Sunday, October 14, 2007

Don't Call It A Comeback. PENS WIN.

6 - 4


Just as you can't get too down after a loss, you can't get too high after a win this early.


Right off the bat, we get some interesting news:

Sabu in net for the Pens.

Strange move.
Not really gonna try to dissect it.
Let's just move on.

Dan Potash interviews Gary Roberts on the FSN pregame.
Two men that are solid at their jobs.

Roberts cracks a smile, and 8 people are blinded in Greentree.


Toronto gives us a really good reason to make fun of them:
Mike Myers was brought out before the game to drop the puck.
He gets a standing ovation.
It will be hard to find a more self-serving 10 minutes this week.

It is also Cancer Awareness month in the NHL.
Toronto was honoring that tonight.
Which is always good.

But not quite sure about the pink thunder sticks they were passing out:

No comment.
It's a toss-up between the sticks and those oversized cowboy hats in the back.



Nothing happening early on.
Roberts his some poor soul along the boards.
The dude's stick gets launched 100 feet.
It is the Subway Sammich of the game.

Crosby gets on the ice on the following shift.
Sykora finds himself in a sex area in the slot.
A one-timer from Sid goes for naught.

After some jobbin, Christensen uses the linesman as a screen off a faceoff.
Adam Hall wins faceoffs in his sleep.
Toskala has no chance.

Not long after, Darcy Tucker scores and does the most outrageous goal celebration of the season. 1-1.

Calm the F down.
No question Darcy Tucker was on something.

Later, Antropov could've run blog in front of the net while trying to bang in a goal. Guess you are allowed to knock people down to free yourself this year.

Crosby drops acid before a shift late in the second. Special performance tonight.
Recchi doesn't know what's going on and can't convert Crosby's sick passes.
At this point, it isn't going to help anyone by jumping on Recchi. He is not going anywhere.
So let's just move on.

Darcy Tucker bull-rushes Sabu.
Sabu is bleeding.


Obviously a penalty on Toronto.

Oh, wait the game is in Toronto.
That's a penalty on Orpik.

The Pens weather the storm on the PK, and just as the penalty was about to be killed...

Too many men

On that PK, Talbot draws a penalty.

Pens get the Power play.
Nothing doing.
Period ends.



It was only a matter of time.
Mats Sundin is the next Leaf to park his balls in front of MAF.
That's a goal. 3-1.

Things were looking bad.
It was desperate times.
Everyone sucks. Season is a waste.
Vesa whatever is saving everything.

The Pens were distracted early on this game by seeing Tina Fey's vagina on Toskala's mask.
The clock was ticking, though.

Jason Blake almost sends the Pens home with a goal that would've made it 4-1.

And then a funny thing happened on the way to us touching ourselves.

Crosby and Sykora get sprung on an out-of-nowhere 2-on-1.
The key part of this was that Mark Recchi was nowhere near the play.
Sid's pass back to Syko jobs off a skate, but that doesn't matter. 3-2.

Call off the search.

Crosby's game was found in Toronto.

As you're putting your pants on after celebrating that goal, Roberts and Talbot dominate.
Talbot gets to the net and chops away until the light comes on. 3-3.

Two minutes ago, the Pens weren't making the playoffs.
And now they're a Stanley Cup champion. Good times.

Momentum was still strong...until Orpik got jobbed.
He was about to lay out some douchebag.
But the dude brought his stick up, and that was it.

Lights out.
He did not return.

*Side Note*
Give credit to Chris Stewart and the trainers.
Busy night tonight.

MAF made some big saves in the second period.
He was flopping around like it was his job.

The next goal was gonna be a big one.
And the Pens got it.

Ryan Malone is there.

The Staal-Malkin-Malone line might be something to talk about.

Don't go nuts yet.
Jason Blake finally makes an appearance this season when he pops in a rebound.
He took advantage of MAF's tendency to freeze up when he doesn't know where the puck is.

