Thursday, October 18, 2007

Felon In The Mellon. PENS LOSE.

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5 - 4


That is what it feels like right now.

What an emotional game.
This game took a month off of everyone's life.

It is one of those losses that makes you want to do an assortment of illegal activities.

Going on a killing spree -- would make sense right now.
Drinking yourself into a coma -- do it.
Pile-driving your cat -- would just make things feel a little bit better.

All in all, there just isn't anything fun about what went down in the Lower Hill tonight.
But this is the life we lead.

Go into commentorblog, unload some F bombs.

Tough times right now.
This one may stay with us for a while.

But in early August, when we were all clamoring for Pens hockey,
you knew this feeling.



Things got off to a interesting start.
Right off the face off, Kelly Clarkson scraps it up with Roberts.
He throws his gloves off, but no penalty called. Whatev.

The Pens looked like they were skating 2 MPH the first minute.
Then out of nowhere, Staal drops an unreal pass to Malkin.
Malkin doesn't deke, just gets off a quick shot. No dice.
The three Amigos line looks good:

(Lloyd Jones)

Later, MAF jobs a rebound out, but makes a balls-out save on the follow-up.

Army-Talbot-Roberts turn in a solid shift.
You could hear some people in the crowd try to start a cheer to commend their effort, but it was for naught.

The Penguins are playing the Devils.
Jay Pandalfo still plays for the Devils.
That means he will score a goal. 1-0.

The Pens almost got it back right away, but Johnny Oduya is there to make Brodeur still look like a top-flight goalie.

Malkin does a 980 and gets off a backhand that goes sailing wide.
The Devils start transitionblog.
John Madden carries it in.

Boom. That's a goal.

After some jobbing and wondering if this game is already over because of the Devils trap, Crosby all of a sudden gets the puck on a 2-on-1.
Before you can get excited, he falls.
But he gets up and goes nuts.
Gets it to Gonch.
Gonch gets it to Syko on a sick pass, but Brodeur is there.

Crosby goes to the turnbuckle and tags in Talbot.
A Devils D-man without a stick meant the Pens were about to crap on Brodeur.
You didn't appreciate Whitney's pass until you get the view from behind the play.

Talbot easy tip-in. 2-1.
4 goals in 3 games. Wow.

The Pens get a power play, and Pens Nation patiently waits for the second unit to get on the ice.
After a minute, the second unit hops onto the ice.
And then...

It happens.


Towards the end of the period, the Pens are buzzing and draw another penalty.
During the delayed call, Whitney and Crosby switch places for The Whitney Play (TM), but no dice.
Crosby is sick for the remainder of the period. And that was it.

First Period Fall Count

Crosby - 2
Malkin - 1

Somewhere in that first period, Steigerwald again mistook Crosby for Armstrong.
Mike Lange throws a paper airplane at him from the adjacent booth.

( A period worse than the one your girlfriend didn't get. )

The downside of the late first-period power play was that the number-one unit would be able to be on for the entire time when the second period began.
Can't believe we're saying that's a bad thing.

We stand corrected.
As soon as Crosby touched that puck up on the right wing, you knew something was coming.
He turns on the jets, goes behind the net.
He uses SidVision to get it out to Gonch. One-timer.

Big goal. 3-2.

A little later, the Pens get some more going.
Hall turns in a good shift, geta a puck on Marty.
The most unnecessary call to the War Room ensues.
They let Helen Keller handle that one.
You can feel the Devils fading.

Malkin goes into the zone, spins.
And the unforced fall count for the game is 2.

Jarkko Ruutu gets some ice time.
Take a penalty.


Adam Hall on the first PK unit.
He came out of nowhere to crack the starting lineup this year.
He hasn't given anyone a reason to hate him.

"The Pens are never looking for Scuderi. He is always in the right place."
-- Bob Errey

Daryl Sydor goes to the box.
Quick goal. 3-3.

Before you can fart, Sykora tries to free Sid up on a breakaway with a job.
But he is caught with his hands in the proverbial cookie jar.
Another big PK was coming.
Pens kill it.

Oh, wait. Another PK on the way.
Recchi holds a Devil, then complains when he gets a penalty.

The more profusely Recchi argues a call, the more obvious the penalty is.
That's not a penalty in Game 7 late in the third period, but whatev. Gotta kill it.

The fans get behind the Pens on the PK with a chant.
Solid effort.
The PK is killed.
The torture is over.

