Saturday, July 14, 2007

Who's What?

We didn't want to get all worked up about this ESPN " Who's Now?" thing.
We know Sidney Crosby is money.
And we don't need ESPN to tell us that.
The way it was handled was embarassing.

First it was fixed.
The vote was decided by 70% of the public votes.
Crosby received 36% of the vote.
Jeter about 33%

So the other 30% came from the esteemed panel of douchebags.

First up:
Kirk Herbstreit

Doesn't he seem like a guy who wakes up, goes outside and throws a football.

"Crosby would have to win 3 cups, and 3 MVPS in that time to even come talk to me"
"He is maybe the future who's now in Canada."

Normally we'd make a joke about Herbstreit eating is own feces.
But we'll just post his stats from the NFL:
Oops ,that right he did reach the NFL

We used to watch College Gameday, we still will, but with mute button on hand when Herbie talks.

Next up is all time stiff Keyshawn Johnson:

"Our kids don't want to grow up and be hockey players," he said.

No Keyshawn, our kids don't want to be over-hyped and whiners like you.
Isn't this the guy that quit his team because someone told him no.

Mike Wilbon was next he was OK.

The part that really pissed us off was one of the anchors said Jeter won in a landslide.
Which if by landslide he means two has-been athletes and a sports writer, yea landslide.

Derek Jeter is a joke.


See ya tomorrow night, we just had to get that off our chest.

Mike Costa sent us this:

Done in its right dosages Gary Roberts wikipedia games are funny.

A Winter in the Sun
January 12, 2007

Staalkin. Pens WIN.

Malkin shut them up, though, after the Pens kept the puck in the Flyers zone for what seemed like a half an hour. Aided by a missed hand-pass call (Edzo wouldn't let it go, but the Pens had no problem letting him go), Malkin cleaned up a Michel Ouellet rebound and got it past Niittymaki.

The rest of the first period was pretty much Pierre Mcguire talking about how Edzo got fired.

If you're Edzo, why not make up an excuse to get out of doing the game or, better yet, just say you don't want to do it?
It would be like being the photographer at your ex-fiance's wedding. Not good times.

During intermission, Ray Ferraro sent me into rage by openly questioning why Jarko Ruutu has a job in the NHL.
Sorry, Ray.
Not everyone can make a living hanging all over people like you did. What an ass.

Commentorblog said:
Justin said...

simon gag-me

Flyers suck

Day Number

Fact: Eric Green once tried to snort a harsh-mark


John Tarbett said...

First fuckers.
First time I got to do that lol.

Kenny Melvin said...

I haven't watched ESPN basically all summer. This is a goddamn joke. I guess some kids do want to grow up and play hockey huh Keyshawn douchebag? What a bunch of dicks.

jazzhall said...

What I saw of the ESPN bit focused for at least a minute on all of the women that Jeter has dated. Stellar criteria gentlemen.

Amusingly I hear nothing about the Caps down here in DC, nor can I find a similar blog/site.

FritoWill said...

the next matchup was Reggie Bush vs. Danica Patrick....Reggie a LOCK. Here is when i just gave up on ESPN and the Who's now thing.

Keyshawn took Danica over Bush!

WTF just repeated in my head for about 4 hours. My wife started making fun of him.

Anonymous said...

Who cares. Fuck ESPN in their collective assholes.

Teej said...

The whole "Who's Now" thing is a joke. Nothing but filler shit before football season begins. You can tell ESPN is desperate.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you guys. You're just as mad you'll never be as popular as LGP or ESPN. Fucking jealous assholes.

FritoWill said...

hahahahaha, yea anonymous, like we give a crap about that.

thepensblogderek said...

haha if we ever start worried about being popular we will shut down the blog....


chris said...

if they wanted to be legit...they would at least have a representative of each sport to give their opinions....

also they need to define a sport because at least half of the contestants don't participate in a real sport.

ESPN really is a joke

go pens

Erica said...

Comparing LGP to ESPN is a joke. Even if ESPN is mud itself. (Didn't say LGP is mud.)

But hey, you guys missed a couple signings...

I guess it's old news by now that Colby Armstrong resigned.

Kenny Melvin said...

Yeah you're right thepensblog sucks but you're the one reading it and posting in commentorblog.


Chris said...

"Fact: Eric Green once tried to snort a harsh-mark"

And with that, you've made my day.

Jason said...

i would bet $100 that keyshawn johnson has never seen a hockey game in his life. Great expert. He was the one rambling on about all the women jeter has porked. I bet he only voted for danica because he masturbates to her every night.

fact: keyshawn johnson hasnt been layed in 12 years

homesprout said...

A real objective panel they have there...2 ex football players and a writer. Wilbon is at least tolerable.

Stuart Scott is worthless and annoying!!

The whole concept is absurd. ESPN should just stick with covering the Yankees and Red Sox because apparently those are the only two sports teams that matter to them...

wilsmith said...

Is there any way to hate-mail espn?

Anonymous said...

Stuart Scott? I never know who he's looking at.

I thought it was Who's Now? Not Who's 1998.

Kenny Melvin's Mom said...


You need to get a life. Go outside and enjoy the weather. Possibly get hit by a bus. That would be fantastic.

The Pens Blog fuckin rules. Take that to the bank.

Kenny Melvin said...

Wow I didn't know I was popular enough for someone to actual register an email account in my name, and you say I need to get a life.

AJ said...

I know tomorrow is day 87... and it would be blasphemous to not post a pic of Sid on a Pens blog.

But is it too much to ask that you also show Weegie Thompson some love?

wilsmith said...

let the record show:
someone ACTUALLY said that.

Kenny Melvin said...

Those Whaler jerseys were solid, it's just a shame such a douchebag wore one.

Don K. said...

blah, they cleaned up the Gary Roberts wiki page.


Gary does not approve.


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