Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat. PENS WIN.

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These types of games are a big deal.
On the road. Tough place to play. Solid team.

Bottom line -- Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby are slowly starting to take over the world.
And we are just along for the ride.

Everything always seems like it is working when you win.
Good times.


The big thing early on was seeing Roberts jersey flying as he entered the zone.
He's back.

Sabourin was challenged early with a routine slapper from Rolston.
Rolston's a beast.

Recchi was still with Hall and Kennedy. Solid line.
Rex was a third-liner when Carolina won the Cup a couple years ago.

Minnesota uniforms look pretty sharp.

But Tonya Harding's pads make you want to stab something, like your eyes.


Later, the puck bounced around and found Koivu's stick in the slot.
Another big save early for Sabu.

Staal-Christensen-Sykora come out. That line sounds good.
Nothing happens. Christensen doesn't know what's going on.
Perhaps we are all seeing what Lord Therrien has been thinking.

Versus tells us that the players' moms joined them for some games.
There's a job there somewhere.

Halfway through the period, no one even knows this is a hockey game.
Defensive-system blog.
The Pens seem content to play a patient game.
Jacques Lemaire loves when his players touch other men as much as possible.

My Two Dads got some face time.
Roberts looks like he just killed something.

The action started to open up a bit later in the period.
Malkin looked like he was gonna get a chance, but no way.

The Wild come back and Koivu again is robbed right in front.

Recchi had a nice steal on a backcheck.

What is it with Pens games on Versus being more boring than a chicken's sac.
10 shots in the first period. Total. Both teams.

The only thing noteworthy from the first period was Malkin may have a mullet in the works.



The Pens were buzzing big-time to start the second period.
Gonchar rang one off the pipe. Sounded solid. Most exciting thing that happened so far in the game.

And finally, something happens.
Ryan Malone works hard to get the puck to Bing.
Crosby gets hooked going behind the net, loses the puck.
Malkin grabs it and knows what he's gotta do.

The Minnesota Miracle man Gordan Bombay = Stunned

Before you know it, EC listlessly gives the puck away.
Radiovowhatev unleashes a tank of a slapshot.
It hits the pipe, bounces right to some French guy.

It was time to start hating Minnesota fans.
But hold the phone.

Ryan Malone was surreal tonight.
He gets a shot off. It looks like it's a rebound to Malkin.
Actually, upon further review, Sid kicked it over to Malkin. Sick.

Holy balls. That's another goal. 2-1.

The best part was Minnesota announcing their goal right after Malkin scored.
What a kick in the anus.
Almost as bad as losing a hockey franchise.
Let's move on.

Just like the North Stars.

We were finally seeing hockey. It was good.
Both goalies are playing well.
Joe Hardy makes a few big saves.

Sadly no one has recovered from this picture.
So gay.

What a dumb play by the Wild D-man after Malkin douched him with the elbow.
We lose Malkin, but we get some 4-on-4.

On the 4-on-4, Koivu gets robbed again after trying to job one off the boards.
Sabu's been eating his lunch for him all game.

Later, Hall goes to the box.
We lose the faceoff man and a PKer.

The Pens got out of the PK with only a couple scares.

That was it.
We get a nice story about Minnesota's goalie's helment.
He is all jammed up about that bridge thing. It happened in August. Whatev.



Early in the third, Sabu gets some love from the Versus announcers.

No one knows who the color guy is or where he came from.
Weirdest accent in broadcasting history. (Jschiff)

Tick-tock, third period.
Adam Hall gets jobbed off a faceoff, and it was go time with some pretty boy.
After that, the Wild were pumped.

Minnesota was pushing harder and harder.
It looked like it was just a matter of time, and then it happened.
Rolston was solid all game.

The Pens get busy livin' after the goal.

Talbot gets stuff going and draws a penalty.
Biggest PP of the season was upcoming.

What happened next is what life is all about.
Sykora curls into a seam.
Crosby and Gonch set it up.
If you enjoy hockey, you enjoy Petr Sykora's release.
Just digusting.
Scoring this exact goal is why Shero signed him.
Shero should be on Heroes.

Later, Roberts carries it into the zone and Recchi's it.
Sorely in need of a wristband.

The Pens kept buzzing after that.
Recchi sets up Gonchar all alone in the slot. Big save by Joe Hardy.

Is there a reason he is trying to look like John Madden

Malkin and Crosby already started doing their dance with 8:00 left.