Then the job heard 'round the world was fired.
The Pens catch the Devils on a change. Both teams are changing.
Orpik makes a pass to Staal that made Bobby Orr touch himself.

2 on none. Malkin on one knee. Blisters it past Brodeur on a one-timer. Huge goal.
Crowd is going nuts. You're sitting at home going nuts.


What a big go-

Hold the phone.

"The goal has been disallowed. Pittsburgh had too many men on the ice."

Too many men on the Pens?

Now, if this was called right away...fine.

But neither of the two head officials made the call.
That means one of the two linesmen made the call.

One linesman was making sure Staal and Malkin were onside.
The other linesman was amidst 17 players jumping off and on the bench, and he was jobbing with Crosby and whoever he was messing with.

How is that call made? And who made the call?
Our best guess is the Devils coach was screaming at the linesman about the Pens players, and the linesman took the bait.

Telling someone else how to do their job is one of the most dickest things you can do, but we must say a ref can't let a coach dictate the game.

You can argue that there were 6 Penguins.
But this is a Penguin blog. Worst call in a long time.

The Pens get another penalty after that. No one even knows why.
But they're killing it.

Sykora breaks out of the box on a breakaway.
You hold your breath to see if Sykora will get a penalty for being a human being.

No penalty, and Brodeur makes the save.

And then holy balls.
A skirmish around Fleury's net results in a goal.
The Devils dive on Fleury with some assistance from the Pens. Someone finds the puck.
Isn't play stopped when the ref loses sight of the puck? wtf

MAF throws the net off the moorings, a la Ulf Samuelsson.
Why isn't that an unsportsmanlike penalty? He did it right in front of the official.
A real ref throws his hand up on that, too.

Mellon Arena was about to explode.

The referee had lost control of the game. No question.

The dust clears, and the Devils throw the puck over the glass.
Bob Errey says the Pens will have to kill another power play as they go to commercial.
He was probably confused after making out with the referees all game.

The Pens buzz on the power play, but no dice.

The Devils get another penalty.
Then another.

Even-up penalty (n.) -- A call that is made when you know you've severely jobbed the other team.

The Pens get a 5-on-3 for two hours.
They pass the puck around for days.


Crosby finds Malkin chillin' all alone.

Malkin puts the frustrations of every Penguins fan in the world behind a slapshot.

The Pens are still on the power play for a while after the goal.

But not for long.
Ryan Malone goes to the Mark Recchi school of taking penalties and arguing about them.
Helen Keller makes another appearance to call that penalty.
While what Malone did was funny, it was stupid.

Bad times going into the locker room.



Therrien is in the ref's face to start the third.
That isn't good.

The Pens still face 3:00-plus on the PK. HUGE PK.
Lost in all of this mess was how well the PK unit handled themselves.

Colby gets tripped up and Trent Green's Brodeur.

Sid. What a pass on his butthole.

Sykora tries to shoot against the grain, just misses.

It starts to become painfully obvious that Brodeur isn't going to let a goal in.
You can feel it.

Compared to the second period, the first half of the third was as exciting as a Sugar Ray concert.

A race to an icing call. Nope.
Who made that call, by the way?

The Devils make two unreal passes:


Crosby then just owns Parise.
Asham needs a tampon and jobs Sid with a punch.

You see Roberts watching the whole thing.
They switch camera angles and you wait for it.
Then he comes in and just nails Asham.
Bing got the initial penalty, but then things get evened up.
No clue what is even going on.

Out of nowhere, we see Mario. The fire in his eyes.
We demand that shot at least once a night.

Pens down to 4:43 to go. Tense times.
The trap looming.

Nothing happening.
Clock is flying.

Whitney makes a save after MAF plays the puck. MAF, don't play the puck.
Just nothing good happening.

MAF bolts to the bench late.
The Pens get insanely jobbed on a phantom offside call:

Phantom of the Mellon = Disgusted.

The linesman blew the whistle but actually gave the no-offsides (washout) signal.
That means he wasn't sure. Bad call.

Time runs out.


