night with the recap.
It's good that life makes sense again.

Raleigh, North Carolina
Game 1

Hooks Orpik:

"I find I’m so excited I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head.
I think it’s the excitement only a Penguins fan can feel. A Pens fan at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope they can make it to the Finals. I hope to see Lord Stanley and shake his hand. I hope that Gary Roberts is as dominant as he has been in my dreams.
I hope."

It will be a sea of black and gold wherever you are on Friday.


pensblog jeff said...

I'll try to check in every once in a while to answer any questions you jobbers have.

Hooks Orpik said...

I put this in yesterday's post, but who's going to see it now?

"I find I’m so excited I can barely sit still or hold a thought in my head.

I think it’s the excitement only a Penguins fan can feel. A Pens fan at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain. I hope they can make it to the Finals. I hope to see Lord Stanley and shake his hand. I hope the Gary Roberts is as dominant as he has been in my dreams......I hope."

PS jeff in korea you are a prince among men. good work my friend.

Anonymous said...

it's 2:47 am and I can't sleep in jersey.

I have to wake up and drive to atlantic city in 2 hours for a job and the only thing i can think about is PENS HOCKEY.

I am going to have to make myself throw up I think!

Adrienne said...

FINALLY the season is here. I'm going to go sleep curled up in my jersey.

Mmm... hockey season. :)

Adrienne said...


'Being Called a Puckbunny Makes Me Want to Stab Faces'

The headline above is a quote from Cat, a 22-year-old Dallas woman who blogs on a recently-launched site called Untypical Girls; a site whose mantra is, "Who says girls can only like shopping and shoes? We like sports and beer, and we're proud."

Uhh. yeah, because launching an entire site called "Untypical GIRLS" where you sit there and brag about "having a vagina AND enjoying sports and beer" has absolutely nothing to do with striving for attention based solely off the fact that you're a girl.

Fucking puckbunny. Someone slapshot her in the face.

Ashley said...

Adrienne: we could also crosscheck her in the face, ruin that brand new nose job.

Also, I think we should insult Ray Emery time and time and time again, everytime we play against him and the Sens. A final score of 12 to 2 would be just fine with me.

Just hours to go before game 1. Go Pens, kick some 'Cane ass.

And to any Canucks out there, Happy Thanksgiving. Now I gotta go and catch a bus filled with stinky people who like to touch others. Ahhh, what a Friday...

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Nothing to say but LETS GO PENS!!

Korn said...

That ESPN article was poop. Although I have noticed that the WWL is giving hockey some more love. Setting the stage for a comeback?

Prediction for tonight's game:
Pens 4 Canes 2
Malkin: 2 g
Gonch: 3 assists
Eric Cole: One concussion

Nathan said...

Ugh, 1:00 seems so far off at this point. Then it's home from work and off to Raleigh. Let's go Pens.

Elly said...

Question: Does the channel formerly known as OLN realize that their Briere commercial makes him look like a sulky little boy kicking cans in the alley? And where did the dog come from?

Ryan said...


It's finally here.


snoopyjode said...

HOLY CRAP. when wilsmith said malkin looked like geldof yesterday, i was kind of like, "what?!" but WOW. he REALLY does. creepy.

and, is it just me, or does this equation make sense to the rest of you:

self-admitted "ho" + attending a hockey game and talking about hot players instead of paying attention to the game = puckbunny

or maybe i'm crazy.

snoopyjode said...

oh, and happy birthday to le magnifique!

dave said...

Sopcast will be great in the future, but Yahoo's streaming tonight's game:

Just check today's scoreboard.

pensblog jeff said...

Okay.... slight problem. It doesn't look like the Pens game is going to be streamed tonight. This is because it will be shown on yahoo. I'm not sure how yahoo works, but this site might have a link to the video feed where it currently says "live video". The guys at the P2P forum might post the proxy for the feed here around game time, if you're lucky.

Two games that are being streamed:

Ducks at BJs, sop:// 7:00PM EST

Sharks at Canorks, sop:// 10:00PM EST

Also, the MyP2P site is testing some new format today, so that screenshot is completely inaccurate. Welcome to the world of pirating sports feeds.

Roberts will hit someone so hard tonight that Bob Errey will get a concussion from watching it.

Barrasso35 said...

Drop the puck?

