Wednesday, September 19, 2007

See You In October. Dicks. Pens Win

5 - 2

Not a lot going on in the game tonight.
There is only so much we can take from the two homos who called the game.
The regular season games against the Habs are going to be hate fests.

Things of note from tonight.
Line combos:

Christensen /Malkin /Sykora

Esposito /Jeffrey / Hall

Stone /Smith / Filewich

Minard /Taffe /Kennedy

Ryan Lannon
Alex Goligoski
Deryk Engelland

Dany Sabourin

[NHL Super Stats ]
  • Gary Roberts was out. He needed some rest after most likely satisfying every woman in Montreal last night.
  • Malkin was a step above tonight. He wore the "A." Scored a huge goal in the third on a breakaway out of the box.
  • Tyler Kennedy had a good game. Ryan Stone scored as well.
  • Peter Sykora had a goal. But then he got hit in the face.
  • A lot of jobber defensemen got some play.
  • Whitney was +4
  • Orpik laid a Hab out.
  • Sabourin 21 saves, good effort.


The Winter Assic sold out in 26 minutes Tuesday morning.
Not even the iPhone could get through to

Looking at this picture, this would be a mud seat for the game.
Or maybe we're just accustomed to watching it in an arena.

It was really a strange day.
You can imagine the levels of dissapoint a lot of people are feeling.

Some jobber apparently released the password for the Pens season ticket holders code in a thread over on And people were not pleased. [ ]

But is there anyone to blame? No.
This argument is backed up by breaking news that neither scalpers, Blue Jay fans (WTF), Leafs fans, or any other large purchasing groups accounted for a huge majority of the sales.
[ Empty Netters ]

"The largest amount of tickets sold to an individual was 32, which is a small number given that over 42,000 were available the general public."
"Additionally, Toronto Blue Jays and Maple Leafs fans accounted for "only" 133 and 200 ticket sales today respectively."

Lost in all this is the fact that IceBowlBlog didn't even get tickets,
and they are running a website around the event.
[ Icebowl ]

Regardless, if you got tickets or you didn't, you have to hold your head high, knowing that all the moron sports media who always job hockey really have nothing to say right now.

Bottom line.
If you didn't get tickets, wait it out for a while.
If you want to go bad enough, there will be a way.



...Sykora likes it in Pittsburgh. [ Post Gazette ]

"The No. 1 choice, when I looked around the league, was to either go back to Edmonton and play with Ales Hemsky or to go to Pittsburgh," Sykora said. "Sidney and [Evgeni Malkin] and [Jordan Staal], they're three of the best centers in this league. It was a no-brainer for me.

BGL broke that dude's cheekbone [ Canadian Press ]

(By Jeff Harr)


A change in the NHL's scheduling format is imminent. [ TSN ]

Sean Burke calls it a career. [ Fanhouse ]

Oh, is that what you call it?
Seriously, though, in the late '80s and early '90s,
some teams would've killed to have Burke in their net.

Tawm sent us this:
Chris Thorburn played in front of his mom for the first time. [ ]


For all you homophobes out there, look out.
The Sens signed Mike Fisher to a 5-year, $21 million deal.

Two Sens fans celebrate the big signing but can't stop to wonder why the Sens would overpay for Mike Fisher when Dany Heatley, Jason Spezza, and Wade Redden are all free agents after this season.

  • Roberto Luongo is turning into a good source for quotes.
He was okay after getting hit in the throat by a Brad Isbister howlitzer in practice. [ ]

When asked about wearing a dangling plastic throat shield:

"I'm still pondering the idea," Luongo said of the shield. "I've got to see what's more important, getting hit in the neck once or twice a year or letting in a couple of goals where you can't find the puck in your feet."

Special delivery for Luongo:

Martin Brodeur's 3 Vezinas, 4 William Jennings, 3 Stanley Cups, and throat guard could not be reached for comment.


There's been some big-league jobbing taking place over on TSN's comment boards.

Following their victory Monday night, Habs fans were talking about the Stanley Cup and Sidney being a whiner.

After the Pens victory Tuesday, Habs fans told Pens fans to lighten up in response to Pens fan gloating.

Sorry for the small print.
Read it all here.


It was a fun ride in RBKBlog, but Chris over at Tournament of Logos is only just beginning. [ NHLToL ]

There's the comparison of the Edge jersey and last year's jersey.