  • No one cares right now.
  • Gonch: 1 G, 2 A
  • Sid: 2 A
  • Roberts: 1 G, 1 A
  • Malkin has a point in all 5 games.
  • MAF is 2-3-0 without Penguin testicles on his mask.
  • We won't complain about the train to the box, but the too-many-men call was horrid. The no-goalie-interference was awful. Case closed.
  • The Pens were playing solid until everything went to hell.
  • Devils and the Pens in a high-scoring affair?
  • The Pens had 3 PP goals tonight. That matches what they had against the Devils all of last season.
  • This one just hurts, don't even want to talk about it.
  • This is only game 5 of 82.


Anonymous said...

You're a two bit pirate and a greemailer. Nothing more, Gekko. Not only will you sell your mother to make a deal, you'd send her C.O.D.

kristin said...

That too many men call was total bullshit. They call the penalty after the goal is scored? WTF???!!!

You guys got jobbed...

Steve said...

I threw up in my mouth a little after watching that. Definetly not the Devils team I expected to see but one thing is for sure, Pens - Devils games are gonna kick ass all year.

Anonymous said...

"And then...

It happens."

as soon as that happened, i figured the civic arena was going to explode.

revenge will be sweet.


Erica said...

Three things:
1) Someone had a WWGRD sign up on the E balcony (I think) and they showed it on the jumbotron. Gary Bless whoever that was.
2) Tons of free promotion mousepads were thrown onto the ice at the damn refs. Some guy behind my friend and I totally threw his short and hit a girl in the head. Considering it was only a mousepad, I felt no guilt after our entire section laughed our asses off.
3) My friend and I counted 2 self-induced Gino falls, and 2 of those no-look passes he loves to do these days. Talk about taking the good with the bad.

EndicottsArmy said...

I think brodeur let the refs bang his wife's sister before the game.


Gondosh said...

The refs truely decided that game with bad calls, no argument.

Anyone else think Malkin has been good, but quietly amazing?

#12 and #8 aren't worth their own numbers in pesos, you all know its true. Rex needs to go concern himself with balding after this year and malone has to take a vacation from the pittsburgh area... maybe to atlanta.

Andy26 said...

lost in all the "reffer madness" was the fact that the Pens have yet to allow less than 4 goals in a game ....

meecrofilm said...


ok... phew, that felt good.

Here's some food for thought: Sykora-14 minutes of ice time. Malkin-14 minutes. Roberts-10 minutes. RECCHI=20 MINUTES. even Sid-19 minutes. oh, and gonch-27 minutes.

those recchi and gonchar minutes are making whoever runs firetherrienblog shit their pants in glee. sad.

game 5 indeed.
revenge will be oh so sweet

And i've been telling all my blowdeur (or brodouche, whichever you prefer) loving friends that this year without a decent defense his numbers are gonna suck, and i'm so pumped its coming true. jersey is a joke.

Anonymous said...


stokes said...

I think Lange said on the radio side that it was one of the ref's first games as head ref. hopefully because of their stellar performance last night, it is his last as well. or their plane crashed last night.


FritoWill said...

ok three points i have to make:

1.) Does Sid practice on a Slip N Slide do make those passes?

2.) This game reminded me of the Ottawa series, you may have forgotten that feeling, but i haven't.

3.) The mellon SUCKS this year, I hate bandwagon jumpers who buy all the tickets and people like you and I can't get them. I miss student rush, and I am not a student, and I shouldn't have to spend $250 on F'ing tickets for one game!!!

Ok that my rant...sorry had to get that out.

Mike said...

My asshole is still bleeding from last night. We got fuckin raped. I have never seen anything like that in my fucking life. That was the worst display of officiating in hockey history. I hope the refs all get AIDS from blowing jersey all night. On a side note, Recchi and Sykora both can eat shit. Pathetic game by Syko. I hope everyone at home saw the same bullshit I did. Gotta give credit to the crowd. I could have kicked a puppy last night right after I got done punching a baby. I don't think I have ever been that fuckin pissed at a sporting event while sober. If I had been drunk, I would be in jail right now. Sorry for rambling, but I got to get it out of my system.

WWGRD? sign was awesome.

Spencemo said...

My husband had a good comment about that game last night..."I figured the refs paychecks were signed by the NHL, not the NJD"...

My comment was "Fuckety, fuck, fuck, fuck.."

Hutch said...

Yeah i was at the game and i refrained from yelling "Fuck" until the double whammy of the disallowed goal and too many men. After that it was an f-bomb fest pretty much. (No children nearby.)

