Wednesday, October 17, 2007

GameDay (5) -- Devils @ Pens


2 - 3 - 0

The Devils blow.

The past 10-odd years, we've said that with pure hatred.

But now, they just straight up blow.

Petr Sykora was a part of the Devils trap for more than a few years.
It'll be interesting to see if he knows where the cracks are.

Anthony Costa


Ashley said...

I swear, you guys almost killed me this afternoon. I read this "It'll be interesting to see if he knows where the cracks are," and saw that photo and laughed so hard I almost choked to death on my dinner.

Thanks guys!

Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

Kovy jobbing Carbonneau on Montreal radio.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

The Devils are mud but these games are always close. 3-2 victory tonight.

Go Pens.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I think the fucking Steelers have played more recently than the Pens have!! About fucking time we get a game....

Anonymous said...

haha move over Vince Neil, Roberts is running this band

Ryan said...

Oh man the shout at the devil photoshop is gold.

Sykora is going to dominate tonight. Write it down.

marc said...

anyone know what post has that fat steelers girl photoshopped to look like a goalie??? i laugh my ass off anytime i see that... i couldnt find it when i looked through the posts....

Staff said...


here is the fat girl pic

We can't remember who made that, so please someone take credit.


Master of the Obvious said...

So that amazing passing juiced up the crowd and definitely served as a turning point...

I'm watching on FSN New York and Emerick said the most disturbing thing about there being "spunk put forth everywhere especially by the Devils on the boards." Note to grinders, keep your face away from the glass.

snoopyjode said...

good friend loser chris created that photoshop gem.

Mike said...

Even though it cost us a penalty, I loved what Ryan Malone did with the puck at the end of the 2nd.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

If we lose this game, i'm staging a march on fucking grant street. The NHL should have stopped the game during the second period and immediately fired the referees. Fuck ups by the refs include:

*How can you go back and call a penalty when it wasn't originally called? Look at the rulebook asses.

*I guess when an opposing player nearly tramples the goaltender, it's not a penalty right Brian Gionta? fucking horseshit.

And know Malone takes two penalties at the end of the second, nice touch to tack on the 2 minute misconduct fucknut. Leave now and start your party early on East Carson street you worthless sack of shit. I don't believe we're going to lose this fucking game. I need an aspirin.

April said...

Two observations I have made while watching the game (well there are many, but still).

1). Was Errey always this annoying? Because he is really testing my nerves this game.

2). The Pens can apparently only trip but cannot be tripped.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

April, I wanted to go through my television and kill both Bob Errey and Paul Steigerwald, they are unlistenable at this point. Errey was sticking up for every call against the Penguins becausae the head ref was once his buddy. I haven't been this pissed over a loss since game 3 against Ottawa last year. Fuck the Devils, fuck em, fuck em, fuck em.

PittPensFan said...

The NHL really needs to look at its referees. They let games get totally out of hand. All referees make bad calls (and I saw quite a few tonight). It is part of the job. However, the key to being a good referee is being consistent. If you make a call in the first, make the same call in the second and third. I saw no consistency tonight from the officials. Things that were let go early were called in the second and then let go in the third again. This cannot be allowed to continue. I took issue with several calls tonight (both teams had too many men, but only the Pens got called, and Gionta being permitted to sodomize Fleury in the crease which led to a goal, just to name a couple). Screwups like that will happen (although huge messups should be fireable offences). But the recurring lack of consistency from NHL officials is very troubling to me, speaking as a referee of football, baseball and occasionaly hockey.

Ashley said...

I didn't think I could get so pissed off in a room with just me and the TV.

What the hell was THAT??? Were the refs rookies without their glasses or something??

I agree with hebrew hammer: the whole Gionta mess - WTF?

And how about the too many men on the ice penalty the Pens took. Yeah, THAT one was a good call because there were too many Pens on the ice, but I guess the refs didn't see the 10 white jerseys also on the ice. NJ should've gotten a penalty too.

And how about early in the 3rd, at the end of the Malone penalty, when Army was seriously interfered with and the refs were scratching their asses. Thumbs up to Army and Talbot, though, for those short handed chances. These two, along with GR, are going to be huge this year.

If the refs had called a fair game, we would've won. Simple as that.

J.S. said...

Here's what I don't understand (besides the fact that the Pens were jobbed for ten straight game clock minutes): OK, if you're gonna call the too many men penalty on Cros, then there better be another one on the Devils. Maybe Sid was out there, but who was he tied up with? Yeah, that's right, another Devils player in the process of making a change.

I hope the refs who worked tonight have a stack of applications for Sheetz or 7-11, because after tonight, that's about the only place they're qualified to work, and that is being VERY generous.

Anonymous said...

agreed, the refs tonight blew. if there was too many men, why didnt they blow the whistle when staal and malkin were owning marty?

malone was a retard for doing what he did. showed no class and looked like a baby. luckly, they didnt score on his 4:00 PP.

carolina on friday, bring it on.


Anonymous said...

I have rarely been as mad while watching a hockey game as I was tonight. Wow. I was absolutely irate in my apartment, waking the neighbors. isn't the ref supposed to blow the whistle when he loses sight of the puck? There were like 2 full seconds where the puck was somewhere under fleury, then the pileup begins, and fleury and the puck ends up in the back of the net and it counts. bullshit.

London said...

errey & steigerwald consistently make a point to talk about how wonderful the penguins opponent is too. tonight they drove me up a wall talking about new jersey the entire game. talk about the penguins. give us information about the penguins. i don't care about new jersey! you're on FSN PITTSBURGH.

they also convey no emotion what-so-ever. and damn you paul steigerwald for saying the name johnny oduya about 74 times a game. i don't think he's on the ice half the time he says it.

boo to radio delays.

marc said...

jobbed? you can say that again... and thanks for the pic, it's my background now


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