Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sitting Ducks. PENS WIN.

5 - 4


As huge as a win gets in early October.
No one is looking for bridges tonight.

Petr Sykora is better than anyone could have imagined.
Recchi is worse than anyone could have imagined.

Nice crowd on hand.

Before we get into anything, check this out:

Seemingly normal picture.

Did you look close? Left-hand corner.

Now, wearing a Steelers shirt to a Pengins game is dumb.
Wearing the number of the Steelers now backup fullback Dan Krieder.
That is unreal.

And the icing on the cake:
This person had tickets to the Pens home opener, and 99% of us did not.

Let's move on.



Stan Savarn interviews Ray Shero.
Shero shuts Savarn down, as Savarn keeps asking about the Pens chances to win a Stanley Cup.

That's why Shero is money in the bank.

Potash dominates his interview Lord Therrien.
"'Adam Halls' will get the start tonight."


Opening night intro was nice.
Could have done without U2.

The on-ice intros were solid, as well.
Except the awkward part where Ruutu was announced, but he didn't come out.
He was already in the box.



The Ducks came out flying early.
The Pens maintained much like they did against Carolina.
Not a lot happening in the first few minutes.

Sames lines basically, minus Ruutu.
Mark Recchi commits seven turnovers and is slowly becoming Pensblog whipping boy.

The second line (at the beginning of the game) might be the worst line in hockey.

Pens get a power play on a weak call on some Ducks jobber.
Refs make up with a equally douchey call on Malkin.

The best part about these referee pics is the detail the artist put in the crotch.
Somone actually zoomed in on the crotch to add whatever that is there.

Crosby takes a devastatingly hard slapshot off the foot.
Balls/Ovaries fall from crotches all over Pens nation.
Lest we forget, Crosby played in the playoffs last year with a broken foot.

No one watching the game even cared that the play continued.
All eyes were on Sid.
He finished the rest of the game, so hopefully he is ok.

Anaheim may be the best cycling team on Earth.
Can't help but give them credit.

Ryan Malone show up long enough to take a penalty so he can see some puck bunnies by the penalty box.

The Ducks power play is nasty. They pass it around like no one is there.
Puck goes in front.
Dwayne Robertson from D2 puts it home.


Holy shit, that looks like Malkin.

At that point, it's starts to become a little worrisome.
But Adam Hall gets things started.
He works like a madman. Draws a penalty.

The first powerplay unit looks like your grandparents banging.

Bring it.

But never fear. The solid second unit comes out.
Sydor keeps the puck in.
Crusher walks out of the corner.
Puck on net.
You know what the means...

Puck jobs around.
Roberts gives two Ducks the shocker.
Petr Sykora finds it somehow.


They went to the War Room to review the goal, but it was fine.
Interestingly enough, had someone blogging from the war room.
Good reading here. []

Towards the end of the period, Mark Eaton has an emotional shift.
Lays his life on the line.

What a player.

Blood on his face. Comes right back out.

First ends.


Potash interviews Sykora.
Good times.



The second starts out rough.
Pens dazed, can't get the puck out.

Ryan Getzlaf is disgusting.
His shot cannot be comprehended.


Therrien makes a little line change, and it pays off.

Roberts, now playing with Army and EC, gets the puck up to Army on a sweet pass.
Colby makes a sick move flipping the puck to his right and then tipping the puck over the Ducks jobber goalie.

"That's why Colby was picked in the first round." - Steigerwald. Okay, man.

Ron Cook loved it. [ Post Gazette ]


Before you can readjust your balls, Sykora was now playing with Malkin.
Finds Evgeni in front.


The intensity picks up. And the Ducks start coming hard.
MAF makes his best save of the night on a bouncing puck.

Towards the end of the period, Malkin doesn't get a puck in deep.
Errey and Steigy flip out, jobbing Malkin.
Enough is enough on that.
No idea why Errey hates Malkin.