Rex needs to play on the 4th line, at some points i seriously thought he was lost, just skating around doing jack shit. They need to move somebody like Christensen up to play with Sid, hes too good to play 5 minutes a game. Rex makes me think of two words: JOHN LECLAIR.

Gary Roberts is a superhuman, nobody mentioned yet, maybe you couldn't hear it if you watched on tv, but after he steps up to protect Sid, the entire arena was chanting "Gary, Gary, Gary." Awesome.

Also, the Moo-stashe is still working for Mad Max, pretty sweet.

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

Fuckity fuck fuck fuckbeans.

I vaguely feel like I was tied up and forced to watch David Arquette double-team my mom and sister while curb-stomping my wrinkly bag.

I've never seen the Flower let fly with that kind of emotion in a game. It speaks volumes about how frustrated he is...and should be...not just with that goal but with his play in general. He looked about 3 seconds short of dropping that offical with a DDT.

Malkinian said...

I probably gave the biggest yell of my life when Malkin scored that 2 on 0 goal and then to have it taken away. And somebody should keep a tally of how many rebounds MAF gives up this year because he's playing like pure shit right now. Every game I'm looking at goals and thinking about how it really wasn't his fault but at this point he is what he is and that's being shitty.

Jeff said...

Wow, "SECOND PERIOD( A period worse than the one your girlfriend didn't get.)" That's the line of the day. Even Orpik thought that was icing. Maybe instead of complaining about it he should have covered Asham instead.

Anonymous said...

Johnny'll Do Ya!

I'm glad to see a little emotion out of the MAFer, but I wish he could channel a little of that into his goaltending.

- Soup

Kristen PB said...

1. Errey usually is right on the money, but I bristled last night when he claimed that if the MAF interference issue were reversed that Pens' fans would claim it the greatest goal in the world. Uh, no.

2. If a penalty is not called BEFORE a goal is scored, it shouldn't affect the goal. If that whistle doesn't blow, the puck is still in play.

3. Let's not forget that our PK did a great job.

4. The refs did make some questionable calls. But not all of the Penguin penalties were undeserved.

seth said...

thank god it's only game 5. could you imagine the uproar had this been game 70?

snoopyjode said...

devastating. just devastating. yeah, i know it's only game 5, but that loss and more importantly all the jobbing that came along with it - well, it was heartbreaking and infuriating. i thought for sure we were going to see a riot job. if the 80% of the seats weren't filled with jimmy mcbusinessmen, we might have. bad times.

(by the way, big props to the real fans who actually made some noise, and hats off to the WWGRD sign fan!!! awesome.)

snoop = pissed.
refs = mud.
november 5 = pens' revenge. count on it.

rwarner174 said...

Someone needs to tell MAF to stand up a little more when moving side to side. How many goals has he given up top shelf? At least 4 goals like that this year, 2 last night.

As far as the refs. It was a combination of a horrible to many men call and the pens actually taking to many damn penalties. The 2-0 being taken away was b.s. but all the other penalties looked legitimate. Malone, who takes a penalty in the offensive zone on a power play? Let alone a 4 min one?

demondg1 said...

1. Fuck the refs.
2. Recchi is really showing his age. He's been just awful. Unconditional waivers anyone?
3. I saw that chick get nailed in the head with a mousepad. It was indeed hilarious.
4. The "GARY! GARY!" chant was epic. I hope it could be heard on the TV side.
5. Lots of asshats in Stiller jerseys. WTF is wrong with you people.
6. Lots of douches in dress shirts and khakis. Get out of our arena you bandwagon fucks.
7. I haven't seen the refs loose control of a game like that in a long long time. They had no clue what was going on. Fuck them.

luvnmypens said...

That game was discusting! There is just too many negative things to say, and they all make me sick. BUT my very favorite part of the game was the chant after Gary went after Asham.


He's has to know how much the Burgh loves him.

Anonymous said...

Val mentioned the WWGRD sign this morning on DVE. She said it was the coolest sign ever!

Korn said...

Some thoughts...

1) I love Sid, and the refs shouldn't let the coaches make the calls, but Sid needs to keep his cool. that's a goal if he just goes to the bench. Replay shows he changed directions from going to the bench to going after one of the NJ players. Dumb.

2) Orpik is terrible. Out of position... slow... making bad decisions. Time to cut him loose. Or bump Scuds up with Whitney, he's playing like a top 4 d-man.

