Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Part of the Deal

The New Deal has been reached.

You should know all of this by now.

Ray Shero re-signed Crosby.
5 years -- $43.5 million.

( Ray Shero is reaching Gary Roberts status. You can feel it coming. )

People are complaining about this signing?
That is really hard to justify.

He could have easily requested the maximum ($10 million per year).
And he would have gotten it.

But, no, he accepts $8.7 million per year.

Welcome to the downside of housing the NHL's premier talent.

Shero and Crosby have helped the rest of the NHL teams tremendously here.
Name one player who can now go to a GM and demand this kind of money.

If only this deal was made before July 1...

Daniel Briere may have been laughed at and pooped on when he turned down 5 yrs, $25 million from the Bills.


Another stupid talking point on the Sid deal are people worrying about when Sidney gets a crack at unrestricted free agency in summer 2013.

If you think it places a cloud over the next 6 years we get to watch Crosby play, you don't know what's going on.

Dr. Phil, thoughts?

"That's like not enjoying a healthy and meaningful relationship by consuming your mind with thoughts on how the relationship will fall apart.
Before you can love someone else, you must learn to love yourself
To love yourself you should start by drinking your own urine."

Bottom line in all this.
Who knows if you'll still be alive in 2013 , so enjoy it why you can.

It is all going to be really funny when Big Choke demands his contract be the highest paid QB in the league. So everyone in Pittsburgh can realize how greedy football players are.

Get rid of the ball

Not a whole lot to write home about in the NHL.

...The Pens might be playing in the Jan 1 game outside in Buffalo
If that is the case we are organizing a road trip.

.....Looks like the Pens have signed Alex Goligoski
That if course is per a Minnesota newspaper, and they probadly make things up because they are bored.

.....Over at, they are having a vote on classic pens game.
They have 19 games to choose from, and you have to choose your top ten.
Based on the vote they will release a 10 disc set.
Combined this with the first season of Heroes on DVD and your house might explode.
Our vote was this:
10. February 10, 2007 – Penguins vs. Maple Leafs: Jordan Staal caps off his first NHL hat trick with the OT winner on Hockey Night in Canada

What a game.

9. April 9, 1993 – Penguins vs. Rangers: Penguins set NHL record with 16th consecutive win – Lemieux erupts for five goals
In MSG, Mario at his best.

8. March 26, 1996 – Penguins vs. Blues: Just days after the premature birth of his son, Austin, Mario breaks out with 5 goals in an 8 – 4 win over Gretzky and the Blues

Anytime Gretzky gets shown up we are voting for it.

7. February 2, 1989 – Penguins vs. Flyers: Penguins end a 15-year, 42 game drought in Philadelphia with a 5 – 3 win.
This seems like it would be fun to watch.

6. December 27, 2000 – Penguins vs. Maple Leafs: Mario Lemieux emerges from retirement in dramatic fashion with a goal and two assists

What a night. Toronto never had a chance.

The top five are hard.

5. April 13, 1991 – Penguins vs. Devils: Frank Pietrangelo makes what is simply known as ‘The Save’ in a 4 – 3 win in Game Six of the Patrick Division semi-finals


4. April 24, 1996 – Penguins vs. Capitals: The Penguins and Capitals take four overtimes to decide Game Four of the ’96 conference quarterfinals as the Pens come out on top 3 – 2

One of the best hockey games you'll ever see.
This could be number one and we would be OK with it

3.May 10, 2001 – Penguins vs. Sabres: Darius Kasparaitis joins the rush and scores the OT winner in Game Seven of the Eastern Conference semi-finals

Some people, including the staff consider this one of the top 5 moments of their lives.

June 1, 1992 – Penguins vs. Blackhawks: Penguins clinch back-to-back Cups sweeping the series in four

What a great time to be alive.

1.May 25, 1991 – Penguins vs. North Stars: Penguins claim their first Stanley Cup

Maybe as close to perfect as you can get in a hockey game.

......Thanks to FritoWill for passing this along

The Crosby Who's Now vote is tomorrow after that show called "sportscenter"

do it

...And finally thanks to commentorblog for pointing this out.
Jason Spezza was named the coverboy for NHL2k8
Spezza couldn't be reached for comment because he is still missing since the Eastern conference finals.


Peace, Love, Deodorant.

We don't think any other Penguins sites run by fellow Pens fans are jokes or mud.

We job other sites occasionally because there is nothing else to do, and because we can.

