Friday, October 5, 2007

At Least They Got A Goal. PENS LOSE.

4 - 1 RECAP

We compared tonight to Christmas.
This game was like waiting all year for Christmas Eve only to be awaken by Santa Claus peeing on your face.


A quick call to arms.
If anyone captured the game on their computer,
please send us the screenshot of Gary Roberts' eyes from the opening intro.

We will rename the blog for one day in your honor.




Thanks to commentor Thomes08 who was at the game and took this with his phone.

Sid came flying out of the gate like a pure monkey.
The first 45 seconds of the game was the Sidney Crosby Show. ( Apologies to any bloggers out there who already own that...hmm... )


We find out early on that the Hurricanes fans still boo Orpik.
The whole crowd wasn't ready for it the first time.
And then the rest of the fans stopped touching each other and joined in the booing.

If anything, it is a shame Orpik didn't injure Cole worse.

Out of nowhere, Christensen got to move in point-blank.
It doesn't matter that he didn't score because he hit the post.
That sound should be the national anthem.

Somehow the Pens get a penalty for something.
Hate to job the refs, but that's a mud call.

But the PK unit was a big deal, shutting everything down to the perimeter.
On that PK, we hear the boom of MAF's pads on a save. Hockey's back.

Gary Roberts' first hit -- 6:17 of the first period.

Pensblog Jeff in Korea felt it.

All this anticipation for the season, and 6:00 into the first period, you don't even know it's opening night anymore.

Oh, no.
MAF makes a save, but the rebound bounces into Georgia.
Eric Staal is there. Goal. 1 - 0.

It runs in the family.

The RBC Center announcer has to stop to learn to read and then announces the goal five minutes later.

The linesmen screaming "no ice, no ice!"

The first period crawls.

Pens get puck.
Hurricanes clutch and grab.
Carolina carries puck:


Pens get puck.
Rob Brindamour tackles someone.
Carolina carries puck.

Pens get puck.
Some jobber hooks.
Carolina carries puck:

Carolina was offsides at least 41 times in the first period.


We get to see Sykora's release on a one-timer.
Holy hell. Holy hell.

Orpik turns in the worst shift of his career.
He pinches, but Cole pokes it by him.
Then Orpik goes back and Staal jobs it off his skate and into the net.
2 - 0.
If it doesn't get past Orpik, he would be praised. Whatev.

GameBreak. Pens trainers rush to the locker room to get Evgeni Malkin some tylenol.

His back has to be killing him, carrying Malone and Recchi.

The Pens get their first power play.
The Canes PK gave them little room to operate.
Late in the powerplay, Sykora gets set up insanely by Sid, but he is denied.
Those setups will be coming all season.

Ruutu gets penalized for being the man.
And, of course, Jordan Staal shows up out of nowhere with a decent shorthanded chance.

The rest of the first was poop.


It good to see Dan Potash during the intermission.
We have to e-mail him, but the only explanation for him wearing glasses has to be because he looked into Gary Roberts' eyes for 10 straight seconds during an interview and injured his retinas.

Ron Francis oozes charisma.



As we stated before, the second period begins and you forget it's opening night.

The Pens start attacking on the 4-on-4.
Honestly, seriously, Sidney Crosby is better this year.
He sets up everyone but no dice.

Erik Christensen was on acid for a while.

Sid jobs Brindamour on a faceoff and gets a penalty.
It is truly a shame Brindamour has to resort to diving at this point in his career.
Sid unloads his first f-bomb of the season in the box.


MAF makes his first big save of the season on the ensuing PK.

Damn it, Roberts.
He had a chance to make up for the worst shift of Recchi's career with a goal, but he fanned on it.
What a pass by Malkin. No need to do the saucer pass there, but that's just sick.

Staal-Crosby-Malkin graces the ice.
The bullyhoo surrounding Therrien's lines lasted about 64 Earth minutes.

Oh, no.
Andrew Ladd jobs one from in front of the net after the puck bounced around like a homo.

3 - 0.
You'd celebrate like that, too, if you only score 5 goals a year.
Sid is jacked.

The rest of the second, it becomes more and more obvious that the Pens aren't winning this game.
It also becomes apparent Mark Recchi will play 30 minutes a game.

Oh, no.
The dreaded shot from the point.
Doesn't matter what it deflects off of. It's a goal.


At that point, wishing bad things on Rod Brind'amour just becomes second nature.

Malkin gets a breakaway, but forgets the opposing team doesn't want him to shoot.
He gets a jobber shot off, and there's Sykora to bang at the rebound. No dice.

Cam Ward played out his mind all night.
Man, he must have a good goalie coach.


Paul Alexander delivers some awkward commentary to highlights during the intermission.



