Wednesday, September 26, 2007


We've had an influx of people visiting the site recently.
Commentorblog has seen new members sporadically jump on board.
There is nothing better than that.

The downside is that some people jumping on board don't know the history of jobbing that goes on around here and are taking things way too seriously.

For example, we got our first ever hate e-mail.
This can't possibly be a real e-mail, but we think it is.

The most satisfaction you can give us is us knowing that we pissed you off so much that you took 20 minutes of your life to detail your hatred.


Hey, just wanted to drop by and say nice GAY blog.
Are you that much of a f*&%ing idiot?
Nice blog, btw. Looks like a three year old wrote it. Your grammar sucks.
Nice references to "gay" you malinformed, obnoxious peice of shit.
"What a joke organization"
"At least we don't have Jason Blake gaying up our television"
Wait.. so let me get this straight. The Islanders, who have accomplished more than the Pens will ever have accomplished, or had more hall of famers skate with them over the years then the Pens will, are the joke, right?
The Pens, who diliberatly tanked over the span of 6 years JUST so they could keep the team in Pittsburgh and actually have more than 3 people come to the games, are not the joke, right?
And the Pens, if they hadn't hit the ONE IN 300 HUNDRED chances of landing Crosby, would be skating in the dweller in Kansis City, are not a joke?
The Pens, who have declared bankruptcy 3 times over the last 8 years, are not a joke right?
Let me just say.. don't throw stones. If you think anybody envies the Penguins or their fans, you have another thing coming.
BTW, I'm not even an Islander fan, I'm a Ranger fan, but I'd choose the Islanders over the Penguins 10 days a week.
And you probably understood that.
P.S - You think the Isles playing us will be bad? Wait till they play you. They may not have all the talent you possess(thanks to tanking), but they'll beat you, just as they did last year.
Pensuck. How about that as a new title for your blog? Losers.


We wanted to take as little time as possible to break this e-mail down.

----- The Pens deliberately tanked for 6 years to keep the team IN Pittsburgh?
Wasn't the movie "Major League" based on the complete opposite premise?

----- And, yeah, if the Pens don't land Crosby, we're running BlueJacket Blog right now.
No questioning that.

----- The Islanders were disgusting in the '80s.
No questioning that.

----- The worst thing about every human being on Earth is that when we hate something,
we start making shit up to help back our point:
"If you think anyobody envies the Penguins or their fans, you have another thing coming."

Did we ever say that people envy the Penguins?
It doesn't make any sense for that to be in there at all.

----- If our grammar sucked in every post, then we would agree.
We blaze through a post, and when it comes to time to put it up, it's 2:00 AM and we're too tired to go proofread everything.
More posts than not feature grammar that would make Mark Twain grow a second penis.

First-line center for the Isles in 2007-08.


Ashley said...

What a turd. I think he's the turd the penguin crapped on the red wings the other day...

Ok, so I'm assuming that you guys copied and pasted his e-mail to your blog. If this is the case, why the f&*& is this turd criticize your grammar when his spelling was..uh..less than perfect. Hypocrite.

And by the way turd, if you're reading, Gary Roberts is gonna show up at your house and kick your ass 'cuz it's Garytober all season long.

Go Pens!!

erik said...


go wings

Randy said...

ha wow...

be sure to reply with links to the Ted Nolan jokes

Brian G said...

Wow, you guys sure can get people all worked up. I love it, keep up the good work!

adam said...


Anonymous said...

he spelled kansas wrong. how'd you guys not catch that after what he said?

Adrienne said...

People take shit here seriously? Wow.

Thanks for breaking down the hatemail, I wouldn't have been able to understand it otherwise.

Kevin said...

I apologize on behalf of all Islander fans.

Wha? oh, they're a Ranger fan who thinks the Pens are a spawn of satan and the Islanders are kinda sorta alright? Now you know they're full of shit.

Hooks Orpik said...

The irony is the boatload of grammatical mistakes the jobber makes after blindly pointing yours out, including the following sentence he spells 'piece' as "peice".

I'm actually surprised ignorant crap like that doesn't come around to you guys more often. Some people need to get a hobby: like suicide.

Staff said...

who doesn't know how to spell Kansas?
That's ridiculous. Can't believe we missed that.
SecretBlog is coming shortly.

What a screwjob on that ticket thing, anon.

We're feverishly working on a way to get rid of this stupid comment moderation before the season starts, guys.
Blogger doesnt even have a phone number to call.


luvnmypens said...

The Islanders were so great because they had so much money to throw around. In fact, I am pretty sure that they are one of the reasons that hockey needed a cap in the first place.

Go Pens!

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Your grammar sucks.

I hate your guts because of it.

Quit making gay jokes.

I'm telling.

Korn said...

Nice email dick.

Keep up the good work guys. Apparently you're getting noticed more throughout the league, and when that happens the idiots start coming out to dump Haterade all over you. Wear it as a badge of honor.

Go Pens

tjand72 said...

Can we have the email address of that failed abortion?

wallflower said...

Hate emails are always funny.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

"If you think anyobody envies the Penguins or their fans, you have another thing coming."

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Jeffry said...

what's a dweller?

Jeffry said...

well, i guess my question is more like how can you stake on a dweller?

Ian said...

Maybe he's upset because no team from New York has won a major sports championship since the Yankees in 2000. The last Cup was won in 94 by the Rangers. The last Super Bowl by the Giants in 1990.

Basically, in the last 6 years, Pittsburgh has more major sports championships (1) than New York (0).

Jesse Marshall said...

The Rangers are gay.

- Faceoff Factor.

Anonymous said...

did the rangers even make the playoffs in those 6 years that jagoff mentioned?


Don K. Show said...

what a douche. I'm gonna borrow one of the words he used and call him a "peice" of shit.

any chance of posting his email?

chefdiddy said...

They should just combine both New York teams into one super squad and call them the New York Turd Herders.

Anonymous said...

1. why is a rangers fan defending the islanders on a penguins blog? i have a suggestion loser.. its called dungeons and dragons.
2. pensblog staff are inifinately and nearly retardedly amazing for nothing more than having the ultimate warrior picture posted beside their name.
3.i ll never forget jagr watching lemieux destroy the caps in 94 reg season on big mac night. (7 pens goals = big macs for all). best christmas present a 13 year old from ontario ever got.
4.that and the most bicurious mullet the game has ever seen = jagr never bringing a cup to the yankees.. err, rangers

Anonymous said...

-bryan parsons jasper alberta.. the dude that brought you the alfreddson add

Arlow said...

I think this guy views himself as some kind of a humanitariun because he's a Rangers fan sticking up for the Islanders. That's similar to when the bully in high school stops classmates from beating up the retarded kid. Screw the Rangers and they're over- rated team.

Anonymous said...

what a moron. once again i am embarrassed to be from a hell hole like New York.

Go Pens.

Barrasso35 said...

Is Kenny Melvin back? WTF?

Anonymous said...

San Diego loves Pensblog and the Penguins.

Keep up the good work guys.

Go Pens!


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