Sunday, August 5, 2007

Heat of The Night

Breaking News:

We have a former Penguin Joe Dziedzic sighting.

He just appeared on Fox News, because he captured amateur video of the Minnesota bridge collapse.
Dziedzic is from Minnesota.
He was wearing a Penguins sweatshirt.
More details as they come in.


It is pretty safe to say August is going to be the worst month of the offseason.
Really nothing going on at all.
You know it is bad when you get stuck watching a Hallmark Channel movie.
You haven't tasted desperate until you've watched a potential sex scene with
Tom Selleck and Mimi Rodgers.
Bad times.

This movie was as good as the Toronto Maple Leafs in the playoffs last season.


Peter Forsberg is in the best shape of his life.

He's a free agent currently and is deciding whether or not to return to the NHL.
Simong Gagne wants him to come to Philly.
There are rumors that Detroit wants him.

But he has strong feelings for Colorado.
Colorado is $5.6 million under the salary cap.

Check out that dude in the white shirt behind Sakic.


...Mirtle does a balls-out article about how unattainable Wayne Gretzky's records are.

How unattainable is this mullet?


Speaking of The Gambling One, the New Jersey state trooper who was jobbing with Rick Tocchet in that gambling ring was sentenced to five years in prison.

Will Tocchet be able to deflect blame for this?
If so, it will be the first thing Tocchet has ever deflected.


And in finding that Healy pic, we have found another insane site.

If you want old-school hockey pictures, check out our 1989-90 sticker-book scans.
Here and here.


J. Scott

Photo inaccuracy:
If Roberts starred in the movie, it would have had to been renamed to "1".



Picture: Manager Jim Tracy getting out-managed.

Pirates: 44 wins
Penguins: 47 wins


How bad are things for the battlin' Buccos?
The Pens even passed them on the Post Gazette sports-links bar:


Winter in the Sun
Game #65
Sunday, March 4, 2007
Elite 8. PENS WIN.

4 - 3

Recchi forgets what to do on a breakaway and Biron just blows the puck from his crease.
Sid then flies into the net. It looked like he got shot out of that big slingshot that the Pens cheerleaders use between periods.

NBC apparently doesn't find it necessary to show the power play clock for the entire game.

After that, you just knew the Pens probably wouldn't get a better chance on the power play...and they didn't. MAF morphs into Tom Barrasso and gives up an awful goal on another stupid bounce.

Picture: Derian Hatcher's wife throws up in excitement after the Flyers scored.

Anonymous said...

Big question for you guys, do the Heatley jokes unretire for a night?

Adam said...

0.4% chance of Heatley returning.

We're just gonna wait for another NHL player to murder one of his teammates.

If we would play Ottawa in a certain tournament-like format later this year, Heatley would be un-retired just to piss off Ottawa fans.




Anonymous said...

Jim Tracy should be fired just for crossing his legs like that.

demondg1 said...

Who knew Tom Barrasso was the inspiration for Napoleon Dynamite.

And not only should Jim Tracy be fired for crossing his legs like that, he should be banned from baseball.

Loser Chris said...

Wow, you guys are never gonna let that go are you? I don't even know why you keep bringing it up. I don't mind though... I never get tired of being right.

3rd Period:
19:00 Tocchet (Francis, Murphy)

Anonymous said...

the pirates should be banned from baseball.

we will...hold the record next year for most consecutive losing seasons.


Jeffry said...

i have that jon casey card

Anonymous said...

Just thought you guys might want to know, according to the msgboards, there will be an arena construction cam up on the official site later this week. Woot.

-- Jeff in Korea

Staff said...

Chris, it's because we have nothing else to do.
When Tocchet goes on trial, we pray the prosecutor asks him on the stand if he deflected it.


Loser Chris said...

Ooh, maybe they would call in Ronnie to testify then too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Staff, any chance you could find out a way for me to be able to catch some Pens games on the internet somehow? I know there are tech savvy hockey nerds out there that would help a devoted fan, perhaps you could ask around a bit for me? I checked my city out by grilling some local canadians, and there is zero chance to catch any games on TV here. It just won't happen. There is one hockey bar in this country and it's 50 bucks and a 4 hour train ride one way to get there. I don't have the time or the bread. See what you can do, will ya? Adam, consider this a called in favor that you don't owe me yet.

-- Jeff in Korea

Jason said...

sweet, i have that barrasso rookie card. that and jagr rookie card are probably the best i have.
i think i also have the pietrangelo card, but in sticker format. i remember after the first cup, giant eagle had some promotion where you could get a poster with the cup and badger bobs face on it and get stickers of the players for it.

