Monday, October 15, 2007

Bump and Grind

We've had an overwhelming number of people purchasing wristbands.
Thank you to all.

Keep the orders coming.
Just to confirm, you can get the wristbands through us.
The listing on EBAY is not ours.

Gary Roberts NHL 95 Highlights.
Coming Tuesday.

Speaking of Mr. Roberts.

Check out this YouYube of his first game as a Pen.
Listen closely at 25 seconds in.



Oct 14.

15 years since you know what.


Had to mention it.
Great article by Joe Starkey. [ Trib ]


NFL Blog.

Was anyone watching the Sunday night game between the Saints and Seahawks?
Midway through the second quarter, they pan to a picture of the crowd.
Some dude is chilling in a Pens Malkin jersey.
We'd pay at least $5,000 to see it.


An old foe is back in the news.

The Sprint Center finally opened on Saturday night.
Fittingly, Elton John was the opening act.

Follwing the performance, Elton John touched a man.


"And yet, after an offseason of uncertainty during which his name was constantly bandied about as possible trade bait, Gerber is once again flirting with greatness, or at least the possibility of greatness."

Scott Burnside said this about Senators goalie Martin Gerber. [ ESPN ]
Greatness? Really Scott?




That Boulerice homo was suspended 25 games.
No one outside Philadelphia knew this guy even existed before this mess.


Across the way, the Islanders were sitting atop the Atlantic until Philly and their better winning percentage jumped in front.
Mike Comrie is making the Islanders look like the Little Engine That Could.

Too bad the railroad was built on a reservation.


Didn't know that it was even possible, but the Rangers will have more spotlight this season, because of all spending in the offseason.
They are running inconsistentblog just like the Pens.


If you've never actually seen boobs play ice hockey, watch a Devils game.
They are nowhere to be found.



Wednesday's loss was mud for the Pens.
But a big bounce back on Saturday night against the Leafs.

It seems like every other team in the NHL plays on a normal schedule, and the Pens play once a week.
This week should be fun, though.

Home against the Devils
Get ready for clutch and grab city.

Home againt Carolina

Pensblog will be at the old Mellon for this one.

At the Craptials

Can't wait to see how many Pens fans make the trip.

More news:

Pens are getting good at faceoffs.
Finally. [ PG ]

Still looking forward to the "Pens interested in Yanic Perreault" rumors that start around November.

Mark Recchi owns some team. [ Trib ]

Ice time leaders in the NHL. [ Mirtle ]
Stangely enough Mark Recchi isn't in the top ten.


The Ducks take the money they were gonna spend on "team leader" Scott Neidermayer's balls to get these Stanley Cup rings. Jesus. [ Fanhouse ]

Shut up


New idea to market suspensions. [ Battle of California ]

Photoshop creds

Atlantic -- Justin
Sprint -- Joe Karpp
[Arena Photoshop Expo]


Go Pens

(Don K. Show )


Andrew said...

I'll tell you what, I love playing NHL '96 so I can be Gary Roberts. And that Teletubbies Photoshop rocks.

Loser Chris said...

I hoped I wasn't the only one who saw the guy in the Malkin jersey at the Seahawks game. By far the highlight of the game.

Don K. Show said...

Bonds limp-wristed throw to home plate that couldn't beat 89 year old Sid Bream to the plate. Pathetic.

Pirates Baseball: 5479 days of playoff-free baseball (and counting).

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

Holy shit, look at Spanky Lavalier.

I am coming into the opinion that Adam Hall may turn into the Drew Carey Hosted Price is Right Official Value Signing of the Offseason. Remember folks, get Darcy Tucker spayed or neutered.

wilsmith said...

So, seriously, can I take my RV down to the mellon to tailgate before a game? That's all I want to do.

TPB tailgate.

Anonymous said...

don k, EXCELLENT photoshop. one of my favs, good work sir.

i wonder if fleury will play 3 games in 4 nights. i will be pissed if he's not in when i and thousands of other pens fans go to the 42nd home game of the year.

--Hooks Orpik (too lazy to login)

Staff said...


If you are looking at this, I mistakenly deleted your comment.
Pressed the wrong button.

Could you resend.
Sorry about that.


Jonny V said...

Deletion city

Molinari wrote up a pretty good read on Roberts and Laraque the other day. We didn't even know how close we all were to the planet rocking off of its' axis...and Sydor puts a not-so-subtle dig at Fleury in there too.

To this day, if i ever see Sid Bream in the street i'm going right up to him, introducing myself, and kicking him in the balls.

Anonymous said...

I think Andrew Long knew Jesse Boulerice existed.

(Boulerice is in white.)

EmDubs said...

wilsmith..... I have been down to tailgate before in the "upper" Mellon Arena lots..... I think they would let you in with an RV, but you would have to pay for the extra spaces..... they are sticklers for one space per person when the game is about to start..... and be sure to bring plenty of beer for after the game because there is no getting out of that lot even in a small car for an hour after the game..... unless you are a lame yinzer who leaves a 3-2 game to beat the traffic..... a TBP tailgate would be awesome, though.....