Jason Blake celebrates because he's put off his car's tired being sliced by a Leafs fan for at least another week.

Soon after, Antropov and Crosby start jobbing around.
Crosby went to the box, and he looked pissed.
The boos rain down on Bing.

That was it for the second.


The first half of the third period was just hockey.
Nothing really standing out.
The Pens had a power play.
Then the Leafs had one.
Back and forth, just a pleasure to watch. The Pens were getting the puck on net as much as they could.

We went into the homestretch of the third period tied at 4.
The Pens get a power play.
As usual, it looked like mud.

But late on the chance, Daryl Sydor threw the puck to the net.
Puck gets through Toskala.

Boo me now.

After that, you knew the Leafs would be given every chance to win the game.
Malkin gets penalized for a suspect tripping call.

On the ensuing powerplay, Bryan McCabe, maybe the worst player on the ice tonight, takes a penalty.


4-on-4 hockey goes by with nothing big.

Everything is even, but then one of the Leafs dive.
One minute to play.
Pens are shorthanded. Leafs pull goalie.

McCabe throws a bad pass through the slot.
Talbot gets it.
From way downtown.


  • Bing: 2 Goals
  • Talbot: 2 Goals
  • Adam Hall: 2 Assists
  • PP: TOR ( 0 for 6 ) --- PENS ( 1 for 8 )
  • Roberts: 2 Subway Sammiches in a row.
  • These Toronto games are getting insane.
  • Pens 50 Shots. Sick
  • Only playing with five D men. Big time effort.
  • Big ups to the training staff. 3 injured players tonight all should be OK.
  • Ryan Malone. Best game in three years.
  • Lines could stick
  • Staal was out of his mind.
  • Toronto has the worst defense in the NHL.
  • What up with Fox sports showing a graphic about Sid getting a hat trick? That is dumb.


PittHockey said...

staal was great, I'm glad he at least got a point.

And Crosby is done letting everyone else get a head start.

jammer jagger said...

all you neb-trons jobbing staal. stop.

talbott is a ridiculous human. He does everything that goes unnoticed. Good to see him with some scoresheet action. He's playing even better this year.

The leafs are quickly becoming my least favorite team. I hope darcy tucker cuts his finger nails too short.

Teej said...

If tonight's game is any indication, I'll be looking forward to getting a boner just in anticipation of the games between Toronto and Pittsburgh. God only knows what will happen when the games are in progress. Great game for the Pens.

stokes said...

The Subway Sammich of the Game will shortly become the Gary Roberts Hit of the Game. he will sponsor it himself.

Speaking of hits, anyone see Colby launch himself and miss?

If the Pens play like that most of the season, its gonna be hard to beat them. Malkin, Crosby and Staal all played out of their minds.

stokes said...

oh, except for the power play. They need to get that going.

Christina said...

great effort by the team last night, and some great hockey to watch too.

i'm liking staal-malkin-malone....that line is scary, especially when they're all on their game. hopefully lord therrien sticks with that one for a while

i wish that steigy would just stop talking sometimes.....
"the pens are going to score on this power play, i feel it." ---nope
"darcy tucker has yet to score his first goal" ---2 seconds later, guess who scores?

sidney crosby is a fucking machine. wow. he was everywhere tonight, doing everything.

Hooks Orpik said...

What a game. The highs and lows were so ridiculous. Good to see support players like Malone and Talbot playing so well. Jammer Jagger iss right, Maxime Talbot is a really solid human being.

Bing is out of his mind. What a player. Last year I didn't think he could improve on his play, but he's stepped it up. Incredible to think the strides he takes every year.....So how much more dominant will he be in 3, 4, 5 years? Unbelievable.

Living in the now, good times to pick up the win. Gotta rest up and get healthy for 3 games in 4 nights starting on Wednesday.

Antonette said...

This game keeps reminding me why I should just suck it up and buy a Talbot jersey like I've wanted for the past season and a half.

