Monday, October 22, 2007

Just Another Jobber Monday

Good Weekend.
Heroes tonight. Pens tomorrow.

Life is tolerable.



The Flash Bar.

Is the "next game" coming up immediately, or does a game earlier in the season pop up?
A simple loading bar would remedy the annoyance.
Let us know.


Boys Of Winter

Someone asked us to post the link of where you can find the old-school Boys of Winter theme that was in the Roberts NHL95 video.
A few weeks ago, someone posted it on [LGP]

Here is the direct link:
[Boys of Winter ]
Just right-click on the link and select "save as."
That should work.

And it may exceed some poor soul's bandwidth.



Reader Chelsea Irvin e-mailed this in:

I'm a long time reader and wanted to share a story with you that will more than likely make you pass out. I know i did experiencing it. My sister lives in Arlington VA, so I scooped the two of us some tickets to last night's game. We planned out a solid sports weekend-watching the rugby world cup Saturday afternoon, quick costume change, then straight to the Pens game. As we were walking down the streets of Chinatown in DC celebrating a South African victory, we popped into a classy looking joint to grab a bite to eat. However, the wait was something like 40 minutes for Chinese food (honestly? we're in Chinatown..they should be turning over customers like it's their job. cause it is). As we turned to walk out of the restaurant, who walks in the door- none other than King Ray Shero. I stop in my tracks...stick out my hand and say "Hi Ray!" Without hesitation, without questioning who this random chick is, King Ray shakes my hand, and asks nonchalantly "What's up?!" I told him that I was from Pittsburgh, and that we (my sister and I) were going to the game tonight. King Ray then proceeds to look me up and down, and ask "Where's your Pens gear? Do you need something to wear for the game tonight?" In shock I opened by bag and whip out my Malkin shirt, my sister does the same. Impressed, Ray shook my hand again, opened the door for us, and said "You ladies have a great time tonight, and I'll talk to you again soon. Thanks for the support". Wow. Solid human being. Solid GM. AND a lady charmer. Needless to say, I blacked out from the excitment of it all. And then I get to go to a great game where Pittsburgh collectively took a crap on the Crapitals. This will be a weekend to remember.

I love you all.

--- There were also some nice personal stories in the game recap's comments.

The award goes to Alexander Ovechkin, but for all the right reasons.
He, along with everyone else who is alive, is tired of AO/Sid talk.
He was being cynical during an entire interview in a paper on Friday. [ Washington Times ]

Do you know who you are playing tomorrow?
"Uh ... probably Minnesota, no?"

Why does everyone ask about [you and Crosby] so much?
"Because they like us — we are cute and we have good smile."

Did you run into Crosby at any point this summer?
"Yeah, I call him every day," he said before rolling his eyes. "He's Crosby, I'm Ovechkin. I am here. He's over there. Why I have to call him in the summer and say, 'Hey, what's up buddy? What are you doing?' "

It almost makes you wish we had Ovechkin just so our star player didn't answer questions like a robot.

Sid speaks on the "rivalry." [ PG ]

--- Our call to arms was answered, and a Capitals rally towel is en route to us.
Oh man.

Feces, fire, and YouTube will be involved.


Speaking of calls to arms, an anonymous commentor asked for us to come through.

The 1992 ring is impossible to find.


Around the Atlantic

6 - 1 - 0
(Undefeated at home)

The Flyers are lights-out right now.
But you're expected to be when you sign half the NHL in the offseason.
They had a nice week. Big wins against the Thrashers, Devils and Hurricanes.

Must be nice to play games against the Devils that aren't fixed.

Even better, Ed Snider said they would be able to get Petr Forsberg with no problem. [ Yahoo ]

The battles between the Flyers and Pens this season are going to be epic.

5 - 3 - 0

They beat Washington 5-2.
And they also beat the Devils this week.

The Devils are a joke.
( Click to enlarge )

3 - 4 - 1

The Devils were on the Atlantic tour this week.
They beat the Pens in homoblog
Then they lost to Philly and the Islanders.

They actually get to play at home this week because their new arena is ready to roll.
It's Prudential Arena.
But it's coming to be known as "The Rock," which is kinda sick.

2 - 4 - 1

They lost to Atlanta and Boston this week.
They've lost 5 of their last 6.
More on the Rangers being the Gayngers [ PG ]

And apparently a weight machine fell on Martin Straka's finger.