And there it was.
In a play reminiscent of that OT goal against the Flyers in his rookie season, he gets a breakaway and buries it past Harding.

That's 4 points for Sid. Commentorblog called this points outburst. 4-2.
How wierd was it when they showed Bing's high-school coach after the goal?
Looked like a molester. He wasn't pleased at all with the goal.

Staal dominates on the PK later. Gets rammed into the boards.

The Wild were given a gift with this powerplay.
Sabu makes the save of the season for the Pens thus far.
Sprawing out and getting a piece of the puck.

Wild fans pack it up.
[ Thanks Zak for the pic. ]

The Wild lose their first home game of the season.

  • Crosby: 1G, 3A
  • Malkin: 2G, 1A
  • Malone: 2A
  • Gonchar: 2A

  • What a game for Malone.
  • Didn't really notice Mark Recchi tonight, and he had 13:00. That's a good thing.
  • Sabu comes up big on the road. He's another solid game away from getting into the flash bar.
  • Who starts in Colorado?


jammer jagger said...

stupid gay direct tv and their blackout gayness. I hope verses is stabbed to death by gary roberts.

give me a break.

looks like malkin is becoming the lunatic he needs to be, though. KUDOS.

Jonathan said...

Solid win for the Pens. What an anemic first period. Sid and Gino are just unreal at times. It was great to see the Pens bounce back after every Minnesota score, sometimes its easy to lose momentum on the road in that scenario.

Rex even played a solid game. Sabo looked good in goal although there were a couple of those big fat Fleury rebounds out there...Sabo seems a little more adept at finding the puck, especially in a crowd, and covering it up this season as opposed to MAF.

Who gets the start Thur? I say MAF just because, as has been stated many times, he's our no. 1 and deserves the chance to play...I think his performance will turn around here soon...just a feeling...

Eddy Spaghetti said...

I'll bet one of my ten WWGRD wristbands that Fluery starts in Colorado. Terrien is a master of burning the Flower's ass enough to get him going. Sabu getting a great start against a defensive team will do that.

By the way, we can't forget that Shero has had a hard on for Sabu since last season when Vancouver snapped him up.

There are unconfirmed reports from that Ray shot his Russian mentor after he warned him he was condemning himself to hell by taking an unproven guy his sole back up.

Alan said...

Anyone else notice that at the very beginning of the game they said how Minnesota won their division and the penguins came in second to Philadelphia?!?!?!?

stupid versus announcers, that one guy was sorta british/french or something.

Loser Chris said...

Gotta start MAF on Thursday. We're only going as far as MAF takes us this season.

Korn said...

Other than Sykora being a little light in ice time, that's what our totals should look like.

The way Sid and Geno cycle the puck and anticipate each other's sick moves that leave opposing d-men wobbly on their skates is a great thing to watch. Hopefully Lord Therrien keeps them together.

Alan, I think the Versus announcer was talking about the standings currently, not last year's results. But I was carving a pumpkin at the time, so I could be wrong.

wilsmith said...

from new england, he was.

like yoda, I talk.

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

Random Fact to Rock Your World: The Diamond Joe Quimby sound-alike was Andy Brickley...who spent 2 years of his NHL career back in the early 80's with YOUR Pittsburgh Penguins.

Look Out Loretta said...

Anyone else notice Crosby's line has been on fire since they took Recchi off?

Play Sabu until he loses. Or until the next home game.

Anonymous said...

I got a fever and the only prescription is more wristbands

rwarner174 said...


That is what he said.
He was commenting on the current divisional standings.

As far as staring MAF?
That could go either way.
Will be interesting to see.

Christina said...

big ups to lord therrien for FINALLY putting sykora on the #1 PP with sid and geno...see what happens??

everyone says it, but last night proved it: bing + malkin = scary good. bing has jumped to #4 in points after last night.

last night's game was solid. definitely the best effort of the year.

Malkinian said...

Engblom and Keith Jones can eat it after talking up the Wild's defense during the 1st intermission and how the Pens are just a one way team.

We gotta keep the duo together as long as this continues. Unstoppable right now. And I havta agree w/ you guys about Christensen. I was a big apologist for him and thought he deserved a shot at the 1st line w/ Bing when Rex was playin so bad but he just seems lost out there. In Therrien I trust.

Kristen PB said...

First period = comatose

I think Sab will be in goal Thursday. Another win will solidify his confidence and spark MAF for the following game. Result? Two solid goaltenders.

