Wednesday, October 10, 2007

GameDay (3) -- Canadiens @ Penguins


1 - 0 - 1

GameDay Chat

Four Habs Fans ( Game Thread )


Pretty much all the games last season with the Habs were testicle tearers.

The key thing to look out for is the Kovalev-Grabovski-Kostitsyn line.

As commentor MummraTheEverliving pointed out, it could be aptly named the "Kovy Grabs Tits" line.


Photoshop beast J-Schiff was going through Montreal tabloids and found pics of Habs coach Guy Carbonneau's summer vacation.

It's not an NHL season until Guy Carbonneau touches an Asian boy.

Go Pens.


HabsFan29 said...

Quality photo of our coach boys.

BTW, the Kovy Grabs Tits line (which we already named the Contact Dance Line or Danse à 10 line last week) is no more. Grabovski is on the bench in favour of Plekanec at center.

we've got an open thread for the game, stop by the enemy!

wilsmith said...

quick question:
You guys dont happen to have a directory with all the already used photoshops in it, do you? I don't want to send in anything that might have been done already, and I missed the better part of last season. If not, that's cool.

Does anyone know a good free program to convert wmv's to animated gifs?

Staff said...

We'll be there for some friendly jobbing.
Should be a great game.
The one thing I miss about the new NHL is not being able to go to a game when the Habs are in town and see them in their reds.

Don't know about the .wmv's to .gif's.

A bulk of the photoshops can be found in "best of pensblog" on the left.

We didn't start using photoshops in recaps until probably march, so if you want to go through the 2006-07 archive on the left, it lists every game with links to our recaps.

Archiving these photoshops on webshots or Flickr would be wise on our part.


Christina said...


i'll be listening to the game tonight...while suffering through three hours of my real estate class. ugh.

wish i could watch though, it'll definitely be a good game.

Jason said...

i dont think carey price starting tonight is an accident. tsn reports that "On this day 22 years ago, Patrick Roy made his first start for the Montreal Canadiens in Pittsburgh on his way to the Hall of Fame. Tonight, Carey Price hopes to start a similar journey when he makes his much-anticipated debut"

this seems like its been in planning stages ever since price was drafted.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...


There's a chill in the air.

Fallen leaves kick up off the road when you drive around the bend.

It's the middle of the week... hump day. You put in your 8 hours (or more) today. Now what are we going to do tonight?

Get home from work, change into a Pens jersey, and head to the Arena (or click on your TV or radio). That's what.

This is what life's all about. This is why I love hockey.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

We should take this game, Montreal is starting a goalie that would be below average for the Wheeling Nailers.

FritoWill said...

back in businness pensblog

Anonymous said...

Work... OVER.
Jersey... ON.
Beer... IN HAND.
Tonight... PENS WILL WIN

snoopyjode said...

echo that, to both stanley and anonymous!!! the cooler weather really makes it feel like it's a hockey night in pittsburgh. I LOVE IT!!! 3 minutes until showtime! wooooooo!!!


Don K. Show said...

Fleury jersey

$50 for what appears to be an authentic. I'm worried about getting jobbed on the lettering though. I've had luck with the chinese jerseys so far (3 to speak of), but the pix don't show enough detail for me to pull the trigger.

Don K. Show said...

early whistle? booo

chrisbarber77 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chrisbarber77 said...

crosby cursed jason blake last year after crosby told blake he was fucking dead after blake speared him

Joshua said...

Hard to start thinking about the next year, but I hope you guys like the Prague:;_ylt=AiH0_cqlCU7SEUrtrEsAQ5N7vLYF?slug=txnhlprague&prov=st&type=lgns

Pens to open the season with Ottawa next season.

Eddy Spaghetti said...

Is it just me or does BGL kind of sound like Andre The Giant?

Mike said...

Man Gary Roberts just manhandled Kostichin or whatever his name is. Complete destruction...the man was looking for his teeth. Nice, very nice. New Gary Roberts nickname...THE DENTIST>

Mike said...

Man Gary Roberts just manhandled Kostichin or whatever his name is. Complete destruction...the man was looking for his teeth. Nice, very nice. New Gary Roberts nickname...THE DENTIST>

Jonny V said...

don k, the numbers on that jersey look like construction paper projects i cut out 25 years ago with those friggin' safety scissors.

I guess the Bleu, Blanc, et Rouge know a little bit about drafting decent goaltenders. We looked decent out there, just didn't get enough bounces our way. And that Malkin pass was fucking sick. Like 28 days sick.

And put me down for one of those WWGRD bracelet thing things. Me likey.

canaanregulatesblog said...

don k. that fleury jersey looks better than most i've seen on ebay...there have been some terrible knock-offs. i wish the NHL bootleggers would get in line with the NFL bootleggers. i got an authentic peyton jersey (with super bowl patch) for like $40 and its pretty decent.

canaanregulatesblog said...

p.s. it could look like this:

Barrasso35 said...

Don K... I don't think you should buy a jersey from someone in China with 0 feedback. To risky.

And God, cannan, that Lemieux jersey looks like complete shit. Horrible.

Barrasso35 said...

P.S.- Are we really moving on these WWGRD? bracelets? Put me down for five.

P.P.S.- My friend from Pittsburgh was in town this past weekend and I'm now the proud owner of a "If you're not a Steelers fan you ain't shit." T-shirt... which is a good thing because I needed some new formalwear.

Don K. Show said...

barrasso, there's no way I'm touching that Lemieux jersey. Out of the three China jerseys I bought, two had feedback that were less than 20 and both turned to be legit....err "legit" jerseys to the point where I had friends who couldn't tell the difference. More than likely though, I think I am holding off. I have a bad feeling about the numbers used.

reading further...

cannan, out of those 3 jerseys, two were NFL. One was a SBXL Ward Jersey (in the correct white), and a 07 Polamalu throwback and people were surprised to hear where or how I got them. The third was a blank black and vegas gold jersey. Compared it to the Lemieux jersey that the ex bought me and there's no difference.

are the bracelets for real? I don't know. My name was mentioned in an earlier blog, but I honestly didn't know I had any input. I threw up a prototype and suggested a website but I thought that was it. If needed, I can look for more info although what I turned over to staff seemed like that's all we needed.

karri said...

ac...I know that you said regarding the wrist bands...

We'll put a poll up in the sidebar to gauge how many people would buy one.

...but I want you to know that I'd like 10. I'm looking forward to what you guys come up with.


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