In the Penguin logo poll, Stanley Cup Penguin is in first with 33%.
Pigeon and Vegas Gold Penguin are neck-and-neck.
Scarfed Penguin is on the short bus.




Jen said...

staff --
i just moved to prague, where'll i'll be until june (missing the entire season -- terrible.) just wanted you to know that so far i've been depending on tpb for pens news and game recaps... so keep up the good work.

if you need a foreign correspondent to catch some slavia/sparta games (i haven't figured out which one cubs and which one is the whitesox in this town yet), let me know.

also there's a sports bar called jagr's. it probably crushes 36 but i doubt it can hold a candle to the rod woodson grille. i'll let you guys know.

theNick said...

yea it must really suck having to spend all year in Prague.

Oh, I've been to Prague. Well, I haven't "been to Prague" been to Prague, but I know that thing, that, "Stop shaving your armpits, read the Unbearable Lightness of Being, date a sculptor, now I know how bad American coffee is thing...”

Staff said...

as always, we will be doing our very best to provide detailed game recaps and detailed jobbing of john fedko all season long.

- ac

Barrasso35 said...

thenick with the Kicking and Screaming reference... very nice!

The Ice Bowl ticket sales were a disaster. Who needs 36 tickets? WTF was the NHL thinking?

It's good to have recaps back on The Pensblog and games on the radio but god damn, those Montreal radio announcers suck goat balls for quarters. It really puts into perspective how awesome Mike Lange is. Glad he's not in Phoenix right now. Fucking Gretzky...


SvenButenschonIsMyDaddy said...

Montreal radio played audio of the reporters' scrum around Habs captain Saku Koivu after the game. A reporter asked, and I quote, "Is Brooks Orpik the dirtiest player in the league?"

And these are the people saying Bing is a whiner. Most of us have to pay $12.99 a month to see such an impressive display of vaginas.

snoopyjode said... it safe for me to come back? :)

okay, first of all, WHY WOULD THEY POSSIBLY MAKE THE STH PASSWORD "CROSBY?" that is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard! i think my 3 year old goddaughter could have guessed that one.

password predictability aside, then some douchebag posts it on the message boards?! there were only 1,500 tickets being reserved for pens STHs. that's it. i bet the pens STH tickets were gone in less than 2 minutes. but they have 34,000 tickets that are being held for sabres & fucking BILLS STHs and the brass at the nhl? wow. even though i got mine, i'm fucking outraged. i can't even begin to imagine how pissed the rest of you are.

it feels like a riot job is about to go on tour...

wilsmith said...

That's the label brooks gets because Erik Cole turned his back to him.

I knew that no seat for this game is going to be a good seat, the closer you are the more obstructed your view is and the farther back you are, well, the farther back you are. Every seat is probably going to be terrible, but I still wanted to go just to see it all happen.

If there's one thing the NHL is good for, it's screwing shit up.

EmDubs said...

ha ha, snoop I've been saying the same thing.... I asked 10 people yesterday "If you had to guess a Pens' related password, what would you guess?" 9 said Crosby, one said Lemieux.

We were lucky enough to get some tix through the STH reserve, so I will be there to represent and if I see anyone wearing a Blue Jays..... well, I just don't know.

pat said...

"Montreal radio played audio of the reporters' scrum around Habs captain Saku Koivu after the game. A reporter asked, and I quote, "Is Brooks Orpik the dirtiest player in the league?""

I guess they forgot that game last season when Koivu tried to slewfooted Orpik then tried to kick him in the face behind the net. Saku Koivu is a joke.

SvenButtenschonIsMyDaddy said...

They should have made the Pens STH password "Koltsov"

And the Maple Leafs password "Berezin"

Anonymous said...

I haven't read the blog in 15 days because of work, wife unit, dog, work etc..

I read it this morning like tyrone biggums with three cans of red balls!!!


Ryan said...

I heard the Maple Leafs STH password was "sundin".

What are they thinking? Crosby and Sundin are the two easiest guesses in the world for the respective teams password.

Whatever. I'm going. And you will all get tickets eventually if you try hard enough.

Staff said...

If anyone is looking for a good jobbing fight, some Red wings sight, found our detroit season preview.

And now some jobbers are leaving comments in the Red Wings post. As if anyone is really going to see them.

So, it looks like we hopefully have a new site to make fun of.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

The game recaps are great, can't wait for October 5

Bradley said...

that BGL photoshop should accompany every fight of his this season. and every goal too, for that matter.



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