Sab does give up some frightening rebounds, but he seems to control them a bit better than MAF. Either that, or he's just been lucky.

Malkin is starting to live up to expectations, but he's still falling down for no apparent reason at least once a game. What is that about?

seth said...

why does recchi get more ice time than sykora?

Geno Cide said...

The fact that Geno fell face first while lasering that 2nd marker was hillarious.

Haven't noticed Sydor once in the past 5 games which is a good thing. He seems to be the only Dman besides Gonker capable of putting it on net from the blueline.

Sid + Acid = your mom better wash up before she kisses your father.

wilsmith said...

Did anyone catch it when the one announcer was talking about some coach and said he had a winning percentage well above 600%?

That might have actually been during the Dallas game the night before, I forget. GOOOOO VERSUS

Mad Man Max said...

Best thing about watching the game on versus is, Brian Engblom's hair.

Anonymous said...

I have the game taped...under review, the Versus announcers did say that the Wild finished first last season in their division while the Pens finished the Flyers (?).

Why did Sid's old coach look so pissed when he scored? Weird.

Play Sabu until he looks like he needs replacing...that's what we always say about other players on the team. Why should we treat a goalie any different?

Anonymous said...

Give credit where it is due: Sabu was good last night, but the big improvement seemed to be that the defense was clearing rebounds better than they have recently.

Doc Nagel said...

Indeed, good game by Sabourin, but it's not a good indication he'll continue to play that well. How many times have you seen a backup come in for a game or two when the starter is struggling, play out of his head, but by the third start lose focus, energy, or something, and start letting in weak backhands from the point?

Sykora's goal was great (though weird - why did he have that much time to set up and shoot?), but otherwise, from watching on the tube, his play was at best forgettable. Too weak on the puck.

StuporDave said...

Just my personal feeling but I do not seem to get as nervous when Sabu is in net.. Maybe because I have not seen him involved in a train wreck performance yet. I still really like Fluery and hope he gets it going soon but Sabu is a little older and seems more rooted in the fundamentals at this point. But I say start Fluery in Colorado. Great win, go Pens!

Doc Nagel said...

Indeed, good game by Sabourin, but it's not a good indication he'll continue to play that well. How many times have you seen a backup come in for a game or two when the starter is struggling, play out of his head, but by the third start lose focus, energy, or something, and start letting in weak backhands from the point?

Sykora's goal was great (though weird - why did he have that much time to set up and shoot?), but otherwise, from watching on the tube, his play was at best forgettable. Too weak on the puck.

Anonymous said...

staal needs to start playing better. the second line looks pretty pathetic at the moment and staal needs to pick it up.

Korn said...

I was thinking about the Malkin falling down thing last night. Is it a) he's been watching too much soccer and is trying out his acting skills, or b) he cuts and manuevers so quick and hard that his skates and the ice are physically unable to accomodate him? The way he's been skating lately, I'm leaning towards B.

Also, in giving Engblom's hair some careful consideration during the intermissions, I'm thinking at some point he's going to have to abandon the mullet. The plumage is getting a little thin...

Sydor = money well spent.

Play Sabu til he loses. Nothing wrong with a little competition for our franchise goalie.

Anonymous said...

jinx of the night:
showing the stat that the wild were 6-0 at home.
or something like that.


Kristen PB said...

Regarding stupordave's comment: When MAF is in goal, it's almost always a heart-stopper. He seems to panic more easily and sometimes I think his confidence is a bit fragile. Any goaltender will feel stressed when the opposing team puts a lot of consistent pressure on him. But MAF doesn't always seem capable of dealing with that pressure and he second-guesses himself.

So far, Sab has been calm even under stress, which I think is why we're able to feel comfortable with him. Would MAF have been able to deal as well with an 8-man shootout??? I'm not so sure.

I'm not hanging MAF out to dry, of course. Just making an observation..

PittHockey said...

I'd say give the christy-staal combo a few more games to see how it pans out.

If you shuffle the lines every game it cuts down on the ability of the players to get a feel for how to line plays.

wilsmith said...

If anyone else tries to make a judgement on fleurys performances based on what he thinks and feels, I'm going to punch them in the mouth. Got it?

luvnmypens said...

I loved this quote from Minnesota's coach about Crosby.

“He's a great leader and he is a great player,” said an impressed Minnesota coach Jacques Lemaire. “I don’t know him personally, but I’d love to have one on our club, if they make any more.”

Anonymous said...

when malkin got put in the penelty box about 2 minutes into the 3rd, did he drop the F Bomb? I swear that is what i saw.


