Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday School

Nothing going on today.
This post is shorter than Michel Therrien's bench in the playoffs.

J-Schiff sent this in:

So true

Do the Pirates still play baseball?
Quick Penguins news.

Rob Scuds gave up his #5 for Daryl Sydor.
Scuds will now wear #4.
At least he won't be the worst Penguin to ever wear #4


While searching for a picture of Hatcher.
We found this:

Bottom right corner.
If you can name who that is, you are money.

A Winter in the Sun
Game #58
Feburary 18, 2007
We'll Take It. PENS WIN.

3 - 2


How disappointed are Pens fans gonna be when this team finally forgets to show up for a game?

Besides having a heart attack when turning on NBC at 3:25 only to see Tom Lehman chipping from the fringe, today was just a normal game in the playoff homestretch.

The Capitals came out hitting, just like every team is going to do when they play us.
Gotta give them credit; they have given the Pens all they can handle in every game this season. But make no mistake: the Caps are still goons.

And that was proven early when Reyjavik, Iceland, took a penalty for hooking.
Ensuing face off.
Crosby to Gonchar.
Gonchar on net.
Recchi with deflection.

Why the Caps didn't make the referees go upstairs to look for a high stick is crazy.
The Pens killed that Christensen penalty off and basically the game went back and forth.

Somehow, early in the second period, Mark Eaton gets called for a holding penalty.
The Pens killed it off.
Eaton streaks out of the box as a 2-on-1 with Maxime Talbot develops. Talbot fans on the pass.
He's close to a goal, ladies and gentlemen. You can feel it.

Ten minutes later, Eaton goes to the box again simply to see if he can generate another 2-on-1.
It doesn't work.

The Mellon Arena looked like the set of a porno movie today.
Semin was everywhere.

Commentorblog said:
Rwarner174 said...

Gotta give the Bellowing Moose credit. At least he ate his words.

Its great to see the pens winning and not even playing there best hockey.


Day number

( J-Schiff is in mid season form)

Countdown to October 5 starts tomorrow night


John Tarbett said...

Kevin Hatcher touches little boys.

Alex said...

The site where you found that 98 Olympic picture says the player in the bottom right is Tuomas Gronman, but it is definitely Andreas Johansson.

Kenny Melvin said...
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Kenny Melvin said...

Joe Melichar>Kevin Hatcher. What an awful trade

Kenny Melvin said...

Here's a cool thing, a Penguins themed desktop.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kenny. Sweet.

Don K. Show said...
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Don K. Show said...

Kevin Hatcher, softer than most toilet paper, and just as worthless after one shift.

Kenny Melvin said...

If anyone cares heres my newly created blog.

Kenny Melvin said...

If I see one more thread about the salary cap not working, i'm going to puke. These people don't understand economics.

Joshua said...

Hey guys go on to yahoo's hockey page and look at recent transactions. Let me know if you did a double take on who the Islanders signed even though it isn't what it looks like. Haha even note the position.


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