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For the sake of humanity, we're only listing fan-favorites and guys who actually played games during the playoffs.
We are excluding the Gord Dineens and Ken Priestlays.
We are mentioning Wendell Young because he is Wendell Young.



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#1 Wendell Young (G)
Career NHL Stats: 59-86-12 --- 3.94 GAA --- .876 SV. %

With Penguins:
He was the lovable backup who stole the show with his brown goalie equipment.
He made way for stud Tom Barrasso, but Wendell is still in the hearts of Pens fans.

Since Then:
Claimed by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 1992 Expansion Draft.
Jobbed around till 1995, came back to the Pens for 10 games, then went to play for the Chicago Wolves in the IHL till he retired.
He is still the only hockey player in the history of the world to win the championship in four major levels of hockey.

2007 -- The assistant coach and executive director of the Chicago Wolves.

#2 Jim Paek (D)
Career NHL Stats: 217 Games; 5 G, 29 A, 34 P

With Penguins:
He is remembered as being Korean and scoring the all-important 7th goal in Game 6 of the 1991 Stanley Cup Finals.
He had skills to pay the bills.

Since Then:
In February of 1994, the Pens sent Marty McSorley and Jim Paek to Los Angeles for Tomas Sandstrom and Shawn McEachern.
He signed with the Senators the following offseason, played 29 games, and spent the rest of his career in the minor leagues.

2007 -- Assistant coach for the Grand Rapids Griffins of the AHL.

#3 Grant Jennings (D)
Career NHL Stats: 389 Games; 14 G, 43 A, 57 P

With Penguins:
He is known to Pittsburgh fans as the third dude in the Ron Francis-Ulf Samuelsson Hartford trade. He can be seen in the replays of Kevin Stevens breaking his face in 1993, and many children used his card to simulate the sound of an engine in the spokes of their bicycle tires.
He scored a goal against the Bruins in the 1991 playoffs.

Since Then:
In 1995, the Pens traded Jennings to Toronto for Drake Berehowsky.
The following offseason, Buffalo signed Jennings in free agency.
He played 6 games with Buffalo, and that was it.

2007 -- Google-Proof.

#5 Ulf Samuelsson (D)
Career NHL Stats: 1,080 Games; 57 G, 275 A, 332 P

With Penguins:
Remembered as the dude who owned Cam Neely and eventually rendered Neely's career and life as a joke, Ulfie came to the Pens with Francis in the trade of the century.
Move away from the labels of a dirty player, and Ulf was the defenseman that you wanted on your hockey team in the playoffs.
Oddly enough, if you want to talk about high-profile goals, look no further than Ulf -- He scored the game-winning goal in Game 6 in 1991, and gave the Pens a 1-0 lead in Game 7 of the 1993 Islanders series.

Since Then:
He actually hung around with the Pens until the strike-shortened season of 1994-95, which he spent playing overseas.
When he came back, the Pens gave him the stunner, trading him and Luc Robitaille to the Rangers for Petr Nedved and Sergei Zubov.
He jobbed around with the Rangers, Red Wings, and Flyers before retiring.
While with the Rangers, he ran some dude into the boards, broke the glass, and the glass knocked out Janet Gretzky.

2007 -- Assistant coach for the Phoenix Coyotes.

#7 Joe Mullen (F)
Career NHL Stats: 1,062 Games; 502 G, 561 A, 1063 P

With Penguins:
Came here in a trade that sent a 2nd-round draft pick to Calgary.
He was the man while he was in Pittsburgh -- a fan favorite who worked like balls on every shift.
Had 17 points in 22 games during the first Cup run.

Since Then:
Was signed as a free agent by Boston in 1995.
Came back to play his final year with the Penguins.
His mistake: Played his last NHL game the same night that Mario Lemieux apparently did.

2007 -- Assistant coach for the Philadelphia Flyers.

#8 Mark Recchi (F)
Career NHL Stats: 1266 Games; 508 G, 825 A, 1333 P

With Penguins:
Drafted in 1988, he jobbed in the minors for a few years before becoming the star of the show in 1991, leading the Pens with 113 points.
His 34 points in 24 playoff games would have made him a Conn Smythe favorite if Mario Lemieux wasn't on the team.
Pens fans were heartbroken when the fan-favorite he was dealt to Philadelphia during the 91-92 season.