J.S. said...

Bill, I also saw what looked like an F bomb from Geno, but with no sound (back in the bar, thanks to no VS at the J.S. residence) I really couldn't tell.

homesprout said...

Need to get some more production from Staal...a couple goals from Gary Roberts would work wonders too....

Rex has played better since being put on the 4th line....

Yeah, Engblom needs a new wig....

In Joe Hardy's defense, at his age he can still bang 23 yr olds because he has more money than all of us put together....and then some!! haha

Anonymous said...

I just got a hard-on when I saw the pics of the envelopes containing the wristbands. I can't wait to get them! You guys are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure about Malkin on that penalty, but Im pretty sure thats the one where Lord Therrien dropped an F bomb right when the camera went in on him

wilsmith said...

I'm with you on that, bill, mostly because we have the same name.

but I do think I saw it.

Kristen PB said...

Ahem...just to clarify: the point of my last comment was to try to verbalize WHY I don't always feel comfortable with MAF in goal and WHY I have become more comfortable with Sab.

That has nothing to do with judging MAF's performance - just my reaction to it. I can't believe that I'm alone, either.

Eric said...

Anyone notice when they were talking about Boogaard and it came up on the screen 'DEREK BODGARD'?

Anonymous said...

You can't spell HEROES without SHERO.

malkin+crosby-recchi= 19 points in four games. That's real sick.

Every observation thepensblog made- Crosby's coach, Tanya Harding's ugly pads, weird announced accent, etc.- i made in my own home last night, while reading Pensblog. I'm glad that i wasn't the only one noticing these things.

Big win last night.

Doctor 5 Hole said...

I'm with you K PB. Suprisingly, I found myself calm when I saw Sabu starting. Don't feel the same way with MAF right now. Sabu can't hold up this pace forever. MAF needs to step up soon.

StuporDave said...

Willsmith... you don't find yourself more on the edge of your seat when Fluery is in the cage? I like him, want him to play and hope he ends up being the best ever. I am not saying bench him or play him... I am just saying I find myself more nervous when the puck gets around the goal when he is in the cage. I would have to think many others would agree.

Anonymous said...

This is probably the wrong place to mention this, but that Mondesihouse thing is a pile of shit. I thought he was suppose to be all Pittsburgh sports and such. I check every so often and all I see is him jacking off on the Steelers and hardly even giving a link to the Penguins.

Does he have something against them or what? I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this, but I figured maybe someone would know from this blog.

Anonymous said...

im sure i share the feelings of many in commenterblog when i say that the VERSUS announce team blows. i took the liberty of writing an e-mail to the feedback section of, dont know if it will even be read, but it felt good to bash Emerick and those other dicks. had to make the e-mail sound semi-formal, but heres a copy of it if anyone cares. Go Pens

To whom it may concern,

I have been a hockey fan my entire life, and growing up in Western Pennsylvania I have a strong passion for the Pittsburgh Penguins. I would just like to take this opportunity to say that watching/listening to games on the VERSUS network the past two seasons has become more of a burden than a form of entertainment. The in-game broadcasters are frankly terrible. Mike Emerick seems to me to have no hockey knowledge. He talks more about where players are from rather than what they have accomplished this season or in their careers. Eddie Olcyzk repeatedly reminds the viewers how he was fired as head coach of the Penguins a few years back, and I think I speak for the majority of fans when I say, we are just tired of hearing about it. Mike Emerick's voice and word choice makes listening to the game extremely annoying and unenjoyable. He uses phrases such as "he finesses the puck in front" or "scurried ahead to Malkin" or "calmed down at the point by Gonchar" or "stopped by the catching glove of Fleury". Perhaps it could be Penguins fans have been spoiled by the great play-by-play and analysis of true students of the game such as Mike Lange and Phil Borque, but for a nationally televised network, we really expected something more out of VERSUS. Though I doubt the feedback of my small group of fans will be taken into consideration, we all felt that something needed to be said to someone about the general disappointment of the fans with the broadcasting team on your network. Thank you for your time and possible consideration.
Eric Kuzmiak


Staff said...

mondesi has been around two months longer than us.
We were friends in the beginning, exchanging links.

Then he re-did his website and took our link down from his site. We e-mailed him but received no reply.
We think our relentless tongue-in-cheek bashing of the steelers was the reason, but we didnt care.