This was nice- beating up on the Leafs (mostly) and having my school's team shoot to number one in the rankings.

In other news, I hate this 4 day gap between games. WTF.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

I guess that's the kind of celebration you give when you score a goal in October when you haven't won a stanley cup in 1,000,000 years right Darcy Tucker? What an ass. Few notes on the game, Bing was fucking amazing, it's scary to say but he looks better this year. Staal and Malkin should never be split up, ever. Like others have said these Toronto games are always going to be sick because neither team has any kind of defense.


Anonymous said...

Other than his classic jinxing, Paul gives us this gem:
"Speaking of cancer" (While the camera has a shot of Jason Blake)

Steigerwald is ridiculous.

PittHockey said...

oh yes the other thing.

what is christensen doing on the fourth line?

Good news is that he finally got a goal.
Bad news is that he had the second least TOI.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Solid Gold:

Leafs Suck

karri said...

What a great game! As always, equally great recap! Those line combinations last night were much more effective. The power play though, is just too predictable.

The pink thunder sticks - just wrong.
Too many men on the ice - I can't believe how many different pics dr and ac can find. :)

Stokes...I love The Gary Roberts Hit of the Game


Anonymous said...

also when staal was on the shorthanded break-away.

steigy goes and throws the jinx on staal: "staal is going to score a shorthanded goa......oh nevermind"


stokes said...

Karri- Thanks. I'd love to take credit for it, but it was actually my bro who came up with it. But since i practically live on ThePensBlog now, i decided to post.

Steigy was a complete douche last night and apparently it wears off on Errey. What the hell was he talking about China for last night?!

"Speaking of cancer...." YOU GOTTA LOVE IT!


wilsmith said...

It was nice to actually get to watch the game in a bar in state college. They kept changing it between 6 TVs until it was on the one with the worst view and really bad color, but it was on none-the-less.

I picked it up in the second, around the time it became 3-1, so I missed a lot I guess.

Staal and Malkin were moving well last night, both had a couple shifts were they just dominated the play -- one especially for Staal where he circled the zone a few times then dropped a ridiculous back-hand pass right to someone in the slot. Malkin seems to be moving a lot faster, I don't know if he is or I just don't remember what NHL speed is like, but he looks good.

McCabe is a joke. Seriously.

rachel said...

Great recap as always guys.

It's good to see the old Malone back, but I think it still had something to do with GR using his stick ;) Staal and Malkin were dominating. Talbot is the hardest worker out there.

Antonette, I'm sick of these massive breaks, too. I feel like this is the NFL.

Ellie said...

"Ryan Malone. Best game in three years."

remember when Ryan Malone was our best player? scary how low we got at one point...

Anonymous said...

This really has nothing to do with the game, but I just saw Crosby, Sykora, Whitney, Malone and Hall out to eat and my brother talked to Crosby a little and I had a conversation with Sykora, and it just made me love them so much more, they were so down to earth, they really are great guys, not just amazing hockey players.

chris said...

who is using the name "pitthockey"...whats your real name...i think i may know you :)

go pens

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Another fabulous song reference as the post title, staff.

Adrienne said...

My thought on Orpik taking out Sabourin: Therrien sent Orpik to take him out (through Tucker) so that we could pull Sabourin and put Fleury in without making our team look bad in front of the Toronto audience.

Then to clear guilt, Orpik gets taken out in the second.

Christensen's goal was SICK. I'm totally into the Staal-Malkin-Malone line, they seem to have play really well together. And wtf crack did Malone smoke in the off season that he's actually playing well?

Good game, we should crush the Devils Wednesday night. :D

wilsmith said...

Can I take my RV to a pens game to tailgate? Someone please answer that question.

Barrasso35 said...

awesome posts while I was out of town. Just sent the money for the WWGRD? wristbands. They look great in the mock up.

Finny said...

absoulutely hilarious. great blog. =)


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