3) Did anyone else notice Recchi insert himself into the group of 6 after the time out, only to be called back to the bench and look exceptionally pissed that he wasn't going to be on the ice during crunch time? You're old bud, time to hang em up. Those ice time numbers are a travesty.

4) Gary Roberts was doing his best to complete the Gordie Howe hat trick last night (goal, assist, fight). Age means nothing to Mr Roberts.

5) Talbot for MVP. That's a solid line with Army and Roberts. But it makes the 4th line useless, I don't know that they made an appearance as a group in the 3rd, and Crusher and Hall only had spot duty.

Here's to putting it behind us with two big games tomorrow and saturday.

Lady Jaye said...

Ug... I'm still angry thinking about the game. I'm glad to read that other people are as angry as me. Maybe I should get some work done to feel better... being that I'm at work.

Lost my voice booing at the refs last night. Poor Val Porter couldn't be heard when she was doing her bit with trivia. It was rather funny when they turned up the volume and the arena boo-ed louder. I honestly don't think I've heard the crowd that loud in awhile.

Oh yes, and the WWGRD sign was great. They just need to make it a tad bit bigger.

demondg1 said...

Speaking of Val Porter, every time she had to do her bit came after the crowd was booing. So I don't think anybody heard a thing she said. By the third period, I think the people, myself included, we just conditioned to boo everytime she was on the jumbotron. Rough night for her as well.

And when it relates to Val Porter, What Would Gary Roberts Do? Oh, he'd split that like an oak.

The Seeker said...

Ummm....unmentioned in the recap is the fact that if the Pens had too many men 'cause of Sid jobbing some Devil, then the Devils ALSO had too many men on the ice. It didn't affect the play at all so the goal should have counted.

No matter how many times I see the replay of the obstructed goal on MAF, I can't figure out why the ref didn't blow the whistle with the puc out of his view AND I never see a STICK come anywhere near where the puck was to knock it some other part of someone's body scored. If that was a hand or skate, then no goal.

There really needs to be a ruling on such goals...anyone could use the tiniest push to claim they were pushed into the goalie and then lay on top of them as long as they please. Id that really the way the league wants goals scored?

The ~D said...

I haven't been this angry in a long time.

Anonymous said...

i wish i would have saw a riot after that game, like ones in Europe for a soccer game being called as bad

Anonymous said...

This game was throughly disgusting. I couldn't wait till this morning to read what you guys had to say about the game, you're part of my morning reading. Anyways, back to the game.

1)Too many men on the ice? Complete Mud. If we had too many men, then s did the devils. HELLO REFS SID WAS JOBBING A DEVIL. Common Sense guys, get some.

2) The Flower is letting rebounds out to Georgia. I understand he's still young, but we shouldn't have to push his buttons to make him play better now. He also needs to stop playing the puck, for atleast the sake of my health.

3) Recchi plays like he's afraid to break a hip.

4)Roberts was amazing, as always.

5)6 penalties, WTF?! Bias much?

Okay, I'm done rambling. I had to get it out somewhere!

Joshua said...

Pensblog, I love the things you post, but I gotta disagree with you about Recchi. When we was arguing the refs, he was arguing that there should have been another call on the play, not the penalty he received. Also, he probably has the fastest acceleration on the team. Give him a break, there's no one you can replace him with down in the farm system that is good enough.

Steve In Denver said...

Does this season feel like the beginning of the post-lockout season where we had Sid, Mario, Leclair, Rex, Palffy, Gonch, etc? It has all the potential to be great, but is looking like a giant, peanut filled turd?

Lord T better put the hammer down in practice. The penalties were ridiculous. A few calls were bad, as everyone's said, but Gary H Christ, this team needs an enema.
And if it's true that Rex got 20 minutes, there's a conspiracy brewing.

And what bright minded asshole thought it would be good to give a shiny, fresh, new ref his first game with the Devils and Penguins on the docket??? W....T....F?

I also thought MAF was going to pummel the ref after that goal. Gionta had his hands on MAF, almost holding him down, before Whitney even touched him. That right there should have been a whistle and an interference call.

On a plus, Mad Max is on his way to an 82 goal season.

And we're 1-1 in our last two.

Whatever. FUCK.

Ashley said...

I wished that I could've heard the "GARY! GARY! GARY!" chant. It certainly didn't come through the audio on TSN. In fact, was it just me, or did the crowd seem fairly quiet for a lot of the game? Maybe it was all the businessmen...but I was glad to see that some fans got pissed when the refs started to fix the game.