Nothing would thrill us more than a jobbing war with another blog somewhere.
But since the authors of other blogs are actually mature and don't try to use the word 'feces' in every post, we realize it's not gonna happen.

Our only hope is for Steelers fans not to comprehend what we're trying to do when we job the Steelers.


This Day in History
July 11


Aaron Burr dominates Alexander Hamilton in a duel.


A Winter in the Sun
Game #41
January 9, 2007

Total Frustration. PENS LOSE.

And then, with well over half of the third period remaining, Erik Christensen takes a high stick to the chops...resulting in a double-minor penalty.
The Penguins feared power play unit takes the ice and th--- Cleared.
The Penguins feared power play un--- Cleared.
The Penguins feare--- Cleared.
T --- Cleared.

Next thing you know, the 4-minute penalty expires.

With less than three minutes left, everyone's favorite Penguin gets a goal on a lucky bounce from a Brooks Orpik shot.

" 'Real men make their own luck.' Billy Zane -- Titanic. "


Andrew said...

Honestly...the last f'n person I want to see on the ice with 30 seconds left and the goalie pulled is Michel Ouelette. He must seriously know how to tongue Therrien's balls just right (a little light, but very sloppy). When will he get his turn to sit on his goofy ass and watch some games from the pressbox.

Oh...can we please fire Petro. I mean, I know before the season started I wished and wished for a winger that would take stupid penalties and not be able to finish. Simply because that's how all of my sexual encounters end up anymore.


Day Number

You talk Interstate 70, you talk Eighty Four/Glyde.
What an exit.


Jason said...

eighty four! my hometown!!
stayin up to watch the northern lights payed off, cuz im fiiiiiiiirst

rachel said...

ESPN is such a joke they still have Gordon and Bonds up, last time I checked it's now the 11th.

Crosby Happy To Remain In Pittsburgh

“We have to keep in mind Sidney didn’t have to do anything. He could have played out his contract for next year and we could have been at this next summer. It was his strong desire to stay in Pittsburgh and our strong desire to keep him here for as long as we can. I think the five-year extension answers both things. We’re very happy with it and we’re very happy that he’s with us for six more years and, hopefully, his entire career.”

If anyone Ray Shero will get it done.

Jeffry said...

you guys really needed an aaron burr 1 alex hamilton 0 score like the games have. mostly off topic but i just saw this thing about andrew jackson dueling everyone in sight, one time he just let the guy shoot him in the ribs, then took his time and shot the other dude in the heart. how's that for a hockey related comment? oh here we go.

i saw this article somewhere.
Negative Press: Is ESPN Killing the National Hockey League by Influencing Public Attitudes?

FritoWill said...

my truck is so freaking cool

Crosby = money in the bank....literally!!!!

Anonymous said...

how is lemieuxs 5 goals 5 different ways not on that list for the dvd set.... i blame LGP


rachel said...

Penguins may be 'Ice Bowl' participant

The Penguins seemingly are a leading candidate to play an outdoor game against the Sabres in Buffalo, if such an event is staged this season.

According to that report, a game would be played at Ralph Wilson Stadium, which seats 73,967 for football.

That would be so awesome.

From Emptynetters, how sweet does the alleged mask of Bruins goaltending prospect Tuukka Rask look. Right - Left

I was wondering the same thing, Nick. But even without it that is going to be one amazing set of DVDs.

Kenny Melvin said...

Penguin fans would absoluely dominated that ice bowl game in Buffalo.

Pittsburgh Gunny said...

"This seems like it would be fun to watch."

It was, great game against the Filthy ones.

ESPN blows, that is all.

EmDubs said...

Ha ha, guys. Thanks for using "re-signed."

Loser Chris said...

Wow, I think you guys picked the same 10 games I did, except I took Sid's 6 points against the Flyers instead of Staal's hat trick.

My only question, how is Game 4 against the Rangers in '92 not on that list. I could watch Ronnie beat Richter from outside the blue line all day long!

Kenny Melvin said...

A game I would have chosen that's not on there is Game 6 of the 91 Wales conference final against the Bruins. The game where Recchi scored the goal late in the third to put the Pens up 4-3 and send us to the cup finals. That game was huge because who knows what would have happened in Boston for game 7? Well thinking about it we probably would have won because Andy Moog was mud.

Doug said...

I got bored at worked and noticed this on Wikipedia...

Gary Roberts:

Gary dominated the 2007 Home Run Derby hitting 281 homers.[2]

Gavin said...