And as far a Steigerwald goes, worry about doing your job:

Scuderi is number 4.
Sydor is number 5.

Get that right, and then start worrying about what Malkin should do.

Bring back Mike Lange, or at least fix the delay on the radio.



Fox Sports shows Mike Yeo.

Slow third period to begin with.
A lot of whistles.

Pens get a powerplay midway through.
The first unit now looks like your grandma having a lesbian experience.

If there's someone reading this who immediately thinks this means the unit looked good, you are not alone, my friend.

Adam Banks steals a puck, after some bad passing, walks in all alone.
Fleury misses the poke check.

Owned. 3-3.

Everything looks bad, but the Pens respond.

BGL comes out with Malkin and Sykora.
Beautiful cycle.
Laraque gets the puck to the net.

Petr Sykora is everywhere.

The Pens celebration of this goal is why we run Pensblog.

Before you could pick your boobs, Sid gets the puck.
Vintage Bing pass to Ryan Malone.
Ryan Malone gets the puck on his stick, all alone in the slot, and KNOWS he has to bury this golden chance.


Chris Pronger = stunned.

Paul Steigerwald: The Ducks goalie [Hiller] is swedish. You don't see a lot of Swedish goalies because of all the Swiss cheese from over there.


Let's move on from that.

Paul Steigerwald does mention that Sykora and Marty Straka are from the same hometown.
That as solid of a town as it gets.

Everything slows down again, and the Ducks look totally drained.
Goalie pulled. Pens forgot to play defense.

And that sick feeling creeps into your balls.
It's the worst feeling in the world, but having that feeling means you actually care about something.

After a frantic moment late, Fleury says no.


  • Syko: 2 G, 1 A
  • Roberts: 2 A
  • Malkin: 1 G, 1 A
  • Sid: 1 A
  • MAF: 19 saves.
  • Only 23 shots given up. Nice.
  • Georges Laraque has come to play this season.
  • Wins like this will give Mellon Arena the reputation as being a tough building to play in.
  • Scuds has been solid thus far. Assist tonight.
  • Eaton was a big deal tonight.
  • Did Staal play?
  • Recchi totally tripped that dude. No reason to complain to the officials.
  • George Parros didn't play because he is scared of BGL


Shero Coin -- Lloyd Jones
Eaton -- Dave P.
Roberts Neighborhood -- Andrew W.


Jason said...

you talk whipping boys, you talk orpik. first 2 periods he had to of been the worst player on the ice, by the 3rd he became respectable. giveaways, bad passes, and almost being single handedly responsible for a goal. fleury had to bail him out by making a crazy save since brooks decided to go barreling after the puck carrier instead of playing the pass and watching the duck coming down the middle.

other than orpik, great game. adam hall is a machine. finally someone that can win consistantly win faceoffs

seth said...

pens won. great. i dont care, they still played bad and i got beef.

1. recchi belongs on the 3rd line at best

2. anyone notice that all of camp and preseason the same lines were run together and as soon as practice stopped, the lines were changed. why change them after camp? no sense

3. as you said, "Only 23 shots given up. Nice." yeah but 4 went behind the goalie. NOT NICE. you only give up 23 shots, that means you give up 2 goals tops. 3 on a bad night.

4. Sydor is not what i was expecting

5. This will get my ass kicked:

its been 2 games and where the fuck is sidney crosby? is he still on the roster cuz the only thing i noticed was the desparate slap to the fuckin sloth ryan malone. (i would pay to get that asshole ryan malone shipped out of pittsburgh for 3 packets of hot sauce from taco bell)

6. Can't break my tradition:

Pens with Mark Eaton: 1-1-0

Nathan said...

Tom Barrasso never looked like a Vezina winner when the Pens won the Cup, so I'm not going to complain about a 5-4 win. If Fleury is good enough to win 85 percent in 85 percent of his starts (like tonight, for example), the Pens are going to be just fine. To the point of hoisting the Cup in the near future just fine. Wins are wins, and a 19-save 5-4 victory counts for the same two points as a 50-save 1-0 shutout.