Oh, the puck shall be dropped... tonight

It's on, mother truckers.

I'm sporting the classic '92 Finals Lemieux jersey. Just e-mailed my mom with the time of the game so she can meet me at the bar.

This is what I live for. This is what we live for. If you didn't almost throw up when you realized what today was, you're not a Pens fan. Then, add to that the fact that the first game of the season starts on Mario's birthday? Holy crap, I did just throw up.

Drop. The. Puck.

Barrasso35 said...

Oh, and here's my breakdown of the whole "puck bunny" thing.

If you don't know any of the player's names but say things like, "Oh, that number 87 is hawt!" You're a puck bunny.

If you spend the entire game gabbing with your friends about how tight some player's ass is, instead of watching the game, you're a puck bunny.

If you are at a hockey game and are wearing hockey attire which has sparkles or is pink, you're a puck bunny. The only acceptable reason to wear pink hockey attire is if it's some sort of breast cancer thing, other than that, no sparkles, no pink. I don't give a damn if you're Cammy Granato, if you're wearing a pink Penguins jersey, you're a puck bunny. End of story.

You can talk about how hot a player is, I don't care about that, that, IMHO, does not make you a puck bunny but if that's all you do, you're a puck bunny... so knock it the fuck off. You're giving female hockey fans bad name.

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

5-2 Pens.

"Pink" Malkin has 2 PP goals and celebrates by destroying a hotel room and shaving his eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

The Atlantic has got to be one of the toughest divisions in hockey this year. I was anxious to see what the Panthers had to make Bucci give them a 3 seed in his column and was pleased to see them up 2-1 starting the third when I got home last night. But then it got depressing real quick. The Rangers scored 4 goals faster than it took Forrest Gump to blow his load. Then I remembered how much pot I smoked in the Garden during all those Phish shows and I felt a little better. The playoff race starts now. A good start this season will be crucial to how we end up. Any games given away early will definitely cost us. GO PENS!!!!!!

thomes08 said...

This could be the best night of my recent life. I've been jealous of all you guys still living in Pittsburgh getting to watch all those games I had to follow online (pre NHL CENTER ICE ONLINE!)

But I just flew into Charlotte, NC where my brother lives and we're about to drive to Raleigh to go to the game.

Center ice. Club level. Row C. $120

Look for me. I'll be the only good looking guy around wearing my black Malkin jersey. I'm make sure to make our boys feel at home.

GO PENS!!!!!!!! GO PENS!!!!!!!! GO PENS!!!!!!!! GO PENS!!!!!!!!

Jason said...

about puckbunnies: i've basically figured that school children in canada get taught hockey like its on of the core classes. didn't even think puckbunnies would exist in a great hockey town like edmonton. but watching the oilers-sharks game last night, what do i see in the first row behind nabokov in the 3rd period? some whore in a pink oilers jersey. you could probably be lynched on site for pulling something like that in edmonton.

and whats up with the high draft picks stealing sid's idea for a number? patrick kane is wearing 88 and sam gagner is wearing 89.

Tee said...

I, much like Jeff, am a displaced american at the whim of the US government and when AFN decides not to show the Pens games I have to use the internet. Here's another hint: if you're willing to pony up a marginal amount of cash (about 5$ a month) you can get a better quality stream than the sopcast stream and they show damn near every game. The site is and the setup of the x264 codec can be a little tricky so make sure you read the threads on it and test everything well before the game starts. Also, yahoo will be streaming the game tonight from what I can gather and it's a great quality stream. I'll be in the gameday chat around 7 to help anyone out who needs help with proxies to get access to the stream... also, I'll see if I can get you guys a direct link to the stream so you can watch it in WMP or VLCplayer so just hop in a half hour early and I'll see what I can do for you guys.

Let's get this motherfucking show on the road boys.



Anonymous said...

Last year watching the streamed games on Yahoo was easy. Just login to your account and change the zip to one outside the Pittsburgh area. No need for a proxy or anything. Hopefully they don't change it this year.

Don K. Show said...

Anonymous (if that's your real name), to be safe, I'd change it to something that's not even close to Pittsburgh. My zip was listed in Johnstown and they wouldn't let me through.

I changed mine to 22032, which was actually random numbers I picked but in reality put me in fairfax, va. That seemed to fix the problem.

Teej said...