Also, Chris Drury was dropped to the third line at some point this past week.
We don't care enough to see what that was all about.


4 - 3 - 0

We're late as balls on this, but Jes Golbez owns MAF [ Fanhouse ]
Ray Shero says Bob McKenzie and his goalie rumors are on crack. [ PG ]

This week: Mellonblog

Tues. -- Rangers
Thurs. -- Maple Leafs
Sat. -- Canadiens

Down on the Farm:

The Baby Pens won Saturday night.
Letang was a healthy scratch, and by all indications, is playing like mud. [ Faceoff Factor ]


Nice bit on the best penalty-killers of all time. [ Greatest Hockey Legends ]
The guy alludes to Bob Johnson, so he's okay with us.

Another reason to read Fanhouse-NHL.
One of our favorite bloggers, Earl Sleek from Battle of California, joins the staff. [ Battle of California ]

Ryan Smyth returns to Edmonton this week in what will be a very emotional scene.
[ Kukla ]

Thanks to Tee for this on [WWTDD]
Mike Comrie loves his life:

Can't wait for the first Isles-Pens game.
If no one photoshops Hillary Duff, we are ending the blog.



They got swept during their Pennsylvania road trip.
And now Erik Cole gets injured playing soccer before a game. [ News Observer ]
Also in that article, it says Walker was in pain after Ruutu trained him.
And he was struggling to breathe later in the game when he collapsed.

Ray Emery makes his first start in a 4-1 win over Florida.

A very funny article about the Devils' new arena. [ Fanhouse ]
And there's even questions of whether or not the Devils will be able to fill it.
Say it ain't so.

The Wild are sick. [ ]

If you aren't excited for the Pens vs Wild October 30, go somewhere else.
BGL vs Boogieman might be the most anticipated fight in North America this year.

A cool story about the pipe organ at the United Center. [ Daily South Town ]
The dude plays for 5 minutes straight between intermissions. Beast.


Jonathan Toews brings us the play of the year that may not be beat all season.
Just digusting.


Tough loss for the Steelers.

(J-Schiff )

The Broncos are maybe the most annoying team in football.
Mike Shanahan is a homo. So is John Lynch.


Go Pens


Jonny V said...

anon, blog n' gold is a steelersblog.

Marty Straka got pwned by another weight machine? Inanimate metal objects have it out for him. He must have been a smelter in a former life.

Funny about the new jersey arena, people quoted in the article complained about going through a high crime area just to go to the game. When reached for comment, Jake Wheatley said "Word."

And staff, the flash thing thing at the top of the page makes u cycle through every game, which will kind of get annoying as the season goes on. If I'm doing it right. I'm sometimes left-click challenged...

Jonny V said...

Oh, and Chelsea, from the way u told the story, it sounded like King Ray was going to give yinz free shwag. Friggin' awesome story though.

Erica said...

Great post for a hockeyless Monday... but how do you not mention that Kristin Bell will be on Heroes?

A previous game comes up on the flash bar.

What a story about Shero.

biff said...

Been reading for a few months now, but this is my first foray into commentorblog. Couldn't resist after the boys of winter link and March on Washington pics. Life-changing.

I have been searching for a long time for that song. Boys of Winter = best piece of music ever composed. Chills from when I was 12 yrs old and still the most obnoxious member of my section. I'd embarrass my family cheering on the fights.

Being in college in NJ is tough because Center Ice Online blacks me out of all NYR, NYI, PHI and NJ games - so there's 32 games I miss/year. But having Mike Lange as a back-up is never that bad. I will be in Philly for the game of 11 Nov, so I will be sure to provide a full report. Provided I leave the city intact.

Staff - keep up the good work. It's a great feeling to get up early for class and know a new post awaits to wake me up. Or, in this case, end my day.


stokes said...

There is a "keytar" in the left side of that HIlary Duff picture, making it THAT much better.

This site has now become the first thing i do in the morning. Solid, solid job.

Staff said...

Thanks Biff.

V -- Thanks for the feedback.
Anyone familiar with Flash knows that it tries to shortcut the system by displaying something as soon as possible while the rest of the thing is still loading.
It just won't work with what we're doing.
But a load bar will be up for about 1 second and will make sure the next game pops up.

