Saturday, September 29, 2007

Out Of Time. Pens Lose

6 - 5


If this was a regular season game.
Getting out of bed the next morning would have been hard.
But since it was a preseason game.

Evgeni Malkin almost tied the game with no time on the clock.
But no dice.


  • Danny Sabourin was mud
  • Daryl Sydor was directly responsible for three goals. Its still early. But wow not good times there.
  • If last night was any indication Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby may become unstoppable at times. Malkin was insane. Crosby was a step above.
  • The Sabres might not be as bad as everyone thinks.
  • EC with a sick move on the breakaway.
  • Crosby got boarded. Sick.
  • Gonch was solid.
All-in-all it was a fun game to watch. But it is still preseason.
Drop the puck already.

Pens vs Sabres tonight.
But it is a Helen Keller game so don't worry about it.

Opening Day


Kings vs Ducks

Watch it live. [ NHL.Tv ]

The amount of NHL season previews hitting the internet is bound to make everyone's testicles fall off and ovaries explode.

Eric McErlain from [ OffWing ] takes care of the NHL stuff for Deadspin. [ Deadspin ]

Fanhouse and their dream team of humans did their predictions. [ FanHouse NHL ]

ESPN goes all flash on us with their crap. [ Espn ]

Barry Melrose:

Melrose jobs Fluery.
"He is not a top flight NHL goalie."

Not to be homers but come on.
That statement is why Melrose is an analyst and not a coach.
We could go on and on about how Fluery had 40 wins last season. But its not worth getting mad about a guy who doesn't do his homework.


[phi.<span class=
Steve Downie was given a 20-game suspension by the NHL.
If he even plays in the NHL this year. [ TSN ]

If he goes down to the Phantoms in the AHL, he may not even have to serve the suspension.
That would be a joke.

[<span class=
The Ducks have given the "C" to Chris Pronger. [ TSN ]
Nobody cares.

[<span class=
The NHL will be suing MSG $100,000 per day if they don't give the league complete control over the Rangers' website and other crap.
Does the NHL have the right to control all marketing, promotions, and website production of every NHL team? [ TSN ]

[chi.<span class=
Look out.
Brent Sopel has left the Wings and joined the Blackhawks. [ TSN again ]
This brings the Blackhawk's total of roster players that people know to around 5.


Did the Worldwide Leader of Homos censor John Buccigross? [ Fanhouse ]
This dominant column of his alluded strongly to the fact that the NHL on ESPN is close to being a reality.

"NHL players want it, the NHL wants it and ESPN wants it," Buccigross wrote, "NBC and Versus somewhat holds the cards however, so we will have to wait and see; but my guess is yes. ESPN will have a piece of the pie."

But not anymore.
Apparently, the ESPN big jimmies saw it, and that section has now been 1984'd from the column.




The Hebrew Hammer said...

Barry Melrose makes Don Cherry look knowledgeable

Anonymous said...

if anyone finds highlights of the game please post it

Ashley said...

hey anon, you can find a recap of the game at (
i'm not sure if you can get streaming from CBC, but they have some stuff on demand on

Anonymous said...

Melrose doesn't do his homework?

I bet he can spell "Fleury"

BluffTalk said...

  Malkin was unstoppable. Scary. He will score more goals than Sid this year and may contend for the Richard.

BluffTalk said...

  Malkin was scary this game. He will score more goals than any Penguin this year, including Sid, and will contend for the Richard.

Anonymous said...

Yay, we lose again

Jonny V said...


Matthew said...

Did anyone else go to the game last night? It wasn't as crowded as I had hoped. But I guess that's the pre-season. There were plenty of Buffalo fans (including a ridiculously hot asian girl). What gives? I drove from Cleveland to watch it. People need to get their priorities straight damnit!

Matt N said...

by the way, you got the NHL/MSG thing backwards. MSG is suing the NHL.

Matt N said...

okay wait. we both got it wrong. The NHL is fining them $100k per day, so in retaliation MSG is suing them.



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