I agree with both of those suggestions for games, especially loser chris' nomination of the Game Four win over the Rangers in 1992 which was an amazing night. My favorite game, and the loudest I've ever heard the Civic Arena, was Game One of the 1992 finals against the Blackhawks, when Jagr scored one of the most amazing goals I've ever seen to tie the game at 4 late in the third period, than 66 put home a rebound right off of a faceoff to cap the comeback and a 5 - 4 Pens win. Feel free to watch and share in the memory with me.

John said...

Interesting post

Loser Chris said...

Yeah, Game 1 against the Blackhawks was a classic. The clincher of that series was one of the best games ever though. That was such a great series.

hooks orpik said...

I'm 23 years old, old enough to barely remember, but not appreciate the Glory Days of '91 and '92.

So count me among those that consider game 7 vs. Buffalo in 2001 as one of the top 5 moments of my life. Other than getting my first hummer I really can't remember a happier moment in my entire life.

Some people, including the staff consider this one of the top 5 moments of their lives.

Kenny Melvin said...

Did anyone read this asshole's column about how Crosby is getting too much money? I want like to punch him in the fucking face and anyone who agrees with him. Time to send hate email to Allan Muir.

Kenny Melvin said...


Lloyd said...


i couldn't agree more about using the hyphen...

I am also putting serious consideration into a buffalo trip if the game is indeed in buffalo.

rachel said...

Lloyd, I'm considering it, too. I don't mind a 4hr road trip to see the Pens play outdoors.

Kenny, Allan Muir is also a joke. You cannot accuse Sid of being greedy.

Jason said...

i agree that game 1 vs the blackhawks should have been on the list. that game is what ron francis was all about, doing the little things to win championships. game 4 of that series was great too. i remember hasek coming out to damn near the blue line to challenge stevens (i think) on a breakaway. great stuff. a couple other games i think should of been on there:

game 3 vs blackhawks - barrasso absolutely stole this game from chicago. coulda been a different series if the pens lost this one

i forget which game it was, but im pretty sure against the bruins in 92, stevens had a natural hat trick in one period...i could be wrong on that, but if its true it should be on the list.

mario returns from hodgkins in philly

Loser Chris said...

Yeah, Game 3 against the Bruins in '92 Stevens had 4 goals, including 3 in the first that seemed like they were all about a minute apart. That '92 team was so dominant.

I know people love to talk about how the '93 Pens were the best team, but I think the '92 Pens beat the '93 Pens in a best of 7 series. And a lot of that has to do with two little words... Bob Errey.

Ryan said...

Quick note about the proposed Ice Bowl on new year's day...

This is terrible timing for the NHL. Why plan a big event on the day where everybody watches college football bowl games? Sure, all of us, as pens fans, would watch the game (or drive to buffalo and actually attend it)...and I'm sure buffalo fans would too...but isn't the point of a game like this to gain national exposure and grow excitement for a league that is supposedly struggling to gain popularity?

To me, scheduling the Ice Bowl on new year's day just proves that the NHL doesn't get it.

Korn said...

There's no article under the link to the "Negative Press: ESPN" article. But I couldn't agree more, ESPN, along with their assclown commentators like Tony Rialy, Michael Wilbon, etc constant slam the NHL, to the point that a league whose attendance and revenue have increased in each of the last two years is being called unpopular and irrelevant. F them.

Korn said...

I'd like to steal a page out of the Sports Guy's book and say the NHL needs a VP of Common Sense. Ice bowl? Great idea. On New Years Day? No chance. Have it the weekend between the NFL conference championships and the super bowl, nothing else is going on then and everyone is sick of the overanalysis of football by then.

EmDubs said...

'07-'08 schedule coming out at 2 pm.

thepensblogderek said...

I can't wait for the schedule.
The west coast trips are always my favorite.

As for the ice bowl, I kind of like it because it kind of gives another option.

I mean its not like the Steelers will be playing as long as that QB is in there :)

I hope they do, because I am going no questions asked.

ESPN sucks. Does anyone even get exicted to watch there shows?

They can blast the NHL all they want, but I highy doubt anyone who actually likes hockey will listen anyway.

Nathan said...

" Korn said...
I'd like to steal a page out of the Sports Guy's book and say the NHL needs a VP of Common Sense. Ice bowl? Great idea. On New Years Day? No chance. Have it the weekend between the NFL conference championships and the super bowl, nothing else is going on then and everyone is sick of the overanalysis of football by then."