ERICA -- Kristen Bell is a beast.
Veronica Mars was the real deal.
In the previews, it looks like she is gonna be Peter's foe or something.


J.S. said...

Isn't this Marty's 2nd run-in with a weight machine?

Chelsea, when King Shero asks if you need some gear, the proper answer is always "yes", or some variation of it.

Anonymous said...

Flash Bar--Mine still shows Oct 5 loss to Canes

J.S. said...

Getting warmer

1992 Wales Conference Championship Ring

auction #957

Anonymous said...

The flashbar always shows the carolina loss for me

slush said...

My flash bar shows the win over the leafs.

I hate The Duff.

Spencemo said...

Great story about Shero, but, as solid as he is getting the job done, those two girls might want to take a pregnancy test.

demondg1 said...

Shero makes the panties drop. No surprise there.

Toews = Big Deal.

Gotta love AO. Makes me wish we had a smart ass quote machine on the Pens.

And I say we start the Bobby Scuds "4" All-Star campaign NOW.

Mark W. said...

Pensblog Staff:

I just wanted to give you a heads up that on Friday, Mark Madden signed off to a commercial stating "from the station that asks the question 'what would Gary Roberts do' ESPN 1250". Have you been in contact with them about those bracelets or is he straight up ripping you off?

Stoosh said...

Big Ben photoshop = Coffee, meet monitor. Awesome!

Pretty good weekend, eh? Two Pens wins. Pitt wins. Steelers lost, but at least it was pretty entertaining (had to love Marvel Smith getting worked over by a 5'11", 260-pound defensive end).

A bit disconcerting to read what my Faceoff Factor colleagues had to say about Letang, seeing as how he was believed to be the first callup from the farm if things went bad on the blueline.

Jon Bombulie (fantastic WB/S beat writer) seems a little more concerned about the Pens maybe trying to get him to focus too much on playing defense at the expense of his offensive game...

What an awesome couple weeks of hockey coming up, huh? The Pens get the Rangers, Leafs and Habs at home, then go to Minnesota the night before Halloween. After a trip to Colorado and Long Island, we get our first trip to NJ's new dump, then Philly at home, a trip to MSG the following night and then a Saturday night showdown in Philthy. I'm going to wail.

PensfanSeoul said...

Great Shero story for sure.

That goal video was amazing...and almost as good as the goal was the call...those guys were certainly excited...How cool would it be to have someone really good in the TV booth again?

I havent posted in a while, but im back for the season...I'm so glad Hockey is back

PensfanSeoul said...

Great King Ray story, but what else would you expect out of the guy?

Toews goal was amazing. But my favorite part of the video was the call. Were those guys excited or what? How great would it be if the Pens had someone in the TV booth that made great goal calls?

Meh, I don't know....Im off for the next few days, so I'm prolly gonna go out on Seoul and put a dent in the liquor supply. While I'm out there, I think Ill buy Sam a drink and get his dog one too.

I havent been on commentorblog in a while, but i'm back for the season. Great to have Hockey back again.

Teej said...

Guys - you get the 2007 Blog MVP Award. I've been looking for the old-school Pens theme since elementary school. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

wilsmith said...

Toews goal was great. when you can get the puck to someone in the neutral zone with that much speed already, the D has no chance.

and how does that spelling end up being pronounced the way it is?

I'll give y'all the scoop on "The Rock" when the Pens play their first game there. Hopefully it will still be empty.

Staff said...

the flash bar can be remedied if you click monthly schedule then click main. But that's two clicks too many.

We were just emailed the 92 cup ring.
The collective knowledge and resources of pens fans is why this blog exists.

We are gonna send madden a wristband, along with john fedko and a peace treaty we are crafting for him


Jonny V said...

Peace treaty haha

Re: Heroes, hopefully Kristen Bell comes in and kills Peter and those mexican twins that cry mud at people. They suck ass. And bring Hiro back from the past already. And make the Haitian have more stare-offs. This show needs a swift kick in the ass.
Back to hockey.

Mike said...

Shero = Pimp. I was at the game on Saturday in the last row of section 413. We were right in front of the press box, and we saw Lange, Steigy, Errey, old 29er, and Shero in between periods. Shero was hitting on this press lady during the second intermission. It was hilarious. I am late on this, but the pens crowd and game was amazing. Can't wait to do it again in March.

