Saturday, August 11, 2007

Crime & Punishment

Scales of Justiceblog

On Thursday Chris Chelios
testified at a double-homicide trial.
Chelios was called to testify that he spoke by phone on his way to hockey practice with a manager at his restaurant minutes before someone fatally stabbed her and a chef.

Justin Blackshere, is accused of the crime and has admitted to doing it.

No real point to this story.
It's just funny that since Chris Chelios gets away with murder 82 nights a year, he would say anything.

That's a tasteless joke, we do apologize.
Murder is no laughing matter.

But getting away with it is.


Pizza hut is now the offical Pizza of the Penguins.
"Jerry Buss, president of Aurora Huts LLC, purchased the majority of the Pizza Hut restaurants in the Pittsburgh area in March. He said in a statement that Pizza Hut foods will be sold in the Penguins' current home, Mellon Arena, when the 2007-2008 season kicks off "and will continue to follow them into their future home across the street."

If you aren't excited to eat a personal pan pizza next year, you can't be helped.

A huge thanks to our new friend, Gabor from Hungary, for pointing this out.
He was nice enough to make this sick logo as well.


Check out the Stanley Keg.
No clue how we missed this.
Thanks to Hooks Orpik for sending it along.

Reason #456 why Max Talbot is money in the bank.

Could you imagine if beer distributors adopted this idea come playoff time?


More on Steely McBeamGate

Further checking into Steely's past revealed a brief stint with the Village People.
The Steelers had no comment.


We have looked long and not so hard for when the official start to Pens training camp is.
Does anyone know?

We do know the Ottawa Senators will be starting the first week of September.
Some of their stars actually got together this week for some offseason workouts.

(D. Ausk)


A Winter in the Sun
Game #71
March 16, 2007
Jesus Christensen. PENS WIN.

6 - 3


"We all know they can score goals; we have to take advantage of their defence," Carbonneau said. "They like to go on the offensive and all five players join the rush. They like to take chances. We have to take advantage of the mistakes they make and get a lead on them early so they have to play catch-up."

-- Guy Homobonneau

Yeah, that almost worked.

( Justin )

Huge game tonight. Montreal was in a must-win position.
Somehow Dandenault forgot about that, and he took a penalty ten seconds in.
Nothing rolling for the pens.
Gary Roberts gets called for being to cool. 2 minutes -- box.

Montreal jobs around and the Pens kill it.

Bing gets the puck at center ice as Montreal decides to have a meeting in their own zone to talk about how gay they are.
Crosby takes a dump in Sheldon Souray's mouth, and everyone else stands there and watches.
David Aebischer is a joke.

Because of the goal, Aebischer's girlfriend breaks up with him.

Commentorblog said:
PensfanSeoul said...

Crosby. Sick. I remember some guy wearing 66 making moves like that a few years ago...

Speaking of 66, I finally met another hockey fan in Korea today. Best part is? He is a tailor. I was out looking for someone to make me some Pens sweaters, and what do you know? So I ordered a 1986 Mario Lemieux throwback jersey. Custom made just for me. I finally found something I like about Korea (45 bucks, who's jealous? HA)

But seriously, I remember last season, and at this point, we were cheering for Sid to get to 100 points. I would get so excited if we would just win a game every now and then. This season, I don't expect them to lose. This team is so exciting...And the Tournament is just around the corner. Outstanding. I am so excited about this team...






canaanmakesfood said...



I am canaan's double post said...

Get to the choppa!

Shorty said...

I'm prety sure training camp starts Friday, Sept. 14. Don't remember where i read it, it was a schedule that said when all teams started. I know i'll be there....can't wait!

rachel said...

Danny P. also said when he was on with Stan that training camp was Sept. 14. Danny P. doesn't lie.

Who doesn't want to party with Talbot? Also very sweet logo by Gabor. It's ironic the person from Hungary makes the pizza logo ;)

Kenny Melvin said...

I just hope Mellon Arena doesn't start serving Pepsi instead of Coke.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember seeing a preseason game scheduled for the 12th. could be wrong, though

dave said...

aww geez i really liked the pizza from the last two years... :(

Anonymous said...

All this talk about the penguins has got me thinking about the Adventures of Pete and Pete. What a great show.

-- Jeff in Korea

Jonny V said...

Jeff, I wonder what Gary Roberts thinks of Artie's claim to "The Strongest Man in the World?" I'm guessing everything wouldn't be so pipe.

Tiff, I've been working on my spanish with this instructional video, a Saturday Night Live TV Funhouse underrated :gem
You will laugh.

That "Pizza Hut trash they sell at vending areas sucks compared to the food at the restaurant. It makes me want to wretch.

Kenny Melvin said...

In PGAblog, Tiger is taking over at the PGA Championship

Barrasso35 said...

The Adventures of Pete and Pete is the best show ever on television. Ever.

I own the first two seasons and DVD and I'd have the last one but they won't release it for some reason.

Can't wait for the Pens to start playing. Getting sick of football already.

Anonymous said...

Golf is for homos.


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