Uhh...Dany Sabourin in net to start the third.
Kind of appropriate that Sabourin always gets in when the starter is taking dumps.
Someone mentioned it is hard to find a picture of Fleury not smiling.
Yeah? Look at him sitting on the bench tonight.
It looked like Therrien trained his mom.

Let's just move on.

The Pens finally wake up as Crosby starts going nuts again.
But no dice. Frustrating times.
It's getting to the point of the game where we just want one goal.

Crosby dominated the entire rink for 4 shifts in a row in the third period.
Crosby is more disgusting than last year. The bastard is only 20 years old.

Christensen swats a puck out of the air and into the net, but immediately knows it's no goal.

Carolina just has our number. End of story.

10:00 left in the third.

Blah, blah, blah.

Hey, breakaway for Talbot at the end of his shift.
Ward sets his Tivo to record Heroes while making the save.

Georges Laraque, one of the Pens who actually showed up, draws a penalty late.
By this time, you hate Cam Ward like it's your job.

The Pens play a solid third period against a lukewarm Hurricanes effort.

The Pens get a goal late on the power play.
Recchi pops one in to break Ward's shutout, sick pass by Malkin.

4 - 1.

Its nice to see Recchi's 40+ minutes of ice time allows him to score.
If John Deere is on your scoreboard, suck it.

Whatev. Game.

Goalie Controversy?
Someone might be running Sabourinblog.

Actual post title on LGP:
I Hope This Isn't "Penguins Country Club Part II"

Its good to be back.

  • MAF: Bad times. Reboundblog.
  • Malkin: 1 A
  • Recchi: 1 G
  • MAF's critics are smiling tonight.
  • Did anyone hear Errey at the end of the game, saying it was MAF's first appearance in RBC Center? Then, yes, you realize Thibault and Caron always got the start in Carolina for some reason the last few years. That's why Errey is a beast. Or the guy who gave him that stat.
  • Long season. Everyone needs to keep their pants on.
  • Lines need tweaked. So does everyone in the world. Care.
  • Eaton was good.
  • We won't say anything about Roberts because we don't want to feel his wrath.

Big game Saturday night.

Mario called in a favor from an old friend to help the Pens forget this defeat.

Do it


Jedi -- Will Smith


Barrasso35 said...

Awesome post tonight. Not quite mid-season form but close. The Dawson pic was nice.

WillSmith? The Force is strong with him.

Damn it's good to have Penguins hockey back.

Staff said...

Yea it will take a while to get back to being good at recaps again..

Go pens

The Hebrew Hammer said...

MAF is bad. Not good. First round bust. Good thing we have Stan Savran as a backup.

And then there's the ghost of Gary Roberts. God help us.

Anonymous said...

they looked like piss

marc said...

check your mail... i think you'll like what you see

Anonymous said...

so happy to have recaps back...

MAF certainly didn't have much help in those 2 periods, can't blame it all on him.

anyone else think the malone-malkin-recchi line is the worst mix of our players possible?

i'm feeling a big win tomorrow night, anaheim looked awful tonight

Stoosh said...

Some thoughts...

1. We really need to dedicate a section of the recaps of losses to overreactionary threads on Maybe we can call it LookingForABridgeBlog. I love the board over there, but had I been eating or drinking anything when I saw the "Country Club II" post, I probably would've ralphed all over my keyboard.

2. Suggestion for anyone currently looking for a bridge...sometimes the Pens just get outplayed. Cool out. It's one game. It happens. If this game is played in December or January, we're chalking it up as just an ordinary loss. Sometimes the opposing goalie just stops everything; he's a pro, too. This Carolina team did win a friggin' Cup like 18 months ago.

3. I didn't think it was possible for Sid to look significantly better than he did last year, but he does. It looks like he's added a ninth gear to go with the eighth he added last year. What's going to happen when he gets up against some of these teams that don't skate as well as Carolina? Can anyone foresee an eight or nine-point night from Sid this year? Maybe ten points?

The sick thing is that NHL forwards don't really start hitting their full potential until around age 27 or 28. Sid just turned 20.

erik said...

If only the Wings had a blog like this one. And all this time it didn't even occur to me that anyone lived in Pittsburgh. Wings bloggers are too fat and weak these days from having so many years of easy living near the top of the Western conference. You can't run a good, sarcastic blog with that kind of lifestyle. Thank you Pensblog.

snoopyjode said...

solid recap, staff. i must say that i appreciate the subtle nod. :)

holy crap, my computer almost crashed. that is one frightening photo of roberts! i bet that's the face ac has seen in his dreams every night since the "jobbing roberts" incident.

amusing photoshop that is, wilsmith! ;)


Staff said...

barrasso, solid new pic.

malk-rex-malone is indeed the worst possible line combination.

laraque and crosby played together for a while tonight.
and laraque looked gooddddd.

when stoosh speaks, we listen.
end of story.

thanks, erik.
we do what we can.

no prob, snoop.
that's an insane pic of him in the runway.

let's wake up tomorrow and do this again.