It's time. I'm sporting my mid-90s Pens jersey, which might be a sin, but I wanted to save my 2005 white jersey for when I go to tomorrow's game against the Ducks.

"But enough of this palaver...let's get this show on the road!"

Tee said...

Anon, If you're located outside the US you need a proxy. So people like me in Germany and Jeff in Korea have to use one to get through.

Mike Costa said...

I Got A Sneak Preview Of The Bodies Exibit At Sports Works And They Asked You To Sign A Book And Write Something On The Wall, As You Would Expect, I Wrote "Let's Go Pens!" :-D

Staff said...

Whoever just sent that thing in about cragislist.

Could you resend it?

We accidentally pressed the wrong button and deleted it.



MummRaTheEverLiving said...


Any minute now, you can expect a Hershey blog to spend a week analyzing your punctuation and grammar due to your sexually oriented slur.

Going the "Hershey is populated with fudgepackers hoi hoi" route here is mind-bendingly obvious, so let's go to the "they have a coach named Bob Woods" route.

Let your mind work on that. Bob....Woods. Teehee!

Anonymous said...

from the craigslist singles ads:

a pensblog favorite

full address if link doesn't work:

Has to be a joke right?

Steve In Denver said...

Six pack of Fat Tire Ale.
Chips and wicked hot salsa.
Comfy Couch.
Kids duct taped to the wall.
Pens vs Carolina on the TV.

Game. On. Bitches.

Korn said...

Steve in Denver, I'm very envious of you and your Fat Tire Ale. Have not had one in years. Good stuff...

Barrasso35 said...

Fat Tire is gold... but not as good as Yuengling.

Drop the puck!

Drop it!

Damn it, this is taking too long!

wilsmith said...

my weekend plans:

halo 3 -> Pens -> Halo 3 -> Bed -> Halo 3 -> Pens -> Real Hockey to be Played -> Halo 3 -> Bed -> Work =(

Antonette said...

I'm so ready...the laptop is primed to go with the stream (or, probably better and more entertaining, Mike Lange's call of the game) the jersey is on, and the chem midterm is out of my mind.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

It's really starting to hit me now, there are less than 4 fucking hours until Penguins hockey. WOOOOOOOOOO

Jeff said...

I live in the black hole to Penguins games known as Harrisburg. It's close enough to Pittsburgh that we're in FSN's region but far enough away that Comcast doesn't actually carry FSN. Center Ice is blacked out so short of dropping $200 on a dish deposit at my apartment Internet streams are a must. Comcast is the best quality, even saw an HD feed once but you have to mess with proxies. Yahoo is second best, just changed my zip to one in Utah, and Sopcast is usually a "when all else fails" option.


EmDubs said...

Wooooooooooo!!!! 1 hour and 17 minutes until we have a Pens' celebratory happy hr here at work and then its off to watch the game..... Go Pens!!

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Man, that's really tough Jeff. I know if I couldn't see this game tonight, suicide would be an option.

Stoosh said...

If the NHL does one thing 100% right, it's that they have pretty much the shortest offseason of the pro team sports. I can't stand Stanley Cup playoff games in June, but I love the fact that barely four months later, we're playing for real again. Love it.

I don't know about you guys, but this season opener and home opener tomorrow night are especially sweet for me. For so much of last season, I was afraid we'd be facing the 2007-08 season with no season opener to watch and no home opener to attend. A year ago right now, we were all walking into Mellon Arena or turning on our TVs wondering if we'd be watching the last season opener or home opener that this team would have in Pittsburgh.

The arena issue put me through the wringer last year as a sports fan, and it's so nice to not have that cloud hanging over our heads at all for the first time in what...six, seven seasons?

For the first time in a long time, we're starting the season knowing without fail that these are our Pittsburgh Penguins.

Drop the friggin' puck.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Great post Stoosh, you knew when the whole arena thing used to hit me? Not before season openers or playoff games but just walking down the street at 5 PM and thinking we might not have a hockey team anymore. It's absolutely surreal to think all that pain and turmoil is once and for all finally behind us.

Spencemo said...

RE: Puckbunnies...

Barrasso35 = My new hero

Drop the puck!
Drop the puck!
Drop the puck!

wilsmith said...

but puck bunnies have so many other uses

Manikandan said...

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Manikandan said...

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