And you could've only caught Sid's performance from the arena on Friday night: he was unbelievably good out there. His linemates were a couple steps slow, but they still had to get the guys with squeegees out to scrape up a defenseman's ashes after Sid's shifts. I would imagine the in-person assessment of Crosby's performance tonight is much the same. The Hurricanes fans sitting around me were pissing themselves in fear every time Crosby got the puck.

Anonymous said...

was at the game tonight, so might not have noticed everything, but...

1st - gotta agree on the recchi comments, he doesn't belong anywhere near the top 2 lines

2nd - BGL has looked far better in the first 2 games of this season than he ever did last year in my opinion, he's certainly earning his playing time

3rd - eaton and scuderi looked good tonight, but the other 4 weren't playing D half the time. for as many good plays as whitney, gonchar, sydor, and orpik had, there were just as many turnovers and missed assignments. it also looks like whitney and orpik don't communicate at all on the ice.

Christina said...

a few notes...

1. "Crosby takes a devastatingly hard slapshot off the foot.
Balls/Ovaries fall from crotches all over Pens nation."

yep, that about sums up how i felt at that moment.

2. mark eaton. wow.

3. petr sykora. double wow. (i'm sensing a sykora photoshop expo in the near future if he continues playing like he did last night....)

4. i'm always hesitant to job Rex...he's a classy guy, and i always root for the classy guys. that said, his presence on the ice is always felt, and not in a good way...he's noticeably slowing down his linemates...definitely time to get him off the top two lines.

5. i'd pay good money to see malkin on the ice playing the sax a la D2, that's for sure

Barrasso35 said...

Boys, that was midseason, nay, playoff form. Helluva post last night.

Kudos to you.

It was an ugly win but I'll take it.

Let's go Pens!

winn0025 said...

BGL 's work along the boards and Eaton's making Gonchar look competent were some non-obvious highlights of the game. Army blowing his first wad now instead of 20 games in bodes well for him as the third liner he always was. Orpik was close to solid last night off-camera. Malkin and Sykora are sympatico.

Steigerwald = the guy at the bar who knows a lot but seems 15 seconds behind in the conversation.

Errey = the guy at the bar off on tangents laughing at his own jokes

listening to mike lange at the game is as solid as it gets

Mike Costa said...

Ha Ha Ha I'm In The Picture Of The Group Of People, Look For The Person With The Black And Gold Socks!

This Goes Without Saying, Eaton Had A Hell Of A Game

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...


Hockey season is back, and I am returning to the mighty Pensblog!!

(Sorry, no offense, you guys are the best... but I got tired of logging on to watch "A-ha" videos everyday.)

Fleury and/or the defense look shakey. Malkin and Sykora look good, Sid will have a say in things before all is said and done, calm down Seth.

I am going home in December, going to a Pens game... and stopping at Robinson Mall before the game to buy a Max Starks Steeler jersey at Dicks to wear to the game. I expect my picture and an insulting caption to be on Pensblog the next day.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

A few notes on last night's game:

1. Petr Sykora might be a 50 goal scorer this year if he's paired with Malkin. How many of us expected his first two goals to be garbage goals?

2. Paul Steigerwald is almost unlistenable at this point and the delay on the X is unbearable. It may be the best to go with the mute button at this point.

3. Errey is starting to annoy with the jobbing of Malkin. He had a great game, leave him the fuck alone.

4. Gonchar is putrid, two goals were directly caused by his mistakes.

5. Eaton is god.

6. BGL is amazing


Staff said...


We have missed you.
Welcome home

Anonymous said...

that flash bar with the players is the coolest thing i have seen on a hockey blog.

better than

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Wow when is the next time you're gonna see the Islanders on top of the division this year?

seth said...

not gonna lie, i was pretty drunk when i posted my comments. good game win against a good team

wilsmith said...