Since Then:
He dominated with the Flyers, Canadiens, and Flyers again for the rest of the '90s and into the oughts.
He ended up winning another Cup with the Hurricanes as a rent-a-player in 2006.
He is easily a Hall of Famer.

2007 -- He is playing out the last legs of his career at a surprisingly high level with the Pens.

#10 Ron Francis (F)
Career NHL Stats: 1,731 Games; 549 G, 1249 A, 1798 P

With Penguins:
His arrival in a trade during the trading deadline sparked the Pens to their first Cup in 1991.
In 1992, he and Jagr took control while Lemieux was sidelined during the playoffs.
He played his best years in the mid '90s, often on a line with Lemieux and Jagr.

Since Then:
Pens fans weeped as Francis left for Carolina in free agency in the 1998 offseason.
Carolina became Pittsburgh's team during their Cup run in 2002, as every Pens fan wanted Francis to get another ring.
Carolina traded Francis to Toronto at the trading deadline in 2004 for a draft pick.

2007 -- He has been inducted into the Hall of Fame, andis currently working in the Hurricanes front office.

#12 Bob Errey (F)
Career NHL Stats: 895 Games; 170 G, 212 A, 382 P

With Penguins:
Most people don't realize his longevity as a Pen.
He was drafted way back in 1983, but didn't see consistent time in the NHL until the arrival of Lemieux.
In the late 80s and early 90s, he could depended on for scoring at least 20 goals a season.
He showed up every night during the playoffs, scoring some memorable goals.
He wore the "A" during his last few years as a Pen, thus being at the table with Lemieux and Paul Coffey as the Pens raised their first Cup.

And there he is, just off-camera.

Since Then:
At the 1993 deadline, the Pens traded Errey to Buffalo for Mike Ramsey.
He later went on to wear the "C" in San Jose, while that team upset the heavily favored Red Wings in the first round of the 1994 playoffs.
He was later sent to those Red Wings, back to San Jose, then finished up in Dallas.
In the 2001 offseason, Errey announced that he would attempt a comeback, being inspired by Mario Lemieux. However, his comeback was abandoned a few days into camp.

2007 -- Sits alongside Paul Steigerwald in the booth as an analyst.

#15 Randy Gilhen (F)
Career Stats: 457 Games; 55 G, 60 A, 115 P

With Penguins:
Became a Penguin in a trade that brought him, Andrew McBain, and Jim Kyte to Pittsburgh for Randy Cunneyworth, Dace McLlwain, and Rick Tabaracci.
He was the Double-J during his NHL career (Jobber-Journeyman).
He scored a huge goal in the '91 playoffs against the Capitals, tying a game at 6 late in the third.

Since Then:
People forgot that he even existed when he left the Penguins.
Strangely enough, he played another 6 seasons in the NHL, with Los Angeles, Rangers, Florida, Winnipeg, and Tampa Bay.

2007 -- Nobody knows what's going on. Probably lives on a farm somewhere.

#15 Shawn McEachern (F)
Career Stats: 911 Games; 256 G, 323 A, 579 P

With Penguins:
Was drafted in 1987.
Burst onto the scene in 1992 playoffs.

Since Then:
Was traded to Los Angeles in 1993 for Marty McSorley.
Then halfway through the season, came back to Pittsburgh with Tomas Sandstrom, while McSorley went back to Los Angeles along with Jim Paek.
During the 1995 offseason, McEachern was traded to Boston along with Kevin Stevens for Glenn Murray and Bryan Smolinski.
He ended up having a pretty good career with Ottawa, and finished up in Atlanta.

2007 -- An assistant coach for the Northeastern University hockey team.

#19 Bryan Trottier (F)
Career Stats: 1279 Games; 524 G, 901 A, 1425 P

With Penguins:
Signed as a free agent during the 1990 offseason.
Long removed from his insane years with the Islanders, he became the dependable, wily veteran, who routinely wore the "C" while Lemieux's body was mud.

Since Then:
He did not play in 1992-93, played 41 games in '93-94, and that was it.

2007 -- He is working with the New York Islanders in some capacity.

#22 Paul Stanton (D)
Career Stats: 295 Games; 14 G, 49 A, 63 P

With Penguins:
He was drafted back in 1985 as a high-school senior, but elected to play college hockey at Wisconsin for a few years.
He came up in 1991, winning two rings in his first two years.

