Monday, September 17, 2007

Behind The Photos: Ron Newcomer

So, it was a jobber Saturday night in early September.
We were looking for a picture of Jiri Hrdina.
Little did we know that our search would guide us to Ron Newcomer and his website.

[Celebrity Photos ]

The basic backstory on Ron Newcomer:
If you were a big deal between 1985-1996,
there is a 75% chance that you got your picture taken with Ron Newcomer.


Ron Newcomer Q&A

TPB: When/Why did you start taking these pictures with celebrities / sports stars?

RN:My hobby was attending country music concerts,sporting events, mostly & taking a few photos at an event I attended. As I attended the events, the best part would be meeting the people before or after the concert or game. Then my friends with me would take aphoto of me with them & I did the same for my friends. So whoever was with me would also meet & getautographs & a picture with the people as well.My first meeting was in 1973 at the Syria Mosque. An unknown up & coming country singer named Barbara Mandrell.I attended baseball games at Forbes Field before 1970, then many at Three Rivers Stadium including the firstvictory in the new stadium (the second game played there), plus many other memorable games. I became interested in hockey & the penguins in 1980 after watching the USA Olympic Hockey team win the gold medal. I've met many members of that team plusthe goalie for the Russian team. My first hockey game was in 1981. I attended many games for the next 15+years including the All Star Game & 1991 memorable Stanley Cup Championship games. Also attended a few games while vacationing in LA between 1986-1996. So I met Mario and others since they were rookies.

: Everyone wants to know -- How have you managed to get so many pictures

: I've been very lucky. I realize that today more than when I did this. The people (country music singers & sports players) back then especially (between 1973-2000) were always very nice. Including visiting team players. There were not that many of us fans who wanted autographs back then, & the players knew if we were there we were real fans & always polite.

: We see the pictures are in third-person. Who takes the pictures for you?

:Either my girlfriends or other friends attending the events with me. We always photographed each other with the famous people. So that means the celebrities wereso nice to stop for a couple minutes to talk, sign autographs, & pose for pictures with us.Later I would either see the person to get that picture signed, or my friends would get them to sign it for me, or I would mail the photos to get signed.
:What does your wife/girlfriend think of all this?

:I'm not married. My girlfriends over the years including today would go to many of these events & met the people also. I probably photographed my friends more with the players than I myself got. The players naturally will be nicer to the ladies.

:What sports star/celeb photo is your favorite? Who is your least favorite?

:I have met so many favorite sports stars & celebrities when I mention a few here there are many more I forget to mention that are & were just as nice. The Penguins from the 1980s & 1990s & their families were always great. Same with the country singers & TV stars. I dokeep in touch with some of the singers & TV stars today. Some I've been reunited with through MySpace.

: What was the last Pens game you attended? Get any pictures?

: The most recent game was about 5 years ago. I did not wait for autographs or pictures. I did attend in Wheeling a reunion game a couple years ago & met & photographed.

: Any chance of you coming out of retirement for one last magical tour?

: I still attend some concerts & events every year, including the CMA Music Fest in Nashville. I would like to attend the Penguin games again sometime. I've never been to either new stadium. I haven't been to LA in over 10 years. My friends keep begging me to come back there again someday so hopefully that willhappen. I do have a MySpace about my photography. That gives
more of a detail description about my photography. I look at the internet & all as a way to share my photos I've taken over the past 35 years. Photos are meant to be seen not stored away forever.If you have any other questions please ask.

P.S. My schedule of events on MySpace includes some friends shows that I may or may not attend.
I like to mention there shows either way.
Anyone who contacts me on MySpace please email me about yourself.
I like to know the people I keep in contact with.

: No Ron. Thank you.

So, the last task at hand is releasing the first ever Ron Newcomer Photoshop Expo.
As always, thanks to everyone for contributing.
( If you sent one and it's not here, e-mail us and it will be put into the Expo and into the Monday night's post. )

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Go Pens


karri said...


The interview was un-freakin-believable...the photoshops...extraordinary.

Great job guys!

Jeffry said...

Fernando Pisani proposes to Gary Roberts

K2 said...

The slapshot Just wow.

Hooks Orpik said...

Why did Ron's dominance come to seemingly a sudden stop in 1996? Seems like a good question for the Jobbers series (that still exists, right?)...My bet is a combination of Tom Fitzgerald, rats and a conspiracy in the country/western world.

Those photoshops floored me. My top 3: Cool As Ice, Slapshot and the Founding Fathers one. Wow.

Anonymous said...

ice bowl being announced today at 2... also awesome photoshop


Matt said...

jeffry... apparently women do not attend NHL 08 hockey games

John Henry said...

Great interview and photoshops! Top 3: 3. Slapshot, 2. One Night in Paris, 1. Simpsons (superb!)

pat said...

My vote for the best photoshop is hands down the Sean Avery one.

EmDubs said...

I should've known that if anyone could find Osama bin Laden that it would be Ron Newcomer.

wilsmith said...

there may be ones that are better ideas, but the jesus one and the avery one are the best quality ones.

props to everyone though.

Anonymous said...

does anyone have an idea on what the defensive pairings might be tonight?

i know its the first pre-season game, but what line up's would you like to see?


snoopyjode said...

OMG - i just got an email from the nhl: tickets for ice bowl (they're calling it "winter classic 2008") go on sale tuesday at 10:00am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! put this in your bookmarks, kids!!!

Tiffany said...

Extraordinary is definitely one the best words to describe "Behind The Photos: Ron Newcomer". All the pictures were great, but "Where's Ron?" cracked me up. ;-D

And oh's official now...
PENS TO PLAY SABRES OUTDOORS ON NEW YEAR'S DAY!!! (You beat me to it, Snoop.) ;-P

Here's the price map (thanks to crosbypensfan87 on the official Pittsburgh Penguins message board). Prices range from $10 (with an obstructed view) to $225 (for indoor suite seats).

Adrienne said...

What an amazing interview, and chops.. And the Bin Laden chop, wow.

Amazing as always.

As for tonight, LETS GO PENS

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Jay, the d-pairings heading into the season will be:


Don K. Show said...

This is about the 4th time I checked the page today, and it's only the first time I noticed Gary Roberts in the Slap Shot pic. Whoever did that, that's quality work.

I had one with Ron with The Juice that I eventually dumped since I didn't like the quality of it. Now with the recent news of OJ the Steeler....err, Stealer, I should have kept it. Maybe I'll make another crack at it if I get home early enough.

Antonette said...

It's finally hockey seasons, guys! I wish it was on the radio online, but text alerts will get the job done for two weeks.


Anonymous said...

i was thinking that too hebrew hammer.

i figured scruds and melichar would not be in the top 6.



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