Thursday, July 26, 2007

You can bet your bottom Euro that we're gonna be on top of the new RBK uniforms and new team logos like Lindsay Lohan on a line of coke.

We went searching today and were not disappointed.
We found the blog of the millennium for logo and uniform enthusiasts.

Some dude has a blog simply titled

This could very well be the definition of an information blog. What a site.
He has the countdowns of when teams are unveiling their new logos and uniforms.

What's even better is that he is doing a Tournament of NHL logos.
Each logo goes up against every other logo in their respective conference.

Unfortunately, this monkey doesn't think the Pens logo stacks up against the rest of the NHL's.
He even suggests that reverting to the pigeon logo would be an upgrade.
To each his own.

No one came up with this cool idea before him, so this guy can basically do whatever he wants.

The Pens are mired in mediocrity at the bottom of the Atlantic, with a 2-7 record.
The Penguin attained its two victories over the Rangers and Lightning, because the guy hates logos bearing the team name.
Every other logo has DDT'd the skating Penguin.

The Penguin recently went up against the Panther:

" The Panthers logo looks downright scary, let's just be clear on that. The Penguins logo makes an attempt at looking mean but it's feeble at best. I don't think it should be carrying a hockey stick and wearing old-fashioned gloves. I also think the secondary logo would be an improvement, which it was for a time until the Pens returned to this one. "

The Wild logo is undefeated so far. 10-0.

The webmaster, Chris, has given us permission to use his sleek logos as our new logos.
And his standings in his side bar inspired us to do what we wanted to do long ago with the Atlantic Division.

Also courtesy of that blog are these disasters sent in by a reader:

Even K-Mart wouldn't sell these.


Free Jordan Staal

In Penguins news today, Jordan Staal was arrested and charged with underage consumption of alcohol at a resort in Cook County, Minn
Who hasn't done this.

Interesting tidbit from Staal's agent:

"It's nothing," Rick Curran, agent for both players, said today. "It's ridiculously nothing. Eric and Jordan and [their brother] Marc had gone to bed."

Sounds like the Minnesota police are still bitter about 1991.
We are blinded by our love for the Penguins.
Jordan Staal is innocent.

In a related note, Gary Roberts has put the state of Minnesota on 24-hour notice.
Notice for what?
Only Gary Roberts knows.

Back to Staal.
At least he wasn't operating a motorcycle without a license.

Although this looks like the Steelers 2006 season, it's actually Ben's accident scene.

The fact that it happened over the weekend, and it is now Thursday means who cares.
Whatever. Nothing to see here.
If you have a problem with this.
Go to hell.

Job Tour appearance

The picture that we hate made its way onto the TheGuinsblog today.
We said we would we flip out if any Pitttsburgh blog posted said picture.
And well...

We should have been more specific.
We meant a Pittsburgh blog that people actually read.



The construction of The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, is in the homestretch.

Devils fans have been flocking to the arena site.
Watching the arena being built is actually more entertaining than a Devils game.


Speaking of which, the Devils signed Ian Moran.


A Winter in the Sun
Game #55
February 10, 2007
12th Round TKO. PENS WIN.
(Kind of fitting that today we recap Staal's hat trick.)

6 - 5

Lord Therrien used five different line combos in OT, and everything was going fine. The Refs had to make Leafs fans happy though and called a penalty on Rob Scuderi.
Well at least we got a point....

Hold the phone.

The following faceoff. Mark Eaton, using mind control techinques, makes Nik Antropov take a pentaly.
3-0n-3 hockey.
As soon as Malkin and Staal stepped on the ice, it was over.
Malkin stole a puck deep in the Pens zone, flew up ice, dropped a pass to Staal. Staal undressed Raycroft. Shortside.

( Picture of the season )


with melichar comin orpik gonna be traded???



Day Number:


CDUBBS said...

did someone actually say that melichar thing?

Hofmann said...

I would like to see how the 1999 Pens Logo would do against the rest of them. Tell that dude he should substitue, or runoff, or something. Cause I'm lazy.

Adrienne said...

I think the suckiest thing for Jordan is the fact that our team is so young.

You know he'll never hear the end of it from the rest of the team.

Roberts has Minnesota on lockdown! :D

FritoWill said...


anyway, how trashed was Jagr when we won our 2 cups???

wilsmith said...

dude! I live near Carrolltown.

snoopyjode said...

i thought malkin was more excited about the hat trick than staal was.

personally, i don't have particularly strong feelings one way or the other about the people who use players' personal pics on the web - the thing that i think is so shitty about it is that the players' "friends" sell them out to blogs like that. regardless, i am ALWAYS up for a good jobbing tour!!! ;)

Dwayne said...

word? i grew up on winterset road, across from the (old) friendly dairy / shadowbox.

wilsmith said...

oh, slick. Colver, myself.