Since Then:
Was traded in the 1993 offseason to Boston for a draft pick.
He ended his NHL career with the Islanders, then headed overseas to enjoy a successful hockey career in Germany with the Manheim Eagles into the mid-oughts.

2007 -- Assistant coach for the Florida Gulf Coast University hockey team.

#92 Rick Tocchet (F)
Career Stats: 1144 Games; 440 G, 512 A, 952 P

With Penguins:
Came to Pittsburgh at the 1992 trade deadline and was the shot of adrenaline the Pens needed.
A survivor from the back alleys of the NHL, Tocchet always showed up in the postseason.
Playing only 14 games in the 92 playoffs, Tocchet racked up 19 points.
In '92-93, he enjoyed his best season of his career playing alongside Mario.
He also deflected in the tying goal in Game 7 against the Islanders that playoff year.

Since Then:
During the 1994 offseason, Tocchet was traded to the Kings for Luc Robitaille.
He was mud for the rest of his career, although he had consecutive 25-goal season for Phoenix in the late '90s.

2007 -- Under suspension from his coaching position with the Coyotes for his admitted involvement in a gambling ring.

#23 Kjell Samuelsson (D)
Career Stats: 813 Games; 48 G, 138 A, 186 P

With Penguins:
Came with Tocchet from Philadelphia at the trading deadline.
He was a tank on the blue line.
He didn't play the pass on the David Volek 2-on-1 in Game 7.

Since Then:
Was signed by the Flyers as a free agent in the 1995 offseason.
Finished his career in 1999 with Tampa Bay.

2007 -- Assistant coach of the Philadelphia Phantoms of the AHL.

#24 Troy Loney (F)
Career NHL Stats: 624 Games; 87 G, 110 A, 197 P

With Penguins:
Jumped back and forth between the minors and the Pens during the mid-80s.
He established himself as a third-line workhorse just in time to be a part of the Pens Stanley Cup years.
He scored some big goals in the playoffs during those years, too; the biggest being the game-winner in Game 5 against the North Stars when he jobbed a goal by crashing the net.

Since Then:
Anaheim swooped him up after the 1993 season, and he became that franchise's first team captain.
He played with the Rangers and Islanders the following season before calling it quits.

2007 -- We can vaguely recall that Troy Loney runs his own business; something about youth hockey.

#25 Kevin Stevens (F)
Career NHL Stats: 874 Games; 329 G, 397 A, 726 P

With Penguins:
In 1983, was traded to Pittsburgh for Anders Hakansson.
He became a Pens mainstay in 1988-89 and never looked back.
He was the best winger in the NHL for the 1992 and 1993 seasons.
He broke his face in the 1993 Game 7 and was never the same.
He bumped in 40 goals the next season, but no one even remembers that happening.

Since Then:
Was involved in a trade with Boston in 1995 that brought Bryan Smolinski and Glenn Murray to Pittsburgh.
He also played with the Kings, Rangers, and Flyers to round out his career.
He had some messy off-ice stuff to deal with.
Inspired by Mario's return, Kevin Stevens was rejuvenated and sent to Pittsburgh (for John Slaney) to be a part of the Pens' playoff run in 2001.

2007 -- Involved with the scouting department of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

#28 Gordie Roberts (D)
Career NHL Stats: 1097 Games; 61 G, 359 A, 420 P

With Penguins:
Unbeknownst to many, Roberts was actually a 10-year veteran of the NHL when he came to Pittsburgh from St. Louis for future considerations.
He scored a huge goal in Game 6 against Boston in 1991, and later sprang Mark Recchi on the eventually game-winning goal in the same game.

Since Then:
Joined Boston as a free agent in the 1992 offseason.
Played two season, and that was it.

2007 -- Was most recently a pro scout for the Montreal Canadiens.

#29 Phil Bourque (F)
Career NHL Stats: 477 Games; 88 G, 111 A, 199 P

With Penguins:
Wasn't drafted. Signed as a free agent by the Pens in 1982.
Jobbed back and forth between the NHL and the minors until the late '80s.
He was a constant threat to score 20 goals during the circa-Cup years.
He scored some huge tying goals and game-winning goals in the playoffs.

