Saturday, October 13, 2007

GameDay (4) - - Penguins @ Maple Leafs

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Air Canada Centre


For more info on the Leafs,
Mr. Empty Netters is the place to go. [Empty Netters ]

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Toronto blog
[ Raking Leafs ]


Should be a good one tonight.

You know a few things when the Pens play in Toronto.

A. It is going to be a tough game.
B. The fans will complain about every call against the Leafs, as if they are owed something.
C. Mats Sundin will score a goal.


This game is nowhere close to a mustwin.
The Pens have played three games.
If you think it is a must-win, get a life.

No question though, it has all the makings of a "yell at your TV" game.
Hopefully no one fakes a heart attack like last year.

Another big subplot:
How long is it going to take to get pissed off at Jason Blake.
We all feel bad for him, but he is such a jerkoff sometimes.
We'll see.

Lord Therrien is juggling the lines. [ PSI ]

1st Line: Recchi - Crosby - Sykora

2nd Line: Staal - Malkin - Malone

3rd Line: Roberts - Christensen - Armstrong

More Pens news:

Malkin is slowly owning the English Language. [ PG ]

"That includes his comfort level off the ice, where he is included as much as possible in locker-room talk and even jokes among teammates."

"We don't always know if he gets them, but we have some laughs,"Sidney Crosby said.

He gets the joke about him having more points than you.


One more thing:

Vintage Jagr last night. Three assists in the first period. [Blue Shirt Bulletin ]

He is off to a good start.
Wonder why?

Yea that is the reason.

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Go Pens


Anonymous said...

BTW guys -

Awesome pink-beribboned penguin.

Perfectly suited for kicking Maple Leaf ass.

I'll be at the game tonight, informing the teams that "T.O. is still Mr. Roberts' Neighbourhood - LGP" ...that, or making "Eaton Centre" jokes. Hopefully the guys will reward me with some goals.
Go Pens.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Like you guys said, this definitely isn't a must win game but you know if we get down and that homo Mats Sundin scores you're going to be enraged.

go pens

Anonymous said...

If I were there tonight, I'd have a sign that said "Go Cancer!"

Anonymous said...

Sabu in goal.....

Christina said...

also - sabourin's getting the start in goal, not MAF


Anonymous said...

i'm going to ignore that last comment.

just had to say hilarious jagr pic.

oh, and i love nhl center ice online. My life has changed now that i can watch almost every game and not follow 3 different web sites' live scoring at the same time.


Ashley said...

fucking sundin...what a stupid ass

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Those inflatable pink noisemaker things the Toronto fans are holding just beg for a 'Caption This' or photoshop, let alone the bit on getting the pink mohawks.

Ashley said...

yeah, those pink things look like giant condoms

The Hebrew Hammer said...

It looks like someone is going to have a heart attack, the way this game is going.

Brett said...

Steigerwald must go... ugh!

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how the pens' powerplay can be that bad.....

Anonymous said...

i still do not know how you can screw up sidney and armstrong. the numbers arent even the same.

1-7. discuss.

oh well.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

WOOOOOOOOOOO, huge win and it's always that much better when it comes against toronto and that fuck Mats Sundin. Few points on the game.

1. Letang needs to come up, this PP right now is predictable and totally uneffective.

2. Jordan Staal may have had the best game of his career tonight, he was all over the freaking ice.

3. The big guns all played outstanding, Crosby, Malkin, and even Gonchar played over 32 minutes and played his best game this year.

4. Have no clue why Sabourin started tonight, Fleury's your guy and he's going to start at least 70 games this year. Fleury played one helluva game tonight, and made an especially huge save when we were down 3-1 against Blake. He looked much more comfortable and was able to control his rebounds.

5. If you don't think Armstrong-Talbot-Roberts is the best 3rd line in hockey, you're high.

6. It almost seems cliche at this point but enough is enough with Recchi. Strip him of the A and give it to Staal or Malkin. He is sleepwalking out there and I wish I had a dime for everytime he turned the puck over on a blind pass.

7. Mats Sundin is a total ass.

8. Gotta love the Leafs shooting themselves in the foot in the 3rd with the delay of game penalty.

9. I don't think you guys even need to do the recap tonight, people should just read my analysis ;)

P.S. The BCS is a mess right now, you could possibly have a Boston College-South Florida title game.

Good day...


Staff said...

jay, i hate that.

He did it all last season.


Anonymous said...


Glad Seinfeld went off the air, FSN got the better deal by signing him!!!

Jerry's loss our gain!!!!!

The Seeker said...

OK....who saw the Max Talbot FSN commercial during the game where he screws up saying "Pens Fans First" and then says it was like Borat?

I GOTTA see that commercial again!

snoopyjode said...

LOL, seeker, we saw it! my husband and i were like WTF?! that was great!!!

also, it was good to see sid get 2 goals - that should shut up the idiots that were actually starting to panic. and it's always nice to watch him attempt to fight a dude that's bigger than he is. :P

i agree: i think steigy must have alzheimer's or something because it seems like he's not getting any of their names right. it's beyond annoying, and i wish errey would reach over and just slap him across the face each time he was wrong. maybe then he'd feel like it was necessary to memorize the players' names and numbers.

Anonymous said...

Errey wouldn't do that, he is too busy trying to show off his stanley cup ring to the cameras and the millions watching at home, he holds the mic with the ring just posed there for all to see.


Adrienne said...

Nice chop on the bracelet :D


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