Monday, August 6, 2007

Longest Month of our Lives

First things first.
Ben Roethlisberger leads the Steelers to a touchdown on his only drive.

Although he needs to lose the whole cheerleader act on the sidelines.

The real story is how great of a human Mike Tomlin is.
Pregame interview:
"Coach, do you feel pressure, coming in after legendary Bill Cowher?"

"Pressure is feeding your family."

What a quote.
Hopefully he won't lose eight AFC championship games at home.

We were going to recap the game, but we didn't want to step on the toes of our good friends at Steelersblog.
Their recap will be up soon.
So check it out.

Joe Dziedzic update.

Rumor has it he may have been on Fox News or CNN again this morning.

In case you missed it last night:

Dziedzic, the former all-time jobber for the pens, captured the tragic Minnesota bridge collapse on video.
Is it to much to ask for Shelly Anderson to do a story about this?
Someone needs to look into that.

In the meantime...
Joe Dziedzic stats.

What a lackluster career.

As always, we must continue to say how tremendous NHL Logos is:
His latest find:

Those are both proposed logos and jerseys submitted by fans/allegedly leaked.

The Maple Leafs jersey looks perfect. A nice modern update.

It's questionable whether or not the Islanders would abolish their legendary logo for these.
But don't forget they tried it once in the 90s with this guy:

You talk fishsticks, you talk Gorton's.


We're dominating the entire Internet, looking for NHL news.
And it just isn't there.

So it's Pictureblog


We are looking to extend our NHL blog network for the season.
Drop us a line(k) if we haven't linked you.
Or conversely, if anyone out there would like to share some good NHL blogs, let us know.


Winter in the Sun
Game #66
March 6, 2007
Don't Give Up. PENS WIN.

5 - 4

And early on, the Pens came out flying.

They were rewarded with a Colby Armstrong goal that gave the Pens a hollow lead.
Coming out in Canada and silencing the Senators fans? That's clutch.

Almost as clutch as Kurt Russell landing that plane at the end of "Executive Decision."

So we're feeling good.
Everything going nice.
Ottawa doesn't even manage a shot on goal for the first eight minutes.

Then, everything collapses faster than Nelly's music career:

BGL gets called for being black.
Sens score.
The defense falls asleep.
Sens score.
MAF falls asleep.
Sens score.


Pens Fans = Stunned.


Scott said...

on the pg it says the pens r lookin at vegas




Anonymous said...

Jobbers is missed.
Get back to the regular episodes.

Jonny V said...

I caught that quote too, i think he actually said "Pressure is a man trying to feed his family." I guess him saying things like that is what doomed Whiz and Grimmy (that sounds like a comic strip duo) to 'Zona. And how priceless that Deion seemed flustered at his answer. Life is good having two out of three sports teams to look forward to watching.

And I think picture blog is one of the better things yinz have done all summer. Solid pics.

rachel said...

Does Tomlin remind anyone of Therrien when he started? As in they're both tough on the players and make them work. Maybe it's just me.

I'd have to agree with Jonny V, I'm liking picture blog.

Matt said...

Is that Mikael Pivonka???

Anonymous said... Look at this cool new pittsburgh sports blog. Check out all the links to hockey pages.

Anonymous said...

Tyler Palko threw an INT last night v. the steelers....nUb

Loser Chris said...

Hey guys,

I was just re-reading the Top 10 Pens All-Time goals post... you may want to re-visit #3.

Do it.

Kenny Melvin said...

I think it's definitely time for a cliched type list. Like top goals of the 06-07 season, top Penguin jobbers, top disappointments, best trades, worst trades, etc. Another great Tomlin quote; when asked if the coordinaters would be on the field during games Tomlin said "you can't cook from the living room." just a solid human being.

Jason said...

you guys are assholes, now i want some fish sticks in the worst way.

Antonette said...

I hope that's actually the Islanders logo, because then we have one more thing to make fun of them for.

Kenny Melvin said...

It would really suck if the Islanders changed their unis again. The NHL has the best uniforms in all of sports and it would be stupid for such classic teams to change their jerseys.

Staff said...

that's gotta be pivonka

Anonymous said...

Off topic here, but there's an interesting poll on right now, asking who'd you rather have on your team at $4 mil/year; bertuzi or penner.
Those two aren't even comparable players as far as I'm concerned.

How about 'neither'...I'll just take Roberts, thank you very much.

Don K. Show said...

I'm actually on Long Island right now, home of the Isles, and not a word has been mentioned about the logo leak.

Let me also go on record by saying I hate this fucking place and everything within a 30 mile radius. Even worse than that is that I'm stuck here for two weeks and where do I head once I leave here? To PNC Park for a Pirate game.

Oh how life does suck.

Don K. Show said...

and going front to back on the calgary pic, that's former 40 goal scorer Robert Reichel, Michal Pivonka, and C.J. "Missing In Boston" Young.

Kenny Melvin said...

Here's a pretty cool thing, Penguins arena construction cam

Pens construction cam

Anonymous said...

got a cheap chuckle out of this.


◊ Tiffany ◊ said...


Haha nice.


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