Since Then:
In the 1992 offseason, he went to the Rangers via free agency.
He played with the Senators later in his career, then played in Germany for a while.
That was it.

2007 -- Works alongside living legend Mike Lange in the Pens radio-broadcast booth.

#31 Ken Wregget (G)
Career NHL Stats: 225 - 248 - 53; GAA: 3.63, SV%: .885

With Penguins:
Came to Pittsburgh with Tocchet and Kjell Samuelsson at the 1992 trading deadline.
He played second fiddle to Tom Barrasso for most of his time here.
He was given the reigns during the strike season of '94-95, and didn't disappoint -- going 25-9-2.
He is most remembered for being in goal during Joe Juneau's penalty shot in the 4-OT thriller in the 1996 playoffs and for his goalie mask depicting the Penguin from "Batman."

Since Then:
Signed as a free agent by Calgary in 1998. Then with Detroit in 1999. And that was it.

2007 -- Was reportedly seen smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer in the Pittsburgh suburb of Cranberry.

#32 Peter Taglianetti (D)
Career NHL Stats: 451 Games; 18 G, 74 A, 92 P

With Penguins:
In December of 1990, Peter Taglianetti and Larry Murphy came to Pittsburgh from Minnesota for Chris Dahlquist and Jim Johnson.
All Taglianetti did while he was a Penguin was silently dominate and grow a sweet playoff beard.

Since Then:
During the 1992 offseason, Tampa Bay selected him in the expansion draft.
He found his way back to Pittsburgh that season to help them in the 1993 playoffs.
That was basically it.

2007 -- Dominating life.

#35 Tom Barrasso (G)
Career NHL Stats: 369 - 277 - 86; 3.24 GAA, SV% - .892

With Penguins:
In November 1988, came to Pittsburgh from Buffalo for Doug Bodger and Darrin Shannon.
He backstopped the Pens to their two Stanley Cups, becoming a potential Hall of Famer in the process.
He was an enigma during his time in Pittsburgh, due to distancing himself from the local media.
He also became a goat for some of the Pens' biggest playoff disappointments.

Since Then:
He was traded to Ottawa for Ron Tugnutt and Janne Laukkanen at the 2000 trading deadline.
He rounded out his career with Ottawa, Toronto, Carolina, and St. Louis.
Upon retiring from hockey in 2003, he signed a one-day contract with Pittsburgh to retire as a Penguin.

2007 -- Goaltender-development coach with the Carolina Hurricanes.

#38 Jiri Hrdina (F)
Career NHL Stats: 250 Games; 45 G, 85 A, 130 P

With Penguins:
Came to the Pens in a trade from Calgary for Jim Kyte.
He was brought in basically because he was from the Czech Republic, where 18-year-old Jaromir Jagr was from.
Hrdina scored two goals in game 7 against the Devils in 1991.

Since Then:
He retired following the 1992 Cup season.

2007 -- Whatev.

#40 Frank Pietrangelo (G)
Career NHL Stats: 46 - 59 - 6; 4.12 GAA, SV%: .873

With Penguins:
Was selected by the Pens in the 1983 draft.
He jobbed around in the minors before becoming a normal sight on the Pens in the late '80s.
He is remembered for one thing and one thing only. The Save.

Since Then:
He was traded to Hartford at the 1992 deadline for future considerations.
He hung out for a year, then played another 8 years overseas.

2007 -- Eating spaghetti.

#55 Larry Murphy (D)
Career NHL Stats: 1615 Games; 287 G, 929 A, 1216 P

With Penguins:
Came to Pittsburgh in late 1990 from Minnesota along with Peter Taglianetti.
Was the #1 defenseman during his entire tenure in a Penguin uniform.
Enjoyed his best statistical season in 1993.

Since Then:
In the 1995 offseason, the Pens sent Murphy to Toronto for Dmitri Mironov.
After two years there, he went to Detroit, where he won another two Stanley Cups before retiring at the end of the 2001 playoffs.

2007 -- Owns a horse-training facility in Michigan.

#66 Mario Lemieux (God)
Career Stats: Beast.

With Penguins:

Since Then:

2007 -- Rumored to be in the best shape of his life.

