Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hitting The Wall

Slow times.

Every other blog is taking this dead time to deeply analyze everything under the sun.
We couldn't analyze our own stool.
So whatev.
Something we have actually been working on is our state-of-the-art Flash bar at the top.
You can cycle through games, and we've added a monthly schedule.


In Pens news, Phil Esposito has a groin injury.
He will miss the summit series.

In that article, we finally have confirmation of a September 13 start date for Pens training camp.

We are still experiencing the evolution in 07-08.

The rally cry "Determination" was stolen from when Pensblog Adam tries to pee standing up.


In Sid news, he helped unveil a line of Reebok clothes at a mall.

Pictured with Sid are his first two scores of the new season.
Who wouldn't plow that blonde?

In the article:
"I’ve never been a rah, rah guy," Crosby shrugged. “I try to lead by example, and I’m looking forward to having some older guys on the team who I can learn from"

Found on that website, a poll

The 1980 U.S. Men's Olympic ice hockey team celebrates their exemption from this poll.


NHL Tournament of Logos has taken over the internet.

A bored Canuck fan got fed up with uniform and logo rumors, so they just made a hybrid of all 4 Canuck logos.

And it looks like the Penguin logo will be advancing to the second round of the tournament.

And guess who breaks out their uniforms today?


DoubtAboutIt has followed up their Against The Odds post with a tribute to One From The Heart.
We were originally slated to make it, but as you know we get nothing done:

"It was here, amongst 16,000 Met Center Fanatics that the Pittsburgh Penguins discovered WHO. THEY. WERE...(footage of the penalty kill) was a BEAUTIFUL collective harmony of was the dance...of champions."

Also kudos to the boys over there for posting this up:

Since we're on the subject of YouTube.
Reader Christina tipped us off to this.

Wayne Gretzky, who refuses to go away, makes a cameo in Nickelbacks video for "Rock Star"

Mario wouldve done this, but he isn't a self-serving moron.
Lemieux has turned down offers to be in a Phil Collins video a record 13 times.


Trevor Linden will be back with the Canucks this season.

Finally, "this season" rolled off the tongue without hesitation.
Bring it.


Winter in the Sun
Game #78
March 31, 2007
Stealing Points. PENS LOSE.

5 - 4


What a nightmare.
Leafs fans are having fun.
Everyone is laughing.
Slapping hands.
You know who is not having fun?

All the baby seals the Maple Leaf fans kill.

If the second period was frustrating, the third period was uplifting.
The pens completely owned the entire period, sans a Maple Leaf Powerplay.
MAF was solid, and the Pens kept pushing.

But Raycroft was out of his mind.
It felt like the nothing was going to get past him.

But not so fast.
The wizard of Croz scores a jobber goal in front, after Whitney gets it to the net.

The quick kick of the puck from his skate to his stick in 3 nano seconds, is why Crosby is a big deal.

But the refs get worried and call a penalty on Melichar with four minutes to play.

The Pens kill it.

The teams job around, and all of sudden there is one minute to play.
Maf gets pulled.
Empty net.
Leafs get it.
Pens turn it over.
Leafs get it.

One last dance, Rex flips it into the corner.
Gary Roberts is faster than a speeding bullet

He beats Bryant McCabe's ass, and gets the puck to Recchi.
Recchi to Gonch.

Gonch to Whitney

four seconds left.
Its been that kind of year.

But now it just gets wierd.
After the four seconds roll off the clock to end regulation and the teams are ready for OT. There is a delay.
A fan apparently collasped after the Penguins tied the game.
Turns out he had a heart attack.

And by all accounts he was in trouble.
We would make a joke.....
It was probably Mats Sundin dad.

So after they pulled the lifeless body out of the stands, we go to OT.
Crosby puts on his pumps, and is flying around.
They can't score though.
MAF does all he can, but the Leafs win a faceoff.
Puck gets deflected



Ming the Merciless said...

I can't wait to see the outrage over Sid posing with "puck bunnies". At least they have nice blouse bunnies...

Jeff said...

I went ahead and analyzed your feces.... here's the lab report, fresh from Washington:

13% Iron City Beer
11% Chewing Tobacco
09% Burnt Eggs
07% Slim Jim-like Substance
06% Cool Ranch Doritos
04% Laffy Taffy

Trace amounts of:

7-11 Cherry Pie
MacDonald's Chocolate Shake
Bob Evans Sausage

Extremely compelling results.

