Friday, September 21, 2007

Our Town

We wanted to tell everyone before the weekend gets here:

Emulating Post Game Heroes' balls-out approach to statistical breakdowns, this Sunday, we will be watching the Steeler game and calculating how much gameclock time is actually spent being athletic and playing a game, as opposed to the furious 60 minutes that is hockey.

Our guess is the total is gonna be somewhere in the 12-minute range.
It should be interesting.


Well, it was just a matter time.
But after what we went through, it doesn't hurt to mention it.
Pens sign the lease that will let them stay in town till 2040. [ Trib ]


The Pens had their Town Meeting Thursday night.

We listened via Pens TV.
Nothing really special.
But whenever Ray Shero speaks, we listen.


Speaking of Pens TV,
it will televise the Pens preseason game against the Red Boobs on Saturday.
[ ]

Pens classic game DVD is out November 6. [ Amazon ]



Big Georges is working hard [ PG ]

Defenseman Ryan Whitney and winger Georges Laraque were on the ice warming up well before anyone else, and Whitney challenged Laraque to a race from a goal line to the far blue line
Several of their teammates spilled from the locker room to watch, and Therrien came out to act as the starter.

Whitney won, but barely.
Laraque made it an even longer day by staying out at practice to offer Adam Hall some pointers on fighting.


The Blackhawks lose Toews.
They are the first team to be eliminated from the playoffs.

[ Barry Melrose Rocks ]

Toews out 2-3 weeks with strained vaginal muscle.

Defenseman Ryan Stokes got cut in the face during the same game. [ ]

The Sharks are sending three coaches and five players to China to play for the China Sharks, to promote interest in hockey over there. [ TSN ]

"China Sharks" brought back zero significant results in Google.

"We’re gonna win a lot of games. We’re gonna be a very difficult team to beat on a nightly basis and we’re gonna win the Stanley Cup as far as I’m concerned." -- Sean Avery [ NY Post ]

Damien Cox of the Toronto Star finds nothing pretty about the Winter Classic in Buffalo on New Year's Day. [ The Star ]
He makes some good points, and you think he has a legitimate opinion.
Until you see his picture.

If you can't smile for a picture that you know is gonna be on a website, you're a smug joke.

Unless you're in an emo band, whose whole premise relies on being sad and staring at things,
what prompts a person not to smile when they're getting a picture taken? Absurd.

-- Elsewhere up in Toronto, new goalie Vesa Toskala started his first game as a Leaf...and gave up a weak goal on the first shot he faced in a 3-2 loss to Phoenix. [ The Star ]

Leafs fans burn Toskala in effigy during the first intermission.



The new Easton Stealth S17 is on its way soon.
It is sick.
Someone got footage of the promotional shoot featuring Heatley and Gaborik using it.



Tournament of Logos spotted this. [ NHLToL ]
Anyone else see red bleeding down the jersey underneath the logo?

And here's the Stars new uniform with the most unnecessary caption ever.

They also released a sizing chart if you want to buy a jersey.
Measure around your chest in inches, probably.

How did anyone miss this picture:

No way this actually happened.


While we are talking about weird stuff,
Goride Howe is getting spied on. [ ]

The Howes claim Lionel and Karen Dorfman, a retired couple in their 70s, have engaged in unlawful eavesdropping and invasion of privacy for more than a year.

The Howes allege the Dorfmans have had a camera snapping photos of their house every five seconds - more than 17,000 photos a day.

Gordie Howe is in love with himself.


Lots of season previews coming, so get ready.
Hockey season starts in 8 days, if you can believe it.

Go Pens.



Robert Dome
God help us all.


Friday Night


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Speaking of NFL games that don't last too long, some guy called into Madden a few months back and said the SuperBowl XX with the Bears and Patriots had 8 minutes of football out of a 4 1/2 hour broadcast. The NFL is a disgrace.

Jeff said...

It's a marketing tool. We're lucky they haven't found a way to fuck up hockey too badly, but when they do I'll move down the sports list a few notches to curling or rugby.(In that order. Rugby is pretty much buttsex on a field, as far as I'm concerned.)

Randy said...

Random question here...

Since the game on saturday is set to be aired on penguins tv, is anyone else having trouble watching the videos online? I got it to work once but haven't been able to do it again...I've tried firefox and ie with no luck...any thoughts?

Barrasso35 said...

Jeff, rugby isn't buttsex on a field, it's pretty much everything American football should be but isn't. It's played in 40 minute halves and you play for the full 40 minutes... really the only time you're not in motion is right after someone scores and that doesn't last very long. The people I played rugby with were some of the toughest SOBs I've ever met.

As for the aptly named Damien Cox, I stopped paying attention to his valid arguments when his jealous ass referred to the Penguins as, "The Pittsburgh Crosbys." Fuck that shit.