Crosby was there. He made a bunch of nice setups that either got saved or ended up blocked. He even started having those moments where people just can't take the puck from him in the corner. Know what I mean?

Can't be disappointed just because he only has 1 assist two games in.

As for knocking MAF, one of those shots was a wide open breakaway that he took a chance on a poke check. Can't blame him for Gonch being the slowest player in the NHL. He makes that poke check (which he almost did) you guys are talking about how great of a play it is. It's like running the Statue of Liberty in the Fiesta Bowl. Another one was a shit luck redirection. When they get bounces like that, goalie stats almost go out the window.

This break between games is going to be miserable.

canaanregulatesblog said...

anybody weirded out that the islanders are in 1st place in the division?

i guess they got offended everyone in the league was calling them mud.

ho hum.

E32er said...

Anyone know the name of the song that was played AFTER the 'U2 Beautiful Day' during the pregame presentation last night?

Adrienne said...

First game since January, and I felt SO out of place. I didn't know half the roster, Scuderi is magically #4 now, and I'm reminded why I hate our fan base when we do well.

I spent the game sitting between a couple on my left that talked the whole time, and a family on my right where the mother was on her phone, and the son watched movies on his IPod the ENTIRE game. Honestly, why the FUCK are you here?!

Game was kind of frightening. If it weren't for the Ducks being exhausted, we would have lost this game no doubt. Sid didn't look that strong in the first, and Recchi handed Anaheim a goal.

Eaton was amazing as always, made my girly parts tingle to watch him play again.

After the game I went down the south side and went into every bar trying to start up a "Lets Go Pens!" chant.

I still have no voice from last night. Yay! :)

snoopyjode said...

e32er, it's a song called "club foot" by kasabian.

you must have been drunk to job sid, seth!!!

i'm starting to think recchi doesn't belong on any line. he's definitely a classy guy (as christina said) and he was awesome in his prime, but i don't think he's got what it takes to keep up with the speed or the strength of the pens now. (understatement of the year coming) he's definitely no gary roberts in that respect.

the errey/steigy combo has never done it for me. just a question: does anyone else get the impression that errey wants to touch sid in his naughty places? he has always showered sid with every "he's awesome" cliche in the book, but ever since he cooed "come here sid, i want some lovin' too" last season, it creeps me out when errey talks about sid now. i keep thinking chris hansen is going to come out from behind the camera... :P i don't know - maybe it was the way errey said it, or maybe it's just me.

shit, i don't think i breathed at all for an hour after sid took that puck to his foot. wow, that sucked. good to hear the x-ray was negative, and while it sucks for us that there's no hockey until wednesday, the long break will hopefully give sid some time to recuperate.


Jonny V said...

e32er, u talkin' about this song?

Solid recap as always fellas. I like the detail in that Mr. Roberts photoshop, with the blood on the walls in the background.

Louis, that ended shortly after u left. U should have been here for he who shall remain nameless' meltdown. Good times.

EmDubs said...

Snoop, we have multiple captain's Cs, so if you want mine, you can have it.

Steve In Denver said...

Our O is scary
Our defense sucks donkey balls
I hope Sid's foot heals

A little Penguins Sunday morning Haiku.

Note to Mark Recchi:
Love ya, man. Hang out with Gary Roberts during his workouts and get your ass with the program. We did just fine without LeClair.

Note to Mario:
No free passes for your heyday bud's. We have hungry, young talent in WBS. Rex would be a great coach or mentor.

Note to Sid:
Love the effort, but for the love of all things salty in Fritowill's truck, STOP blocking shots. Fleury is fully padded and capable (as long as our D moves the big bodies out of his frontal lobe).

Note to Gonch:
Give a shit.

Note to MAF:
Stand tall. Butterfly quickly, and often. Don't chase puck bunnies. Spend some time in practice working on your stick skills. Your D is sketchy, but will improve with time. Take up yoga.