Jeff said...

Damn, I got it mixed up with Bryan Murray's report!!!

Yours didn't have any eggs.

Adrienne said...

The only problem with the Reebok Crosby line is that it sucks :( Ah well.

Can't wait for the camp opener. I'll be there making fun of the chick needing a stick for her baby with the same guys from the last two years.

Kenny Melvin said...

The NHL has screwed up once again. If they were smart they would have made every team reveal their jerseys sometime after the cup finals so there wouldn't be any of this photoshopping jerseys garbage.

snoopyjode said...

snoop = impressed

that flash schedule is amazing. :)

Spencemo said...

I'm with you, Snoop...I'm definitely diggin' the flash menu.

Kenny Melvin said...

I just love that Canadians still can't come to grips that the greatest hockey game ever played was won by the AMERICANS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Melvin has a profile pic of a Canadian team's logo...

Canadians have it figured out Melvin.

Korn said...

The end of the third period of that Pens-Leafs tilt was unreal. I was in town for my brother's 21st birthday and we were watching the game at Mario's. The place went nuts when the Pens tied it. I think that was the point I realized how much the whole city was starting to care about the Pens again...

EmDubs said...

We were at that game in Toronto at Air Canada Centre..... it was awesome when Whitney scored that goal to tie it..... there were like 2000 Pens' fans in the building and they all stood up and screamed in unison while the Maple Leafs fans were all dejected seeing their playoff hopes slip away..... of course they ended up winning, but the moments before the overtime goal were awesome.....

Kenny Melvin said...

Wow you're all gonna love this. I'm going to be a high school reporter on KDKA high school football coverage. Now yinz can see me every week.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather watch Fedko.

I wonder if KDKA would want a psycho sideline reporter. What are you going to do when you don't get your way? Cry like a bitch on local TV. I want to make that happen.

Kenny Melvin said...

Get used to it anon, this face will be a fixture in the media of Pittsburgh sports. WOOOOOOOO

Anonymous said...

until they tell you to get lost because of one of your juvenile 'freak outs'

snoopyjode said...

this is for canaan... you don't need to read the whole article, just the headline! ;)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if I can e-mail KDKA and tell them not to have you do that. Tell them what kind of punk you are and what a crying, whining bitch you are.

Of course, it would be funny to see a Band person beat the shit out of you on TV.

canaanregulatesblog said...

snoopy...i love it!

::adding link to HP shrine::


Spencemo said...

You guys have got to read this:;_ylt=AuU_ZJVpkoE4hRfd60fJoSSs0NUE

canaanregulatesblog said...


Kenny Melvin said...

Do us all a service and please unlinkify Canaan. LOL

Spencemo said...

Thanks, Canaan...I'm HTML impaired!

hooks orpik said...

Sidney had two fine wingers yesterday, huh?

Ah ha ha ha ha ha.

Is it October yet?

Anonymous said...

They probably felt bad for Kenny, everyone knows a Woody High diploma is worthless.

Jeffry said...

the flash schedule is doing it for me

Anonymous said...

who else here would screw PensBlog Adam's girlfriend?


i would.

Anonymous said...

who else here would plow PensBlog Adam's girlfriend?


i would.

Ming the Merciless said...


Jeff said...

I smell some uppance coming...

Anonymous said...

Adam's Girlfriend's Hot 1

Adam's Girlfriend's Hot 2

Anonymous said...

whats up with the PG's design. terrible IMO


Kenny Melvin said...

I kind of like it Jay. It looks like the NY Times website.

Anonymous said...

bettis is horrible:

Kenny the Copycat said...

Kenny's Unoriginal comment of the day. if we wanted to hear LGP comments, we'd get them from them, not you copying what they say.

Kenny Melvin said...

I apologize Anon poster, has it ever occured to you that two people in this world can have the same opinion? I find it funny that you get off "humilating" me daily. If it pleases you then by all means continue because if that's what brings you pleasure in your life then I don't want to take it away.

Anonymous said...

We all know the Melvin doesn't have an original thought. He steals most of his thoughts from his hero Madden or message boards.

aberllisterxx913 said...



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