And for seeing him smile, if you check out this picture you'll see that he looks even weirder and creepier when he does sort of smile.

But whatever. I can see why people in Toronto are hated by everyone else in Canada.


Hooks Orpik said...

``Pensblog: Thanks for the update/reminder about the Pens 10 Greatest Games DVD....$35 dollars is an absolute steal. It's scary for me to think what my price point for what I'd be willing to pay for that would be. $35 is well south of that.

``Robert Dome today sets the stage up perfectly for the pride of Plzen, Milan Kraft tomorrow. Brace yourself people, I see this one coming a mile away.

Anonymous said...

daniel briere is a fag.

Loser Chris said...

Robert Dome? Somewhere Randy Gilhen is weeping.

Hooks Orpik said...

From the very solid training camp recaps at

"Gary Roberts got the biggest applause for the goal he scored in this drill, though the other team wasn't convinced it should have counted. Once he got to the blueline Roberts cut to the middle. He flipped the puck into the air and began to spin one way, the gloved it out of the air and spun back the other way, losing the defender, and then scored. He probably would have been called for closing his hand on the puck in a real game, but it was still fun to watch"

Point: The refs probably would have waived the goal off
Counter-point: They wouldn't have lived to tell.

Stoosh said...

Not that anyone needs to see this (or perhaps you do), but I made it on to the Empty Netters' video blog of the town hall meeting last night.

I went to the event with Spoon (a friend from high school who posts somewhat regularly on LGP), and they interviewed us after the event as we walked out of PenStation.

It's about a six-minute video that gives you a really good idea of the way the evening went. Some entertaining stuff on there.

Here's the link to the video.

Spoon and I are on at about the 5:35 mark, right after the girl with the, um...low-cut top (that's a tough act to follow). I'm on the right playing Silent Bob to Spoon's Jay.

And dammit, I had no idea my head was that big. I was standing a bit in front of Spoon, but good God, even still. It's like an orange on a toothpick. It's like Sputnik. It's a virtual planetoid...has it's own weather system.

After that, I went home and cried myself to sleep...on my huge pillow.

bleepbloop said...

The girl before Stoosh has an open invitation to sit with me in E18 anytime she wants.


Barrasso35 said...

stoosh, I should hang out with your friend Spoon. Fat, bald Pens fans unite!

Stoosh said...


As Jeff Goldblum would say,

"Yes, yes."

Stoosh said...


I've still got most of my hair, but it's finally starting to go. I'm 32 and given the genetics in my family, I'm surprised it's lasted this long. Most of my cousins on my mom's side of the family started losing their hair in their early-mid 20's.

The new jerseys MIGHT look ridiculous on me if I don't drop some pounds. I was looking at them yesterday and they look like they'd be a little tighter through the torso, but not much. There had to have been about 200 people crammed into PenStation yesterday at any given time, so I didn't get to try one on, and I'm definitely going to try one on before I buy one. I'll wait until I'm down there for a game to check them out.

Jeff said...

Barasso, it's buttsex on a field because you have to jam your face in someone's ass to be good at it.


Jeffry said...

cox is a dick.

Anonymous said...

I expected a "How many people will Dany Heatley kill with that stick?" comment after the video.


Barrasso35 said...

I feel you, stoosh. I'm worried that the new XXLs are going to look like Ls on me. I'll have to try on the Fluery jersey before I buy it.

They don't still have the old new jersey in Pen Station, do they?

Stoosh said...


There were so many people in there, I didn't get a really good chance to look, but I think I saw some of the old style jerseys still marked down. It was really "violating fire codes" crowded.

They had Crosby All-Star jerseys for $40...the only problem is most of the jerseys were mediums and smalls. Plus, those had those cheap-ass heat-sealed numbers and patches and stuff...those things would probably peel off the fifth time you ran it through the laundry.

The new jerseys do look nice, though. The numbers on the darks look really crisp and the white jerseys look a lot nicer in person than they do in any of the photos. I'm still partial to the dark jerseys, but the whites are nice, too. The only thing is that the jerseys fabric kind of has a replica feel to them. I know these are made from a different material, but they seemed a bit thin to be game weight jerseys. They may have been replicas but they were tagged at like $180 a piece, so I hope that wasn't the case.

Stoosh said...

Watching the Windsor Spitfires take on my Erie Otters tonight on OHL Livestream, and I just realized Windsor's head coach is none other than Bob Boughner.

Always liked Boogs when he played for the Pens.

Adrienne said...

this Sunday, we will be watching the Steeler game and calculating how much gameclock time is actually spent being athletic and playing a game, as opposed to the furious 60 minutes that is hockey.

I love you guys. <3


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