Pat said...

I was at the game tonight. Whenever the 'Canes score, Ric Flair gets on the scoreboard does his "WOOO" thing. Even my 'Canes fan friend was embarrassed.

Adrienne said...

Rough first game; we looked like absolute shit.

I did however win 20$ in a bet that Eric Staal would get the first goal of the night, so I guess it worked out a little bit for me.

We'll do better tomorrow night.

Anonymous said...

>If anything, it is a shame Orpik didn't injure Cole worse.

Love your BLOG, but that's a real douchebag comment.

pensblog jeff said...

I'm glad we lost this one. Makes the guys take all the hype with a grain of salt, rethink things, and realize this year they have to work their asses off. Nobody ever got a stanley cup by phoning in games like they did tonight. Give them a month, and they'll be dominating.

Sabourin is not the crappy backup everyone kept saying he is. The guy can hold his own in there.

Didn't we bech MAF early last year a bit, and then he pwned everyone?

I called the Roberts hit.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Anyone who is panicking over one loss needs to become a Steelers fan right now. Here are a couple points.

1. I know it might seem lame but Carolina had already played a game before us. They were the quicker and sharper team in the first two periods and when we finally got our legs underneath us in the third, we carried the play.

2. Recchi on the first PP again, god help us all.

3. If anyone is really thinking there is a goalie controversy then please jump off the West End bridge.

4. Sid=sick

5. Stoosh, definitely a good idea with overreactionary blog. LGP posters need to be on Prozac.

Master of the Obvious said...

I'm a Rangers fan, but even I can help sporting a little wood when Erik Christensen gets the puck with a few feet of space. That is one dangerous shot, my God.

You know it's a bad night in Penguinland when your best line of the night is interracial.

No disrespect to BGL, okay well I guess some disrespect with that whole racist comment thing, but that line was the only one really clicking. Georges himself had two great chances early when everyone else was generating jack shit.

So everyone put down the toaster and get out of the tub, this Penguins effort is the exception not the rule. If your boys can't get up with that frenzied crowd at home behind you against a Ducks team that's been halfway around the world in the last week and has played three games already(dropping two of them) then maybe you can pack it in.

Barrasso35 said...

staff-Thanks, I learned it by watching you.

Anyone notice ol' Tommy B is wearing an Albany River Rats jacket in that pic? I thought that was weird until I realized they're the 'Canes AHL affiliate.

Both stoosh and the hebrew hammer have great points. I see commentorblog is also back in regular season form.

Let's go Pensblog.


Tee said...

As I was saying in GDC last night... a lot of people don't really give BGL the props he deserves for his hockey skills. He's the best fighter in the league, but he forechecks, he can stickhandle, and he takes up a lot of space in front of the net. His defensive skills are subpar but I'd rather have him there than some little euro who won't forecheck or give up the body to dig a puck out of the corner.

homesprout said...

Wow....that Gary Roberts picture made me wet my pants....twice :(

A couple bad bounces tonight...sometimes that happens

I sure hope we don't see any more of the Malone-Malkin-Recchi line!!

Staal played really well with Malkin last year....

Malone seemed to play his best on a 3rd line with Colby last year.

Lets beat the hell out of the Ducks!!

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Mark it down, we dominate the Ducks tonight. I just feel it.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Ruutu gets penalized for being the man.

So true.

I'm hoping this was all opening-night jitters. We honestly looked real bad.

Staff said...

Yeah, this game was mud.

Total mud.

Sorry, anon.
In retrospect, that remark on Cole was below the belt.

Evidence that you're right: The vets here on commentorblog will own anyone anonymous if they come in here with something stupid.
and they didn't.

why did you capitalize blog?


Lloyd said...

This is a call to arms.

We need to dominate GameDayChat tonight. Bring Friends, bring an army, bring yourself. JUST BE THERE. It's a great community (especially when we try to find a replacement to hot minivan mom.)

Nathan said...

I was at the game last night, too. Surrounded by Hurriances season ticket holders, but at least they were't assholes, so it wasn't a bad time. Have to give a ton of credit to the 8 year old kid behind me who correctly identified a non-hold when all the adults around him thought it was one. There is indeed hope for that fan base.

Cam Ward was on PCP all night. Against a goalie on a regular night, the Pens score at least 4 goals.

