Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Long Halloween

It will be a late night tonight.
Get a cup of hot chocolate, a blanket, and a prayer.

Huge test against the Avs.


A look back at the first month of the season. [ Canadian Press ]
Pens are mentioned once: CP placed Michel Therrien on the hot seat.

More Power Rankings.
In a stunning move, Yahoo places the Pens 6th. [ Yahoo ]

Guess who is starting tonight in goal. [ PG ]

We are a 35-save shutout away from a massive goalie issue.

Rob Rossi does a Q &A [ Trib ]

Darryl Sydor is not impressed.
THANKS TO John B. and Dan G.


Job Tim Benz.

Stop what you are doing.
Go here. [ WXDX ]

The X's website is about as user-friendly as your balls.
But click on the video with this screen front.

Fast-forward to the 1:57 mark.
And listen to Tim Benz get owned by GR.

Good times.


Thanks to someone in Commentorblog
Jacques Lemaire on Sidney Crosby. [ Star-Tribune ]

“I’d love to have one on our club,” he said of Crosby, “if they make any more.”

I'll make one with your wife Jack


Guy Carbonneau is crying again. [ Fanhouse ]

This time, it's in regards to the injury Francois Bouillon suffered when Gonchar decked him with 1.7 seconds left in OT and in effect going to the penalty box.

In the shootout, Gonchar wasn't in the box and was able to take a shot.

Should the shootout rules be changed?
Should Carbonneau be urinated on?

We agree that Gonchar shouldn't have been allowed to take a shot.
It's an anomaly that the NHL didn't consider.
But we just don't care for Montreal.


On "PTI" (by all accounts, a decent show to put on in the background when you're doing something else), Michael Wilbon dressed up as a Vancouver Canuck for Halloween. [ Kukla's Korner ]


-- Ten most overrated players in the NHL. [ USA Today ]
Hasek, McCabe, Khabibulin, Weight, Havlat, Souray,
Robert Lang, Trent Hunter, Gomez, Bill Guerin.


New blog in the neighborhood

Say hello to [ Pierogi'sN'at ]


Oh, baby. Oh, baby. Oh, baby.
The Washington Times did a piece on how welcoming the Capitals are to bloggers.
[ On Frozen Blog ] via [ PopJocks ]

The growing number of bloggers has captured the attention of NHL officials,
who are exploring whether a league-wide policy toward bloggers is needed.

"The NHL is looking closely at it," said Caps chief communications officer Kurt Kehl, who served on a special committee to address the issue at a recent league meeting. "There is some fear of the unknown."

“McErlain worked with [ Caps owner ] Leonsis and the Caps’ public relations staff on crafting a “Bloggers Bill of Rights” that would grant access to the most active bloggers while outlining rules of etiquette and professionalism.”

Hopefully professionalism means we can still have a cartoon of a Penguin defecating on the Red Wings logo.
Because that's what we're about.

We consider ourselves active bloggers.
It would be a shame not to let us cover the Pens at the Verizon Center.
We probably wouldn't make it out alive.

Sens Nation is touching themselves over their 9-1-0 start to the season.
[ The Ottawa Citizen ]

So much so, in fact, that The Ottawa Citizen is actually comparing the 07-08 Sens to the 76-77 Canadiens, who only lost 8 games the entire season.
The Sens are roughly on pace for that, and The Ottawa Citizen is toying with the notion
of making this a big deal with game-by-game comparisons of the two teams.

And in a story made for us, Jason Spezza is out with a sore groin. [ CBC ]
24 men in the locker room jump at the chance to massage it.

Confirmation that Derian Hatcher is still in the NHL: He's hurt. A month. [ Yahoo ]

That November 7th game when Philly comes to the Mellon will be more intense
than the third stanza of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire.

The importance of faceoffs. [ Columbus Dispatch ]

Ron Francis makes an appearance:

“I don’t think the average fan understands them,” said Hockey Hall of Famer Ron Francis, a center who played 23 NHL seasons. “They aren’t glamorous, but people inside the game know how important they are.”

Predators. Franchise. Staying. Moving. Blah blah blah. [ Yahoo ]
We would talk about it, but we were distracted by this picture:

Could you imagine a Macy's Day Parade-esque balloon of Gary Roberts
outside of Gate 1 at Mellon Arena?
It would probably take an inflatable dump.

Speaking of Macy's, a shout-out to the boys at The Pittsburgh Mills Macy's.


The Coyotes have released a list of what some of their players listen to and are selling it on iTunes.
"Coyote Trax" are now available. [ ]

Hopefully Wayne will be listening to "Win A Game" by the artist Yourajoke.