That makes at least 4 of us out this way that read this thing.

wilsmith said...

Oh, and the new Devils arena -- I will be taking the trip out there to see the Pens play their first game there.

Should be nice to have a whole arena to myself.

The Guins Blog Staff said...

Our whole thing is that of course we are going to post that picture on the day he gets arrested for underage. That pic is awesome.

If we thought for one half a second that putting that pic on our site was going to cause him one ounce of grief, we'd take it down in a heart beat.

We aren't about ruining people's lives at all. We just thought that it was funny.

Plus the guys are right, we are trying to get hits. We have no problem admitting that. We like when people read about the Pens.

thepensblogderek said...

Point taken Guinsblog, you took your job like men at least.

The only thing I would say, is that you said that you want to have player interviews and what not on your blog.

I highy doubt anyone will talk to you if they know you are going to post pictures of them drunk.

Just thought.

The Guins Blog Staff said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thepensblogderek said...

It isn't about the picture of underage drinking. You are missing the point.

But whatev

Jason said...

the guy that runs the logo blog must be from minnesota because there's no way the wild logo is one of the best in the league.

first of all, their nickname is a joke. you can't take an adjective and turn it into a team's nickname. thats some shit i'd expect from arena football, the wnba or mls.

second of all, its got to much going on in it. i probably had to see that logo over a dozen times before i realized that it was the profile of a cat with some trees and shit inside of it.

The Guins Blog Staff said...

Fair enough. We'll take the jobbing either way.

We meant no disrespect to TPB, Staal, or any other players. We just don't think that pics like that of the players are a big deal.

Jen said...

steelers training camp started, therefore no one cares what staal or any other penguin does. he could probably start electrocuting dogs with michael vick and the story would read "vick and an unnamed canadian..."

the PG put it on page 3 of sports, but the trib had it on the backpage.

one of the hidden benefits being a hockey player in pittsburgh, i suppose.

at least he didn't drive while drunk, get into an accident and kill one of his teammates...
dan heatley jokes officially on for the 2007-08 season.

go pens.

thepensblogderek said...

One thing we forgot to mention is that Jobbers is on hiatus again.
All the episodes are done we just want to change the whole thing up

Instead of an episode by episode basis we are just going to wrap it with a full length feature on August 23rd 12:00am

Anonymous said...


rachel said...

Mike Lange is here for another year!

FritoWill said...

Rachel just made up for two huge disappointments.

1. we should still Job, its upsetting that you called for it and changed your mind.

2. Jobbers season finally on August 23rd, way to far away.

Russell Lucas said...

Out of curiosity, does anyone know what led to Lange being banned from the TV side? Was he asking for too much money, or did FSP claim he wasn't trending well with the younger demographic, or what?

Jonny V said...

If I ever see Mike Lange on the town, I am taking him to the nearest strip club for all-you-can-stand lap dances.

Gary Roberts wants TPB to interview him, I wonder if yinz know it yet?

Thepensblogderek said...

Will there is only much we can do god dammit..haha

Jonny If we got to interview Gary Roberts it would be a 5 hour epic.

FritoWill said...

i got a funny (not really) Mike Lange story

about 3 weeks ago there was a traffic Jam on &0 right around Crafton, my Frito Truck and I werent' going anywhere. I was listening to DVE and Mike Lange called into for some reason to explain why 79 was closed in both directions. He mentioned he was right at the Crafton Exit.

Was it wrong that i seriously considered going car to car looking for him???

Sorry Derek, this offseason thing is killing me!

CDUBBS said...

Hey guys I just wanted to say thanks for giving me a little publicity. I have you guys as one of my Favorite links.

Spencemo said...

Well, fritowill, wrong or not, I would have considered it too...

Adrienne said...

So my friend DJ's at a strip club downtown.

Apparently during the playoffs, Spezza, Heatley and Comrie were all in Club Blush during the quarter finals.

Spezza was completely cool, long story short. Heatley was trying to get strippers to give him head in the lap dance booths (using a fake name) and Comrie was just laughing about it.

I'm too drunk to get into all the details at the moment; but long story short: I have a furthered respect for Spezza and Heatley is still a bitch.


rachel said...

Will, glad to help your disappointment, and I think we all would have been looking for Lange.

The Pens also have a survey up for your favorite Mike Lange saying and 10 people will win prizes...
Survey Here

CDUBBS said...

I just posted a story about fighting in the NHL at my blog

John said...

I agree with this completely, thanks for the post.


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