#68 Jaromir Jagr (F)
Career Stats: 1191 Games; 621 G, 907 A, 1528 P

With Penguins:
Drafted in 1990, he immediately became a fixture on the Pens.
His coming-out party was the 1992 playoffs, where he carried the Mario-less Pens past the Rangers in the second round.
He enjoyed his best years as a Penguin during the mid-90s, playing alongside Mario.
He made the transition to Mario-less Pittsburgh hockey seamless for Pens fans.

Since Then:
He was traded for monetary reasons to Washington in the 2001 offseason for prospects that were all mud.

2007 -- After a few years in Washington, he was dealt to the Rangers, where he has a legitimate chance for another Cup. Will most likely finish his career by eclipsing all of Lemieux's career stats, thus making Jagr a homo.

#77 Paul Coffey (D)
Career NHL Stats: 1409 Games; 396 G, 1135 A, 1531 P

With Penguins:
Was traded from Edmonton in 1987 with Dave Hunter and Wayne Van Dorp for Craig Simpson, Moe Mantha, Dave Hannon, and Chris Joseph.
He continued his all-star ways after coming over from Edmonton, living a defenseman's dream from hitting Wayne Gretzky with breakout hitting Mario Lemieux with breakout passes.
He was oft-injured during the Pens first Cup run in the playoffs, but was still a vital part of each series.

Since Then:
Was traded at the 1992 deadline back to Wayne Gretzky (then in Los Angeles).
He bounced around the league, playing with 6 other teams, before retiring in 2000.

2007 -- Most recently, he's been trying his hand at owning car dealerships in Ontario, Canada.




karri said...

Commenterblog is awesome...

Sweet post as to "Where They Are Now"...

Especially like:
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5. Frank Pietrangelo

But lastly...
6. Mario Lemieux

What a season this will be!

Joshua said...

You guys obviously put a lot of hard work and time into this. Thanks and well done! It's interesting to see what guys do after hockey.

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This was truly awesome to read, and it def. has the pensblog touch, thanks for all the hard work guys. Frankie P, eating spaghetti, probably the best line out of all the gems u dropped.

And on a semi-unrelated note, the great Ian Moran is now with the Devils, so we'll be seeing a bit much more of him this season.

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Yup, that's my actual license plate since about 2000. Actually, that's my old one. The new one still says PGHPENS but it's brown and has a picture of a Buffalo on it.
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Peter Taglianetti probably works at Foodland or something? That's some classic humor right there.

Don K. Show said...

The Murph was a studio host on HDNet last year, but I have no idea if he's gonna continue that for this year.

It also appears that he also did some work for FOX Detroit when pensblog-nominated douchebag Pat Verbeek quit his position as color commentator in 2005-06.

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theNick said...

look how fucking illegal that hit Kevin Stevens is laying on that dude. Its fucking awesome. He is a good foot off the ice.

Anonymous said...

what is the picture of wendell young from?

Spencemo said...

That is as solid as a post gets. Takes me back to 1992...

OK, it wasn't all good...I was still working at Mickey D's, but, other than that, it was good times...

Staff said...

we're guessing the pens played some Russian team in the preseason back in the 80s.
That is such a nice pic.


Spencemo said...

If that is a true statement from Melvin, then he needs a quality counselor, not Pensblog.

Korn said...


was that Wendell Young pic from the Howard Baldwin era of owning the "Russian Penguins" aka the Red Army Team? I think they played them a few times to boost merchandise sales.

Overall, solid post. Really enjoyed it.

BTW, Taglianetti also coaches junior high hockey and occasionally owns the room at Jay's Sportsbar at Southpointe.

Kovy27 said...

This is an great post guys. Thanks.

Congrats on the new server as well.

Hooks Orpik said...

Wow what a post. Maybe someday like 15 years from now future Pensblog will be updating us on where Jarrko Ruutu and Max Talbot are. But that's a little too meta for now.

Also, I like to picture my Tom Barrasso still spanning the continent talking shit about JS Aubin every he goes.

Lloyd said...

I think you guys missed the obvious joke for Mario:

2007 - In the best shape of his life.

snoopyjode said...

great post, staff. the quality reflects your hard work. (listing all of mario's data as "beast" is genius.) :)

it must have been one helluva weekend for the commentorbloggers. jeff filled me in about what went down - all i'll say about it is that it sucks that the original freeform style of commentorblog is now gone, but i will be SOOOOOO glad to see the return of an antagonist-free commentorblog. actually, i am sure most of us are looking forward to that.

