Thursday, October 25, 2007

GameDay (9) -- Maple Leafs @ Pens

We were put on the Budweiser Hot Seat by [ Pension Plan Puppets ] in regards to tonight's game.

No recap tonight.
Go to [ TSCS ] for all your recap needs.


3 - 4 - 3

The Maple Leafs have looked like Ricki Lake with her shirt off this season.

A couple of shootout/overtime losses are the only things keeping them from playing grab-ass in the basement.

Pens games in Toronto have been wild affairs the last couple of years.

When the Maple Leafs come to the Mellon,
there are some things we can take to the bank:

1. Mats Sundin will score a goal.
2. There's gonna be more than a couple Leafs fans.

This picture captures both items, in essence.
"I" is a joke.


Randy said...

just curious...any word on the wristbands?

Pensgirl said...

I can't believe I'm about to say this, but someone should take a page from this Flyer fan's book.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

I saw your prediction over at the Leafs website and I gotta take you guys to task for it, only 14-1 PENS tonight? My favorite memory from last year was the 8-1 ass raping of Toronto at home just before the all star break. It was funny to see all the Leafs fans celebrate after getting an early goal and then a wall of feces came over them shortly thereafter.


Andrew said...

Did that lady go the game by herself?

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

How do you know that is a Flyers fan?

I look at the Flyers had and think it is just being worn to drive home the Cup-less loserness of the overall picture.

marc said...

that jersey is money in the bank

chris l. said...

I'm sure you've all seen this on the PG's ENr'sblog:

157 - Career high in penalty minutes for current NHL heavyweight champion Georges Laraque in 2001-02 with Edmonton.

282 - Career high in penalty minutes for Gary Roberts during his rookie year in Calgary in 1987-88.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Stanley, good deducing there. You might as well suck from head to toe.

Adrienne said...

Andrew, what's wrong with going to games alone? Excluding Tampa Bay games, I'm always alone.

People have been calling me all day saying there's a fuckton of Toronto fans downtown today... whee!

Hoping for a good game tonight :D

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Adrienne have you gotten Mark Eaton to do you into next week yet?

Pensgirl said...

Stanley P., I hadn't thought of that but I like it better your way. I'll roll with it.

While we're tossing in gratuitous Philadelphia slamming, everyone with a Mac should make sure to download this for their dashboards. I toss it up on mine whenever I'm feeling like a healthy dose of schadenfreude...and when it comes to Philly, too much schadefreude is never enough.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

I hate to say it but the Antropov-Sundin line is sick, we're pinned up for days in our own end against that line. Great play by Sid to keep whacking at the puck, 1-0 bitches

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

"Backdoor Play"


Errey is soooooo gay.

Barrasso35 said...

Why would anyone waste their money buying a Maple Leafs (Leaves?) jersey when they could spend that money on another Penguins jersey?

I must admit, however, that it was a toss up between the Leafs and the Blackhawks on who would be my new team if the Penguins moved to KC. Two Original Six teams, classic uniforms, good histories. I pretty much root for the 'Hawks and the Leafs if they're not playing the Penguins.

Glad I didn't have to make that decision.

Speaking of the 'Hawks, that Jonathan Toews goal from a few days ago was bloody insane. That's some Gretzky, Mario, Sid type of shit. I'd love to see a rematch of the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals... perhaps in 2009?

Do it.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

I guess there was a rule introduced that no penalties can be called against the Maple Leafs. These refs are a fucking joke.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

At least the Flyers lost

Anonymous said...

Offense is completely out of sync right now.

How many times have you heard "Didn't see the pass coming" or "Had a man open in the slot but didn't see him".

Not sure what size net Brooks Orpik practices on but the guy misses one timers by 20 feet everytime. Solid player outside of that so far though.

MT needs to chill with these line changes.

The Flower collapsed after the shaky decision making all over the ice caught up to them.

Snoopy - don't even bother.


Jonny V said...

So did we win? Was the score 14-1? Oh.

Don't get too cocky yet folks, this ain't the early 90's era team just yet.

Like I said a few posts ago, frustrating as hell to watch Fleury right now. Brilliance and Ineptitude are his next door neighbors.

Sorry for being a negative nelly

Anonymous said...

Fleury looked shell shocked after the first one in the third, hadn't recovered before the second one, and gave up from there.

The whole team was much the same; great for the first 40, then didn't come out to start the third, fell behind, and then panic set in.

Just shake it off and get ready for the next game.

The Seeker said...

OK..I heard the weird reasoning why Therrien changed the lines for tonight's game, but why mess with a winning formula?

Maybe he'll learn from that mistake?

Jonny V said...

Good ol' Mondesi has delivered what has to be the most embarrassing clip of a Stillers fan ever posted to the AlGore. I figured some of TPB commentors needed a laugh after the atrociousness that was tonight's game.
Steelers Princess

On a sidenote, early in the baseball season, Mondesi encouraged his commentors to join the Mondesi's House fantasy baseball league with the promise of a prize from his online store to the winner. Well, I won the league, and after contacting him for my bounty, he writes that there was no prize promised, just "the satisfaction of beating Penn State Adam (a regular commentor) for bragging rights." True douchebaggery, in my opinion.

Fuck that dude.

Adrienne said...

Hebrew, still haven't met Eaton to make the offer. Damnit :(

Anonymous said...

Please god, someone get mark recchi of the top line.

Anonymous said...

mondesi is a total tool.

John said...

fleury did not let up a bad goal. half of that crap was from turnovers bu the d within 5 feet of him

lis said...

so if "they" are going to have to pry the stick from Mark Recchi's dead hands...can someone please KILL HIM already!!!!!!!!!! He needs to be off of Sid's line. I can't take dogs get all freaked out when I sit home alone watching the game and scream at him on my TV!

J DIlla said...

I was at the game tonight and saw Mark Recchi do the following:

1 - Not have his stick on the ice on the top of the crease for and EASY tip in from Sid (2x).

2 - Run all over the ice like he was a german shepherd on skates with its head up its ass.

3 - Play horribly in his own zone (case in point: the giveaway that lead to Battaglia's goal in the 3rd, when Syko was screaming up the ice 5 ft away).

I respect Recchi for all that he has contributed over the years, but anyone who was at the game (I'm not sure if it came across on TV) could tell that he is completely out of touch. Is there a place for him on the team? Sure, 3rd line winger. As anonymous said, he just doesn't see it coming. He kills every bit of momentum we generate.

I will admit, we blew it in the 3rd. But it wouldn't have mattered if Recchi put those two goals in and didnt directly contribute to one for the Leafs.

In other news, Orpik blows. Hit somebody you puss.


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