The NHL all-star game is going to be the weekend between the conference championships and the Super Bowl this year.

Dwayne said...

I think the VP of common sense would also strike the All-Star game from the record. Really, it is pretty extraordinarily silly, isn't it?

Loser Chris said...

Straight from the new schedule:
Tue Jan 1, 2008 Penguins Sabres 1:00 PM ET

wilsmith said...

Seriously? You speak non-truths.

Who knows if its planned outside yet.

I bet the San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl gets more press.

wilsmith said...

that being said, I hope it happens so I can take my newly purchased RV up, and we can party.

and they(both teams) should wear classic jerseys for it.

Kenny Melvin said...

Pens schedule

Tons of games on NBC this year it seems like and also something of interest, the last couple of games of the season are all against the Flyers and Rangers. Can there be a made up game thread of the opener against Carolina tomorrow!

Dwayne said...

If it's on NBC, it'll probably be on HD in my area, which means I'll probably be springing for the HD box again during the season >.<

Korn said...

Damn, didn't know the All-star game was that weekend. Would anyone really miss it if it was gone? Sad, I really remember looking forward to it as a kid (although that's when we had 4 of the 6 starters in the game).

Anyone want to road trip from DC to B-lo for the Ice Bowl?

Anonymous said...

This is what the Trib has to say about the Ice Bowl:

The NHL released its official schedule this afternoon, and, as expected, the Penguins will play in Buffalo on New Year's Day at 1 p.m. That game could ultimately be played outdoors at Ralph Wilson Stadium in for an NBC televised "Ice Bowl," but as of now it is scheduled to be played at HSBC Arena.

So, being on NBC, maybe more than the 5 people who get VS will be able to watch it. Personally, I'm hoping to be watching it in person...

~ MJ

Jonny V said...

I still have the Post-Gazette from that Caps game, with the headline "The Pajama Game."

EmDubs said...

dwayne, you have to pay for the HD box? That sucks. Ours is free.

jamesFALLEN said...

I really do need to go to Dr. Phil. But I can't help it! I guess thats a sign of a pessimist. I'll spend some time on the coach making a therapist rich this offseason and work on it lol.

Nathan said...

I always enjoy the All-Star game. The skills competition is the best of any of the major sports -- I'll take it over the Home Run Derby any day.

snoopyjode said...

wow. it's been a busy day at work. i'm so glad i have commentorblog to keep me in-the-know! :) i am SOOOOO down for a pensblog road trip to buffalo. i seriously can think of NO better way to start 2008!!! ha! the sabres suck.

six more years of sid - i haven't been this stoked since the roberts re-signing or maybe even the day we finally got confirmation that the pens were staying in pittsburgh. OCTOBER 5 CANNOT COME SOON ENOUGH.

btw, emdubs, good point on the resigned vs. re-signed issue. that kind of confusion could create some unnecessary riot jobs. ha ha!

Bob.C said...

i get a phone call at lunch today and my girlfriend says she smashed up my jetta. it was bad times because it looked like it was going to be partly her fault. but then she showed the other driver a photo of Gary Roberts and he changed his story.

Kenny Melvin said...

Programming note:

Ryan Whitney will be on Madden's show today at 5:20 and will also stick around to play who wants to win 15 bucks. Ken Sawyer will be on Savran's show tonight at 6:30 to discuss the arena situation

Anonymous said...

VOTE CROSBY. turn off cookies and vote as much as you can. i dont care how dumb the show is

Jeffry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeffry said...

yeah, i just voted about 200 times

Barrasso35 said...

In case anyone is interested:

Kenny Melvin said...

On that who's now thing Keyshawn Johnson makes me want to throw up

FritoWill said...

did Crosby sign the contract just for the Who's Now thing????

EmDubs said...

I had to share this comment from the Who's Now page with you guys:

"rman620 (7/11/2007 at 6:29 PM)
jeter should win this easily. i had never heard of sidney crosby until i watched sportscenter just now. theres a reason for that. hockey is not a very popular sport. derek jeter is the most popular player in the mlb becasue he is very good and likeable. sidney crosby is just some guy."

ha ha haha ha ha ha..... he's "just some guy." WTF?

Anonymous said...

i voted for crosby twice using different browsers.
- Anthony L.

Kenny Melvin said...