Jeffry said...

ill take season tickets to the seahawks, front row please, oh and that malkin jersey too.

Dwayne said...

What's the payment method for the WWGRD bands? Paypal? BJs in a skanky alley? Other?

Hooks Orpik said...

jonny v, I don't take that as a dig at Fleury.

Turco is practically a 3rd defensemen back there. Anything dumped in he always scoops out. Turco's definitely one of the best puckhandling goaltenders and a large part of the reason they restricted where the goalies can play the puck behind the net.

So when a reporter asks Sydor to name a change in the scene from Dallas to Pittsburgh, I could see how he would think to mention that.

I don't take it as a jab to Fleury as much as just stating a truth: Turco's great at playing the puck and would help the defense out more than Fleury is capable with at this moment.

Anonymous said...

5 of the next 6 games are at home.

The lone road game is in the friendly confines of Washington, which will even seem like a home away from home game.

Time to load up on some points in the standings.

wilsmith said...


whistler said...

Thank you for the picture of "The Slide". This is something that I have NEVER Forgotten..

What's the Score?!?"

Adrienne said...

Damn I missed that Teletubbies picture! :D

Staff said...

good point on the upcoming sked, anon.

DWAYNE -- You can do Paypal, or snail-mail to a PO Box.
or send us a signed portrait of the guy who played LoPan in Big Trouble in Little China


demondg1 said...

I'll be in Washington for the game Saturday. Anybody know a good bar in DC to watch the Penguin game at?

I need to nail Chris Pronger's wife.

TJMiller718 said...

demondg1... I live in DC and I'll be at Fado. It's down one block from the Verizon center on the other side of the street.

Pretty solid place, should be PACKED with Pens fans.

snoopyjode said...

the post is full of photoshop gold, as usual. the teletubbies shot must be used more often.

oh, and boulerice has been placed on waivers - in case anyone gives a crap.

Hutch said...

After years of entering the watch and win today was finally the day. I couldn't believe it actually. Got some free tix to the Ranger game next tuesday.

Skippy44 said...

Thats right, I have been silent for some time watching and seeing what is said...

1. BRETT is not me in disguise. I don't even know who he is, and he jobs me as much as you do.

2. Skippy is my on air name I have had for 6 years doing talk radio down south

3. You are hypocrites for claiming to not do pre-orders when you ask people to email you now to place an order and your product just was sent into production today if I read that correctly.

4. MY product is on Ebay and is 2.50 with free shipping and no minimum or maximum quantities.

Brett said...

It's a shame Errey has to be paired with whiner Steigerhead. Great YouTube clip!

Anonymous said...

Challenge to the staff:
Find a picture of the Pens' 92 Cup ring. The one on is broken.

...Find some more pictures of the '91 ring while you're at it.

Penglose said...

Here's a History lesson for you Homos about the Lemieux Scam

First year Mario takes over. Payroll near 35 mill. Team goes to conference finals on Kasparitis's overtime goal in Buffalo.

Team turns a couple million dollar profit.

Immediately upon the season's end, Mario starts releasing or trading, at a total disadvantage, all the players making more than 1 million per year.

No reason whatsoever to do that. If we had to lose one player, so be it. Hopefully we get a couple youngsters to grow in the system to replace him. That's how winning teams continue to win over the long haul. We traded Yagr so we could sign Kovy, Lang, and Straka, the best second line in the league at the time. Then, one by one, like Golum in Lords of the Ring, Mario greed consumed him, and he realized he could run an NHL franchise with minor league players, with a payroll around 17 mill, fill the arena halfway, announce a false comeback to sell tickets, play ten games, get a season ending groin injury in October, normal lenght of recovery 7-10 days, let the insurance company pay his salary, take 5 mill bonuses out the back door until the media found out, and play to half full houses of stupid f'ing idiots supporting his scam. Not to worry. He promises to rebuild quickly, (second year now without rebuilding), as soon as a new CBA is signed and an arena deal is consumated. Now he's winning on the cheap still, with half the team playing for rookie, max salary. With a team stocked by the league, and the luck of very good players available in the draft for 3 or 4 years in a row. The only thing smart, is how he manipulated, and continues to manipulate you idiots into idolizing him. Even though he put his foot on your face twice this past winter and sprinig. Trying twice to sell the team to out of town interests, which planned to move them ASAP. After turning down a deal from local investors for 5 mill less the first time.

~ Penglose

Anonymous said...

wwgrd? murder people who job mario.

Anonymous said...

still don't care about skippy's product.

Staff said...


We were warned about you.

That was a real thought out thing you just had there.

Imagine if all of us actually cared.

stokes said...

Staff- why let this idiot post? He jobs THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER and he cant even spell "spring."

Even if it is true, i don't want to know. I like KFC: don't want to know how it made. Same thing.

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