And John Deere sponsors one of the better promotions in Carolina that's actually kind of winnable: if a Hurricanes player scores a hat trick, somebody wins a $1500 (or so) lawnmower. I've seen someone cash in on that one.

Ah well, these games happen. Let's get the Ducks tonight.

wilsmith said...

Whitney and Orpik both need to work on when to decide to pinch at the blue line. It's the first game, so I'm not concerned.

Georgie was great. Say what you want about George Ruuts and Talbot being the goon line, but those guys could keep it down low in the other end all night if they had to.

I wish I could remember what it was that I wanted to say about Malone. It was negative, that's all I know.

Why does Brind'Amour win the selke?
Is it because he's a good defensive forward, or is it just because he's such a terrible offensive forward? I think the NHL world is so into his dong that they just have to give him a trophy. I hate that guy. The apostrophe is so unnecessary.

Was glad to not see too much Dump and Passively Pursue tonight.

Anonymous said...

anyone else feel like sykora is gonna dominate just about everyone this year? ward was on pcp tongiht, but now that the first game is over we're gonna come back and start playing hockey...

karri said...

Great post! Love that pic at the top of the post. I laughed the same way this morning as I did when it was posted on Sept. 26th as..

Sens fan James Van Der Beek, your thoughts:

Sad the Pens lost their first game, but it's just one game...tonight they'll win!

I'm not going to fall into the trap of criticising any players this year...lesson learned. ;)


Spencemo said...

The Old Man & I couldn't watch the game last night, but we caught it on XM Home Ice sporadically throughout...and the score was literally twice as bad every time we got back in the car...

We're going to pluck the Ducks tonight! OK, I know that one was bad, but I couldn't help it...

Pat said...

More from the RBC Center last night:

1.) The Hurricanes' version of Iceburgh is a giant pig because the guy that donated most of the money for the arena is the biggest pig farmer in NC and he demanded a pig mascot if they didn't name the arena after him.

2.) No Canes' fans, besides the ones I already knew, gave me or anyone in Pens garb even a little bit of shit despite the way they were dominating us. Pittsburgh, this place is not.

3.) I saw a Greg Lloyd jersey. At a Hurricanes game. In Raleigh. Amazing.

4.) Like Nathan said, Cam Ward was on crack last night. He was awesome.

Anonymous said...

>Sorry, anon.
>In retrospect, that remark on Cole >was below the belt.

>Evidence that you're right: The vets >here on commentorblog will own >anyone anonymous if they come in >here with something stupid.
>and they didn't.

>why did you capitalize blog?

'Cause I'm a douche too, no other reason.

Thanks for the acknowledgment. I do think this blog is the best, and I am a 'Canes fan. I keep up with it though, keep up the good work.

Dennis said...

Wow, haven't commented in a while but have read over the entire offseason. This certainly wasn't what we wanted to start with but whatev.

BTW, the stats/schedule bar at the top of the site is unreal....I love it.

snoopyjode said...

okay. this is off topic, but i thought i'd share:
i just got back from the wegman's grocery store. remember, i live in nittany lion country. i just saw a woman rocking a pink psu jersey. she was about 75 years old. bad times.

i am pumped for tonight - and SUPER FUCKING JEALOUS of any of you who are going to the mellon tonight. i tried to get tickets (i REALLY want that captain's c), to no avail. :( have a great time, scream as loud as you fucking can, and take pictures for us, you lucky bastards!!!!!!!!

wilsmith said...

Wegman's is the greatest.
When I lived in State College, I actually lived in Wegman's. You can't beat those subs they make there.

Also, someone sold me C level tickets for tonight -- for $35 each, then when I called to go pick them up, he said he had given them someone who gave him $50 for them. How awesome is that?
I would have easily countered straight to $100 a piece, but whatev.

That's how you go long-time friend to mortal enemy in .2 seconds.

Steve said...

I couldn't give a shit if we won or lost the first game of the season. I'm just glad we got it out of the way and the season is underway. Ya get the same same feeling come October every year, Bout time.

Sir Sid will never cease to amaze me. It is truly something to see his rise in awesomeness (real word) right in front of you.


Anonymous said...

I guess that's cool that somebody was willing to represent Pittsburgh with a Greg Lloyd jersey, but Greg Lloyd couldn't hold Gary Roberts' jockstrap.

wallflower said...

Staff - don't apologize for the Orpik/Cole comment, it was hilarious.

I'm sure they have some knowledgable fans but when the vocal majority kept booing after every offside call (all of which were so obvious a blind man in China knew they were offside before the whistle blew), I was hoping Orpik would score so they'd all commit suicide.

Insensitive? Probably, but oh well.

Bradley said...

Greg Lloyd might be able to hold Gary Roberts' jockstrap... but the season's not done yet.


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