Happy Birthday to the Goalie Mask.
It turns 48. [ NHL ]

That NHL story is a must-read.

I rushed down to the dressing room and there was Plante, looking in the mirror and separating the cut and looking at it. ‘Pretty ugly,’ he said to me. I said ‘Yeah, well you had a good start Jacques.’ “Then he laid down on the table and was stitched by the doctor.” After a 21-minute delay, Plante returned to the Canadiens’ bench. Hall of Fame center Jean Beliveau recalled the players’ reaction when Plante spoke to Coach Toe Blake. "Jacques came back to the bench and told Toe, 'I'm ready to go back in but I have to wear my mask,' " Beliveau said. "He (Plante) had worn it in practice but Toe never liked the mask until this incident in New York." “When he came out with the mask, you could feel and hear the buzz of the crowd,” Fisher recalled. The Canadiens went on to win, 3-1. “Before the next game,” Fisher said, “Toe Blake said to me ‘he’s not going to wear the mask’ and Plante said to me, ‘If I don’t wear the mask, I’m not playing.’ That was Jacques Plante.”

Tough human

Speaking of masks...
We are still trying to find the story behind Sabu's mask [on the right ].

If anyone knows anything, let us all know.


Go Pens


Anonymous said...

Anyone else feel the Empty Netters say EVERY game is boring? I question at times if they even like the sport of hockey.

Sorry for the random rant.

Alan said...

found this on the penguins site

Sabourin: “I changed it up a little bit this year. The last few years, I had the old-fashioned masked goalie mask painted on my mask. It worked pretty well and I was pretty superstitious. I did pretty well with that, but I wanted to change it up and personalize it a little bit. I put my daughter (Coralie) on one side and I always have my mother’s initials C.S. with an angel on my mask. This year, I put it on the chin. I have a penguin on top of the mask fishing with a rod because I like to fish during the summer. I thought that was pretty cool. On the other side, he put the Mellon Arena with some buildings in the background at night. I am pretty happy with my mask this year. I think it’s pretty cool. On the back, is just the Penguins logo with my nickname Sabou. I have had some good feedback on it.

Spencemo said...

Something tells me that the NHL's definition of "professionalism" wouldn't include a picture of a penguin taking a dump on anything...Even though they took a dump on all hockey fans with the ridiculous Versus coverage.

Matt said...


I agree with your assessment of Empty Netters. For being the Post-Gazette's "hockey savant" or whatever they call him, he seems to just complain about everything about the sport.

He needs to take a lesson in passion from John Buccigross. Enjoy yourself, Seth, you're covering a hockey team for a living.

Go Pens.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

My birffday's next week.

Who the hell's pitching in to get my poor ass Center Ice?

C'mon Pensblog... help an out of town Pens fan out!

Fleury29 said...

If Louis Lipps gets Center Ice, I want Center Ice too!

Solid post tonight, boys.

snoopyjode said...

ugh!!! i won't be able to watch the game tonight. :( DAMN EARLY MORNING COMMUTE.

if "professionalism" means you can use your 30 years of experience to make fun of someone who's been an amateur for five months, then by definition it must also include defecating penguins. ;)

Spencemo said...

Point taken, Snoop. :)

Loser Chris said...

Frickin' NHL schedule... the Pens finally play a game that starts after my kids are in bed and it's the night I have class. No justice.

Anonymous said...

REAL Pens fans who claim to all about the Pens and Sidney Crosby and the Pensblog wouldn't let a commute stop them from watching the game.

Andrew said...

Nice burn on Gretz. Made me laugh out loud. I love to see him struggle at anything.

On a side note, not wanting to get into the big argument over Gretzky or Lemieux, how bad were NHL goalies in the early 80's. Seriously, I dont know if Crosby puts up similar numbers to Gretzky, but dont you think there would be some inflation. Like maybe Crosby scores 140ish points last year. Just wondering what people think.

And I dont see how Robert Lang is overrated. Never hyped. At all. Hes a 2nd line player who you dont even realize is still around until you play him and you look at the stat sheet and he had a goal and 2 assists.

Angelo said...

What's the story on the creepy baby on Sabu's mask?

I really hope he does not disappoint tonight. He is going to have to be on the top of his game to survive.

Brett said...

imo the Aves are a tall order for any goaltender. I want the best for the Pens, but I almost hope Sabu does only so-so tonight, because the thought of a goaltender contravercy scares the bejesus out of me.

oh, and the new blog that was linked in today's post.. they've got a link to an article about Philadelphia having the ugliest people.. it's an absolute must-read.

lis said...

the first game against the Flyers is going to be great but not as great as the second game in Philly because I will be there. I'm expecting A LOT more harrassment this year because last year the fans had absolutely nothing to say. That is saying a lot for philly sports fans.