While it was certainly understandable that the Pens were frustrated last night (I mean, we're here losing our minds..), they need to keep their cool on the ice. Some refs are just looking for any excuse to penalize them.

Brett said...

i read the blogs owned by the other team's fans after the game, and naturally, they dont see anything wrong with the too many men penalty, nor the lack of stoppage of play that resulted in the in-the-crease goal. bullshit. If it was reversed, they would be irate too.

HOW can the refs not stop the play when the puck was not visible for at least 2 seconds? Listen, Gionta and whoever else can do whatever they want in the crease, that's their perogative, but the ref should call the penalties, and the ref should whistle the puck dead when they lose sight of it. a totally ridiculous display.

The too-many-men call was indeed bogus, given the reasoning that was given by others (all the referees were too busy with other affairs to be counting heads at the time)

I haven't lost my temper while watching a game like this in a long time. I think my neighbors hate me now. By the way, I currently live in Hackensack, NJ. Yes I wear my Pens swag in public.

J.S. said...

The Gary, Gary chant was easily heard on the TV side, although I don't remember seeing the WWGRD banner on TV. To those who watched the game on TV, did it make an appearance or did I miss it?

comment of the night, overheard while watching the game at the bar: the next time I see that much screwing on the ice, Ron Jeremy better be wearing an orange armband with a black and white shirt. It seemed funny at the time.

Christina said...

wow. i didn't get to turn on the game until halfway through the third (fucking night class) so i missed most of the jobbing.

however.....reading the recap, holy shit. wtf happened last night?!??!

and just for good measure:
fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK.

PittHockey said...

So, I guess that NBA ref hopped over to the NHL?

wallflower said...

The Devils make two unreal passes.

THANK YOU. I don't get people bitching about the D on that goal when, really, that play was all Parise & Asham. It sucks that it was the game winner but it was a perfect play.

wilsmith said...

The too many men was ridiculous because it was called after the play. That goal counts, the game is over.

As for the interference, that should have been called, but if he's bumped at all he's not going to get called for it since they can blame whitney. It doesnt really matter how much he does the goalie at that point, especially when Whitney kept shoving him towards the back of the net. Maybe he should have been more concerned with a player that could actually get to the puck at that point.

As for who scored it, it's plain to see he got a stick on it. He fanned once, then banged it in. It never found it's way under Fleury to be blown dead, it was loose by his leg. The people I watched it with weren't so much upset that it wasn't blown dead (since really it shouldn't have been) as we were that Gionta was raping Fleury... until we realized it was mostly Whitneys fault.

Big Pile-Up != whistle. I could still see it loose. I hate to say it, but I could.

Still pissed at that refs for all kinds of other calls though, like the hold on malone, the too many men, the not getting a trip on a Pen in the 3rd. So many.

PittPensFan said...

That was the closest thing to a riot that I've ever seen at the Mellon. How long has it been since a good number of fans threw things other than hats into the ice? Quite some time, I would guess.

J.S. said...

What happened? The Pens got fucked.

After last night, the Pens should inquire with the Yotes about the naming rights to the arena, since there was a ton of jobbing committed.

If anybody here was at the game last night, I want pics of the WWGRD sign. I have a shopped version, but it's not as good as the real thing, obviously.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

We can blame the refs all we want, but the simple fact of the matter is that Fleury blows ass and the defense is charmin soft.

Until at least one of those things changes -- get ready for a long season.

Therrien should be fired on the spot for Recchi getting almost 6 minutes more than Malkin -- who may be the Pens best player so far this season.

I understand it's only 5 games, but the goaltending, defense and coaching are going to sink this team.

Adrienne said...

Holy shit. That game was fucking ridiculous. 8 goals by the end of the second period, you'd have thought we were in the playoffs.

The too many men call was bullshit. That would have been THE sickest goal for the season so far, made even more amazing that the pass came from Orpik.

I started screaming at the tv with that in the crease goal. Props to how pissed Fleury was, slamming the net off the posts and charging at the ref.

The game should have been 5-3 us in the end, but the refs had to be a bunch of women and play the game for the Devils.

Fuck last nights game. We got raped.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that Skippy owns season tickets in the E sections

Anonymous said...

Johnny'll Do Ya!

- Soup

The Hebrew Hammer said...

