Friday, September 28, 2007

Yawni Rita

Next week at this time:

vomit city

Until then, at least we get to listen to Mike Lange tonight against the Sabres. [ Pens TV ]


Season Previewblog

Being that we dragged our feet in getting out season previews.

Tomorrow we will finish the West, and get out all the Southeast division teams featuring the bloggers who helped us out.

Throughout the day we will be posting them. Right up until the Pens game.

It'll be more annoying than the Yankees, Michael Vick, Rex Grossman, and USC, but whatev.


Pens News

Adam Hall is still fighting for a spot. [ Empty Netters ]

Pens practiced today. You know where to go for details on that. [ LGP ]

Next week is Penguins week on FSN. [ Faceoff Factor ]

They aren't doing a "In My Own Words: Gary Roberts."

Huge mistake.
Then again, if Roberts spends more than 5 minutes looking at you, your corneas melt.


Dean McAmmond sounds off. [ TSN ]
"I don't think I have concussion problems. I have a history of guys giving me traumatic blows to the head, that's what I have a problem with," McAmmond said. "I was lifeless there, I was pretty grateful that I'm pretty much normal now."

Its good to see McAmmond is OK.

No gays jokes here.
We are trying to mature.


The 2,500 penalty minutes and 300 points Club. [ The Sweater Ted ]

Rick Tocchet (2970 penalties in minutes, 952 points)

"Controversy often follows members of this club (like aforementioned Hunter and McSorely), since they naturally seem to be risk takers and are inherently hot under the collar. Unfortunately Rick Tocchet's name is more linked to gambling nowadays then it is to being a true power forward. He was on Mario Lemieux's wing for the Cup years and an absolute force to be reckoned with. Cam Neely (1241 PIMs and 694 points) was probably the premier power forward during Tocchet's prime, but Tocchet was an extremely dangerous player in every way for many years."

Great company to be in.

A Senators fan celebrates Dean McAmmond being okay.

Whatever that guy is about to do to that pole is between him and God.



<span class=<span class=

AO vs Sid
Malkin vs Semin
[Post Game Heroes ]

Just a great post.
Complete with nicely done graphs.
Post Game Heroes is money in the bank.


One last bit of news.
And unfortunately it is very somber.

Former Penguins prospect Darcy Robinson passed away while playing a game in Italy. [ WBS ]

He was 26.



Anyone else remember Lemieux calling him consistently inconsistent?


Anonymous said...

Awesome Post, dont know how you guys have anything left in the tank...

The delayed "gay sens fan" reference was as brilliant as it was unique!

As always, just glad to have you guys around all off season!


Hooks Orpik said...

That is very sad news about Darcy Robinson....26 year olds in top shape don't just fall dead, in this day and age it immediately makes you wonder if he was putting something into his body that he shouldn't have been.

But that's a different question for a different day.

I'll remember Darcy best from the Chasing the Dream series, a documentary done over a season about the Wilkes-Barre Pens. Colby Armstrong steals the show in a lot of it, but I fondly remember one instance where Darcy had to fill people's gas up at a gas station for some kind of promotion...He seemed equal parts goofy and genuine. Definitely the kind of person the world needs more, not less of. RIP.

canaanregulatesblog said...

quality post.

is it too insensitive to say that dean mcammond almost got darcy robinsowned?


Hooks Orpik said...

Looks like we're not the only ones that are sick of the pre-season...

"Wingers Petr Sykora (nose) and Gary Roberts (illness) did not participate in the workout yesterday at Mellon Arena but skated with conditioning coach Mike Kadar before practice."

Barrasso35 said...

That's horrible about Darcy Robinson. It's sad, hooks but my mind went straight to banned substances as well. But it could have been some weird heart condition or something like that.

The Asiago Website just basically said it was heart failure and he could not be revived by the medics or hospital staff (which is essentially what the WBS page says.)

The local NAHL team has their home opener tonight and I'm getting excited. Live hockey tonight, Penguins hockey a week from today... to quote Simon Pegg from Hot Fuzz who is quoting Martin Lawrence from Bad Boys 2, this shit just got real.

It's on, motherfuckers. Drop the god damn puck.

lis said...

It's just terrible news to hear about Darcy Robinson. Having been from Wilkes-Barre and a season ticket holder the first few years I can honestly say that Darcy was a great guy. My friends and I would see him out at the bars after some games and he would sit right down with us and throw the bull while he was waiting for his teammates to get there. Just a genuine, nice guy. Such sad, sad news.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... your post game heroes link seems to be broken?

Staff said...

Link should be fixed now

snoopyjode said...

wow. very sad news about robinson. whether it's banned substances or a congenital condition, it's just tragic.

changing the subject a bit, get ready to vomit everywhere. and don't worry, it's not one of those NSFW pics like canaan occasionally gets us with. ;)

make sure you click the + to zoom in so you can see the fugly script on the sleeves. :P

Anonymous said...

the pens tanked for draft picks...

that coming from a freaking rangers fan................

I am a mets fan and it never ceases to amaze me how quickly new york fans are to jump and think they own the world.

the rangers could barely get the job done with gretzky and messeir... stuff that in your pipe.

Don K. Show said...

Jode, that's a dead link, but if it's anything like the New Sens Jersey, I may throw up.

That jersey, as pictured on the page, is fitting for the likes of Alfy and his teammates.

Spencemo said...


I just threw up a little. Thanks. I had been trying to get those out of my head since I got my catalog in the mail.

Nathan said...

For anyone who wants to make the trip to Raleigh for the game on October 5, there are still plenty of tickets available. Making good use of my day off, I looked for 4 tickets together in every price bracket, and the only ones that didn't come up with tickets were the $45, $175, and $185 prices, all of which are single rows in the arena. Guess missing the playoffs last year killed off all the fair-weather fans there. Available tickets range from $20 to $150 each.

And I've never not had a good time at a Hurricanes game, even though the Pens are something like 1-5 when I've seen them there. I realize that most of the readers here live in the Pittsburgh area, but for any other ex-pat fans in Virginia and the Carolinas, it's really worth the trip if you've never been.

Sarah said...

So, according to Barry Melrose the Rangers are the team to beat in the East. What a jobber

snoopyjode said...

ha ha, don k., that's the one!!! the pink "freeze" jersey. it actually claims that if you wear it, you'll look "cute & sporty."

and i'm sorry, spence. if you feel that way now, just think of how sick you'll feel when you see one on a bunny at a game... >:(

Sherry said...

We are trying to mature.

Well, hope you don't try too hard! Although we do certainly appreciate it :P

Anonymous said...

snoop, i was under the impression that you guys loved those nsfw pics?



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