I feel dirty just for being involved with this retarded contest.

sam said...

after watching that video that accompanies the voting i'm even more pissed off.

they mention sid is the youngest player to win a scoring title in any professional sport and then they say, "well he's the future. he's not NOW."
holy shit. i'm pretty sure he won the scoring title in present day, which makes it NOW. and then they go on about how jeter has no baggage and he carries himself so i don't think anyone can even compare to how well sid has carried himself in the nhl at 18 and 19 years old.

i don't like ESPN getting to me like this. i'm taking my anger out through voting as much as i can.

Dwayne said...


My post was a bit confusing; I don't have to pay for the box, but I also don't even have digital cable right now, so I'd have to upgrade pretty heavily from "value cable" or whatever the shit I have now is. So I'll be taking an 80$ cable bill up to about 120$, just for some HD hockey games.

And, I suppose, some HD interception throwing, courtesy of Lord Roethlisberger.

John Tarbett said...

Pens have signed LW Jeff Taffe. 100 nhl games, 28 pts, drafted 1st round in 2000 draft by St Louis

GameDayChat said...

Pennsylvania - Home of the 25ft acceleration ramp.

84/Glyde - Perfect example - both exiting and entering.

Ryan said...

Guys the voting is pointless. I voted a bunch of times because I was bored...but the espn guys get 30% of the vote, and they voted for jeter. Which means that sid would have to get almost 85% of the "fan" votes to win. ESPN won't let it happen. Who cares. It's the dumbest idea ever. WTF does NOW mean anyways.

I just read on profootballtalk, yes, on profootballtalk, that Mario is lobbying to get the Ice Bowl in Pittsburgh. Even though the schedule says the game is in Buffalo...

How f'ing sweet would it be for a real team to take the field in mustard stadium???

Anonymous said...


On Tuesday, WGR in Buffalo reported that Ralph Wilson Stadium is in line to host a January 1 hockey game between the Sabres and the Pittsburgh Penguins. (We erroneously characterized WGR's report as indicating that the "Ice Bowl" is a done deal for Buffalo. It isn't.)

A source tells us that Penguins owner Mario Lemieux doesn't just want to play in the game; he is lobbying to host it.

Presumably, the game would be played at Heinz Field. But it also could be played in the more intimate (and visually pleasing) confines of PNC Park.

Stay tuned. Although the official NHL schedule shows that the Penguins will play at Buffalo on January 1, it's possible that the schedule for the match between skating cement-heads isn't etched in cement.

So, in other words, there's still hope that the self-destructive NHL will still decide that it would be a great idea to play the "Ice Bowl" at the same time as the Super Bowl.

jazzhall said...

korn - definitely up for a DC-Buffalo road trip for that game. Great shortcuts through Central PA.

The only thing NHL-related that isn't a joke (and the antithesis of Melrose), is Buccigross, who is from Indiana, PA. His articles are at readable, and he's done some great work on nostalgia pieces which have a Pittsburgh influence.

Bob Smizek's chat in place of Micco was excellent, with Gene Collier also participating. Bob vs. Madden is golden.

Last for "Movie-blog" check out The Duellists, with Harvey Keitel and Keith Carradine from 1977, the Aaron Burr trivia reminded me.

Barrasso35 said...


wilsmith said...

So, Sid was the highest professional athlete on Time magaziness most influencial people, right?

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

"Kenny Melvin said...

Penguin fans would absoluely dominated that ice bowl game in Buffalo.

7/11/2007 8:08 AM"

I really don't think so. Granted, there would be a ton of Pens fans, especially in a stadium that big, but Buffalo will support this just as well, if not better, than any other city in the NHL. Plus, being so close to the border, they'll also get a large contingent of crossover fans from Canadia.

Jonny V said...

AK (Chicago): Who's more NOW, You or Ronald Jenkees?

Bill Simmons: I'd say Jenkees. Also, I called Time Warner to ask them for the ESPN package that didn't involve "Who's more now?" and they said it doesn't exist. So I think we're stuck with it.

Even ESPN's own employees think that thing is a joke. And if u don't know who Ronald Jenkees is, look him up on Youtube. Truly one-of-a-kind.

Kenny Melvin said...

ESPN is driving away a lot of their hardcore sports fans with this whole entertainment revolution. People are definitely tired of it. I rarely if ever watching any programming related to ESPN anymore. As a matter of fact the best sports show on right now is the FSN Final Score. Just scores and highlights and even better they show a lot of hockey highlights during the season which ESPN rarely does anymore.

Joshua said...

That's a nice picture of the Eighty Four Glyde sign. I need to get one for myself and my blog, especially since it's titled Eighty-Four Glyde


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