The anon above Adrienne makes you not want to be a sports team. "Fire MT", what an ass.

I just want to thank you guys for the recaps, it may sound gay but it's so awesome I can laugh about such a gutwretching game the morning after. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off, jew.

This team wins in spite of Therrien, not because of him.

Jersey Bill said...

I would have felt better if they just gave the Devils that fourth goal instead of putting us through hell.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Wow, you guys are big time now, Mark Madden just plugged your website and brought up the WWGRD? wristbands. Suck on it skippy

Nick said...


Nick said...

Enough with the Orpik, Gonchar and Fleury bashing.

Orpik is not slow by any means. What a joke by whoever posted that. How about that pass he made to Staal on the disallowed goal. Watch him go get pucks and do everything under the radar that allows Whitney to have his offensive prowess. Learn the game of hockey and understand that Orpik is just as valuable as Eaton and Scuderi but he's a whipping boy because 2,000,000 fans jumped on the bandwagon last year and apparently know everything there is to know about hockey.

Gonchar is legitimately one of the best defenseman in the entire NHL. He might not be the best defensive defensemen but his game in our end of the rink has improved 100 fold since we brought him here. There's a reason he plays with Eaton. Just like Whitney plays with Orpik. Witness how many less hooking and holding penalties he takes.

And as for Fleury...Oh Marc Andre...anyone else realize this is the beginning of his 2nd full year in the NHL? Name one goal last night that was legitimately his fault. Sure his rebounds are kind of large, but at the same time, most of the times those rebounds are off of odd man breaks and other rushes where defensemen and forwards aren't in the proper position to clear them out. As a goaltender, kicking out 40 foot rebounds to the half boards is a lot better than kicking out 5 foot rebounds to the slot. And another thing, when he freezes up and doesn't move, it's because he doesn't know where the puck is and is freezing up so he doesn't accidentally push it into his own net with some part of the body. Him freezing also doesn't prevent the d-men who may know where the puck is from clearing it.

As for the too many men call...Sure, it was shitty, sure Sid messed up, sure the refs messed up. Bad calls don't lose hockey games. Gionta kicked Fleury, put his hand on him and then Whitney pushed him...Sure we got hosed, good teams play through that kind of stuff. The Penguins got caught up in the emotion of the game last night, something which I guarantee will not happen one more time this season.

We're 2-3. We were also 16-15-X at one point last year. Relax. And try to watch more hockey than just Penguin games so you can gain some insight and knowledge about the game before you come on here and embarass yourselves with your uninformed commentary and rants.

stokes said...

I heard the Val comments and the MM plug.


(I tried to plug the wristbands this morning on DVE but they wouldnt answer the phone.)

The "Period" Line of the day.


Game recap today.


Gary Roberts.


Malkin has been out of his mind.

rachel said...

Nick, that post was amazing. Orpik is one of the fastest d-men we have, and I agree with most of what you said.

I think that is the loudest and most boos I have ever heard from the Mellon. Also Malone only got the unsportsmanlike because he smashed his stick into the glass. The ref ignored him throwing the puck but didn't ignore the rest. The Gary, Gary, Gary chant was great and so was the WWGRD? sign.

The best comment was after the game by some random guy, "I wish that the refs rode on a bus that said REFS so I could tip it, and I'm sure a hundred people might help." My comment, "I don't think you'd have a problem finding 17,000 people to help." I was a little mad last night, but I just keep thinking 77 games left with 7 against NJ.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Fucking bravo Nick, fucking bravo. Please make a LGP thread to offset the other 50 that have proclaimed panic and the season is over. Fleury will be fine, Orpik is already fine, and Sergei Gonchar is looking more and more like he did when he was a capital. And to all the Fleury bashers, I can't wait until we're on another 14 game point stread and MAF is standing on his head. Oh it will happen again my friends. We're 2-3 people, the same record we had at this point last year, please calm down.

P.S. Anon, thanks for proving for argument was correct and resorting to anti-semitic comments, assclown.

EmDubs said...

I guess I am in the minority here, but I actually don't think there are that many businessmen coming to games.

We have season tix and the crowds have been pretty rowdy at all of the games.... even preseason..... at least in our side of the arena. Everywhere you walk or look its just a sea of Pens' jerseys..... not a lot of suits and ties. There is still a large youth presence, too, even though Student Rush has been cut down dramatically.