Sinops said...

Matt, I agree.
Seth at Empty Netters is being a whiny little bitch. He gets paid to write about the Penguins and the NHL. WTF is there to complain about? TPB is better all around, and you guys do it for fun. You guys kick ass. WAAAHHH the game is boring, WAAAHHH

canaanregulatesblog said...

Center Ice is delicious. theres something spectacular about making the girlfriend go in the other room to watch "The Girls Next Door" while you catch the tail-end of a good Dallas/Chicago game.

yay! me, boo philadelphia area.

PittPensFan said...

angelo, that is Sabu's kid on his mask. (alan has the whole story in his comment at the top)

And how did CP put Lord Therrien on the hot seat? Is he still floating around?

snoopyjode said...

Anonymous said...

REAL Pens fans who claim to all about the Pens and Sidney Crosby and the Pensblog wouldn't let a commute stop them from watching the game.

11/01/2007 10:17 AM

first, awesome typo. i think you missed a couple of words.

second, sorry, some real pens fans have real jobs.


Stoosh said...

Loved the Roberts avalanche picture...that's awesome!

ANGELO - The baby on Sabu's mask is his daughter - see alan's post above.

SPENCEMO - Sometime before next season, I think we will be hearing an announcement about the NHL returning to ESPN. I don't know if this is true or not, but it seems like they're giving the sport more attention on the website and more attention on Sportscentee, ESPNews, etc. I've heard either ESPN is adding yet another network and that new one will carry the NHL as part of its main content. I've also heard that ESPN is going to buy out Versus and incorporate into the ESPN family (not sure what the logistics of that might be).

luvnmypens said...


That creepy baby is his daughter, and I think she is beautiful. Read the 2nd post of commenterblog.

wilsmith said...

Sad excuse, snoop. The only thing that should stop you is if you have to commute during the Pens game. Nothing that takes place during the next day should affect your ability to watch today's game.

pensblog jeff said...

So I can no longer access any blogger sites from Korea without using a really slow proxy server. Bah.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...


I have received the WWGRD awesomeness-enhancing wrist strap.

I just closed my car door and it busted off its hinges, then as 2 women walked by, they were impregnated.

This thing is better than
the nintendo power glove

CG said...

Is it just me, or does it look like that Predator ballon is taking a crap on their fans. Maybe he's part of the ownership group.

Kicksave said...

pierogies n'at?

Is everyone copying tPB's format?

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

REAL Pens fans who love Pensblog would pitch in to buy a guy in Tampa with no fucking money Center Ice.

William of Loxley said...

I think Seth should take off his diaper and realize that he has a good job writing a frickin nhl blog. If he thinks that his job is boring I would like to see him stay awake at my job. If I ever got thepensblog site blocked here on my work computer, I may quit.

Thanks staff for keeping me employed.

Go Pens! Go Sabu!

slush said...

Got the wristbands in the mail today. Made my day, thanks guys!

Im going to take several to hockey and heels on Nov 7. See if I can get a few news casters to sport em.

Steve In Denver said...

7 hours till faceoff @ the can. First Pens game, in person, in years. Wooooo!

Louis Lipps, befriend a Canadian retiree...Tampa should be cralwing with snowbirds all winter long. You know they have Center Ice so they can rub one out to Don Cherry between periods during Hockey Night in Canada.

snoopyjode said...

sad excuse or not, i can't do the late nights, wilsmith. i need sleep. there's no way i'm driving my brand new car (or any other car for that matter) that far without a good night's rest. i can always record the game and watch it the next day, but it's not possible to "un-wreck" a car. well, that and my job requires that i be lucid, but i'll be honest - i care more about my car than my job. :P

StuporDave said...

Wow...The Devils are last in ESPN's power rankings. Not that they matter at all but are they really that bad? It would be a pretty sweet year if the Devils are last years Flyers.

wilsmith said...

You can't unwreck your car? I'll have to share the secrets of my god-like powers with you someday.

Brendan said...

On the Predators staying in Nashville, not that anyone cares, it's not looking too well in regards to their leasing agreement. They need to average at least 14,000 fans a game to keep the lease. As of right now they are averaging 12,305 fans a game. With a paltry record of 4-7, I reiterate, it's not looking good for Preds fans.

wingergirl said...


more coverage on the 'WWGRD' sensation - The Hockey News mentions it in their team assessments this week.

hot stuff, guys, keep it up. you're my only daily must-read.

Kristen PB said...

