Monday, September 17, 2007

Pens vs Habs

Listen Here [ Cjad ]

Go Pens


snoopyjode said...

this is why i love the pensblog. :)

Anonymous said...

frikin close game

Jonny V said...

The frozen moment made me want to dry hump my computer monitor

Anonymous said...

It sounds as if Crosby was mugged and repeatedly cheap-shotted while the Pens were on the PP in OT. On the LGP boards they were saying slue footed and took a knee to the face while on the ground. Tomorrow should be interesting.

Jesse Marshall said...

Komi almost freaking stepped on his head.

What idiots.

"Bye Bye, Sidney" - Announcers.

So gay.

FritoWill said...

already starting with the bad blood vs. the Habs i love hockey

PittPensFan said...

Habs announcers = dicks.

Also, I guess slew-footing is not a foul anymore.

Staff said...

Just so everyone knows, comments will be open during and after games.

Go Pens.

Jesse I heard that too. Terrible

Jeffry said...

two niner's recap

Lana said...

Just got home from the game. Oh my god is it good to be back watching hockey live.
The downside, some 40 year old man with a habs bandana on and his jersey tucked into his pants telling me he'd shut me up if i cheered for another pens goal.
I'm a 23 year old woman, relax man.
The pens looked great, Komisarek was on Crosby all night with cheap shots. Just wait till he undresses him the next time. Anyone know the line up for tomorrow, i'm there again.

Lloyd said...

Who all is buying tickets to the winter classic?

i plan on buying 8 tomorrow.

Lloyd said...

... in the $55 section.

will i get 8 in a row... doubt it.

Anonymous said...

haha lloyd thats what im trying for too, 8 in a row

Stoosh said...

Check out TSN's video recaps of the game and you'll see the jobbing of Sid apparently extends to the very beginnings of the preseason. He got cross-checked into whoever the Habs goalie was last night, then took a knee to the face as he was laying on the ice on his back and trying to get back up.

A bit later on, Komisarek tied him up and the two of them battled a bit alongside the net. Funny thing was, Komisarek goes 6'4", like 230-240 and Sid was pushing him around a bit.

This is why I love the PensBlog. I saw the blurb about the Montreal color guy firing off a jab at Sid after a friggin' preseason game and I already can't wait for the first time these two teams meet when it counts. Tell Koivu to keep his head up coming around the net. Souray isn't around to fight his battles for him anymore.

Like the Sharks harkening back to their original jerseys a bit with that new design. Maybe they'll put numbers on them that you can actually read.

Those Flyers darks look like barbecue aprons or something. Leave it to Philly to Phuck up their jerseys.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Listening to these announcers really prove how great Mike Lange is and how lucky we are to have him.


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