This town is just legitimately excited about the Pens. A great example is that last week when we played Montreal, I counted maybe 5 Montreal jerseys in the whole arena, whereas the last 6 years or so there would be huge throngs of Canadiens fans packing entire sections.

wilsmith said...

Remember a couple games ago when we got a goal because Crosby went to the net, some d-man pushed him into the goalie, and then Whitney knocked in a rebound?

It happens.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that noticed that while the refs called too many men(6 total) on the Pens THE DEVILS HAD 9 GUYS ON THE ICE AT THE SAME TIME!!! Soooooooo, what about that? Or, more simplisticly, if Sid is the sixth man on the ice, and he's in a mini scruff with Dainus Zubrus THEN OBVIOUSLY DAINUS ZUBRUS IS THE SIXTH MAN FOR JERSEY. Duh. I hate refs. The end.

Anonymous said...

More cathartic bitching.
"Dancing Bullshit Jamboree", that's a good one.

And just to provide some perspective.

snoopyjode said...

okay, my mistake, emdubs. maybe the chants aren't coming through on the t.v. that well so far this season. it's definitely good to hear the place was full of black and gold from someone who was actually there.

nick, great rant. you're right - it's only the 5th game, and you have legitimate points why the 29, 44, and 55 shouldn't be vilified.

i just think everyone is still worked up from last night (i know i am). bad refs, bad play, bad game. it was a tough loss, and perhaps people are just blowing off steam. regardless, tomorrow is going to be a brand new game which means it's a brand new chance to kick some ass!!!

oh yeah, to anti-semetic anon: you'd do us all a favor if you didn't steal insults from eric cartman. get a life.

Anonymous said...

this is the kinda shit i would have liked to have seen last nigh night, just replace the soccer pitch with ice

Ryan said...

all I'm going to say is the mellon crowd BLOWS.

3rd period. Insane game. Pens getting jobbed all over the place. Tie game (for awhile)....yet, you could hear a pin drop.

Fucking bandwagonners.

theNick said...

how about crying about the refs you look at the fact that we gave up 5 goals to the fucking devils. That should never ever happen.

and everyone bitching about how someone is playing shut the fuck up. Lets wait a little longer than a week to throw people under the bus.

I am pretty sure that Recchi fellow scored 24 goals last year.

bluzdude said...

"A rrriot is an ugly sink, und, I think that it is just about time that we had vun!"

Barrasso35 said...

I would have commented sooner but for some reason my Q wouldn't load commentorblog. That sucks.

Anyway, the game last night was total crap. Can't believe the officials. What a giant pile of dog shit.

Fuck that, Silent Bob.

Waiting with baited breath for the WWGRD? wristbands. Maybe the next batch should say PENSTRONG? Just a thought.

Let's go Pens!

The Seeker said...


GR doesn't approve of anti-semitic bigots.

Anon's a dead man.

Tee said...

The refs were so bad that even the outrageous homer fans in NJ on the boards admitted that the Pens were getting jobbed. They even gave props to Malone for throwing the puck. When those guys admit that the pens are getting shafted you know it was SERIOUS.

The Seeker said...

Therrien himself says that the team needs to tighten up on defense and stop allowing other teams "easy" goals. In his press conference he said they can't continue to play catch-up hockey as it puts too much pressure on them to score goals and forces them to open up their game.

We all know they can be better so saying that MAF or the D hasn't been so hot so far isn't exactly sacrilegious......just honest.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Hahahahah Tee, touche. When the team who gets the benefit of the jobbing admits to it, then you know it's explicit.

Anonymous said...

Anybody heard that Lou Lamoriello was sitting in a box with the NHL director of officiating last night?

Anonymous said...

congrats on the plug on the mark madden show. he referred to himself as a 'disciple' of gary roberts. classic


Nailer News said...

Jobbed is right. Freaking horrible refs.

Joshua said...

Ya you're not going to like what I am about to tell you. But the too many men call was 100% legit.

NHL and USA hockey rules state you have to be within 5 feet of the boards so the other man can come on. NJ had those men within that area.
Sid left that area when he went to screw with the other devils.

Since our guys made a play on the puck, that's why we got called because WE had possession.

I hate it too guys.

The Seeker said...

Right Josh but you are supposed to blow the whistle before they score.....not after it and the other coach cries about it. Had the Pens not scored, there never would have been a call at all.

Joshua said...

Ya I agree with you on that one seeker.


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