Sorry, I have to agree with Angelo. The helmet baby is creepy - daughter or not. It doesn't help matters that there's a weirdly-positioned hole right over the forehead either.

It sort of reminds me of the baby in "Trainspotting"...

london said...

put my WWGRD on as soon as I opened the package and I felt empowered. it's a good day.

thank you pensblog :-)

Ryan said...

My work day is over in a few minutes...I feel like a kid on christmas morning hearing you guys talk about getting your wristbands in the mail.

I hope mine is there.

I also hope the awesome-ness of the WWGRD doesn't make my mailbox melt, or implode, or something...

StuporDave said...

You are right Brendan... I am a Pens fan since birth and don't exactly know how I ended up in Nashville but you wouldn't even know they had a team here. They have a great building to play in that is right next to all the famous honky-tonk bars and other such country weirdness but something tells me the guy who stops for a two-step at Tootsies isn't going to mozy on over to the arena to watch a game in his boots even though they sell beer there. I hope they get to keep the team so that I can go and watch a Pens game every three or four years but they are all but gone. A local group is trying to buy the team but no one knows how well that is going.

Jeffry said...

the helmet baby is definitely creepy, but you seem to be overlooking the retarded penguin who was somehow allowed to go fishing.

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

From the PG:

Paul Coffey to be inducted into Penguins' Hall of Fame
Thursday, November 01, 2007
By Shelly Anderson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Paul Coffey, a lightning-quick offensive defenseman who helped the Penguins become Stanley Cup champions, will be inducted into the team's Hall of Fame before a Nov. 15 home game against the New York Islanders. Locker room assistant Frank Sciulli, who worked for the club from its inception in 1967 until he died last summer, will be inducted in the builder's category. Coffey, a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, had 108 goals and 440 points in 331 games with the team between 1987-92 and is the only Penguins defenseman to rank in the top 10 in points all-time. He also had 26 points in 22 Penguins playoff games. He is the only defenseman in club history to top 100 points, something he did twice. He holds the Penguins' season records for defenseman in goals (30), assists (83), points (113), shots (342), power-play assists (53) and power-play points (64). The other players in the team's Hall are Mario Lemieux, Rick Kehoe, Jean Pronovost, Syl Apps, Dave Burrows, Joe Mullen, Les Binkley and Ulf Samuelsson. Sciulli, who also worked for the Steelers, joins owner Edward J. DeBartolo, broadcaster Mike Lange, organist Vince Lascheid, long-time locker room assistant A.T. Caggiano and long-time executive assistant Elaine Heufelder in the builder's category. Additional off-ice personnel in the Hall are general managers Craig Patrick and Jack Riley and coach Bob Johnson.

Lady Jaye said...

They almost melted my mailbox. But happy day! Thank you Pensblog folk for the WWGRD wrist bands. Can't wait to get home and get mine before my boyfriend confiscates them all.

Loser Chris said...


That sounds like Washington. My dad was there about a week ago visiting my brother and they were at the Caps arena on a day game and my dad said he had no idea they were even playing that night. The only time he heard anything hockey during the whole time he was there (over a week) was the night they played the Pens, and that was a story on the news about Sid. No wonder they draw about 8 people every game in D.C. (except when playing the Pens of course).

Anonymous said...

Watch for WWGRD in Denver tonight.

Steve will bring it...will they show it????

GREAT lead-in picture. Hall of fame material along with the Great Pumpkin.

Anonymous said...

Went out to check the mail and found my WWGRD wristband inside.

I put it on my wrist and was so excited I didn't even notice the bus coming at me as I crossed the street.

It felt like a gnat hitting my elbow.

You don't think they'll want me pay to replace their destroyed bus do you?

Adrienne said...

Got my bracelets in the mail today! :D

All I can say is, YESSSSS!

Anonymous said...


The mailman was collapsed in the street

Anonymous said...

I just happened to look today and see who the senators played this year and it's all junk teams NYR, NJ, Fl, atl they played one good team carolina and lost.

bnee said...

canaan, center ice is even more delicious when the b/f and i both watch and enjoy that game, and then, cause we're on the west coast, get another game in before 10:00pm!

ps- any baby sketch always looks creepy

e.mirchich said...

i would just like to state for the record that i whole heartedly believe the "penguin" on top of sabu's mask is merely a slightly modified version of petrie from the land before time animated children's movie.

Fleury29 said...

No WWGRD wristbands for me today. Hope they make it to Kansas by tomorrow.

Steve, have a great night.

J.S. said...

The wristbands have landed at the J.S. residence.

Would it be considering too dominating to wear more than one? I ordered extra for friends and/or others who may ask about it.


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