Note to Mark Eaton:
Email me for hot chicks' phone numbers. You are a man.

Note to Steigy and Errey:
If you are going to suck that badly, at least get bombed before and during each game so that you have a reason to suck that badly.
You should both have to sit in a corner with Myron Cope's balls in your mouth for your on air performance.

Note to the arena announcer:
Stop over pronouncing Ruutu, and all things with a long U sound. You sound like a douche. Maybe try a tough, gravely, deep voice approach? Or drop some F bombs for the crowd. That would be sweet.

Good to get a first win in the home opener. I need to find a cardiologist if this D doesn't improve! Happy Sunday, bitches.

E32er said...

Sweet. That's the song I was thinking of. Thanks, snoopy and jonny.

Don K. Show said...

and in mid-season form, Bob Errey mentioned that he talked to Mikey Yeo during the second intermission.

I know I've seen it mentioned on here before, but is that something to look for during each game?

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Pens win last night and the Steelers win today, what a weekend. WOOOOOO

Anonymous said...

try and get the paul steigerwald quote right, retards

canaanregulatesblog said...

the anon above me is a homo.

AdamG said...

My favorite part of the game last night, other than malkin and sykora communicating telepathically, didn't even occur on the ice. about 5 rows in front of us is come dude in a MIGHTY ducks jersey and 2 chicks w/ seahawks gear on. some time in the 3rd the girl with a pink Hasselbeck jersey stands up and cheers and some guy a couple seats down from me yells, "Sit your ass down Hassel-back fat!" Absolutely classic. Needless to say she didn't find it necessary to make her presence felt anymore that evening.

Great post gentlemen. go Pens.

snoopyjode said...


Davy D said...

That idiot (the one yelling at the Seahawks lady) was in the john SCREAMING at the top of his lungs about the pink jersey. When told to shut up, he wanted to fight everyone in the men's room.

Other winners in my section: the guy who got thrown out IN THE 1ST PD for throwing a plastic cup down near the glass. How much would it suck to get thrown out of the home opener in the 1st? (Although I have to agree with the sentiment re: the non-cross checking call).

The middle-aged fashion show on the glass with sky scraper high heels and too tight pants and tank tops who felt it necessary to make the group field trip up and down the stairs every 10 mins.

The kid in the Gold Circle box watching Chuck on the tv during 3rd pd.

The guy who got thrown out in the 3rd for some unknown reason.

Steve - I agree re: the announcer. Must make the other players feel good when they don't get their vowels drawn out as long as a 4th line winger who was a healthy scratch.

Staff said...

haha "retards"

Start a blog homo
then we'll talk


Steve In Denver said...

Anon = felchbag

Gary Roberts can see you anon, and he knows where you live.

Anonymous said...

Dan Krieder is the fucking man.

Brett said...

Well I decided to revisit the blog after some absence and I come back to exactly what I left. The Penguins win their first game of the year and the recap begins with some bullshit about a lady wearing a Kreider jersey. The city likes the Steelers, you bitch about it instead of focusing on the topic of your site. Piss Poor.
Go Pens

Tawm said...

i had tickets to the game, and wore a kordell stewart jersey

Staff said...

Oh well if Brett thinks its piss poor it must be.

A. No one cares if you haven't been on the site for awhile

B. Don't ever. Ever. Tell us what to do, or what we should be writing about.

C. If you cannot understand that we are Steeler fans as well, and if you are going to get mad at one little comment.

Go to hell.



Staff said...

People still care that we job the Steelers?

We write things that make ourselves laugh.
We aren't thinking whether or not Jimmy in Steubenville will think something is funny because we didn't ask Jimmy in Steubenville to type the URL into Firefox.

No one else commented about the Steeler jobbing because no one else cares or because they know it's tongue-in-cheek.

We've had to battle the Steeler-hate label from day one, and there is nothing better.



Staff said...

The only Steeler jersey I own is that of Kordell Stewart, which I got in 1997.