Then he started telling people he was the number-one sports site in pittsburgh and drowning his site with ads.
We took offense to that number-one title he gave himself and posed as advertisers in an e-mail to see his stats.

Lo and behold, the stats for his and ours were neck and neck.

Ads are a joke. Telling people youre number-one at something is a joke.
This was about pride for us.

Its become nonreadable...whenever he actually posts.


Steve In Denver said...

Picture's Halloween, you put on your Gary Roberts jersey. You get that unmistakable Gary Roberts "look" in your eyes. Your doorbell rings. Ding Dong. You throw open the door and BAM! check the little kids and parents into the garage door. Bodies everywhere. Trick or Treaters = dazed, stunned. The rattling echo of the check bouncing through the neighborhood. Your neighbor opens the door and starts cheering!! Wooooooooooooo! Happy Halloween.

Anonymous said...

I only know about this because I have kids. Every time you talk about Sabu I think of this and then the stupid song is stuck in my head all day.

Song of the Cebu (Sabu)

Too embarrassed to sign in for this post. Ugh.

wilsmith said...

stupordave, read what I wrote.

It was "don't make judgements on fleurys performance based on how he thinks or feels"

You don't know if he's nervous, if he's panicking or what kind of level his confidence is at. You can't say things like he's second guessing himself, because you don't know what he's thinking.

Sure, he's been shaky, but how much of last nights goaltending performance was because they were playing an already sub-par offense that was also missing two of it's biggest players.

I never said anything about how I feel about the two tenders for you to comment about.


Jonny V said...

Nice email Eric, classy but to the point.

And as I said on here before, Mondesi is a joke. He rarely ever posts anything original (just a bunch of links ala and he advertised for a fantasy baseball league for his regular commentors with the promise of a prize to the winner from his online store. I won the league and emailed him about it, and he replied that he never promised one and said the prize was the satisfaction of beating the other commentors or something to that effect. Truly teh gay.

Goalie controversies are almost as gay as quarterback controversies, the difference is both goalies are going to play. As long as we win the games, who the hell cares? They're both grown men, and if their psyches are that fragile, I don't want them in the pipes in the playoffs.

Anonymous said...

Mondesihouse is an absolute joke. ThePensBlog eats pieces of shit like that for breakfast

greenrin said...

Sabu to start Thursday according to the Pens website.

karri said...

Adam, thanks for the clarification on Mondesi the joke.

Eric, love the email.

WilSmith, couldn't agree more.

Jonny V said...

This one's for the ladies of Pensblog...Papelbunny

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Regarding Mondesi...the whole #1 thing turned me off (as well as how over the summer he frequently mentioned how many visits he got that week, despite the lack of posting). I still read MH every so often, but I agree that the content has slipped big time.

As a Pittsburgh sportsblogger, I get miffed when bigger sites talk about their traffic. You know, I dig my paltry visitor counter and underground/undiscovered status. MH kept informing everyone (over the summer) when they had a record-breaking day/week. Mostly during those weeks, all that was posted were link dumps and such.

Pensblog is equal in size, yet remains true to its roots, with regular posts. Despite the obvious size differential between Pensblog and my site, they wrote a kickass piece for my site's 6 month anniv. I invited Don (mondesi)...he agreed but didn't come through. That's the thing that stands out in my mind. Pensblog took the time.

Now, I did an interview with Don back in June or so. He seems like a decent guy, and I understand that real life gets in the way of blogging sometimes. I just don't want SteelCity Auctions constantly shoved down my throat, or colorful, massive ads or link dump after link dump (was Mailbag, then switched to The News).

Sorry for the rambling. I just liken MH to Sportscenter back in the day. It was totally kickass for awhile, then dropped a major deuce (after Disney showed up). Its pretty shady if Mondesi refused to link to Pensblog because of the criticisms of the Steelers. I like to laugh, even at the expense of the Steelers.


Fleury29 said...

The Pensblog eats pieces of shit for breakfast?

Randy said...

Check out the monthly total for PB this month...looks like WWGRD is kind of a big deal

Kristen PB said...

wilsmith obviously misses small the word "seems." This word indicates that it is an OPINION, an IMPRESSION.

Those of us that wilsmith wants to punch in the mouth seem to agree...we feel nervous because Fleury sometimes SEEMS to lack confidence. Whether he actually does or not is only his to say. But that's our impression and that's why we react as we do.

The posts are more about explaining why and how we perceive MAF the way we do, not judgements about what's factually going on. Yet another subtlety wilsmith (apparently) missed.


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