Kenny Melvin said...

It's about time the Penguins passed the Pirates up on the link bar. That's long overdue.

Manny Kelvin said...

I'd hit Mimi Rogers

Kenny Melvin said...

Chris, with Tocchet's recent wrongdoings it wouldn't shock me if he paid off the scorekeeper. I don't care what any records say, Francis was the last one to touch that puck.

Kenny Melvin said...

I can't wait for the Steelers recap tonight. For the sake of the post I hope Ben throws an INT for a TD on the first play from scrimmage. I also can't wait for the analysis of the 3rd string long snapper on all the talk shows tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Joseph Stalin????


FritoWill said...

actually the third string snapper is my retarted uncle John, who bags groceries at Shop N Save in Rochester.

Jonny V said...

U rock Kenny haha that's so funny

Tee said...

Jeff in Korea, I'm in the same boat man. I assume you're military stationed overseas, well I'm stuck in Germany so I have to do this the same way as you. Here's what you do. they showed about 50 pens games last year. It can be tough because of the time difference, but if you have a good connection its high enough quality to watch. Also, Yahoo streamed about 6 or 7 pens games, as did Comcast. You'll need to learn how to use a proxy for those though. The final option is costly, but if you know someone back in the states you can buy a slingbox and if your connection is fast on both ends it's almost TV quality. Enjoy, email me at if you have questions (I'm sure you will, it's confusing at first.) Again, its all about internet speed so buy up for the best connection you can get.

Anonymous said...

Those Nordiques jerseys are sweet as hell.

Kenny Melvin said...

I thought the Stalin picture would be less offensive than my own.

Loser Chris said...

Yeah, I miss my Nordiques jersey.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, melvin. At least Stalin didn't make fun of people having cancer.

snoopyjode said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
snoopyjode said...

1.) in terms of which is worse, killing millions of people > making fun of people with cancer.
2.) that said, why would you use an avatar of joseph stalin? it's not even a little bit cool.
3.) staff, i couldn't find anything about JOE dziedzic seeing the bridge collapse. i did find a few stories about a minnesota volunteer firefighter named TIM dziedzic... (it's in the middle of the story.)

Staff said...

Kenny I would def take the stalin pic down, not a good idea.

No steeler recap, we are differing anyone to our friends at the Steelerblog.


He has been on TV twice now.
I have my VCR ready to go.
No word if Dave Roche was there as well hahaha


Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Speaking of avatars, the Ultimate Warrior one is solid.

Even if he was psychotic

chris said...

i cant believe that pic of that woman puking.....i choked when i saw it

go pens

Jonny V said...

The less offensive rankings go

Stalin, Hitley, or Mussolini

Kenny Melvin

punching babies

If Don Cannon had breaking news on some psycho that started picking people off with a sniper rifle from the top of the Civic Arena, my very first and probably only thought would be one Kenny Melvin.

And the Steelers looked pretty damn good out there for the first series u pensblog fucks.

Loser Chris said...

I think Dave Roche was at Pat Neaton's house at the time.

snoopyjode said...

dr, i look forward to seeing the clip - hopefully you can catch it. :) in the meantime, if i find something, i'll post it. it is so awesome that he was rocking the pens shirt on national tv, but it sucks that he had to see that. that kind of thing can mess a person up for a while.

Kenny Melvin said...

I really didn't mean to offend anyone with that pic, is this better?

Kenny Melvin said...

My 14 year old sister who is a striker for her junior high team is a better kicker than Jeff Reed.

Jamie said...

Had an Eric Cairns sighting at the Buckhead Saloon in Station Square last week. (?)

Kenny Melvin said...


Steelers up 14-0, they actually look like a professional football team.

Elizabeth said...

I had no idea this place even existed in the off season. I figured you guys just hibernated in a cave or something.

Jason said...

glad they gave st. pierre time with some of the starters, he looks pretty solid.
reggie bush is the most over-rated player in the history of sports. i cant stand how every announcer is all over his nuts. he hasnt proven a damn thing yet.

Loser Chris said...

VY > Bush

CDUBBS said...

I see someone was up to some more Gary Robets wikipedia games. lol The Terminator...priceless

Anonymous said...

the real question is....

why are you guys watching fox news?

Staff said...

hahah actually it was a complete accident. I was flipping through the channels, and happened to see the Penguins shirt and a graphic guy that looked like Joe.


I still can't find it :(


Anonymous said...

quit stalin, show me your marx!

theNick said...

In Soviet Russia car drives you!

Anonymous said...

Tee -- Not military. Civilian.

-- Jeff in Korea


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