I've worn it while watching, oh, every Steeler game since then.

We could've started Steelerblog instead of Pensblog.

But then we would have to deal with Steeler fans all the time.

And by the looks of the Steeler lovers that sporadically comment here, it was a wise decision on our part.


This pretty much assures a Steeler jobbing every day for the next week.


Staff said...

I guess Brett and Tawn are too busy updating there fanasty football teams to respond.



pensblog jeff said...

haha "fanasty"

Staff said...

hahaha vintage mistake by me.



Ryan said...

yo you can get rid of the delay on the radio if u use a tivo or a dvr and just delay the game as much as you need for it to match up. its something like 15-30 seconds i believe

Jonny V said...

I like the Steelers jobbing, it's almost always some funny shit, and usually true. I don't really like some of the commentors bitching about how much more media coverage they get over the Pens. Who the fuck cares? Get away from your computer for awhile and get a fucking hobby. Or find other sources of info besides the local media. Or poke yourself in both eyes, Stooge style.

Kudos to Hebrew, christina, wilsmith, snoop, tiff, emdubs, and denver steve for staying here throughout the summer and posting stuff worth reading, and to the newcomers, you'll pick up on this blog's style soon enough...

And -jay, was that another vintage performance by Big Ben today? I see your stupid ass only had something to say when the Steelers lost

Staff said...

Thats why Johnny V is money.

Big win today man.

Anthony Smith is sick

Post will be up in the AM.

Blogger jobbed us.



Lana said...

I'm at my gma's for canadian thanksgiving.
I'm drunk on red wine.
It's 3:11 a.m.
Some how i'm on a farm with less than 56 k dial up, yet i have to check the pensblog.
I'm emotional with the recap.
Go Pens, and i'm going to bed. Thanks.
P.S. IMAGINE how i felt TRYING to upfdate during the game. Horror. But excellent outcome.

theNick said...

how can your rip on Steubenville? its the burb of the burgh! the burb of the burgh damnit!

also lips bite your tongue about A-Ha. if 198,000 Brazilians are wrong i don't want to be right.

Kristen PB said...

1. I am still waiting to be impressed by Malone, and by now, I seriously doubt it's going to happen at all.

2. Can someone please help Fleury learn how to play the puck? Every time he goes after it, my heart stops.

3. Paul Steigerwald. Fairly good on play-by-plays, but condescending to Errey and geographically- and numerically- challenged. If something happens, my money's on Errey to 1) see it and 2) call it right.

Ashley said...

I almost had a fucking heart attack when Ron McLean told us during the Leafs/Habs game that Crosby blocked a shot with his foot and looked to be hurt. Glad to see that the X-rays are good and that the Pens won. Booyahhh!! It's a great Turkey-day weekend

Anonymous said...

sykora had four points, 2 goals, 2 assists, not that it matters...

Brendan said...

Please please please keep your word on jobbing the steelers everyday for the next week. ef stupid ass steeler fans. i dont hate the steelers just typical yinzer steeler fans.

Penglose said...

Therrien wants Malkin with Sid. It's already obvious that they had to put Staal - Sid's winger with Malkin to get Malkin on the scoreboard. Malkin does nothing on his own.

Start around January 16th 2007, till the end of the season, when the games mean something. You'll find the reigning ROTY scored 9 friggin goals. While Statsny and Staal were lighting it up.

Do you realize that malkin only had 16 non PP goals? Staal had very little PP time. Malkin had twice as many shots. Malkin played with Crosby every time he slumped. Staal let the league in shooting percentage and shorthanded goals. Staal played the first half of the season with Roy, Petrovicky, Ruttu, and on the penalty kill? And lastly, Staal had a little more than half the minutes Malkin did on the ice.

~ Penglose

EricStaal said...

>Did Staal play?

Get used to it, we get lazy after the first year

Jason said...

was i dreaming or were people booing the terrible rendition of the national anthem at the home opener?


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