Matt said...

Taglianetti is actually the head coach for W&J's club hockey team

wilsmith said...

wtf, I leave for the weekend and I come back and thigns are moderated!

whatev, it's probably for the best.

someone recap what I missed.
could I get a pensblog style recap of what's happened in commentorblog? Complete with pictures and photoshops.

solid work.

Greg said...

Tags also owns a gym in Peters called Tag Team

J. Peezy said...

The Wendell Young pic is probably from one of the two games the Pens played Moscow Dynamo or the Moscow Central Red Army in the Super Serieses of the late '80s and early '90s.

Stoosh said...


Every seen Denis Leary's "No Cure For Cancer"? KM doesn't need a counselor...he needs Denis Leary.

Remember the bit where Leary was making fun of people who loved to complain about their lives...

"Hey, join the f'ing club! I used to think I was going to be the centerfielder for the Boston Red Sox. Life sucks. Get a f'ing helmet!"

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Spencemo said...

I had it on tape (audio, mind you), and had most of it committed to memory...
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Crying & mowing the lawn...that's therapy...

snoopyjode said...

denis leary is my HERO. rescue me is the best show on tv right now, and who wouldn't love a guy that says this:

"...Because eggplant tastes like eggplant but meat tastes like murder, and murder tastes pretty GOD DAMNED GOOD!!!"

Hutch said...

I have some recent news on Kenny Wregget. This guy I work with went to see his nephew play for the amatuer Pens two Sundays ago. When he got to the rink in Cranberry he saw his brother and this other guy standing behind a car with the trunk open. Ends up it was his brother and Kenny. He said it was around 8:45 in the morning and Kenny was drinking a couple of beers and smoking a cig before the game. He said that Kenny looked, "in great shape, and I know I wouldn't be messing with him." Beer, cigs, and some amatuer pens hockey on a Sunday morning. Kenny Wregget is GOLD!

Spencemo said...

Bring me a live cow...I'll carve off what I want, and RIDE THE REST HOME!!!

Stoosh said...


No Cure for Cancer is now out on DVD...or at least it was about a year ago because that's when I picked it up. My absolute favorite is the bit about the guy slamming shots of schnapps...

"Two hours later you're driving home with the Tasmanian Devil in the back seat of the car. 'We gotta get him home!' He wakes up the next morning and his liver is sitting next him having a cup of coffee, going, 'You're an asshole. You know that?'"

Chris said...

wat about the Muskegan line.

PittPensFan said...

I find it amazing that Barrasso has completely fallen off the face of the earth. The guy's a borderline HOFer, and not a soul has a clue where he is or what he's doing. I think he's living in an underground bunker somewhere in rural Massachusetts so bozos like John Fedko can't find him. Hey, to each his own.

AJ said...

Just a little piece of trivia...

do a Google search for the 1996 Chicago Wolves roster. You might be surprised to see a few familiar names on that roster.

Not only was Wendell Young a part of that team, but so were Phil Bourque, Kip Miller, Troy Murray, and Mr. Robbie Brown.

Talk about an all-star lineup.

lacey said...

my friend was just in Prague visiting family
and she saw Jiri Hrdina in a bar/pub type thing
he was very excited and happy to hear that she was from pittsburgh.
So i guess he's doing ok :)

Russell Lucas said...

Really great post. Thanks for all the legwork.

Couple of things--

Taglianetti was selling furniture or something like that to offices a few years ago. I was working for a firm downtown and he made a sales call.

The awesome Wregget DeVito Penguin mask from the '96 playoff run is in the Hockey Hall of Fame in a glass-sided pillar near the entrance, or at least it was when I was there two years ago. That's still my all-time favorite goalie mask.

In the '91 Cup run, Randy Gilhen took a ton of defensive zone face-offs, and won a ridiculous amount of them. I recall him being their go-to guy that year, even though they had Ronnie Franchise.

Jim Paek's sister started at Pitt Law the same year I did, and she came to Pitt because he was here. Of course, less than six months later he's sent to the Kings.

Does anybody else have one of those REACH YOUR GOALS WITHOUT DRUGS Kevin Stevens posters that they gave out at the Arena in '91-'92?

Matt said...

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