J.S. said...

and after reading stoosh's comment, I forgot to say that the Ben 'shop is money in the bank. Awesome.

I still can't stop laughing whenever I see the Wheatley JOTW award being handed out. Those two shops have to be top 10 on here.

Vern said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wilsmith said...

We should take a bus (or 2) to the next Pens game in DC. No?

Mike said...

I have six people that will go on the bus in March to DC.

Anonymous said...

An awesome story with pics about a girl with cancer getting to live it up for a night in Sid's Luxury Box.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if this was posted before but apparently there was a huge pens fan rally on the steps of the Smithsonian after the game on Saturday. Theres a short vid of it on youtube.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

What a great story about King Shero, Craig Patrick never left the house let alone acknowledge Penguin fans. I know Steeler jobbing is fun, but Ben did bounce back and had one hell of a game. Whatev, this isn't Blog and Gold.

Flyers still won't make the playoffs.

Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

"We are gonna send madden a wristband, along with john fedko and a peace treaty we are crafting for him"

Haha that is awesome. You guys should have conditions for Fedko, and if he doesn't accept the jobbing resumes. Maybe something like he must wear the wristband for a show or something.

Also, I could have sent you the Caps rally towel I got if I didn't publically make a point to slam it into a trash can after the game. Sadly no Penguin recorded a hat trick, the only reason I bothered to snag one.


Mike said...

Thanks for the link to the boys of winter! I've been looking for this forever! The new version just isn't the same!

This brings back memories!

EmDubs said...

The talk about the Caps announcer reminded me of this..... has anyone heard the voice at Mellon this year during the intro when they're highlighting a few players right before the Pens come out onto the ice? The guy sounds just like the voice from Scream that always calls on the telephone. I wish instead of saying "Sidney Crrrrrossssby" he would say "Hellooooo, Sidney." It would be perfect.

Adrienne said...

Oh, and Chelsea, from the way u told the story, it sounded like King Ray was going to give yinz free shwag.

Chelsea, you definitely lost out on that one :p

We should take a bus (or 2) to the next Pens game in DC. No? I'm with Will. I'm willing to drive if anyone wants to make the road trip down! :D

Finding that opening theme... You guys just made my day. :D

wilsmith said...

sign me up, adrienne.
I'm sure I could find some more.

BluffTalk said...

Yeah, guys. I've been stuck on the Hurricanes game all season. It sucks to keep seeing "4-1 Canes" at the top every time.

homesprout said...

Was watching the local news this evening, (WTAE) and they showed footage of Pens players out shopping with some underprivileged children for winter clothing. Project Bundle-Up I assume!?

MAF, Bing, Crusher, Naz, Rex....and sure enough, Gary Roberts was there helping one of the kids try on snow boots.

Odd though, I figured that the mere presence of GR would have provided the children with enough warmth to last all the cold months ahead! :-D

Just another reason why this team kicks so much ass!

The Hebrew Hammer said...

When's the last time you saw any Steelers doing anything for this community?

Ashley said...

*sigh* no free gear for Chelsea...

wilsmith said...

Yeah I heard a rumor that Ray goes around and when people recognize him, he gives them free Jerseys.

You lost out, for real.

Jonny V said...

Polamalu, Hoke, and Keisel are a few names off the top of my head involved with local charities. No question the Pens are doing a hell of a job with that stuff, I heart this team.

Oh, and I was listening to talk radio today, and there was some poll taken around the country, and it was determined that Philadelphia has the most unattractive people in the U.S. I must find this.

canaanregulatesblog said...

johnny v...

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

johnny v:

Appalling Philadelphians

Oh, and about the Pens taking kids shopping for warm winter clothes:
Bing, et al. all just went to Burlington coat factory and bought the kids some leftover Steelers parkas.

But Gary Roberts. Gary Roberts took his tike out into the wild of the Laurel Highlands and taught the lil' bastard how to stalk bear, kill it, use its coat to make a nice winter parka and make the rest of it into a nice stew.

Greg said...

If anybody checks out the project bundle-up photo gallery on the Pens page, Gary Roberts in the first picture is definitely using all manpower possible just to muster out that smile. That poor kid probably feared for his life the whole time.


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