Friday, October 12, 2007







First off, a special thanks to a private investor who has made it possible for all of us to turn the wristband idea into reality.

We will just call him Ted D.


We have been shopping around for some nice designs.
And calling people who hate their jobs and didn't care about having our business.
We would call people and ask them in-depth questions about stuff, and they really didn't care and seemed irritated.

We've settled on two designs.

And we've changed the company we're getting them from.
The overall price will be jacked up another $100 or so,
but the cost will remain $2 per wristband.
The order will be placed Monday.

We got these models from this site. [ Wristband Connections ]

These were made using a template so that's why the text alignment is garbage.

Bracelets will be solid black.
The lettering will be imbedded in the wristband, and it will be colored Vegas Gold.
We veered away from a gold bracelet because it would look too much like the Livestrongs.
And a two-tone color scheme or swirl would be too busy.
Black goes with everything.





Ashley said...

ah shit, i like them both!!

Ashley said...

You guys should rename the blog for a day in Ted D's honour.

Thanks Ted D

Hooks Orpik said...

At first glance, I'm not really fond of either one (perhaps I'm too used to the Livestrong font)but I think choice B just looks terrible.

Choice A would have the possibility of growing on me, but to be honest, I don't think I'd even wear the B.

Mad props to Pensblog for taking action on this though. Rock on.

Brett said...

It's the same damn design that other dude had just a different color band. Hahahahahaha.

Same font to boot -- the $1.99 porno font -- amazing!

Sorry dudes, but it looks like you guys ripped off Skippy not the other way around.

I was going to give yinz the benefit of the doubt, but I'm going to eBay and placing my order. Geesh.

Staff said...

The chances of everyone liking the designs are slim to none.

We did what we could.
Thanks Hooks.

BRETT - Anyone with a brain knows the comment was posted just to get a rise out of us...

but if you're gonna job us...

don't make yourself look like a fool.

"It's the same damn design that other dude had just a different color band."

So, you're going to pay more for the same product? Geesh.

go pens.


Anonymous said...

Queer all the way around. I can see that ya'll are hard up for sports since the Stillers have a bye week!

Here we go Steelers, Here we go!

Here we go Steelers, Here we go!

Here we go Steelers, Here we go!

Hooks Orpik said...

--brett, you're a joke

--anon, get on some medication

--AC, in re-reading my post it sounds a little harsh. I'm def. buying two of these either way, because:
1)i said i would
2)this solid effort deserves a show of support.

War the Rangers out-shooting the Caps 37-14 through 2 periods, I'm out!

Brett said...


I'm an instigator, I admit it... I think it's all hilarious.

The dude turtled and rolled back his price almost immediately when called out on it = F'N hilarious, part 1.

But you have to admit that the design b is practically identical. Did that even pop up on your radar screen when you talked to the manufacturer? To copy someone who you (or whoever) blasted for copying someone else = F'N hilarious, part 2.

Anyways - let's get back to hockey... when will MR. KENNEDY...

KENNEDY... make his debut for the Pens?

snoopyjode said...

you're an instigator, brett? or is brett an alias for skippy44?! whatev, bro.

i like design number 1. that's a solid design. :)

and WWGRVF? fantastic. you guys are still the kings.

Anonymous said...

i like b becoz u can read it, but its just like skippies. skippies is pittsburg colors to. you cant suport the pens with out also suporting pittsburg and the 250 aniversery of our city. if i had 2 fity i wood go black and gold all the way dont they have a 2 fity patch on those new jerzys?

Twinkie said...

Shouldn't there be a question mark after WWGRD?

Adrienne said...

Not really a fan of either of them, but A is the lesser of two evils.

Staff said...

we wanted the wristbands to blend in well with everyday crap.

A multicolorded wristband screams "look at me."

Yeah, Brett, it probably did seep into our subconscious.
But if that doesn't win the voting, then this is all moot.

HOOKS -- I was thanking you for having our back with anyone who gets upset over the design of a $2 wristband.

TWINKIE -- It was one of our more pressing issues.
We felt it was almost insulting to people to put the question mark.

Because by now everyone knows what WW_D means.
Solid catch.


Stanley P. Kachowski said...

A = ESPNish. Though they do a horrible job w/, hockey, I'll vote for that over B, which is a bit too Dungeon and Dragonish/Lord of the Rings for my taste.

Thanks for doing this staff.

Oh, and you too, Ted Dibiase.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

To be honest both designs aren't that great imo. Like Hooks said A can grow on me but B is absolutely awful.

Twinkie said...

I'm not buying one without a question mark.... ha ha ha ha..... I guess I could write one in myself :/

Anonymous said... least the first font is sort of reminiscent of the last two Pens' wordmarks. The second is just kinda hideous.

...who's F"N stupid enough to claim to be from 'our city' and not know how to spell Pgh???

...and I'll probably be getting a band or two. But you guys are still whores.
(Mark Eaton called, he's refusing to take anything from you in the face! ...whores.)

Andrew said...

i liked the second one. looks pirate-y, and not the shitty team. but my opinion must suck, cause the robocop one is killing it.

Brett said...

This may be blasphemy, but oh well...

What Would Gary Roberts Do
If he was here right now,
He'd make a plan
And he'd follow through,
That's what Gary Roberts'd do.

When Gary Roberts was in the playoffs,
Skating for the cup,
He did two women and scored a goal,
While wearing a blind fold.

When Gary Roberts was in the alps,
Fighting grizzly bears,
He used his magical fire breath,
And saved the maidens fair.

So what would Gary Roberts do
If he were here today,
I'm sure he'd kick an ass or two,
That's what Gary Roberts'd do.

Anonymous said...

ROBOCOP? That was Ulf Samuelson NOT Gary Roberts

hashmoney said...

is the gold going to 'bleed' out?

we had some trouble with some of those wristbands in high school.

we got white, fill in, lettering and a green band and after like a week, the white bleed out, and the band looked like ass

Jeffry said...

i guess i would pick A if i had only those 2 to choose, but a simple font and one color would be just fine. i love my wriststrong bracelet.

Anonymous said...

Everyone stop whining and just buy one (or more).

Seeing the post from the other day with those Flyers fags/Canucks game brought back horrible memories of those two homos in the booth (Jackson and Coates). They make Steigy sound like Lange.


Anonymous said...

Your headline reads "NOW TAKING ORDERS" does that mean that you are taking pre-orders before you even have the item ordered?

How can you condemn one person for taking orders when yours aren't even in production and people are emailing you their orders?


Angelo said...

B is terrible, A is alright, but not what I would expect a WWGRD wristband to look like.

Since I would not buy either, I have not voted. I agree with the sentiment that a plain script, 1 colored wristband would probably be best.

Why not have a black wristband with yellow text in a plain script, nothing fancy? I think a black wristband with a giant yellow WWGRD on it would look sweet.

Anonymous said...

Someone should create a wwgrd blog

Don K. Show said...

I'm not sure if I commented last night (damn you Dogfish and your evil 90 minute IPA), but I'll only echo what some of the others have said.

A does that ESPN-ish feel to it. Not bad, but I was looking for a more plain font to it.

B is using Skippy's $1.99 pronfont, which I was never a big fan of to begin with.

If I had my vote - oh wait, I do, there's a votey thing on front - I would vote for A. Howevah, if there was a C for a plain font, that's how I'd vote.

Anonymous said...

What does WWGRVF mean?

Savagist said...

i want one of these still!


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